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  1. Of course. That's how capitalism works. It's not an argument against the need for vaccination, it's an argument against capitalism.
  2. And the point of this from the Government's point of view would be?
  3. norbold

    Three Brothers Who Rode For The Same Team

    Quite right, BOBBATH, they never rode for the same team. I saw Eric ride every week for two years at New Cross. Also saw Ian a few times. Sadly never got to see Fred ride, though I did meet him a few times after he'd retired at various events.
  4. norbold

    Three Brothers Who Rode For The Same Team

    I'd forgotten them.
  5. norbold

    Three Brothers Who Rode For The Same Team

    Which team did they all ride for?
  6. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    The true class of the man.full of class, empathy and common decency………
  7. norbold

    Three Brothers Who Rode For The Same Team

    The obvious answer would be the Collins Brothers and Belle Vue.
  8. norbold

    University Challenge 2021/22

    Only Connect. Another victory over the two teams in the music round. Can you believe not one of them recognised "March of the Mods" by Joe Loss? Even worse, one of the teams didn't recognise the names of The Wombles on the wall round.
  9. If what someone said is "twoddle", then what you said must have been twaddle too, because he was agreeing with you!
  10. No doubt, GB's win will be all over the BBC Sports News later and will feature heavily in their Sports Personality of the Year programme……
  11. I think you couldn't have chosen a worse moment to say that!
  12. My cousin has just died from COVID. He was three months younger than me and we were quite close when we were younger and continued to keep in touch. Please, Bluey, don't tell me there is no such thing as COVID.
  13. What??? It doesn't matter what the head to head is, a race win in the final will win it. That's why it's the final.
  14. Great night for Dad's Army. But also a great night for speedway.
  15. Why haven't Nigel or Kelvin mentioned that Palm Toft has broken fingers?
  16. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    Tick Tock...I think I'm going to have to buy a new clock as the one I'm using now will be worn out by the time there is any prospect of one single domino falling. let alone the whole pack of cards, to mix my metaphors. Looking forward to Donny and his supporters implementing his 'threat' as reported above by iris......
  17. norbold

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Then and Now. The Daily Express and Project Fear
  18. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    Just as well he's still got the crack legal team of Sydney Kraken and Rudy Boot Polish. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/10/13/politics/conservative-lawyers-steer-clear-of-trump/index.html
  19. It immediately occurred to me that she must have collapsed because she has been vaccinated and not only that but she was vaccinated by "China Joe" personally. And that it was all part of the Illuminati' and Deep State's plan to steal the election from Donald Trump. So, yes, I am thinking what you're thinking, Bluey. However, I am seeking medical help for my condition......
  20. norbold

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Given up on sensible discussion and an actual defence of the Government's position I see. Much easier to accuse those you disagree with of suffering from a mental illness or problems in the bedroom. Problem solved and no need to defend an indefensible position.
  21. But you seem to have set yourself up as an expert on the idea that a) there is no such thing as COVID and b) that the same.non-existent COVID is no worse than the flu, so I guess it is safe to ignore you.
  22. Scotty & Bomber for our SoN team this week?

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