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  1. Tsunami

    Swindon Stadium

    I might be down for the Young Lions BYC round. The MDL of course will be using the main track I think. Good little meetings.
  2. Tsunami

    Swindon Stadium

    What's the problem with having the air fence, as half of the gap instead a void.
  3. Tsunami

    Swindon Stadium

    In advance of our new fence about three years ago, my winter team and I moved about 30 posts leading into and exiting the 1st and 2nd turns in order that the air fence fitted into the curves with no jutting out at the start or the coming out. The wedge piece coming of the 2nd turn is in a straight-line with straight mesh fence. Been passed every year, and by every ref since during the season.
  4. Tsunami

    Swindon Stadium

    Last time I was there with the Diamonds, they held a junior meeting races slotted in between the heats of the main meeting. i thought that was not allowed, but apparently it used to be a regular feature at Swindon, and I assume it was because they were not using the main track. Still an usually feature, but the more you think about it it's not so silly. Down to the referees permission I suppose.
  5. Tsunami

    Swindon Stadium

  6. Tsunami

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Must admit I'm not a great fan of Ulrich but I don't seem to recall him having bad machines whilst riding for Redcar. Maybe a one off but it needs to be watched.
  7. Tsunami

    Sheffield 2019

    Good trackman. He created Redcar out of nothing.
  8. Tsunami

    Swindon Stadium

    Technically speaking the two metres can be from the front of the obstruction, i.e, lights standard or wall, to the front of the air panel.
  9. Tsunami

    Swindon Stadium

    Exactly my thinking, and the reason for asking.
  10. Tsunami

    Swindon Stadium

    Who designed the new track shape and who is doing all the track remedial work.
  11. Tsunami

    2019 Regulations

    At the end of the day, IRR was introduced so the paying public would as least be treat to the same level as they had paid for. It tries to match the teams, instead of a team using reserves and makes the races a mockery and a good meeting is spoiled. In saying that, most tactical rules should only apply to the top 2 divisions, and let the NL to use reserves.
  12. Tsunami

    Team Suits and/or Race Jackets

    LIke him or hate him, he did try things to spruce things up.
  13. Tsunami

    Sheffield 2019

    Is that Graeme Trollope ?
  14. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2019

    Interesting response. Care to explain how they are going to cope with the 11% increase in averages which will naturally increase from their start averages. The natural level playing field would tell you that all meetings this year are going to generate combined averages per teams with an 11% increase, i'e, 42points.
  15. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2019

    I think instead they tinkered with rolling averages, which evened out the scores and limited the extent and affect of average fiddling. Still happens of course.

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