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  1. greytiger

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Only another few day's and Speedway is BACK. I can't wait,it's been a long wet winter. So looking forward to watching my favourite Sport. Good Luck to all rider's have a great season injury free. Please put a Smile back on our faces because I'm fed up with all these moaners on here. BE HAPPY. !!!!!
  2. For once I agree with you.
  3. I do believe you would be risking loosing your friends blue badge if the named person wasn't in the car. There is a photo shot of the named person also on the B.Badge.
  4. How the hec do we manage our every day life I wonder. We all need to go shopping for what ever.These days we have to go into a precinct or shopping centre,even supermarket. Apart from the severely disable we manage to get around some how. Having watched some BB holder park outside a large shop then find no problem walking around,with a frame or chair. I can not see what the problem is with the Blue Badge parking area at Peterborough.is. I now believe that there is a trouble maker on here just wanting to stir a POO POT.I love Speedway and only the rain will stop me and a more from turning up for every meeting.
  5. greytiger

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    I for one am happy with the parking at P/boro. Why are folk still having a moan. There are good tarmac paths and driveways for easy access to viewing area. Refreshments and toilets easy also. I have attended many stadiums that have greater problems and this includes football stadiums. But hey O, where there's a will there is a way Be great yo see some Happy Vibes on here from cheerful Panther Supporters.Guess they don't bother wanting to read what the moaners have to say.Roll on March.
  6. greytiger

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I f Given you know Colin Pratt,he don't give no Bull rubbish.He is the at PB promoter The team manager is C.Johnson.The team is his problem. Given the length of time there was to field of time I think we can't moan.......like some do. There's been some good races some better than follow my leader in past years and I might say quite boring. The stadium is clean and tidy.......you can go in your Sunday best,sit where you like and enjoy you're evening. Kids,dogs can also relax to their owners ownership. The meeting is run on time mostly baring very few. Hey O. Looking forward to our next season of Speedway at PB. A TEAM we can be proud of . Stand By our TEAM. We love our Speedway. Thanks to Keith Chapman we still have our Speedway no matter what the critics want to say,his heart is in the sport. Be behind your Team, it's not cheap to be a rider nore to be a supporter,but gowd keep the sport alive........GET INVOLVED.
  7. greytiger

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Thought this was a Speedway Forum, why are you including Football.
  8. greytiger

    Peterborough V Swindon 20th June

    How strange,the last time I was at Peterborough Carl Johnson was our team manager. I for 1 am great full to Keith Chapman for saving Speedway here and wish people like you would go play tiddly winks out the way.
  9. greytiger

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    More tracks should use wristbands.It stops all the hangerones blocking the pit areas. Seen many times riders having to dodge around folk just chatting and not taking any notice whats going off around. When the Ref puts the 2 minute buzzer on and a rider has a problem who needs people in the way. As for Colin handing out the bands, he knows who should be allowed..........Not every Tom Dick and Harry.
  10. greytiger

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Carl Johnson is the team manager, Colin Pratt is in charge of the running of the sport at P/Boro.
  11. greytiger

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    How much longer is all this chuntering going to go on for, getting very boring....... Bit like BREXIT. Well done to our new signing Aaron Summers tonight. Looking forward to seeing the 7 bearded wonders on Monday.
  12. greytiger

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I want ,I want, I want.Rather like listening to a spoilt child. It seems like another dummy as been thrown out of cot. OMG. Hey O.I for one am looking forward to a New start at P/Boro. Bring it on.
  13. greytiger

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Please don't be fooled by age,it is just a number.You are as young as you feel. Colin know's Speedway inside out plus both sides of the fence. He is respected by the rider's and I might say a great number of supporters through out the sport. He calls a spade a spade for the good of the sport. Always has time to speak to people face to face. Well I suppose if they talk sense that is. Though it is early days be patient for the good of Speedway at the Showground.Forget the Horton days and get behind Mr Chapman & Mr Pratt plus of cause Ged . Get your voice in tune for when the season starts and cheer the Panthers on. I for one can't wait for the sound of the bikes once again and off we go.........YOU HAVE 2 MINUTES.
  14. Well done the Stars,you did us proud. All the more to fight for next season. Hay O, 2019 here we come. xx

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