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  1. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    Commercially there is a need to have big scorers to keep the team in the meeting, and to set an example to the youngsters . Youngsters thrashing around without guidance will take a lot longer to get where they want to be. If a group of youngsters are getting thrashed by full strength opponents at home, it doesn't please the home crowd who might withdraw their support as some fans insist on a victory whenever possible. Old hands can give advice with riding lines and bike preparation, and also give the give team a lift with their encouragement and experience.
  2. Tsunami

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Probably not North enough Gordon.
  3. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    I think it is 4.00 Gav. I think when we made that decision a few years ago we were thinking that 3.99 was permissible in the NJL.
  4. Tsunami

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Yes. Justin Elkins ef.
  5. Tsunami

    Newcastle Gems apply for NT place.

    it has to be approved first at the Special meeting on the 21st, I think.
  6. Anybody know what Adam's plans are, if any, are for 2020. Is he fit, intending to ride somewhere or part retired. Thought someone might have snapped him up earlier and wondered why not.
  7. Tsunami

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    At the cost of what but. Robert Nagy, amongst others, might not agree.
  8. Tsunami

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    Seem to remember driving in to the car park at Coventry for Super 7 type of meeting PL Champs or Pairs, etc, mid 90's, when out goes Roman going the other way going out of the stadium. Seems there had been some sort of dispute and he wasn't going to ride. I went into the stadium, and he did take his place so someone had got him back. Might have been a 'great' rider in some people eyes, but given his violence to team mates and opponents on and off the track, this is the type of rider I will not miss at Newcastle.
  9. Tsunami

    workington ..

    Missing the bit about the money that 'seems to have evaporated into thin air'. It you must try to be sarcastic and make a point to someone, try bravely to make it to the person or persons concerned. Instead of trying your usual pathetic attempt to have a go from sitting at your computer. What did Worky do to deserve you as a 'supporter'.
  10. Tsunami

    workington ..

    Don't like your humour in the last sentence. If you have a problem take it up direct. With the Break-in, I believe the toe rags stole a generator , all the blowers, a couple of bikes and set fire to the contents of a container. Those wishing to help the new owners, can join and contribute to a JustGiving page that has the figure required as £500.
  11. Tsunami

    Loan Riders

    There's a bit of a contradiction there I think with these two statements. Are you now saying there is no such thing as an Asset status ? In the case of a club folding, the asset riders are then controlled by the BSPA, and the assets can be sold but the monies can be held to cover any clubs debts or the usually reduced amount goes to the owner. I bought Jesper Olsen that way though the BSPA in 1997.
  12. Tsunami

    Loan Riders

    "Controlled" may not be the correct word, but the rider has to have an 'owner'. In the case of Bunyan, did he need to be someones's asset whilst riding in the NL. Plenty of kids riding in the NL are not on anyones asset list. The later point is just sloppy clerical, but riders retired do come back, who would have thought James Wright might come back. How long was Ledworth out? In the case of the deceased two riders, I'm not sure there is a procedure to check such things. Perhaps his 'owner' should ask for the name to be removed.
  13. Skorja and Smetana both start on 5 point averages for Newcastle.
  14. Tsunami

    Edinburgh & Glasgow race night

    And a good day out it was. In the 60's, drive up in the morning, Princess Street and the park in the afternoon , tea at Woolworths cafe, the meeting at Old M and a fight with the usual loopy son and mother in the main stand, chip supper in the chip parlour in Mussleborough and then the race back home. Happiness.

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