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  1. Tsunami

    workington ..

    The existing track would still be the training track. The new track would be build on the flat area of the lefthand side of that track. I have been told the council Is well up for this new development as this new area is a dumping ground for torched cars, and the council think the new development ticks a lot boxes regarding social problems. The hardcore and shale is currently on the site from Derwent Park, and a very local rider has had a drone up to design the new track, which I am told it will be based on the shape and characteristics of the new NSS. Everything is in place, with some very good people involved, including the owner of the training track and the other area, which is a great contribution. Only thing to resolve is to attract a promoter to help the project on when it gets the go ahead. Here's hoping.
  2. Tsunami

    berwick bandits 2021

    The comment still applies but.
  3. Tsunami

    berwick bandits 2021

    Terrific performance from Brennan remembering this was, I think, his comeback meeting from a very long layoff. Pity about Leon, but I would bet Tom has done more laps at Eastbourne than Leon has at Berwick.
  4. Tsunami

    Corona virus

    This is the sort of stupidity that fuels the hotspots currently being forced to lockdown because of their poor behaviour.
  5. You sound like you were already done, before the COVID interference.
  6. Tsunami

    Mr Garrity

    It wouldn't stop him reading the forum, and I think he has actually updated his excellent stats website this year after his release.
  7. Tsunami

    workington ..

    That's rather missing the point but Neil. As you know, my efforts with the training of Newcastle kids was always about bringing on young riders for the future with the Diamonds, as you should already know from your experience with me. It is certainly known by most people at Brough, seeing I have put my time, effort and a lot of money into kids training since our first Gems team was set up by me in 2002. It certainly doesn't deserve the sly comment about 'trying to get a pat on the back " for doing it.
  8. Tsunami

    workington ..

    Just won the PL title, and opened the doors for about 10 riders from Worky, starting the careers of both Craig and John along with Willie Lawson Jamie Robertson, Ritchie Hall, Carl Shield, Kris Irving and many more. What did you ever do that was anywhere near important.
  9. Tsunami

    workington ..

    Except there was no mention of a certain team who gave them their start in team speedway. Yes, Newcastle Gems and myself.
  10. if you read this weeks Speedway Star, Matt/Dan Ford explains that whilst the dogs are not running the stadium staff are furloughed, so the dogs would have to have returned presumably to man the stadium for speedway meetings. Hence a possible doubt for Poole.
  11. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    Seems like a strange move to go PL but, in view of what THJ said about the dogs intentions, Rob may be trying to at least give us some speedway, given it will end up as a filler for this year and just to get to the end of the season. If he doesn't, and THJ is right, Rob could not run speedway, so it could be a good thing to keep things going. OK, no amusements and all the bells and whistles that Rob was going to introduce, and no possibility of the junior teams, but we would have speedway for a short season and it might be fun to see the standard of the PL. Could be good.
  12. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    It was always planned to have a joint NT team sharing the meetings between both tracks and trying to use all local riders.
  13. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    I doubt it. Probably not worth the effort to set them up, only for the kids being shepherded in before the meeting starts. I like the idea for Sundays, but not feasible for Mondays.
  14. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    Difficulty with Mondays also is, at the moment, we put the sheets down on the doggie track on the Sunday, due to the sheeters working on the Monday. Very late night for them also on a Monday plus a late night for the air fence people. In making decisions, nothing can happen unless an army of new track staff can be found to work these hours. Plenty of talkers, but when it comes down to it nobody wants to red flag, be a sheeter, add to the air fence crew who can't always be at Brough every week due to BYC Sunday meetings for juniors like Archie and Danny. I pointed out these obvious requirements to 'Mr' Phillips when he first started, but as expected he did nothing about it, hence we have very few track staff. Getting staff could well be harder to do than change nights or find another stadium.
  15. Tsunami

    Newcastle 2020

    Plus we looked at it in 1996 and the owners don't want speedway there. The new houses had been built on what would have been the 4th bend, but the biggest problem was the railway bridge. The road going past the stadium increases in height to pass over the railway, and people would not need to pay to get in as the view from the elevated road was as good as you can get. Identical to the problem that would have been if we had opened up Ashington.

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