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  1. Tsunami

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Yes, the lad just wants to ride and has a contract to do so. Not his fault someone else cocked up the team change.
  2. Interestingly George in his programme notes last week said what a pleasure it had been to work with the riders in Diamonds team this year. He also said "I was recently talking to one of my colleagues from a side that is challenging for honours and although his side have done very well he has had nothing but problems with his riders .......which should have been enjoyable one for him but has been anything but." People can make their own mind up about that.
  3. Proctor has always been like that, thumping pit walls and shouting aloud. He is a moody person and I saw plenty of him when I visited Redcar when he rode for them. His actions last night appear to be very unprofessional, and I'm very pleased that Tony and Steve seem to have said the right things and got a satisfactory performance from him afterwards. Be a shame if the actions of a rider, acting like a petulant child, spoiled the show that all of the team and management have worked hard to get for themselves and their fans. I would never have Ty in my team any year.
  4. Tsunami

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Even when teams do announce a no 8 for a meeting, they very rarely use them. Probably used as a standby in case something goes wrong, but not intending to use them anyway. Invariably a reserve is better that the no 8, so stick with the better rider.
  5. Tsunami

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    Delivery by subscription is the way to go. It's cheaper, delivered to your door and arrives every week. I manage a rider called Archie Freeman, who has just won the 150cc British Championship. I rang to pay my annual subscription on Thursday and asked the guy to send another copy of this weeks edition, because of the report of the meeting and to take it out of my subscription. I told him who the copy was for, and on Saturday Morning an envelope with 4 copies arrived free of charge. Many thanks to whoever it was for such a kind action. Don't get that from Asda or Sainsburys.
  6. Tsunami

    Where is SCB

    Must admit I didn't really mean my last sentence in a gay way, but I get your point.
  7. Tsunami

    Where is SCB

    Depends on what has happened to his BitCoins which at one time he stated he had £600k worth. Wonder if he is still sitting on a fortune ?
  8. Tsunami

    Teesside Silver Helmet

    Pity it's not being held in Durham and at 1.00pm, but it's not.
  9. Tsunami

    Scunthorpe 2019

    I read that, but it wasn't me that stated it. I personally don't think it will be that low.
  10. Tsunami

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    Couldn't believe how they didn't crash more fighting to overtake on the square corners. I thought it was a terrible track for proper racing. Just 4 corners and 4 straights.
  11. Tsunami

    Where is SCB

    Yep. All team managers have to get through the checks for the DBS. Doesn't take long to get one.
  12. Tsunami

    NJL fours Final

    The completed programme is in a posting by Jamie Swales in the "Northern Junior League" on Facebook. Some decent Photos as well, especially the team in second place, the GEMS.
  13. Quite agree. If it was like TaylorJ would have you believe after every visit to Newcastle, we wouldn't get decent riders like Robert Lambert and all the Danes who have rode for us. Look at the vid clips on Facebook showing the 150cc riders flying around the track after the earlier 15 heat Worky meeting and only with a light regrade to give the kids a new surface to ride on. The only falls on the night in the junior meeting were Andy Wareham, who hadn't looked steady in all his rides, and Sonny Springer who got the wrong line coming out of the second bend and drifted into the fence, and was fortunately not injured and rode great afterwards. Some people just like to moan for attention or a windup.
  14. Tsunami

    Celebrity fans

    To be fair it would never have worked. The engines were existing 450cc motocross engines with a full gearbox which would just add unneeded extra weight. On the nights they were tested, some riders used third gear, whilst others got frustrated trying to find the optimum point of the right gear to give a good start speed and a good straight speed. I don't think anybody found that. Riders like Robbie Kessler and Paul Thorp got a high speed, and rode in an arc road racing style, but others like Nicki tried to do cut back, but there was just no acceleration to satisfy the riders or the paying public. The engines, which were run on petrol, just didn't generate enough acceleration to make it exciting for everyone. The principle of standard engines and running on a saleable fuel for advertising, is still a desirable concept, but unfortunately it didn't work in 1998. Incidently, one of the prime reasons for Honda was the fact that all the sports engines had won their classes in all the catergories, so Speedway was going to give them a clean sweep in all bike sports.

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