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  1. Proctor was always a poor signing on his average
  2. Over the cause of the season I believe we will lose a few matches at home it’s a poorly built team imo! Hope I’m proved wrong though
  3. Lynn are always gonna be there for the taking very poor team! Proctor is an awful signing on his average
  4. It’s always been a poor team.
  5. Wooden spoon team this year for certain
  6. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    most of the press releases have been a load of tripe!
  7. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Nearly all of them lol
  8. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Totally agree! Why they want to do it this way is ridiculous but we have got 3 clowns running the club now so what do we expect lol
  9. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Lewis Kerr according to the edp website
  10. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    totally agree its ridiculous that we haven't announced it yet! shambles from the management team if i'm being honest
  11. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Getting boring now not hearing anything about the team! Normally we know if there’s a fans forum etc!
  12. You really are bitter towards lynn aren't you!?
  13. Only riss and Lambert turned up for this really shame but injuries have cost us again
  14. Peterborough or lynn thats all.he's any good at it's not disrespecting it's just the truth

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