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  1. williamfj

    Speedway Shambles

    Max Fricke suffering a broken neck & Belle Vue not being allowed to replace him
  2. williamfj

    Kyle Newman. Take A Bow.

    Garrity chose not to be in the EDR list, couldn't Kyle have done the same?
  3. williamfj

    Tai Woffinden

    Put up or shut up then
  4. Christ alive, the elephant man looks better!
  5. williamfj

    Redcar 2016

    I'd imagine that more & more people who attended Redcar will be twiddling their thumbs on Thursday nights thanks to the inept promotion running Redcar into the ground
  6. What's that, facts? Can't you see I'm trying to be outraged here?
  7. I hope you'll leave the forum but we can't get what we want.
  8. williamfj

    Belle Vue 2016

    Keep telling yourself that, it's all academic anyway.
  9. williamfj

    Gorzow Gp 29 August

    FFS, Woffy used a naughty word, aren't there more pressing matters within the speedway world at the moment? Maybe when British speedway isn't heading to oblivion, there aren't any riders with catastrophic injuries and the GPs have the best 15 riders in the world maybe then someone saying a rude word is something to be so wound up about.
  10. williamfj

    King's Lynn Vs Poole 1st July

    I'm glad sky keep interviewing middlo, I can't remember what he looks or sounds like for more than 5 minutes!
  11. williamfj

    2015 Swc Fun Game

    Denmark Iversen & Pedersen Sweden Lindback & Jonsson Poland Janowski & Pawlicki Australia Holder & Doyle
  12. williamfj

    2015 Swc Fun Game

    USA Greg Hancock Ryan Fisher Poland Maciej Janowski Shamek Pawlicki GBR Tai Woffinden Chris Harris Russia Renata Gafurov Vitali Belousov
  13. williamfj

    2015 Swc Fun Game

    Poland 3 Maciej Janowski 4 Bartosz Zmarzlik Sweden 1 Antonio Lindback 2 Andreas Jonsson © Czech Republic 1 Vaclav Milik © 2 Eduard Krcmar Russia 2 Artem Laguta 3 Renat Gafurov © (now riding instead of originally listed Emil Sayfutdinov ©) Event 2 Great Britain 1 Chris Harris 3 Tai Woffinden © USA 1 Greg Hancock (c) 3 Ryan Fisher Australia 1 Chris Holder © 4 Jason Doyle Latvia 1 Maksims Bogdanovs © 2 Andzejs Lebedevs

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