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  1. Tsunami

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Yes, and it would seem that the team wasn't passed at that stage, and it looks like the BSPL might have wanted to release all teams in a join effort with all the clubs. It is the will of the BSPL and the clubs to release proposed teams.
  2. Everywhere, so thanks for your surprise.
  3. Yes, that sums you up perfectly.
  4. But you haven't got that much to cut. You could just keep ya cap on.
  5. Don't like the truth do you.
  6. Well all of them are. The hospital staff start their day by taking a new mask, and fit them on entering the hospital.
  7. You can't help yourself to be a burk do you. It's actually 1564 today and who cares if its higher or lower than April'20 which incidentally it IS. It is a shocking statistic, and should make everyone think and possible modify their behaviour as the infection starts to covert over to more deaths. You of course will continue to belittle the death figures, the admission rates, the bed occupancy, the case numbers, etc, all in the pursuit of trading statistics and trying to be right, even when you are wrong, which is more than what you would give anybody credit for. Incidentally why did you try and discredit todays numbers by saying the second line. The definition of deaths has always been a mixture of deaths on the day, plus others retained from the previous weekend, and/or from other previous days. Even at this level of deaths, you would still try to challenge the definition cos the number is very high. You are a desperate and shocking individual.
  8. Total bollox. You and Fenway were locked in discussions, and you were bang on for using them and you even had an argument with, I think, was jrs as to who had the right to the 'rights' being the first one to say it. I think March 14 the was the winner. Since then you have joined in the crap thrown at people who support using masks, me included every time I am out. If you care to remember Fenway gave an excellent case for and against listing the pro and cons. An article I have used against you when you pontificated about you first saying it was you that was the first to do so. SAGE 's attitude towards masks was exactly what Fenway was saying, but eventually it must have been decided to give out one message, so masks were advised. So congratulations to being right all along, except of course like now, when you argue against the use of them. As I have said in an earlier post, why not you just toss a case as at least you would be consistant but unfortunately you would be likely to be wrong sometimes. Funny about the hairdresser comment as the private hairdresser that all my family go to, all have be masked, on advice from her organisation, and everyone not having their hair done has to stay in their car, so how was I wrong. Better still, don't answer, you'll only make a bigger fool of yourself.
  9. Why ? Just take one from the tray at the entrance alongside the cleaning facilities. You and others are looking for things in everything that mean nothing.
  10. Is this Doctor for real. Look at the right hand side and the deaths figure is downward. Given that the recent level was restarting again in the low hundreds, increasing to 500+ and for a good few days now well over the 1000 deaths per day, with a shocking number today. As this chart is total deaths, what is the point in publishing it when the main cause now is COVID and these figures are rising alarmingly. Is this another medic with an issue feeding the likes of DC2 with potential fake news. He has already queried the seriousness of recent deaths figures are only about 70%ish of the March/April figures. DC2, its 'only' dying humans, so why do you not care what crap you post on here, egged on by the crazy gang..
  11. Which was your argument for supporting masks in the early days about March/April. Fenway's tried to educate yourself but, as usual, you didn't take his hint. Eventually you are now showing signs of being anti masks, which just shows you have an opinion for each occasion. Try spinning a coin next time.
  12. That's no way to talk about yourself and your mates. True but
  13. Is that to take you to the pub, or to drag you back later.
  14. But I would rather take the actual advice of medics who look after the virus. Manufacturers probably do it because of product liability prosecution.
  15. That's not been proven yet.

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