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  1. norbold

    Joe Biden

    Ah, if only we had Trump back again.....
  2. https://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2021/09/13/it-brought-me-back-from-the-dead-shergar-reviews-ivermectin/
  3. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    The Trump legacy. Every time a Republican loses it must be because the election was rigged and stolen. This will have profound consequences for American democracy. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/sep/14/larry-elder-california-recall-election-trump
  4. Far far better to trust some nut job on Twitter, eh, Wolfie?
  5. Maths not your strong point then, rd?
  6. norbold

    Emma Raducanu

    An absolutely amazing achievement. But it has taken all the suspense out of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award this year....
  7. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    Yes, it's interesting to see Wolfie's reaction to comments by Humphrey and me. No attempt to discuss the issues raised, just a laugh emoji. I'm not in full agreement with what E.I. is saying, but at least he is discussing the matter rationally. And, of course, there are several points of view and interpretations to be had. It's good to debate these things. But impossible with someone whose only response is a laugh emoji. But that's those lefties for you....oh, hang on a minute.....
  8. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    Yes, but that doesn't make it right not to recognise now that those ideas are not compatible with 21st century thinking, which is what the original discussion between you and Humphrey was about. One of the main obstacles to progress in America seems to me to be that the "Founding Fathers", the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are regularly trotted out whenever anyone puts forward new proposals. So, they are not just historical figures and documents, they still have a profound effect on the way the United States is run and organised right down to this day. Of course, historical documents are a reflection of the time they were written but that doesn't mean they should still retain an enduring and inflexible hold over a country. No-one is suggesting re-writing history and pretending those things weren't said or written down, but pointing out their irrelevance and even the harm they could do in modern day society is not something to be discounted just because things were different in the 1700s.
  9. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    The thing is, Humphrey, Wolfie can't actually see anything wrong with any of that.
  10. norbold

    9/11 20yrs On

    I can't really comment on what history is being taught in schools, other than my own experience through a) my involvement with local history and b) my grandson, who has just started his history GCSE. On the first I can say that our local schools teach a lot of local history. Classes visit our museum and we spend speakers to local schools. There is currently an on-going project in Clacton in local schools aimed at celebrating the town's 150th anniversary, which we (and Essex County Council) have been very involved in. On the second, my grandson (who goes to school in Colchester) spent most of last year working on the history of medicine (from the Egyptians to the present day) and has now started a new project on the 1960s. Neither of which leads me to believe - of course just from my own experience - that the history being taught in schools is all about "Sikhism, Islam, black history etc."
  11. norbold

    Name your favourite five riders.

    You did pick Gooch! But, yes, the essence of your point is correct. If you're limited to five then there's bound to be some favourites you leave out. For me this meant riders like Knutson, Norman Hunter, Eric Williams, Waterman and Aub Lawson. Then there's Simmons, Sweetman, Harrfeldt, Jack Young, Brian Leonard…. This could go on for a long time………
  12. norbold

    Harry Bastable

    Yes, I agree. I always remember Harry as a heat leader - a top class one at that. Very sad news. Condolences to family and friends.
  13. Both my parents died from cancer. Neither of them smoked or drank and neither of them were overweight. So what lifestyle choice should they have addressed to avoid getting it?
  14. Both my parents died from cancer. Neither of them smoked or drank and neither of them were overweight. So what lifestyle choice should they have addressed to avoid getting it?
  15. I'm not quite clear what your point is there. Are you saying, for example, to use waiheke's analogy, that smoking should not be banned in closed spaces?

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