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  1. steve69

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Thanks for the information. Looking at some hotels with a 3pm check-in. What time does the German Championship start on the Thursday. As I`m looking to arrive on the same day or would you suggest coming in a day earlier?
  2. steve69

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Do we know when the provisional dates become factual dates? I would love to book Heerenveen flights & may go to Berlin. That`ll be a first for me. If I do Berlin is the first/second turn a good place to watch or what is the back straight opposite the start-line like? From the coverage I have seen you appear quite low at the start-line. And turn 4 is high up & a distance from the track. Inzell already sorted. Please look out for me Conkers! Hopefully at the start-line with the Union Jack flag again.
  3. steve69

    Torun 2018

    Should Cookie & Vaculik be unavailable for Torun. Who do we think will replace them? Antonio Lindback? Piotr Pawlicki? or Robert Lambert? Any thoughts?
  4. Finał 2. Ligi Żużlowej: Stal Rzeszów - MDM Komputery TŻ Ostrovia live on youtube on Sunday 23-9 from 12-30pm. Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErFoldF5JDw Hopefully, it`ll be possible to swap between this & Rybnik at Lublin. Lars Skupien (10 pts for Rybnik) in first leg crashed heavily (a la Jason Doyle at Torun GP a couple of years back) at the Jnr Team Final at Gorzow earlier today. espeedway.pl suggests concussion. So could be out of the 2nd leg.
  5. Was also at Rybnik with a polish friend who was new to watching live speedway. We both loved it brilliant meeting. There were 3 other brits sat in front of us from the same hotel. And another 2 in the main stand.Supporters were sitting in the aisles on bends 1 & 2 & about 4 deep at the top walkway. Fantastic. And there were 3 x Lublin fans nearby to us & no trouble. We arrived at 1-15pm & it was well over half full at that time. The club sklep (or rather a wooden hut) was doing a roaring trade throughout the meeting. Only managed to get a shirt & scarf by blagging my way to the front of the queue half way through the meet during a break & one of the ladies took pity on me. 10x better than the SEC the night before but it had rained non stop from 1pm friday to 9am saturday morning. It`s going to be fun on sunday for Leszno v Gorzow as that joker from Krsko GP - Artur Kusmierz is down to referee!!!
  6. The ref in question is ARTUR KUSMIERZ. This joker should never be allowed to referee another GP!! I am glad on this occasion I didn`t travel. I would have been spitting feathers at this clown`s decision.3 out or none out should have been the call. Yes, Tai was poor & hasn`t made a start now in 2 GPs. But let`s be positive. I`m sure before the GP season he would have taken this 9 pts lead with 2 rounds to go. Tai, Tai Woffinden (Howl)!!!!!!
  7. Wroclaw is easier to get to for the traveller on public transport over Gorzow was a bit of a trek for me from Poznan. And Wroclaw the city & stadium is excellent. For me the jury is out re-the racing. The SoN was good but the Sf#1 (Wroclaw v Leszno) I have just watched didn`t have that much passing. Would rate Manchester NSS racing as better. I personally think the best race tracks in Poland are Częstochowa & Torun. Another plus for me with Wroclaw is their could be football on the sunday or Leszno/Rawicz speedway is not that far away by train.
  8. I went direct by train from Poznan to Gorzow on the friday before the GP. Left just after 9am & train went directly to Santok then we transferred to waiting buses into Gorzow. £13 return. After practice I watched the excellent Moto-Show on the main bridge for 2 hours then there was a concert til 2am (i was well in bed by then though!!). Agreed that there isn`t much in Gorzow but managed to get to the Stilon Gorzow football arena which was the speedway track until 1950 (ish). Had Wildcard Szymon Wozniak, Winner Martin Vaculik & 1973 World Champion Jerzy Szczakiel in my hotel. Also went to SoN & enjoyed Wroclaw as a city with all its gnomes!!!
  9. Many thanks Racers & Royals "Poznan dep 12.19 arr 14.33 direct" looks perfect. Will also check out the link in have suggested.
  10. Looking at my options on getting from Poznan to Gorzow on the friday morning. Is there anyone driving there from Poznan who would be willing to have a passenger to share the travelling costs? Or does anyone have some ideas? Have 2 nights booked in Gorzow & hoping to come back to Poznan early sunday to then get to Leszno v Wroclaw.
  11. Lets hope its COMING HOME...both the World Cup & the World Championship trophy courtesy of Tai!
  12. Transponders were used at Heerenveen for the last round of the FIM Ice Gladiators series. As each rider finished a lap their times came up on the scoreboard. This is interesting when 2 riders were recorded with the same time at the finish of one race. I think It was recorded to 1000th of a second. But I have been saying for a long time that practice should mean something!!. Either give a GP point to the fastest rider or allow the fastest rider to choose the riding number for the meeting. They do a bahnrekord for the Longtracks. Or they used to.
  13. Looking at the official ticket outlet the stadium appears to only be half full if that........unless I`m reading it wrong. But the ticket prices appear too high in my eyes.
  14. The plot thickens.......the twitter link to Cookie (a couple of pages back) is now unavailable.
  15. I would like to ask 2 questions. Why are the BSI making decisions on Cookie (7 day rule) for an FIM event? Also, can we make a change to our line up at this late stage or are we only going with Tai & Robert? I see there is nothing on the SpeedwayGB website. Surely, a statement should be said made asap on what is going on.

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