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  1. What a cracking race
  2. Stopped raining in Ipswich where I am over an hour ago. No more rain forecast. Should be no problems.
  3. Fair point and it’s difficult to disagree with your last point in particular. Thats why every man and his dog knew that both King and Heeps were certain starters in whatever division we found ourselves in. As it’s turned out retaining Heeps was a good call (so far), but he was a lucky boy to be given another chance
  4. Well that’s not a good sign. He should understand that underperforming second strings get replaced by in form reserves, that’s the way it works. He can make sure he’s not replaced in future by doing much better and scoring more points! We seem to have a good team spirit this year from the outside looking in, would be a shame if there’s one bad apple in there throwing a strop every time he gets replaced. IF there is any truth in it, maybe Baldy's suggestion isn’t a bad one, early season or not.
  5. What happened last Thursday Badge?
  6. Christ what on earth is wrong with you? You seem to have issues and seem a very angry individual. Absolutely no need to be calling people “simple”, none whatsoever.
  7. That will happen quite often I fear. We’ll pick up the odd point here and there but I’d be very surprised if we win an away meeting all season. The team has good home riders in it though and a good home season will suffice for our first season back in the top flight. On Belle Vue, I fully expect them to be much better next time around and it’ll be a tighter meeting I expect.
  8. Who is this aimed at? If it’s myself please acknowledge and I’ll reply accordingly. If it’s someone else, apologies in advance..
  9. With it only being a 7 team league and top 4 going in to play offs, it’s going to be tight so the name of the game is not only to win the meeting, but to try and stop the visitors picking up a consolation point. Some of these consolation points could be crucial come the end of the season.
  10. Well looks like a cracking day today with no threat of rain so the track staff can prepare a good surface hopefully. I’ve been pleased with what I’ve seen in the first couple of meetings, track has looked in good shape (particularly as it’s normally a bit ropey up and down the country early doors after the winter) and we’ve seen some good entertaining racing. Belle Vue look a good strong outfit but we look as though we’ll be a good home side which is a leveller so we could be in for a cracking meeting. Looking forward to it.
  11. Eh? It’s a league meeting with points at stake, and all you’re looking for is “track time and race fitness”? Pull the other one!
  12. Now confirmed. The sensible decision has been made
  13. Rory has been booked to guest IF Harris loses his fitness race.

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