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  1. It seems to me to be the height of arrogance to say that the WORLD championship should be held at Wembley every year. It would be bad enough if Great Britain was the leading speedway nation as it was back in the 50s, but with the rise of Sweden, Denmark and Poland, why should GB have any rights to stage the World Final at all let alone every year?
  2. Memories good and bad.!!

    Good 1. The West Ham v. Wimbledon 1965 Cup Quarter Final Replay. The night Malcolm Simmons became an overnight star…after three years! Best meeting I have ever seen. 2. West Ham winning the League in 1965 at Cradley Heath and the coach journey back to London afterwards! 3. My first meeting on 11 May 1960. New Cross v. Norwich and seeing Ove Fundin and Aub Lawson in full flow, but especially Jimmy Gooch beating Aub! 4. Ove Fundin winning the 1967 World Final. I had gone with a group of friends from college in Norwich, who knew nothing about speedway and, although I didn’t hold out much hope, I persuaded them all to support Mr Norwich. 5. Ove Fundin beating Briggo 2-0 at New Cross in 1960 to win the Golden Helmet, breaking the track record in both races. Bad 1. As everyone says, riders getting killed, especially the couple I actually witnessed 2. New Cross closing down 3. West Ham closing down 4. Having to put up with double points, jokers, silly helmets, etc. 5. The demise of the Golden Helmet in its original form.
  3. Happy Birthday Len

    A very special happy birthday to Lenny Read. 100 years old today. And still in good health and fighting fit.
  4. Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    Not that close, BOBBATH! Still a long way to go yet.
  5. Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    So Ove Fundin moves into the top 16. R.I.P. George White.
  6. George White rip

    Very sorry to hear that. He was in England's first WTC team in 1960.
  7. Who is the Greatest ?

    I'm not sure it works like that, Grachan. You could say that Rickardsson took Mauger's high standards of professionalism to an even higher level. Would that mean that only riders since Rickardsson's day can be called the greatest ever? You have to look at the conditions in the era of each of the riders and what marks them out during that era. I think the idea that putting a great rider from any era into another era, with all that goes with that era, and they would still rise to the top is almost a truism. Frank Arthur and Vic Huxley were probably the first of the "greats", but they were leg trailers, so if they came back today riding exactly as they did then (and on the machinery they had then) and rode against the likes of Jason Doyle and Greg Hancock, they'd stand no chance. But that's not how you have to make comparisons between eras.
  8. Who is the Greatest ?

    Ove Fundin once told me he thought that Ivan Mauger was responsible for taking all the fun out of speedway!
  9. Who is the Greatest ?

    Having seen them both over many years, I can't agree with the idea that Briggo was a better racer than Fundin. They were equally determined to win at all costs and ruthless, so I don't think there is any difference on that score, but I do think Fundin actually had more control of his bike and had a more astute racing brain than Briggo and that was why, during the time they were both at the top of their game, Fundin had a superior record to Briggo's, both in terms of titles won and in head to head clashes.
  10. Who is the Greatest ?

    Having lived through all their eras and seen them all I would say, 1. Fundin 2. Mauger 3. Briggs 4. Rickardsson 5. Olsen. Though any one of them could beat all of the others and, of course, all of them trail in behind Tom Farndon!
  11. The first Pole to race in Britain

    Also Kazimierz Bentke, Coventry 1961.
  12. The first Pole to race in Britain

    Also Marian Kaiser for Leicester in 1959 and Stefan Kwoczala for Leicester in 1960.
  13. Pie 'n' Mash & Prefabs

    Incidentally, sales at the end of June had reached 22,011 (and still rising).
  14. Best ever Spanish rider

    Well, if he was the only one, I'd certainly go along with him being the best. Mind you, he was also the worst.
  15. Best Ever Finnish Rider

    Yes, I was there that night as well (I don't remember seeing you though ). Timo Laine did indeed score two points. He managed to beat Dick Fisher and Neil Mortimer, who finished with zero points.