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  1. Except that in the case of the last two quotes from Ms Dorries, they were given as her justification for privatising Channel 4. How can you base a whole new policy decision on two erroneous facts? Or doesn't that bother you either?
  2. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    They just can't help themselves. Their true colours slipping out. Mind you, I wonder whether it's being black, being a woman or the combination of the two that makes her part of the paedo commie world.
  3. Yes, of course people make mistakes. Like the Minister for the Media, who said, "I would argue that to say that, just because Channel 4′s been established as a public service broadcaster and just because it’s in receipt of public money, we should never audit the future of Channel 4...." Of course, Channel 4 doesn't receive any public funds. What was her name again? Oh yes, the same Nadine Dorries. Or there was the time the Minister for the Media said, ""Do you know who has done really well since they were privatised a small number of years ago, I think it was three years ago, five years ago maybe? Channel 5." Of course, Channel 5 was set up as a private company in the first place. Now, I wonder who that minister could have been.... It's good to know that our Culture, Media and Sport are in the hands of a minister who is on top of her brief.
  4. norbold

    Mick the Muppet

    I've just discovered the sad news that one of our Forum regulars, Mick the Muppet, died in May. He was 83 and had been ill for some time.
  5. norbold

    Look at Life

    Next Wednesday (29 June) at 6:10 p.m. on Talking Pictures Channel: Look at Life Riding it Rough. 1961. "A look at the sport of speedway racing…"
  6. norbold


    Spot on: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/06/30/opinions/boris-johnson-ukraine-eu-brexit-kiley/index.html
  7. norbold

    Mick the Muppet

    Yes, he was a member of the Frinton Tennis Club (no less!)
  8. As always, Nadine is on top of her brief: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/61999786
  9. norbold


    Yes, absolutely brilliant stuff. Plus a who's who of British actors!
  10. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    So 49% don't want Trump. Hardly the commanding control of the GOP he once had. His star is definitely waning. Thanks for posting that, Bluey.
  11. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    Rudy Giuliani - What a snowflake.
  12. norbold

    Look at Life

    Carrying their bikes on trailers behind them. Those were the days!
  13. You see, that's exactly why your question wasn't worth answering because it contains your own "spin", not the least of which is your own unsubstantiated addition that 95 deaths is the "tip of the iceberg". Can you quote a scientific or medical paper substantiating that claim? In addition, it was a loaded question with a false premise behind it.The Government has never denied that people have died following a vaccination. There have been multiple studies into the causes of death after vaccination (not all actually due to the jab) and people in certain vulnerable categories have been advised not to have the jab, while much scientific work has gone on in trying to understand exactly what is happening and how the effects can be mitigated or avoided altogether. The fact is, that for the overwhelming majority who suffer no effects at all, it is far better to receive the jab and be protected against what is known to be a killer disease than just to be exposed to it with no protection, which would result in infinitely more deaths and serious illness.
  14. Question for some of you, how many people have to die from COVID-19 in your opinion before you begin to realise it is not a fake disease dreamt up by world governments and the media that doesn't actually exist? Give a number not a politician reply.
  15. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

  16. norbold

    'the Donald' Trump

    I'm thinking of writing to the Guinness Book of Records to propose you as the new record holder for keeping your fingers in your ears while singing "La la la la la la."
  17. And your point underneath that tin hat of yours is? Just to add some context before you answer: "A scheme which will see some young people given £1,600 every month for two years will start in Wales within days. The trial scheme, known as a Basic Income pilot, is designed to help those who have been brought up in care transition to adult life. The total cost of the scheme will be £20m and an evaluation of the three-year scheme will be carried out, with the Welsh Government saying that it will be classed as a success if there have been positive improvements in areas like mental health, wellbeing, employment or education. Those eligible can get £1,600 per calendar month (£1,280 after tax) with no restrictions on what the money can be spent on. Up to 500 people could be eligible, but one estimate said around half of those are expected to sign up initially. The Welsh Government admit it is not clear how many people will take the offer up as some will be better off on existing benefits."
  18. Anyway, back to Bluey's little game. Here's another quote from Donald Trump. Speaking about the COVID vaccine, he said, “I would recommend it, and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don’t want to get it, and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly.” Still enjoying this game, Bluey. Have you got any more ideas for good games?
  19. An excellent commercial decision seeing as well over 90% of the adult population have been vaccinated. Hope he'll be able to live on Universal Benefit.
  20. Here's another one of my favourite quotes. Donald Trump: "By early next year, the vaccine will be available to every American. And shortly thereafter, it will be delivered worldwide. This is one of the most extraordinary scientific, industrial and medical feats in history. Everybody has it as that, that’s what they’re marking it down as. We can never let people forget where it came from and how it came. We’re very proud to be honored … We have to be remembered for what’s been done.” [31.12.2020] I'm enjoying this game, Bluey. I'm glad you started it.
  21. One of mine is this one from Donald Trump: “I came up with three vaccines – all are very, very good, the vaccine worked, but some people aren’t taking it. The ones that get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don’t take their vaccine.” Oh no, come to think of it that is not actually a lie (well, apart from the fact he didn't actually come up with the vaccines), though I'm sure you would say it is, Bluey. Even your hero lies, eh?
  22. What difference does it make to you where it's manufactured? Or are you now saying that any vaccination manufactured in an African country won't be as safe as one manufactured in Europe or America, which you say is killing more people than COVID? Sometimes I find your own very contradictory arguments very hard to follow!
  23. Talking of context, Bluey has posted above a quote from George Orwell, "people will believe what the media tells them to believe" as a warning to us all. This morning he has also posted Tweets from two journalists as well as a link to an article in The Guardian. I wonder who it is who is believing what the media is telling them!?
  24. The problem is his "intelligent free-thinking" (sic) amounts to parroting Tweets or quotes taken completely out-of-context that warn us not to believe what we read in the press without dealing with any of the arguments, just soundbites. Like everyone here I would guess, I am highly sceptical of the press. I can't remember, for example, the last time I believed anything I saw in the Daily Mail or The Sun. But being sceptical means being able to back up the reasons for not believing what you see with well thought out, logical and reasoned argument, not just a quote from some nutter on Twitter who has his own axe to grind. If Bluey was truly sceptical of everything he reads, he should be equally sceptical of the tweets he reposts, but, of course, he is not coming at this with an open mind and all he does is reproduce stuff he thinks will support his already made-up mind and won't consider any alternative facts or argument. He is, in fact, himself a prime example of the people he warns us about!
  25. Blimey, I've been vaccinated four times and I still seem to be free to do what I want, even though you told me this was all about making us wear masks all the time and having to carry COVID passports everywhere and being forced to stay at home with no transport available anyway even if we did manage to get out. Perhaps I should read Twitter instead of actually going by my own experience.

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