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  1. Mr Snackette

    Commentator of the Year

    ....or indeed a television?
  2. Mr Snackette


    As someone who lives in Spain, football programmes are non-existent. Indeed you rarely find a football programme anywhere on the Continent. It is very much a British phenomenon! As for speedway programmes, they hail back to a bygone age. A one-page scorecard would meet the need, given out with admission, with adverts on the reverse to pay for the printing costs.
  3. Mr Snackette

    The Future of Armadale Stadium

    That's rather a dangerous comment. Are you suggesting that once they flog all the properties in Armadale, that planning permission should be granted? On that basis, the Monarch's may need a new home sooner rather than later!!!
  4. Mr Snackette

    Coventry City Community Day

    It has been said before, but it is well worth repeating....the cost of admission is only part of the reason why people choose (or choose not to) attend an event. Wasps Rugby use the Ricoh, and average 18,000...with their highest attendance this season just short of 27,000. They charge up to £56 a seat, and don't have to give tickets away to get a decent crowd. The lesson to learn is to produce a package of entertainment that fires the public's imagination and makes it a "must see event" each and every time. Then the price of admission is not so important!!
  5. Mr Snackette

    Bye bye Gate girls?

    Alternatively, they could dress in the uniforms of Nazi Storm Troopers, and ask them to distribute "Britain First" literature before and after the meetings. That should help make certain right-wing loonies ecstatic!!
  6. Mr Snackette

    Bye bye Gate girls?

    I'm not sure if the "Gate Girls" are paid very much (if anything) but given the parlous state of speedway's finances, getting shot of them might save a few bob!
  7. Mr Snackette

    Once A Jolly Swagman

    You really do need to take a little water with it.....and perhaps seek some anger management therapy!!! For those who REALLY DO ENJOY THE SPORT, I repeat you can watch the movie whenever you choose on Terrarium TV. No egos required for that!!!!
  8. Mr Snackette

    Once A Jolly Swagman

    You really seem to have something an attitude!! I was pointing out for those who have a life and can't necessarily sit around waiting to watch something on an obscure minority channel, that they have the option of viewing anytime on Terrarium TV. Why shame on anyone, or any channel? Personally, I find it a delight that there is more than one source to view this film.
  9. Mr Snackette

    Once A Jolly Swagman

    Sold to 02? Still owned by the public purse I think, currently under the auspices of the Homes and Communities Agency and operated by Anschutz Entertainment Group. Ill-informed? Surely not!!!
  10. Mr Snackette

    Once A Jolly Swagman

    For those who don't like to be dictated to by TV schedulers, (particularly in respect of a film made in the 1940s!) you can choose to watch it whenever you like on Terrarium TV.
  11. Mr Snackette

    Race Nights

    I thought Easter Monday this year was on the 2nd April, and the Polish League season starts on the 6th April.
  12. Mr Snackette


    Has it ever been any different? I remember when I first went to speedway in the 60s my old Dad telling me that the racing was much better "before The War"!! As was football, cricket and virtually everything else as well!! The only difference was that unlike now, there was a few more folk watching! Remember.....Nostalgia ain't what it used to be!!
  13. Mr Snackette

    Reason For The Poll On Forum

    Very well old boy, thank you......and I trust all is good with you Enjoying the sunshine in Spain, although I'm looking forward to September / October when it tends to cool down a little! Managed to persuade the bar in the village to stick on the GP last night. Interestingly the Spaniards were more interested than my fellow Expats!
  14. Mr Snackette

    Reason For The Poll On Forum

    More importantly many don't bother going to meetings anymore (and I'm one!).
  15. Mr Snackette

    Bt Coverage

    This is available in Spain. Most football matches come with four audio tracks, one of which is just the crowd noise. The same is also offered for their Moto GP coverage.

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