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  1. I get it you are never wrong. It was a decent meeting and a good atmosphere because of the larger than normal attendance of the Redcar fans who created some banter. I agree you used to have plenty of poor meetings at Worky,
  2. NO. Just have a different view than you.
  3. On the contrary, I thought the evening and racing was a good advert for speedway. The racing was competitive, a big crowd for once from the Bears and turning up for a change, but marred by the horrible accident to Michael and Nathan. I agree, and I privately praised both Roy and Dalbers, for their informed chat which felt like it halfed the actual 1 hour plus delay due to the accident and lack of medical facility for a short while. The fact that we won on the night was incidental, but more meetings need to be like this but without the crash. 'Two passes", yea right.
  4. Tsunami

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    The fact that it is just stated as "a fine" without the amount definitely means the level of fine is not substantial.
  5. Well Sheffield win by 6 points with a 48-42 result and the Diamonds get an away point at last. Diamonds were only represented by 3 riders, after Jorgenson pulled out with 4 points after a shoulder popped out. Bjerre and Ostergaard brilliant with Steve starting well before tailing off. Sheffield with a full team with Allen being a brilliant replacement for Howarth.
  6. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2019

    Heat 14 65.7 and heat 15 64.7.
  7. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2019

    One problem with a small £2 discount is that the paying fans would see it as profiteering and be turned off coming to the double meeting at a high price, One saving not mentioned is that our riders travel would be for once instead of 2 separate meetings. As can be seen and you can see, it's not an exact science but a series of assumptions possible based on previous double headers and of course the pulling power of the opposition.
  8. Looks and sounds like a recreation of the 4's qualifiers with 4 teams and 4 riders per team. Seem to remember sometime ago Jon Cook ran a 3 team event in a single meeting, possible at Eastbourne, and it was a total shambles.
  9. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2019

    There are several variables in the comparison. Assuming the wage bill is roughly the same for both meetings, the saving from only paying one track rent, say £1600, for two meetings is partially offset by the increase in the admission price, which is never twice but something like £25 instead of the usual £17. The track only gets the income from the merchandising and tea stall, with the stadium getting all the income from the upper bar and the food and bar downstairs. Only one programme to sell as well, so less profit from selling 2 separate Proggies. Hope that helps AS.
  10. Got you and Loose Diamond the wrong way round ?
  11. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2019

    Best decision maker was the Office manager Angela Price who is no longer at BSPA.
  12. That was the plan and he was paid to come over and just do a start to suit Peter's plan for his replacement/ team shuffle. he could not have ridden due to his injury. Manu lived with us and I was his driver and mechanic along with another guy. He thought he could still ride abroad and not be found out, whilst still saying he was injured to Newcastle. We got a report he had ridden in a Saturday morning Danish meeting, but he wouldn't tell us what engine to put in the bike for our Sunday meeting. We new something was fishy then and when he didn't turn up he was reported and banned from riding and fined. A scribbled A4 piece of paper turned up allegedly from a proper Doctor, which obviously it wasn't. Later turned up riding for Birmingham in one of their early seasons, but was not a hit and faded away and retired.
  13. Tsunami

    TV new deal?

    If you don't know it's best not to guess. It misguides others who think that what you are saying is true.
  14. Tsunami

    TV new deal?

    Can you provide proof of that ? It's not true.
  15. Tsunami

    REDCAR 2019

    Ironically that was also true with the sacking of Ostergaard.

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