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  1. It's the 'rich' that keep the sport going. Surely your reply should be in the Political Section.
  2. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2018

    Well done to Carl Nicklen for getting his tweet on the Swedish Meeting tonight, and thanks a lot for getting my junior GEM Archie Freemen a mention for being chosen to attend the SGP Academy at this year's GP at the weekend. Many thanks.
  3. Tsunami

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Or not convinced it would happen. In that case why make the situation worse whilst making the debts bigger.
  4. Tsunami

    Edinburgh 2018

    What happens when you dispense with the services of a Visa rider such as Rumi. Is there not a quoted term of the visa and a fixed payment for the duration of the visa regardless.
  5. Tsunami

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    To bring you back to what was obviously being discussed. WE weren't talking about the 'last 5 years' of the SKY deal. The discussion was about the claims by 'leading riders' USA riders who decided they should up their demands with the promoters having 'new money' and some promoters acceded to their demands, and the rest followed.
  6. Tsunami

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    Nils wasn't a leading rider in the UK when the SKY deal was signed. So how could he receive the largest share of Kings Lynn SKY monies ?
  7. Rode on Sunday afternoon at Brough and rode well.
  8. Tsunami

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    Who said there were USA riders involved after the initial years ? Move on, you are going nowhere.
  9. Tsunami

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    Once again missing the point and trying to imply something that wasn't true and not said. Read it again. There was a trend introduced, with more cash in the pockets of the promotions, when leading riders decided the windfall should be used to pay them a lot more than before. Promotions, competing against each other, risked losing the top riders so acceded to their requests which then had a knock of affect. After the first year, that then became the norm for all riders.
  10. Tsunami

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    Why should it have to be a theory.
  11. Tsunami


    What he doesn't know Philip, he assumes to suit his prejudices no matter what the subject is..
  12. Tsunami

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    The SKY payment was split between the fixed sum to the sport, to be shared by all the EL teams equally, along with 1 extra share, which then was shared by all the PL clubs. Other monies were paid for a televised meeting by a fixed payment compensating the staging club against the problems of missing fans on the night, and also a fixed sum to the opposing team for appearance money. Only when they use head on shots, the rest is usually quick.
  13. Tsunami

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    Utter bollocks. I have said regularly on here, and it has been confirmed, that the windfall of TV money instead of being used to grow the sport, was in fact used to compete against each other when the riders, usually USA ones, decided they they should be rewarded with massive contracts and sign ons, and the promotors were forced to compete against each other for their services. That drifted down to lesser riders and the windfall just disappeared.
  14. Tsunami

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    Not strictly true. I was involved in a bid to get the speedway rights with a large media group, just prior to SKY and Terry, and was stalled in detail and then the BSPA announced the SKY deal without any communication to us. A similar deal could have been achieved.

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