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  1. Trevor could have attended if the will was there, as he would still have been an active promoter.
  2. As workyboy says "Only TWO teams do not have a No 1 . Peterborough and Newcastle." So you reply knowing it was Newcastle. Redcar aren't looking for a No 1 as you already have Barker.
  3. Newcastle 2018

    I knew I had read it.
  4. Newcastle 2018

    Yes, I checked it after I posted and saw he did not fit in now. I can't remember where I read now, but it was only a couple of weeks ago, and I took heart that he was thinking he was fit enough ro ride, and had signed for someone. In anycase, I don't think anybody would sign him until he actually rides and convinces people that he is ft enough to start the season.
  5. Newcastle 2018

    Not sure it he has yet but he has already signed for the NL, I think for Stoke, so he must think he is OK. Probably trying out at Redcar when the track is fit to ride I would imagine.
  6. Newcastle 2018

    Ha ha. Paid Flight.
  7. The difference is you still have the same promoters that were in position last year. No changes. On the other hand, last years promotion has had to be dissolved, and a new company is in the process of still being set up. Until things were certain that we were going to get acceptance and be able to run, we were not really in a position to formally sign anybody in case things didn't work out. But I am sure you knew that anyway. Thanks for your concern.
  8. Scorpions 2018

    Can never understand how simple maths seems to pass over the heads of some fans, things like rider averages, team strengths limits, actual race averages, grades, etc.
  9. Newcastle 2018

    Or is not on contract during the winter period. At the moment the new company is being set up, and sometimes they will be using whatever is still available. Note the Air Fence fund is the cheque to paying for Season tickets for those reasons. Some nitpicking on here just for the sake of it, and not even fans.
  10. Explain how that comment applies to Newcastle. We have not known if we were even running till just before Xmas, therefore not able to even talk to most targets, but some riders pledged their allegiance to us in those circumstances in the hope we ran. Thank you Ash Morris, Stuey Robson and others to be announced. I wonder if it is because it is Newcastle why you made that stupid statement.
  11. Newcastle 2018

    And the rider in second place, behind his partner, will be paid for the bonus point, but it will not be used for his official average making him a bigger bargain on the lower average.

    Or run a junior meeting like the Northern Junior League, and the MDL meeting, after the main meeting in meaningful matches with 4 junior riders in 6 extra heats.
  13. Newcastle 2018

    Got to think it could be on. There are no number 1's lying around unemployed, and it could well be that the BSPA bow down to the problems caused and change the over 6 rule, which would allow Kennett and Nicholls to ride in the Championship League. Kennett not for me, and I don't think he would travel North due to his Southern comittments. Travel would also be a problem with Nichols, but nobody else needs him except Peterborough and it may be possible to fly him up or something similar. He rides Newcastle well usually. He will be desperate to get more meetings as Premier League bookings and no foreign earnings, will not make speedway pay for him. Dalbers I think will be more active this year, and I personally welcome his involvement again. He never stopped loving Newcastle Speedway.
  14. Newcastle 2018

    Speedway Start today.
  15. Sheffield 2018

    Is your second paragraph not the good reason to stop doing the exact same thing you suggest in your first paragraph.
  16. Ditch the Family Tag??

    I thinks it's a reflection of the actual number of motorcyclists in general. Older guys 40 to 60 seem to be the norm these days with the occasional 20 year old. Modern kids seem to miss out the motorbike stage at 16/17 as it used to be, and now buy their Corsa's, etc, and then on to family cars when they settle down. A few years ago a motorcycle trainer said to me that the number of new provisional licences for m/bikes was down by 80%, and there seems to be less since then.
  17. Workington 2018 .

    Agreed. mac101 misses the point that a young rider, riding for his own caring club, gets opportunities within the fixtures to ride on the many different shaped and length of away tracks as well as his own. That also follows for the junior leagues such as the Northern Junior League (NJL) with teams like Glasgow, Berwick, Newcastle, Redcar, Workington and Scunthorpe.
  18. Glasgow 2018

    Yes, and the corners have to be permanent for the corner kicks. You can see the trench is inside the real inside line, by seeing how much of the actual corners have been lifted. All will have to go back on to preserve the corner.
  19. Glasgow 2018

    Thanks George. I've just finished looking at them. Obviously the inside line is not being taken in that much, as the trenches are for the new drains but still be a few feet off.
  20. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Think you will find that that was sold a couple off years ago. He has no ties now in the UK. Family are also back in Denmark.
  21. Glasgow 2018

    Given the closeness of the track to the outside fence and fan areas, are they taking the inside kerb in and taking the corners in off the football pitch. The main problem area to me is the third bend entrance, followed by the exit out of the second bend.
  22. Workington 2018 .

    It's fair to say he has been a full throttle merchant in the same manner as Joss Auty and Nick Morris. In the last couple of years, he has started to use his brain instead of his wrist, and the benefits are shown in his averages and probably a lot less big crashes. Like Nick Morris, he has also managed to get around the tight bends at Brough, and is now a more mature and safe rider. Nice lad as well.
  23. Newcastle 2018

    Yes, especially in the first season, but less so after that when I ran the company, and George the team. Best not to say too much about riders requests, but yes they do ask for unusual things at times. Stuey Swales made it a condition of joining us, as long as we did not have a meeting on his wedding day I think in July. Agreed. Not sure if it was true, but Brent Verner was alleged to have asked for a number of bottles of Newcastle Broon for each home meeting. Several riders insisted on certain pits positions, especially away from the pits nearest the pits fence as they didn't like the flack that they got. On that theme that was why in the early 00's the home team chose to be in the pits nearer the pits carpark. First rider we signed was Jesper from the BSPA who was clubless after Redcar closed. £3,000 well spent I think you will agree. Next was Glyn Taylor who obviously had returned to Perth, OZ after his season with Berwick. Unfortunately due to time zones, when one of us sleeping the other one was up and about, so transactions were drawn out over several nights. We did the deal for £1100 plus VAT, but unfortunately he was injured in the meeting in May riding at Hull, having been hit by Peter Scully. Been a good friend to Newcastle and myself ever since, and we drew on his experience with us a rider and promoter back in OZ. "Bring someone to hang onto" was one of his promotion slogans for new fans. He was the only rider 'caught' and sentenced by the SCB for using 'soft' tyres after being caught at Edinburgh in early 1997. That despite the previous evening, I think it was Ipswich and Eastbourne,when 13 of the 14 riders were caught our and no action taken.

    Certainly is a misconception thinking that half the price, means twice the attendance and that's only to stand still income wise. It 'would' give a better atmosphere and 'may; lead to even greater numbers, but would and may doesn't make it work. It has been tried many times before and failed. I remember years ago, a bus company I think in either Nottingham or Leicester halved the fares, and saw no rise in numbers using the buses, and quickly reverted back to the original fare before they hit financial ruin.
  25. Newcastle 2018

    Nothing new in selling season tickets with the team members unknown. Happens every year as season tickets are good Xmas presents, and helps the club to pay some up front costs. How many teams have full teams in time for season tickets in the past ? Usually only Rye House from my experience. Obviously Newcastle have the additional problem that they have to set up a new company, including the new promoter, so things will take time. One thing we all know is that given our history, we will be trying to get the best we can, given the circumstances, and will have talked to riders in anticipation. There will always be riders wanting to come to Newcastle.