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  1. Tsunami


    Probably only cos you have a common enemy, us at Newcastle. Quite sad.
  2. Tsunami


    I know. Remember that song years ago, either George Formby, or Charlie Drake . "When I'm cleaning windows" OK it was Formby.
  3. Tsunami


    Before the lockdowns, we used to stand in the 2nd temporary stand with some Redcar supporters and had some great 'debates' and laughs together. Usually stand in the gap in front of the refreshments bar now, and that's because we meet other Diamonds fans and with Bears fans. Usually if you give it back respectfully, you can get a great atmosphere. I feel quite at home at Redcar, but last year we had someone cleaning the refs windows during a meeting, now there's a first. Wonder who he was ?
  4. Tsunami


    Did he get home to Redcar that night ?
  5. There's a big difference between authorising these animals getting out of Afghanistan, and the implied accusation that they were prioritised ahead of Women and Children.
  6. Trigger seems to get everywhere. Palin is a better rider than both twins.
  7. Tsunami


    Yes, but whilst Chris will be walking nearer to the track, the Metro will have continued on to the Chilly Road Metro. Obviously quicker for both journeys to get off and later get on at the Byker Metro station.
  8. Tsunami


    Hi Chris and pleased you fancy a trip to God's country. The Byker Metro station is just less than a mile away, and a good direct road to the track. Whilst you can never be sure, it's probably about a 2 to 2.5 hours show, plus the walk back to the Metro station, and then the time for the Metro to get to the Central Station which has its own Metro station. Pick a good meeting when the opponents can be expected to attack the track. It's got tight bends and long straights but you still get some decent passing and racing. Dave
  9. Is this spoken from personal experiences ?
  10. Tsunami


    So we have been taken for a ride ?
  11. Tsunami

    Armadale Devils 2022

    I signed Willie in 2002 to ride in my new Gems team, along with Jamie Robertson. He was a natural from the start, but we lost him that year with a broken leg, after being hit after falling by a following rider. His style was almost identical to David Bargh and later Kenny Larsen, going in hard with full lock on, and able to exit the 2nd and 4th bends wheels in line and power still on. But for his mechanic, and moving around the Northern teams, he would have been a top rider in the second league. Still looks the same, with the same boyish looks he had then.
  12. Tsunami

    Belle Vue Colts 2022

    Went to the same school and Boys Club(same as Mike Watkin). Mike H was alway a happy go lucky lad and daft enough to try anything, so I wasn't surprised at all that he became a speedway rider. Never heard anything about him for years, so not sure if he has left the area(North East).
  13. Tsunami

    60 most difficult sports....

    Squash only 22nd. Obviously never watched world championships and National titles. At the end of most games the players are "gone" with no legs at the end.
  14. Apparently it is and the guy in question voted for it as well.
  15. Tsunami


    It won't open on my computer.

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