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  1. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2019

    Not sure that's true in relation to Newcastle. Yes we have pollution problems, but it has been pointed out to Newcastle Council that that the tolls don't do anything to stop the pollution in the first instance so the clear air problem would still be with us. Being a Labour led Council, and always moaning about government cuts, it's likely that the council see it as a money spinner to get more money in their coffers. Liverpool and Newcastle are probably the hardest hit of the larger councils with the cuts.
  2. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2019

    7 out of 9 points. NJL level.
  3. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2019

    He was at the meeting riding in a Gem's NJL meeting after the main meeting.
  4. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2019

    I can assume then that you don't watch the cricket World Cup matches or play squash between the innings.
  5. Who says they knew it was their last meeting.
  6. Tsunami

    berwick bandits 2019

    To be fair, if you are not a 'biker' this can be a common occurrence.
  7. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2019

    It's just the usual throwaway line. There was a purge last year and a lot of freebies stopped coming. it's not a problem now as long as riders, team and juniors, play by the rules.
  8. It normally is for most people, but being speedway riders with laser treatment they can get back in three weeks. Depends also if it is plated or allowed to heal in position.
  9. The track last night was very good. Two spells of grading brought it back both times. The telltale sight is the sameness of times within a couple of seconds. It even held Barker with those extra fast dives into the bend, and then around the boards. One of the best performances I have seen from Barker.
  10. I don't think they will. There are others to look at before him.
  11. Tsunami

    One League - Matt Ford

    Way too high that quotation.
  12. Tsunami

    berwick bandits 2019

    Etheridge had quite a decent meeting at Brough last week. One of the ones that kept your score decent.
  13. He's probably read it on a bog wall. Anyway, he's not called Bellend for nothing.
  14. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2019

    I remember seeing him at Brough and he was capable of decent races, in fact I seem to remember we used him as a guest once at Brough. Unfortunately he had a mixed period at I think Edinburgh, and they disposed of him cos of his inconsistency's.

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