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  1. Looking at the official ticket outlet the stadium appears to only be half full if that........unless I`m reading it wrong. But the ticket prices appear too high in my eyes.
  2. The plot thickens.......the twitter link to Cookie (a couple of pages back) is now unavailable.
  3. I would like to ask 2 questions. Why are the BSI making decisions on Cookie (7 day rule) for an FIM event? Also, can we make a change to our line up at this late stage or are we only going with Tai & Robert? I see there is nothing on the SpeedwayGB website. Surely, a statement should be said made asap on what is going on.
  4. steve69

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    Hope you got my e-mail to you Paul. Yes please. I am due in Warsaw Centre on friday & can meet you where I suggested on the e-mail if this is suitable for you.
  5. Re-1.Liga Divisov meeting on the Sunday after GP Links are:- http://www.speedway-prague.cz/ http://www.speedwaynews.cz/kalendar-ceske-zavody/ Don`t know any line ups but I believe it`ll be reserve riders & you maybe able to get an indication of line ups from the Speedway Star `big issue` at the beginning of the season or by looking at each Cz team`s website. Sorry I can`t be of any more help.
  6. steve69

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    Hi Paul, If the tickets are still available I would love to have the opportunity of using them.
  7. steve69

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    Would be interested to know how you will be getting to Czestochowa on the sunday for the test match?
  8. Should anyone be interested & fancy more speedway nearer to hand than 4 hours to Poland, then there is a 1.Liga Divisov meeting on the Sunday after GP at the Marketa. Basically for reserve riders starting at 3pm along the lines of a 4-team tournament. The more the merrier.
  9. Stefan Pletschacher replaces Russian Sergei Karachintsev for Last GPs in Heerenveen. Catch up with Jasper Iwema`s latest vlog. #13
  10. Belle Vue -SON tickets now on sale
  11. Yes, Martin Haarahiltunen is brilliant & has the heart & I believe the mental toughness to compete with the Russians as long as he can stay healthy. Wow what a great venue & place to stay for a few nights. So beautiful & a great `stress-reliever`. Would highly recommend adding to your bucket list. Met loads of lovely people including a couple of former riders from Sheffield & Scunthorpe. It`s my second visit & on both occasions (2017/18) I/we have gotten around on public transport /taxi with no problems. Beer/food costs on a par with here. I travel to Salzburg - 2 buses get us to Inzell & we arrive about 2 hours after landing. My hotelier gave me the impression that the 2019 meeting at Inzell will be 15-17th March. He told me he`s fully booked up already. Hope to see some of you kind people in Heerenveen. Look out for the Union Jack flag & please say hi.
  12. Generates sponsorship into our sport & TV coverage which can only be a plus-plus in my eyes.
  13. Nice to hear that Conkers will be in Heerenveen in April. Does anyone know how long it`ll take to get from the Amsterdam Airport to train terminal which I believe is all part of the Airport complex. My Bristol flight arrives at 9-20am on the friday & there is a train at 10-30am. Has anyone done this & can give me any heads-up information. There is another train at 11am but there is a change at Zwolle. Also, going to Inzell. Great stadium. Will be sat by start behing Union Jack. Please come & say hi (Conkers) if you have time. Again flying to Salzburg on friday morning then (hopefully) a bus to Inzell. Or taxi if bus doesn`t work out. Worked last year though. Koltakov has first in the bag hoping for a fight out for 2nd between the Russians. Glad to hear that Parsy29 had a nice time in Berlin. Hoping that`ll be me in 2019. There were a couple of live periscope transmissions one from the start-line & one from turn 1 from Berlin which was nice & last year someone did a periscope live from Inzell & Heerenveen so maybe worth looking out for,
  14. Thanks R & R, i registered & was able to get a ticket. The registration is via the 3 dots in the top right of the ebilet.pl website.
  15. Anyone having problems with buying Chorzow tickets? I am!!!!..... going through ebilet.pl can get to stadium plan & choose seat from doesn`t want to accept selection. Does anyone have any ideas?

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