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  1. Tsunami

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Is that Northumberland Street, bottom end
  2. Tsunami

    Armadale Devils 2022

    Problem is he can't stop on the bike. Drops the bike too easy, and when on full bore seems to take fright and hits the fence. He's probably lost more points than he has scored. Could be a decent rider if he just calmed down a bit and tried more to stop on.
  3. Tsunami

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Rob's family farms are to the west of Newcastle. Rob's grandfather was called Farmer Grant for a reason.
  4. Tsunami

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    The" stuff " that was the produce of the whole families farms at the West side of Newcastle.
  5. Tsunami

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Did Dave and Steve put money into the promotion or were they just appointed Promoters to allow Rob to take a step back ?
  6. Tsunami

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    It was 2 Yanks that fought to take more money out of the windfall TV deal and the rest followed.
  7. Tsunami

    Newcastle now closed !!!

    Yes but because of his own ineptness. Any previous promoters/promotion have played no part in this closure, just his lack of man management and inability to do the right thing at the right time. It is fair to say he is the worst promoter ever at Newcastle. Sad day given the great effort in 1997 to resurrect the sport by me, George and Peter.
  8. Yes he rode very well for us, always tried his best.
  9. Tsunami


    The curator in question is one if the best in the county.Long time (30 years)curator of Sheffield and Scunny, count in several GP's at Cardiff and was one of the 'clowns' you call them that put the track right a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Tsunami


    I see Jack riding for BV Colts, being with Archie Freeman, and he is loads better than the comments about him. Hard rider, good gater and not frightened to mix it. Really pleased for him to get another chance and I hope he takes it.
  11. Tsunami

    Redcar 2022

    That is the usual actions, but it depends who is missing.
  12. Tsunami

    Platinum Jubilee

    Think you missed out the bit about "legal transport and processions", as opposed to yobs and protesters stopping people going about their business legally.
  13. Tsunami

    Platinum Jubilee

    Or people who do care don't need to show their loyalty, whilst the small minority need to try and make themselves look something different.
  14. They used to and you know that. Backstraight ?
  15. Tsunami


    The Police Motor Shows in Durham are just as big and we used to do them regular. Also the Tyneside musical festival in Heaton Park. And they weren't anywhere near the smallness of Welldfield shows either.

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