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  1. Tsunami


    So you would rather fill planes full of animals before humans. Tosser.
  2. Tsunami


  3. Read the article and educate yourself for a change. Nowt to do with me and government, that's just your obsessions.
  4. And shown his true colours of always wanting to appear to be the paragon of virtue bringing everyone all the important 'news' for alleged personal glory. Despicable guy..
  5. Tsunami


    Your stupidity strikes again as this picture depicts the exact opposite of what I am saying. I don't think you have any control on your stupidity.
  6. Tsunami


    It is ignorance when saying something stupid like animals don't prevent humans getting on board, now that iS ignorance.
  7. Tsunami


    Humans before animals.
  8. No, as with it being unreported how would I get the info unless someone like you has this secret information. If you have it let us all have it instead of insinuation OK.
  9. Tsunami

    Vigil BBC

    About to start catching up with this series tonight . Looking forward to it with especially it's connection with Line of Duty
  10. Tsunami


    Humans before animals and who is to say these working dogs will not be put to use by the new government. Scaremongering again.
  11. So I guess you are not getting it then.
  12. Tsunami

    Football 2021/22

    Tomorrow is always deadline day for the TOON fans. We never get to it.
  13. Only those who favour disinformation, and who don't believe there is anything called COVID. One of you keeps banging on about 'are you getting it yet" and I wondered if either of you "are getting it" at home. Makes you wonder with the quality and quantity of the garbage that you churn out on a daily basis. Get a life instead.
  14. Tsunami


    ......and all wearing masks apparently.

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