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  1. Tsunami

    Death of Prince Phillip announced

    I met Prince Phillip when he came to my Boys Club to talk about his award scheme. Our Leader looked after a hostel on the Small Arms range at Otterburn, Northumberland, and our club used to look after participants in the expedition section of the award. I was an assistant Leader and after getting my Bronze Award I, along with a couple of other assistant Leaders, used to advise them and meet them at the destination for the three days of expeditions. It was great fun to be involved and we talked to Prince Phillip about what we did, and things liking looking for groups not arriving at their destination and us having to go and look for them on the moors. We were only 16 at the time. He was really easy to talk to and his visit was so short but he seemed to have enjoyed himself, as we did. I had also met him a year earlier when he visited my school, and he talked to me about operating the big lathe. It is times like this that you realise some people in public life don't just treat it as a job, but seem it's genuinely enjoyable to talk and learn about others in life a million miles away from their life and duties. RIP Prince Phillip NB I read yesterday that Phillip was playing Squash at the time that Charles was being born.
  2. Tsunami

    Pat Flanagan

    Yes. Gil was about a 5 at our level but had flitted between Wimbledon and the Southern League. Pat was probably a 2 and held his own riding in Southern teams/leagues.
  3. I saw a new issue last week, and it showed that there had been a slight increase following the schools going back, and some areas including mine (North Yorkshire and North East ) was edging toward 1 at the top end. They were issued by the major areas comparison and were very variable so as to identify any area in trouble.
  4. Tsunami

    Pat Flanagan

    Pat came up to Newcastle with my favourite Gil Goldfinch in 1961 to strengthen us and gave us a much better team. I think that used to come up on the train, and we had to take vehicles to get them and their gear to the track. They stayed overnight and did the return the following morning. RIP Pat
  5. Tsunami

    Football 2020/21

    When I used to watch Lewis, I thought he was very good, but unfortunately he's been found out at times, and has had groin problems. Whilst I watched your games I also looked for Cantwell and admired his commitment and running to get more involved. I would still like to see him at the TOON, but we already have Almiron with a similar style. Interestingly Almiron and his agent are talking about wanting to play for a 'more thinking forward club', and who can blame him. If that happens at the end of this season, and we are still in the Premiership, Cantwell would be a decent replacement if you were selling.
  6. Tsunami

    Death of Prince Phillip announced

    I think the losing of the Queen's consort for 73 years in the greatest democratic country in the World, is a damn sight more important to this country and its occupants than England getting thrashed again at Cricket.
  7. Tsunami

    Death of Prince Phillip announced

    But you are tedious. Get a life.
  8. Tsunami

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Someone had better tell Baldyman on here.
  9. Tsunami

    Hello everyone

    Welcome back.
  10. The UK has aways had a provisional contract for supply of the Moderna vaccine, along with just about every other leading vaccine and all when they were in development and not fully authorised for use. Being American, the timing of its release was not in our hands so it's just coincidental.
  11. If the Brexit candidate hadn't stood in the least GE at Hartlepool, the Tories would have skated it. Early forecasts suggest the support is 49 to 45% in favour of the Tories.
  12. Tsunami

    Football 2020/21

    I was hoping that it wasn't going to be abandoned because of the snow. Great show.
  13. Have you read all the other comments he has made about nearly all his colleagues. He may have been lightweight and now realises how much he was inadequate.
  14. Lots of common sense and support. Have you ever tried it. ?

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