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  1. Bring the meeting to Scunny, an awesome stadium, awesome promotion and some of the best PL fans around come on BSPA, pull yer finger out
  2. Hi everyone I will happily arrange a coach to Cardiff and feel we need to book this in the next couple of weeks - latest. I will arrange the bus and overnight stay (saturday after meeting). I would prefer it if cardiff tickets were purchased by each individual online etc so that you get the seat that you prefer. Please register your interest on here as it will affect the bus price. As soon as I get the numbers I can give you the prices etc so you can get saving. I will need to take a minimum deposit per person. Thanks
  3. I am looking for a programme from the Team GB V Australia from Poole and Leicester. The dates were 1st August (Poole) and 18th September (Leicester). If anyone has one please PM me!! troops
  4. troops

    Workington 2013

    You won't get Jason Bunyan, he's coming to the Scorpions
  5. Hows about Josh Auty, David Howe, Ash Birks, MPT, Bunyan, Armstrong and Doolan
  6. All Scunthorpe Home Pics: www.bullet-images.co.uk
  7. troops

    #rico #makecardiffwhiteforrico - T-shirts

    I am getting Lee Richardson badges. If you guys want one send a Cheque to Steve Davies (details are on link below) http://www.speedwayplus.com/RicoBadge.shtml
  8. SCORPIONS v LIONS Challenge/Kenny Smith Memorial Trophy 16/03/2012 Hello all. Hope you’ve all had a good winter. The new season is upon us, a new look team, plenty early season optimism, the excitement’s brewing. How well do you think The Scorpions will perform this year? This week The Leicester Lions arrive in town for the 1st Leg of an intriguing challenge encounter. It promises to be a great match and a super start to the season. Line ups Scunthorpe 1. David Howe (8.32) 2. Josh Auty (7.48) 3. Tero Aarnio (6.48) 4. Thomas Jorgensen (5.81) 5. Michael Palm Toft (5.12) 6. Tom Armstrong (5.00) 7. Ashley Birks (3.81) Leicester 1. Lasse Bjerre (7.80) 2. Magnus Karlsson (7.76) 3. Kauko Nieminen (7.53) 4. Simon Lambert (5.64) 5. Jari Makinen (5.00) 6. Jan Graversen (4.59) 7. Simon Nielsen (3.76) The Scorpions welcome three ‘new’ riders to the team this year. Extremely pleased to see our old favorite Josh Auty back in a Scunny race jacket, should be a great season for him. Same goes for Ash Birks. He was outstanding for The Saints last season, fantastic coup getting him back to Scunny. Finally a big warm hello to Aussie Tom Armstrong, don’t know too much about the guy having not seen him race competively but very much looking forward seeing him progress this year. The returnee’s need no introduction, so just to say welcome back David, Tero, Michael and Thomas. All four have the potential to improve greatly on last season. The Lions can boast several ex Scorpions in their squad. Magnus Karlsson perhaps the best of the bunch, along with Simon Lambert and Jan Graversen will ensure The Lions have riders who know the fastest way round The EWR. In Lasse Bjerre they have one of, if not the most exciting of visitors to Scunthorpe last year. Kauko Nieminen is an established class act and completes a strong heat leader trio. Two relative unknowns, Jari Makinen and Simon Nielsen complete the Leicester septet. So looking forward to this one, its been a long winter. I see Scorpions winning this leg by 10 points whilst also gaining an aggregate victory over the Lions. That’s my prediction, whats yours? Please feel free to make pre and post match comments on this thread.
  9. troops

    Speedway Jigsaws - Addictive

    There are 3 jigsaw puzles on Richie Worrall's website. http://www.richieworrall.com/downloads.html
  10. troops

    Nl Play Off Final

    I would like to attend..how much is entry-wise?
  11. troops

    What Do You Do In The Winter?

    Get the season's DVDs out and watch them over and over again

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