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  1. Terrible start to the meeting with David Pye, after a great gate, losing it and being hit by Gavin Parr and Dale Pate injured laying it down. Thankfully David was OK, but his bike wasn't, so he had to leave the meeting. Gavin changed a bent wheel, and Dale is off to hospital this morning for a nuts examination. One airfence panel burst. The meeting continued with only 2 500 riders, Josh getting the advantage each time over Gavin. Great maximum from Archie once again, being left at the gate in his third ride, he had to weave his way past all three riders eventually getting past Elliott after a hard chase on the last lap and Elliott leaving him room to pass around the boards. Fair riding by Elliott, who had suffered some mechanical problems and went out on borrowed bikes. Interesting little battles between Alex and Danny in their last two races. A good competative meeting between two equal sides, pity about the injuries.
  2. It's called realism when you are paying the bills.
  3. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Don't mention Eileen. Come on.
  4. That's shocking. Rob needs to be called to explain his position if that is all true. Obviously could not have done any good to himself or Scunny.
  5. Redcar 2018

    Thanks for your admission that it is all hot air.
  6. Well they weren't last week when they beat the all dominating Glasgow Tigers. Course they could have been riding against a better gating side last night, it happens.
  7. Charlie Webster - Malaria

    Oh dear. Getting comments like that from orion and being liked by the squeaky clean Midland Red.
  8. No Pipjer was a Monarch and I think he had a spell at Glasgow. Used to be a good fast rider but really disappointed with him on Thursday at reserve. Think we have used him as a guest not so long ago. Tomorrow we will see if Mikkel was just a flash in the pan on Thursday, or if he is better that our old asset Jonas.
  9. is that the Ipswich that got beat at home tonight ? You are right about Kus but Barker still scores well, and a lot will depend on both Andersen's and Busch. Pijper the odd one.
  10. The best rider I ever saw at Lakeside was Joonas Klymakorpi who rode incredible race lines which others had never thought of or couldn't get away with. Lakeside can produce some great meetings when riders don't thrash the throttle. Is coming out of the second bend still a lottery for some ?
  11. Charlie Webster - Malaria

    Do you every have the brains to read about what you comment on. The first court found Ched guilty, but a high paid lawyer paid for by a rich daddy got him off. The girl was pissed and being carried. She went to the Police the following day to report a lost purse, and when they heard the circumstances they told her she had been raped. Stick to your Whoosh as its the only thing your post worthy reading . More crap from you.
  12. Well that was a surprise. Had some luck with Doolans score, but that could be cancelled out by Luddes problems. This was Ash's best meeting for us ever, and not really on his normal shape of track, but he is really looking good this year especially when you add in how he started at Redcar. Makes tomorrows meeting at Brough more interesting, and don't forget we also have a NJL meeting between the same teams so don't forget to stay behind and watch their meeting with two even teams. homer No comment on Redcar's result and performance at Lakeside last night ?
  13. Redcar "Cubs" v Newcastle "Gems" scorecard. A good competitive first meeting of the season for both clubs. Kyran Lyden replaced Cubs regular Alex Goldsbrough who was ill on the day. Two special maximum men in Gavin Parr in the 500's and Archie Freeman in the 125/150 class. Pity that the machine problems of the Gems No 1 Josh probably cost the Gems a possible away victory. Good advert for the NJL.
  14. Charlie Webster - Malaria

    Sneaking into a hotel illegally, and jumping on after your mate with a female not fit to defend herself, is alright in your eyes is it. Specsavers for you then. Some of us have higher, or just have, some morals unlike some.
  15. Charlie Webster - Malaria

    Quite agree, as some folks don't have the time that others think everyone else has. There are two threads on Ivan Mauger, but has anybody been hurt by this rule breaking ? Some folks need to grow up and get on with their lives.
  16. Charlie Webster - Malaria

    Quite agree that there is some pathetic statement on here from folks who should know better. Many like me, still think he was hardly innocent, but a powerfull expensive lawyer employed by his then girlfriend and now wife's father, managed to get the decision they were after. Money still talks eh.
  17. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    And also to Redcar, who last night had Jade Mudgway giving the tribute to Ivan having known his fellow Kiwi. He stressed the point that Ivan was a 'team' with Raye always supporting him.
  18. Ivan Mauger

    Beaten also by John Poyser from Oxford, who's daughter Jackie was host to Lubos at Oxford, whilst we were his hosts at Newcastle.
  19. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Like everyone else Ivan had to learn how to ride Brough when he first came. With long straights and tight corners you have to have great skill to slide in with power and already be broadside ready for the drive out of the next bend. In those days it rode like a Diamond, and Ivan spent hours after the first meetings throwing in the bike from even just past the starting gate, which was one hell of a slide. He often filled his fuel tank full(bigger in those days I believe) and would on his own ride probably 20 laps flat out trying to get it right. He was of course physically very fit, and a lot of other riders at the time could only watch him as their fitness was no good for such durations, He experimented with bikes that he bought when he first arrived until he found the frame and setup that he preferred. Him and his then German mechanic would load up his Bedford snub nose van and head off to buy bikes, and go to other tracks to get extra rides. He was fanatical to get it right. I remember when Peter Kelly lived beside him in Manchester, he told me that if he met him say a Xmas time the conversation was always speedway nothing else, he was so driven. The track in those days was even narrower, with straights always about the legal minimum of 8 metres as it is now, and the corners were tight, possibly be about 10 to 12 metres wide. After we opened up in 1997, the corners were 10m on corners 1and 2 and about 12m on corners 3 and 4. In the late 90's we took 2 metres off the inside kerb of both ends, and that is the shape and sizes that we have now. The 3rd and 4 bends have always been 2 m wider that the 1st and second. The track probably got its 'rough' name over time by others that couldn't ride it, and because with a powered broadside hitting similar positions every lap, the wear must be considerably harder/more. Say a track like Somerest with a wide track. multiple race lines and constantly drifting rather sideways power, the condition of the track is going to be smoother for longer. Nowadays and in the recent past the track is nowhere near 'rough' as delusional Redcar fans would have you believe, but does have by choice more dirt on it to get better grip. That is the riders choice to give them more overtaking options. There must be something right about Brough with 4 world Champions to our claim, Mauger, Olsen, Michanek and Nicki. We'll not count Brian Anderson as we got him for 6 weeks after he won the U21 title.
  20. Charlie Webster - Malaria

    Have you reached Australia yet ?
  21. Part from Sheffield last year we did, and usually do most years. Not that you are going to accept that, but your fans I know acknowledge it.
  22. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    I remember that, in about 64 i think. Fantastic performance as you had got teams in those days as well. In those days, Poole rode very similar to our Brough.
  23. Charlie Webster - Malaria

    Quite agree and Ched was hardly innocent was he.
  24. Berwickbandits2018

    Yes I have just read about it in a post on Facebook from TAZ. So sad if true..