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  1. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    Poor old Bluey lives in a very simple world. Gas prices have gone up so it must be Biden's fault because Trump said they would go up under Biden without any consideration given to what is happening in the world and why gas prices have really gone up. Presumably in Bluey's simple little world, the fact that gas prices have gone up in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark……well, you get the picture…….i.e., practically the whole of the rest of the world, is all randomly down to Biden for some unknown reason and nothing to do with Russia invading Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia. Oh to live in such a simple and uncomplicated world. It saves giving any thought to the real causes of any problems. Just blame it all on to Biden.
  2. norbold

    Favourite Memorabilia

    Wow! That's some collection!
  3. Yet another piece of biting witty satire from Wolfie - or rather, copied by Wolfie from someone else. Better by far when there is a disease to be unprepared for it and not have tests, vaccinations or treatment available. They knew how to deal with things properly in the 1340s and 50s. Paint an X on your door. After all, something like just under 50% of the population survived the Black Death, so what's the problem? I blame all those woke sheeple!
  4. Yes, that is correct. It was suspended after Farndon's fatal crash because he was the reigning Match Race Champion at the time and, over the last couple of years, had remained unbeaten. He had made the British Match Race Championship his own. It had become so much associated with him that, as a mark of respect, the competition was abandoned to perpetuate Tom’s name as the undefeated holder of the trophy.
  5. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    I can't believe this……oh, hang on a minute, yes I can: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/rudy-giuliani-fake-electors-slate-trump-certifications_n_61ea2bdfe4b01440a689cda7
  6. Yes, it was a great day, r and r and good to meet you again. Also Brian Leonard amongst many other former Hammers (and one Bomber!) I had a particularly interesting chat with Norman Hunter. Good weather as well - unlike most Tuesdays down Custom House as I seem to remember!
  7. norbold

    Vardy vs. Rooney

    She didn't put the stories on her public Instagram account. She put them on a special private Instagram account she had set up that only Ms Vardy could see to catch her out - hence the Wagatha Christie nickname. Not that I've been following it of course......
  8. norbold

    Favourite Memorabilia

    As well as the 'Ammers t-shirt mentioned in the op and all my old programmes from 1960 onwards, I still have my orange and black New Cross scarf as well as some draw tickets from the good old days when Ernie Hancock was secretary of the New Cross Supporters' Club. I donated my New Cross badge to The British Museum as I knew someone who worked there at the time!
  9. Funny you should say that, because on one occasion I was standing looking over the edge of the upper tier with my friend, John, when a few kids came along and kicked some litter (may have been peanut shells amongst it) over the edge and scarpered sharpish. The people below looked up and swore at us because they thought it was us! So maybe you have sworn at me in a previous life, E.I.........
  10. Ah, yes. Good thinking. Amendment to my previous post: If anyone sees an old duffer in a faded West Ham t-shirt, that is at least three sizes too small for him, please come up and say hello!
  11. I've just found my old Hammers t-shirt. It's a bit faded, but what do you expect after 60 years!? So if anyone sees an old duffer in a faded West Ham t-shirt, please come up and say hello!
  12. norbold

    Sprouts Elder

    Cripes! I think mine cost £10.
  13. norbold

    Sprouts Elder

    Yes, it's a great book. I managed to buy it about 20 years ago.
  14. norbold

    Ed 'Crusty' Pye details

    Or maybe who had him for breakfast……
  15. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    Impossible. The Democrats will just cheat again, surely. The Republicans and Donald Trump can never win another election. Isn't that right, Bluey?

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