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  1. Swindon Stadium

    It's not really a stand as we know it though , a few of the greyhound tracks have similar buildings which is basically a restaurant with some view of the track. from this illustration it's a grey hound track with a speedway track inside it . i would not be surprised if it's not too dissimilar from illustration when (if) built
  2. Memories good and bad.!!

    Good newport 1975 team and travelling around following them 1975 again thumping Swindon 1997 Newport reopening 1999 thumping Swindon in trophy semi finals Gote Nordin winning Internationale blrc at Bellevue in 60s & 70s funfair included & 72,75,78 finals @ wembley bad newport closing 1977 newport closing again! demise of stadium Getting beaten up at cradley in seventies current state of speedway Lawrence hare crash at Newport
  3. Farewell Brandon - A Video Fly By

    Very sad, visited Brandon many times usually to see Newport get thumped from the sixties through the seventies, remember many british finals & particularly little boy blues testimonial on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Along with Hyde road was certainly one ofnthe best away trips
  4. I remember being at a Wembley v belle vue match held at Newport in 1970? Presumably because empire stadium unavailable
  5. Your memories of NORWEGIANS in BL (1970-89)

    I remember seeing 3 Norwegians in the wasps colours ed strangleland, einar egedius & reidar eide. Ed was a entertaining rider from my memory, einar I think married a Newport girl but it was reidar who I remember most fondly he was in I believe the best team Newport ever had in 1975 he also rode in 73 & 74. One race inparticurlrly recall is a golden helmet race against ole Olsen I think in 73 where he brought the house down at Somerton park by blasting by ole to lift the helmet, great days.
  6. Speedway Music

    We'll if the 20-20 cricket I go to is anything to go by ...anything rousing goes down well Hey Jude Hi ho silver lining Song no 2 Sweet Caroline Welcome to the jungle We will rock you Don't think age of the music has anything to do without tbh From past exeperiences.... Rocking all over the world (Newport) Are you ready - ac/DC (Newport) You stole the sun from my heart (Cardiff GP ) Beautiful day ( Cardiff GP) Monday Monday (reading) Rockin robin (Swindon)
  7. Speedway Music

    Obscure..but "speedway" by kursaal flyers
  8. Speedway Memorabilia

    I used to have a massive collection - programmes, badges, books, clothing, stickers, pictures, boards, etc . Sold it all when I moved Did scan all the programmes & some of the pics before they went so that's something ipunfortunatly didn't do the badges both in the thonusands Do miss them but with Newport gone (again) I gave up on collecting
  9. Relegation And Promotion Play Offs

    Surely then there should be nobody anywhere near the stands?
  10. Your Memories Of Swedes In Bl (1970-89)

    Newport Wasps had a fair sprinkling of Swedish Magicians - Gote Nordin, Torbjorn Harrysson, Bengt Brannefors & Tommy Johansson at Somerton park through the sixties & seventies. Nordins battles with Briggo were the stuff legends are made of. Gote's win in the internationale prompted what would be described as a Welsh pitch invasion these days or so it seemed to a 7 year old boy at the time. Toby's style always seemed to defy gravity both piled up the points for the wasps.
  11. Speedway really is a joke in this country ...guestsin every meeting, people riding for multiple teams
  12. I think they should mention Doyle is best rider is the world at moment
  13. Wolves just want it more so far , still early days, Schlein inspired
  14. Crikey, I wish these Poole fans would stay off the topic if negatively is all you bring.