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  1. steve69

    SON 2020

    BT Sport been short changed with the cancellation of day 1. Why not run day 1 today & day 2 on sunday. Are the FIM/BSI making things up as they go along? They certainly confused BT Sport last night. Along with the tyre fiasco & the GP points system they are a joke.
  2. buses and trams are free for speedway ticket holders on 2nd and 3rd October from 3 pm till midnight Kind regards Maciej Lemanik Ośrodek Informacji Turystycznej Rynek Staromiejski 25 87-100 Toruń tel.: 56 621 09 30, 56 621 09 31 e-mail: it@it.torun.pl
  3. Anyone know if the Torun trams will be free again this year to Speedway fans this weekend? They have been for the last few years. Gonna have to risk it. Just too far to walk from the centre!!!
  4. So following this scoring system we now have tyres banned from tonights meeting? Only Anlas being used?
  5. Scoring system a joke!!! Who finished 5th ? Biggest winner Lindgren plus 6. Should be 10 pts back but only 4 away from Laguta. 3 riders scored 5 pts. Who gets the most `silly system` points. Nothing explained on tv. Even the on screen scorers had Madsen down as 16th!!! SGP have had an extra 3 months to sort out & no one knows. Tatum & Pearson don`t know & just laugh about it. For the fan watching for the first time this system is a shambles & so confusing. Mark my words there will be a big accident in one of these semi-finals with riders go for gaps that are not there. Lindgren was lucky with his move into turn 3. That`s why they changed the system in the past because too many riders were getting injured.
  6. Zmarzlik-Laguta-Sayfutdinov-Tai-Janowski-Vaculik
  7. Don`t seem to be selling the tickets. Serves them right they should have had a 2 day event on the original date in July (when they were getting 50% in the stadium for League racing) Can`t see past Zmarzlik to hold onto his crown. Hope I`m wrong would love to see Tai win it again.
  8. Many thanks again RnR. When I looked it kept sending me to the ticket page. Booked hotel now cancelling & re-booking flights.Was originally going out Saturday.
  9. Many thanks - friday tickets bought. Are you sure the originally purchased saturday tickets are valid for the new saturday (part 2 of the double-header)? I can`t find any confirmation anywhere.
  10. steve69

    Polish div 2 2020

    Many thanks R&R
  11. steve69

    Polish div 2 2020

    Does anyone know if there is a live stream for Rzeszow v Poznan? Otherwise I`ll be listening to `The 39 Steps` on the radio
  12. Thanks for that R/R! Just looked at Torun website & you can still buy tickets for this years Saturday GP!!! Which is not the case from what you have said above.
  13. Still plenty of tickets left for Wroclaw. Any ideas on what`ll happen re- Torun GP. Have already bought tickets for saturday & will need to make changes to flights to watch both friday & saturday. Any ideas when tickets for friday will go on sale & whether original saturday tickets will be valid? 50% capacity for Wroclaw, could Torun be 100%?
  14. Next up all the SGP Rds in Poland?

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