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  1. Tsunami

    Rev Limiters

    Jim is the BSPA expert guy on mechanical issues, whilst Kelvin is an ardent ex rider come technical guy who fronts the PL TV average. Kelvin is highly regarded for his technical views and has already endorsed their use in our leagues. He's probably already tested them.
  2. Tsunami

    Visa criteria

    I thought the same at the time. There has to be a sponsor who makes a lot of guarantees.
  3. Tsunami

    Workington 2019

    Was there not a plan approved by the council late in 2018 for the provision of a large trailer park for our lovely travelling fraternity. I know we had a debate on here about how it would affect the training track. I was told it was down the line, and the training track could be safe for a few years yet.
  4. Tsunami

    Unfair advantage - starting gates

    I remember Sun Street from the early 60's. Was the track sunk down below the level of the grass/soil, cos I can remember I couldn't see the lower half to the riders on the opposite side. Might just have been they hadn't cut the grass of course. Adams, Harris and Peter Kelly I think were riding for Stoke.
  5. Tsunami

    Rev Limiters

    Plus Jim McMillan and Kelvin Tatum.
  6. Tsunami

    2019 Championship Improvers

    Everything seems to be seen as an own goal to you at the moment. Out of the picture are we.
  7. Tsunami

    Eastbourne 2019

    Good silencer as well.
  8. Tsunami

    Workington 2019

    You have to remember juniors still want to do their best for themselves and their team. In the Northern Junior Jeague the races alternate between 500's and 125's so you only have 1 race interval to solve a problem. A warmed up second bike can get you out quick on a running bike, and deal with the fault sometime afterwards. Even juniors like to take all their rides for the teams sake.
  9. Tsunami

    Swindon Stadium

    Yes, but not a farce created by speedway which is what you seem to imply. How about a mention for StadiaUK.
  10. Tsunami

    Thank you to the BSPA

    No different from any other sport.
  11. Tsunami

    Swindon Stadium

    But it wasn't a farce at the time, was it.
  12. Tsunami

    Oxford Speedway

    Yep, saw them at New Cross in 1963 and Jimmy Squib was also riding.
  13. Tsunami

    2019 Championship Improvers

    I agree with your philosophy. This reduction this year is a deliberate attempt to lower the level of the Championship and get a bigger gap between the 2 top leagues. These are unusual times, and there might only be a small reduction, or none at all, next year if the overall objective is achieved.
  14. Tsunami

    Rev Limiters

    No, you have picked my up the wrong way. Like I said 'move forward to stop a back flip" just in case with lower revs.
  15. Tsunami

    2019 Championship Improvers

    Wel that's the point when changing points totals as it skews the comparison for following years. Sometimes they ignore it because the difference has been 42, 42.5 and 43, and 45 I think, and the difference has been regarded as minimal. It was similar the the FTR in the then Elite leagues when riders like Kyle Newman and Adam Ellis were riding more against fellow FTR's and all of them got inflated averages for the following season. It's to be hoped that there will be a conversion ratio to make it a level playing field for following years, when it's probably 42ish which would be reinstated to maintain the standard of the league.

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