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  1. Umbrella girls

    I'm not particularly opposed to having umbrella girls but to use as an excuse that that is their only role in speedway and without it they'd have none is more degrading than them actually parading up and down. Their role in the sport could be as administrators, as referees, as mechanics or, Heaven forbid, as riders. That's what should be encouraged.
  2. Halifax 1928-1929

    Stewie St George is no.34 n the J A Pattreiouex set of 50 Dirt Track Riders. The info on the back starts off, "Born in Auckland, N.Z...."
  3. Picture ID

    I think the Jack Parker photo shows him speaking to the Daily/Sunday Mirror Journalist, Don Clarke.
  4. Wimbledon Meetings On Cassette Tape

    Wally Loak at the 2017 Celebration of Speedway: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1432244900383031/search/?query=Wally Loak
  5. In the last Olympic Games, I think there were something like 20 players born in China playing table tennis, with only six of those actually representing China!
  6. Well at least England's got them surrounded, Rob.
  7. Ronald Crozier Hillary

    The enquiry was from someone called Andy.
  8. It's always done like that. What do you think they do?
  9. Ronald Crozier Hillary

    I have just received this email. I have never heard of Ronald Crozier Hillary. Can anyone shed any light on him? "Dear Norman, I'm looking to understand more about my grandfather, who is alleged to have ridden speedway for Wembley Lions in the pre-war years. We understand that he lived in London during the 1930s, and believe he was at the opening of the Wembley (Empire) swimming pool next to the stadium in 1934, (and apparently was thrown into the water when it opened), so some time around that era. In family folklore, there may have also been a connection with Belle Vue speedway - but know little more than that. We knew him as Ronald (Ronny or Ron) Crozier Hillary, who hailed from the north east of England, in County Durham. Any help in proving or disproving where and when he rode, would be most helpful."
  10. High Beech February 19th 1928

    If it was asked a year ago I would have said yes, but, sadly, the person I knew died last year.....
  11. Ivan Mauger 1972 unreal.!!!

    Going back to 1947.....Vic Duggan won 85 out of 96 races in the National League plus nine second places, recording an average of 11.46. He also won 23 out of 24 races in the London Cup and National Trophy. 12 wins out of 18 in Test matches, scoring a paid 47 out a possible 54. He won the London Riders' Championship with a 15 point maximum. This latter was the climax to a five week period to the end of May when he scored 254 out of a possible 261. This period was followed by winning 55 races out of 59 in June. He also took the Match Race title from the Match Race king, Jack Parker (he of Parker's Pension), successfully defended it against Bill Kitchen before relinquishing it unbeaten. In addition to all of this, he qualified for the British Riders' Championship final with a maximum 60 out of 60 points. It was an incredible year, marred sadly only by his failure to win the British Riders' Championship, falling in his fourth ride and not taking part in his fifth.
  12. Dagenham Speedway

    Yes, it was Steve Ribbons and David Entwistle who revived the Rye House name over the winter of 1998/9 with the express intention of bringing racing back to Rye House itself. Unfortunately that wasn't possible immediately as the track had been tarmacked over. John Stoneman, who had been elected Chairman of the Supporters' Club approached Len Silver and asked if he'd be prepared to contribute £50 towards reviving the club. Len offered to do more than that and agreed to sponsor the team. He then arranged with his old friend, Dingle Brown, to use Mildenhall as their "home" track. Once they had proved they could run a team, Steve Ribbons approached Rye House stadium itself at the end of the season to discuss the possibility of their return. Len was involved in the discussions and agreed to take over full financial responsibility for the club. Eddie Leslie, who owned Rye House, agreed that speedway could return on the understanding that the club lay the shale surface before every match and lift it after each match. Amazingly, Len agreed to this condition and then spent thousands of pounds renovating the stadium and clearing it all up. Rye House was back in business.
  13. Dagenham Speedway

    Not really a nomadic team. They were a second Dagenham team that entered the Amateur Dirt Track League in 1938.
  14. Constancy

    Rye House operated every year during the War except 1944.
  15. It seems to me to be the height of arrogance to say that the WORLD championship should be held at Wembley every year. It would be bad enough if Great Britain was the leading speedway nation as it was back in the 50s, but with the rise of Sweden, Denmark and Poland, why should GB have any rights to stage the World Final at all let alone every year?