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  1. gonna start calling this the witches home track soon the amount of times they've been here this season!
  2. A funeral is more exciting than the racing at lynn
  3. pubichair

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Probably because he’s useless
  4. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    good team now
  5. pubichair

    Swindon - Kings Lynn 11 7 19

    Consistent riders lol
  6. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Would get rid of Thomas Simon and ty! Just not good enough
  7. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    i`m a human lol
  8. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I love arse
  9. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If it’s load of cobblers apparently then why do you always quote me!? If I want to have an opinion and you don’t like it just ignore it but I’m gonna still post! Ive got as much right as anybody else
  10. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    British speedway has shot itself in the foot over the years! Why does it matter if I’ve had a go on a bike? My job has nothing to do with speedway. Never said lambert was crap just overrated at what level he’s at now
  11. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Watching him get beat by crap riders ? My job doesn’t entail me to travel around the world but if it did still wouldn’t make excuses if I was performing badly in it!
  12. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Can have an opinion of him whether you like it or not! I’m not a lick arse like most of lynn fans! Oh and btw I wouldn’t careless if he drops uk next year
  13. pubichair

    Kings Lynn 2019

    that's no excuse imo!
  14. Would definitely be ty for me who has to go.

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