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  1. Tsunami

    Scunthorpe 2019

    I read that, but it wasn't me that stated it. I personally don't think it will be that low.
  2. Tsunami

    Simmo how is he remembered?

    Couldn't believe how they didn't crash more fighting to overtake on the square corners. I thought it was a terrible track for proper racing. Just 4 corners and 4 straights.
  3. Tsunami

    Where is SCB

    Yep. All team managers have to get through the checks for the DBS. Doesn't take long to get one.
  4. Tsunami

    NJL fours Final

    The completed programme is in a posting by Jamie Swales in the "Northern Junior League" on Facebook. Some decent Photos as well, especially the team in second place, the GEMS.
  5. Quite agree. If it was like TaylorJ would have you believe after every visit to Newcastle, we wouldn't get decent riders like Robert Lambert and all the Danes who have rode for us. Look at the vid clips on Facebook showing the 150cc riders flying around the track after the earlier 15 heat Worky meeting and only with a light regrade to give the kids a new surface to ride on. The only falls on the night in the junior meeting were Andy Wareham, who hadn't looked steady in all his rides, and Sonny Springer who got the wrong line coming out of the second bend and drifted into the fence, and was fortunately not injured and rode great afterwards. Some people just like to moan for attention or a windup.
  6. Tsunami

    Celebrity fans

    To be fair it would never have worked. The engines were existing 450cc motocross engines with a full gearbox which would just add unneeded extra weight. On the nights they were tested, some riders used third gear, whilst others got frustrated trying to find the optimum point of the right gear to give a good start speed and a good straight speed. I don't think anybody found that. Riders like Robbie Kessler and Paul Thorp got a high speed, and rode in an arc road racing style, but others like Nicki tried to do cut back, but there was just no acceleration to satisfy the riders or the paying public. The engines, which were run on petrol, just didn't generate enough acceleration to make it exciting for everyone. The principle of standard engines and running on a saleable fuel for advertising, is still a desirable concept, but unfortunately it didn't work in 1998. Incidently, one of the prime reasons for Honda was the fact that all the sports engines had won their classes in all the catergories, so Speedway was going to give them a clean sweep in all bike sports.
  7. Tsunami

    Where is SCB

    Can you remember in the 00's when Shawn went missing for a whole week, and Jill and others made appeals for info or his return. What was he up to that week ?
  8. Tsunami

    Celebrity fans

    ..and was an employee of Honda, and it was through that link that the Honda experiment in 1998 was introduced through Neil Machen then Sheffields promoter..
  9. I was waiting for a crap post by you, and you were bang on time again. Not denying what I said then.
  10. Yes, despite ref Ronnie Allan retiring due to age, they have waived the age limit, and allowed him to return to duties. It also means now Referees need to take on more meetings, which in some cases it suits some refs.
  11. I was over your place for the Ipswich meeting with my Gems team, and there was plenty of fallers and riders hanging on due to the ridges across the first bend. How many fallers was there that night ? More than fallers last Sunday, just ask Rory Schlein.
  12. Followed by a NJL Gems match against Berwick's best Academy team. Match race between Archie, Danny , Sam and Luke.
  13. With the current shortage of referees, and not enough trainees completing the inductions, the 'powers that be' will not be doing anything for awhile.
  14. I used to quite enjoy my many visits to Arena Essex with the Diamonds. A technical track, it needed to be thought out, and the big blasters usually got acquainted with the fence, particularly the second bend. Most impressive rider I remember from then was seeing Kylmakorpi for the first time, and he rode every possible line with great affect. Great rider and you never knew how he was going to ride. Obviously not a track for the big track fans, but nevertheless a technical track where you needed a brain, not just a fast engine.
  15. Tsunami

    Good luck Robbo

    Robbo has been a great servant to the sport whether he was riding for Newcastle, Coventry or Rye House. I remember first getting involved with him in 1993 when he was just 15 and brother Scott was riding for the Diamonds. A full on gutsy style we had to lend him out to Edinburgh, because he kept demolishing the 4th bend regularly. Always been a fans favourite because of his nature and genuine care for the supporters. I hope he finds a position in Speedway as he has so much to give back to Speedway with his wealth of experience. All the best for your future Stuey.
  16. Tsunami

    Celebrity fans

    Rob Elliott, Newcastle Goalkeeper used to follow I think Lakeside, but we haven't seen him at Newcastle yet. Also the famous Geordie Runner, Mark Allison, who is always running across continents to raise massive amounts for charity, attends every home meeting when he is not running. Great Guy.
  17. Tsunami

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Don't make him cry but.
  18. Whatever happened to Barrack Room lawyers.
  19. Yes, with Newcastle at home on the Sunday, any arrangement of Exeter/Reading, IOW/Trelawny and Kings Lynn Wednesday wasn't a bad choice. I remember a mixed tour in 1997(our first year) when we went to Edinburgh, Stoke and Newport and won them all. It's the answer to "which team won 3 consecutive away meetings in 3 days, and in 3 different countries" ?
  20. Must concur with your comments, but unfortunately can't make it down there regularly with their Thursday race night. Must make a better effort next year and do a mini Southern Tour.
  21. He is an asset, and still on a decent average, which he is quite capable of increasing especially with a lower average team points limit. He can be frustrating at times, but not as much is he did at Redcar, where he was not accepted and performed poor at times. I think he would still be a handy signing as he can produce match winning performances like he had with 4 scores of 10+ in his 10 meetings for us..
  22. I think both you and TaylorJ might be the under performers with that comment. Since Matej joined on a 4.76 average in late June from the Bears, he has increased his average from 4.76 to 6.88, and 7.28 with bp's. Not bad for a 'failure' as you have implied.
  23. Good little meeting. The strap was still intact so I imagine it was a bit loose and ripped off without a weald mark on Dale's neck. Yes, it was the first max for Danny and we were all pleased for him. We can all trace his improvement to a certain meeting, and after that he has kicked on with a sensible head on like waiting and taking Callum after being headed into the first bends. Kean has picked up this year, and I have tried several times to get him when I have needed a guest, but Worky have been using him regularly as he is an unattached rider in this league.

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