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  1. Tsunami

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    There has always been teams trying it on and voting for high points limits like 45, because of the riders they have signed or lined up. When they were outvoted for say 42 or 43 points, you could see the glances between them seething that their plans were now in trouble. Obviously there were clans of promoters working together to get one over the poorer promotions.
  2. Tsunami

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Len Silver always had 6 riders sorted before the AGM agreeing the points limit, and then signed the 7th rider within days.
  3. Tsunami


    At meetings like the AGM's, I always found Mike to be quite quiet and let Matt always take the lead. Certainly from his interview he has been a very ardent fan doing every job imaginable.
  4. Tsunami

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Oxford junior Matt Davis I think rode for Horspath. Talked a few times with him at Cardiff, canny lad. Sandy Feltham's son in law.
  5. Tsunami

    Jason Garrity

    I think you are right about the engine going away to be tested as I have heard of riders complaining about the waiting for them to be returned. Certainly I saw them being removed from the frame. Testing carbs can be carried out in the frame and machine examiners are issued with an appropriate circular gauge for testing.
  6. Tsunami

    Jason Garrity

    I've known of riders suddenly straining their backs getting their bike out of their van when it was known the tester was around. Also engine tests being carried out after the meeting and a 'suspect' doesn't have a good night. All random of course. One night a well known rider rode very average at Brough, and whilst having his engine checked over by the late Will Hunter, technical expert and ex ref, the rider just smirked as if he knew he wouldn't be caught. Who says some riders are not told, and it was not random I can assure you. Our home rider, knew that and why it was happening, was livid as his tuned engine was tampered with on the inspection and as he said, "It's all very well trying to catch him, but now I have to have a full retune and all I get it is a standard £400 fee".
  7. Tsunami


    So was I. Not pleasant.
  8. Wish I could have been there. I had tickets which i'll get a refund for. I am hearing that the event was filmed and will be available this week..
  9. Tsunami

    Plymouth speedway

    Many thanks for that BOB. Yes he's a tidy rider, and I told him to ride it like Brough, but with much shorter straights. Amazing that he has completed two meetings since a horror crash on Saturday at Edinburgh. Following Harry Mc he decide to take him, but Harry locked up and Archie clipped his back wheel and he hurtled into the airfence square on. He fortunately tried to jump off the back, otherwise it could have been really serious. Very mature kid at 15, he's at least a year behind the rest of the Lions Select team. Look out for his progress. Hope you are well, and it would have been nice to come down with Archie, and see you at the same time. Maybe next year, take care.
  10. Tsunami

    Plymouth speedway

    Hi Bob. Can you let me know how Archie rode. Personal interest in him.
  11. Tsunami

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Kent will be exempt from that with the stadium owner being a part owner of the speedway. True for the rest but.
  12. Tsunami

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    and alternatively, Glen Cunningham only qualified for the final of the Premier League Championship at Sheffield with 9 points, and ended up the Champion.
  13. Yes he rode well against the returning Greg Blair in the Redcar meeting a couple of weeks ago.
  14. Has a right good ride in his first ride, but seemed to lose something every ride after that. In one ride he had rode hard for second place, but just seemed to coast to the line and got pipped on the line by a following rider. On the other hand Kye Bickley did exactly the opposite.

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