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  1. Stefan Pletschacher replaces Russian Sergei Karachintsev for Last GPs in Heerenveen. Catch up with Jasper Iwema`s latest vlog. #13
  2. Belle Vue -SON tickets now on sale
  3. Yes, Martin Haarahiltunen is brilliant & has the heart & I believe the mental toughness to compete with the Russians as long as he can stay healthy. Wow what a great venue & place to stay for a few nights. So beautiful & a great `stress-reliever`. Would highly recommend adding to your bucket list. Met loads of lovely people including a couple of former riders from Sheffield & Scunthorpe. It`s my second visit & on both occasions (2017/18) I/we have gotten around on public transport /taxi with no problems. Beer/food costs on a par with here. I travel to Salzburg - 2 buses get us to Inzell & we arrive about 2 hours after landing. My hotelier gave me the impression that the 2019 meeting at Inzell will be 15-17th March. He told me he`s fully booked up already. Hope to see some of you kind people in Heerenveen. Look out for the Union Jack flag & please say hi.
  4. Generates sponsorship into our sport & TV coverage which can only be a plus-plus in my eyes.
  5. Nice to hear that Conkers will be in Heerenveen in April. Does anyone know how long it`ll take to get from the Amsterdam Airport to train terminal which I believe is all part of the Airport complex. My Bristol flight arrives at 9-20am on the friday & there is a train at 10-30am. Has anyone done this & can give me any heads-up information. There is another train at 11am but there is a change at Zwolle. Also, going to Inzell. Great stadium. Will be sat by start behing Union Jack. Please come & say hi (Conkers) if you have time. Again flying to Salzburg on friday morning then (hopefully) a bus to Inzell. Or taxi if bus doesn`t work out. Worked last year though. Koltakov has first in the bag hoping for a fight out for 2nd between the Russians. Glad to hear that Parsy29 had a nice time in Berlin. Hoping that`ll be me in 2019. There were a couple of live periscope transmissions one from the start-line & one from turn 1 from Berlin which was nice & last year someone did a periscope live from Inzell & Heerenveen so maybe worth looking out for,
  6. Sec Events 1,2 & 3.

    Thanks R & R, i registered & was able to get a ticket. The registration is via the 3 dots in the top right of the ebilet.pl website.
  7. Sec Events 1,2 & 3.

    Anyone having problems with buying Chorzow tickets? I am!!!!..... going through ebilet.pl can get to stadium plan & choose seat from doesn`t want to accept selection. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. The Heerenveem ICE GP tickets are now on sale I accessed via www.ijs-assen speedway web page. A lot easier to get than Inzell tickets.
  9. Tickets for Inzell secured. Does anyone know when the Heerenveen tickets will be released? It`ll be my first trip to this venue. Any advise on getting from Amsterdam airport to Heerenveen. Am flying in on the friday morning?
  10. Does someone know when the Warsaw tickets will become available?
  11. On Saturday 7th October buses and trams going towards the stadium /and back/ are free for Speedway Ticket holders from 15:00 to 24:00 Kinds regards Maciej Lemanik Pozdrawiamy, Ośrodek Informacji Turystycznej w Toruniu Toruń, Rynek Staromiejski 25 tel. +48 56 621 09 30, 621 09 31
  12. Does anyone know if this year is the same as previous years in that if you travel around on the trams/buses it is free on the day of the GP if you have a ticket for the event? Also, I travel down to Torun as follows:- Bus from Airport to Bydgoszcz bus station. Then I catch another bus to Torun Bus Station. The cost is about £2.50 & takes about 1 hour. You can buy a ticket in the station or from the driver. Buses go about every 1 hour & drop you at the Torun bus station. 10 mins walk to the Old Town.
  13. There were no covers on track. Krister Gardell (FIM Jury) has just said live on Polish TV (at Tarnow meeting) `that they currently have one`, (yes only one man!!!) `working on the Lublin track` in preparation for tomorrow`s re-staging of the SEC Final Round. I`m still in Lublin & the weather is worse than yesterday. One guy working on the track. That is irresponsible of an FIM representative to admit this live on TV. Unfortunately, its attitudes & comments like this that are dagging down this once great sport.I know we can`t expect riders to race in the rain but something needs to be done that as soon as it stops we go racing.In cricket they cover the playing area & in tennis too. Both are covered within a short period of time after the rain starts.
  14. I am in Lublin. It rained all morning & then until about 4pm. But hasn`t rained since. Polish tracks are very good drainers so why hasn`t the meeting been run? Or Why hasn`t it been rescheduled for Sunday. I have a theory that the Polish Exstraliga is running this sport not the FIM? Lots of Polish speedway tomorrow. Ok the forecast for tomorrow here is worse than today but hey I was at Leszno last year & it rained all day til about 3pm they scrapped all the wet shale off the track dropped it on the infield & relaid it - started an hour later & finished by 10pm. But hey it was live on Polish TV. There`s a pattern here. SEC will lose a lot from this.. Lots of Latvian & Brits outside stadium at 5-30. Will be surprised if this series runs next season. Spoke to the Eurosport lady on the telly & she was very apologetic.but the rest of the SEC officials just walked away after they made a statement in Polish. When I sked them to make a staement in English he just looked at me. When I asked why can`t they restage tomorrow he hide behind `the decision was made by the FIM Jury`. Even had to get `shirty` to buy a programme from the ticket booth cos they didn`t want to sell them until the restaging. Had to tell them I was leaving before the restaging. This sport can be brilliant but at times I do question why i bother to follow this sport with some of the jack-ass decisions that are made. Maybe watching more ice hockey than speedway soon. Certainly won`t be going anywhere near SEC events in the future. What a joke, No regard for the travelling supporters. It`s been a shambles since I got here on Thursday. Went down to the track, No one knew when the practice was. Thought it was saturday at noon. Then I asked if the public would be able to watch they couldn`t answer that one either. Nothing on the website even though there was a guy sat on their website page all the time I was in the office.
  15. Warsaw 2018

    I was talking to a former rider at Prague airport who was really positive about Prague so expect it`ll be on next years calendar. Possibly bigger & better!! Don`t think Stockholm`s Friends Arena will be around in 2018. Only 12,500 rattling around their in 2016 & 2017 being the last year of their contract.