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  1. norbold

    Ipswich 2020

    I think they could be trying to talk Savalas Clouting out of retirement.
  2. norbold

    Fay Taylour

    Yes, sounds right to me. Anyway, I think we can say that Lionel Wills was the first domiciled Brit to ride proper speedway as we know it.
  3. norbold

    Strikes, bans and protests

    Yes, because at the time the Golden Helmet was being touted as the World Championship, that's why the article mentioned the World Championship and not the Golden Helmet. You say the Daily Mail article said, "With it mentioning Eric Langton and Haig as outstanding northern riders , and Burton, Jack Parker and Dicky Case having a strong for the south. And as Tom Stenner writes the committee should start arranging eliminating races between these riders." If you think about it, that is exactly how the Match Race Championship was run, i.e., by finding challengers and was not how the Star Riders Championship was run.
  4. norbold

    Strikes, bans and protests

    Yes, I know, but you were speculating on what the World Championship was they were referring to. I was just trying to explain what it was.
  5. norbold

    Strikes, bans and protests

    I don't think the Star Riders Championship was ever thought of as the World Championship, but, in 1931, the Golden Helmet Match Race Championship was promoted as the World Championship. Vic Huxley was match race champion in 1931 and that's what the article is about, i.e. finding challengers for the Golden Helmet.
  6. norbold

    Frank Arthur a real Pioneer.!!!

    That must be the first time we have ever agreed on anything, mick!
  7. norbold

    Ove Fundin interview 1960, Norwich

    I know Ove quite well. We've met and chatted on numerous occasions. He is a real gentleman. The complete opposite of his on track persona!
  8. norbold

    Un-official World Finals

    Interestingly, Peter Oakes book, "The Complete History of the British League", has this in reverse. He says, "The 1969 World [Pairs] Final is no longer recognised by the FIM even though gold medals were awarded at the time."
  9. norbold

    Frank Arthur a real Pioneer.!!!

    I don't know. His autobiography, Speedway Walkabout, was published in the 1970s. He, of course, repeats the claim in that. I don't know if he had any earlier books published, though he did have a regular column in the Speedway News before the War, so he probably first mentioned it there. I'll do some research.....
  10. norbold

    Strikes, bans and protests

    Yes, it was 1959. He sat nearly all of the season out but came back for just one or two matches with Wimbledon just before the World Final. He was seeded direct to the final as reigning champion.
  11. norbold

    Frank Arthur a real Pioneer.!!!

    Do we know when the Hoskins claim was first made? When it first appeared in print?
  12. norbold

    Frank Arthur a real Pioneer.!!!

    Interesting that that report is from 1938 and not a mention of Hoskins!
  13. norbold

    Frank Arthur a real Pioneer.!!!

    Good stuff, irene. What date was that item?
  14. norbold

    Strikes, bans and protests

    It was the 1965 final. I have a note in my programme that says, "Meeting started 8.35. Rain started 8.36" and then another note at the end that says "Meeting finished 11:10".
  15. norbold

    My look at speedway...

    I see I've been airbrushed out of history!

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