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  1. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    Still in lockdown unfortunately. Thanks.
  2. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    Always been known as Pepsi. My sister and I went to the same school, and he was in her class. He came from the Daisy Hill estate, but later lived on Shields Road opposite the Wolsie Pub.
  3. Tsunami

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Make that 2008 then.
  4. Tsunami

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    He was in a Middlesbrough jail in about 2004 and on release was sought by many teams, including Newcastle. They were all after him with his performances on the Sheffield training track before he got put away.
  5. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    Yes she was good company to stand with. Couldn't believe how generous she was with Chris, who was obviously treat like a family member. Lovely lady.
  6. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    Yes, she used to stand with my family when Chris was riding for us. Fabulous sponsor to have, who used to go down to live with Chris and his family, and then going on to do the southern tour with him.
  7. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    Interesting situation regarding Visa riders. I think under the visa procedure, the UK club guarantees a home and a wage to the visa rider. If the rider stayed in this country during lockdown and received the benefits, could that rider jump ship and ride in say Poland. Similar case, if OZ riders who have returned to OZ, just return direct to Poland even though he could have receive benefits, is there any comeback for the visa sponsor. I think KB was going to Poland as well as he was photographed with Nicki in his new teams jackets last week. I think there was a little easement given to say riders like the fellow Danes, in order to return for the Danish leagues if and when they start again. If the DMU had not been satisfied with their riders trying to ditch the Danish League, they are entitled to refuse "permission to ride" in Poland. That is the agreement.
  8. Yes, and in her intention to get her own way on Independance regardless of her country voting against it, and not asking for it in any great number. What, in your opinion, do you think I should have looked at
  9. Boris is trying to treat people as adults, it’s them that are not. Stay alert doesn’t really need to explained in great detail even if you only have half a brain.
  10. Thought it was a decent attempt to try and ease the rules without opening the flood gates. Boris is wrong whatever he does, according to his critics. On the one hand, if he does ease anything, people will open the flood gates and abuse the easing by reverting to normal life, Union leaders and business's will have concerns about a safe return to work on safety issues . On the other hand, if he doesn't ease anything, people will feel compelled to revolt against present conditions which has already started, and business men will be exasperated trying to restart their business without getting the nod to do so. It's a very delicate path especially now that Scotland and Wales are starting to anger the government by not attempting to implement the same solutions. Nowt new there Nicola. At least we can see the road map ahead, and it's in our hands as to how quick we can get to the end which is planned for July but not normal as we know it. Without reading all the crap on here from the usual suspects, whatever what is done or proposed will be wrong apparently, they will be told lies after lies, the MSM will continue to be Labour's best ally, etc. Remember the government will be guided by experts with coefficients and parameters, and they will all be EXPERTS, and it's to be also remembered there is none on here. Only interested spectators playing with figures.
  11. I rest my and Star Lady's case. Be humble enough to admit you were wrong.
  12. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    Don't think so. After Bob Tasker died, the master tapes passed to someone else, and, to my knowledge, there has been no attempt to restart selling copies of the old videos.
  13. Tsunami

    Corona virus

    I think it was in yesterdays daily broadcast when Nicola said the Scotland's R rate was over 1, and implied some were higher and others below 1. That being true she will have to have a rethink, cos she and Scotland will not have met the 5 conditions when the rest of the UK gets some relief from lockdown on Sunday.
  14. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    I think that New Zealand is now about finished producing speedway riders. There doesn't seem to be reports of meetings, perhaps the earthquakes they have had in recent times has put paid to stadiums for speedway. Be interesting to hear Jade Mudgway's views on the current situation.
  15. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    Yes, he certainly looked out for them.

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