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  1. Fixer2

    Poole 2019

    See Chris Holder has sold his house (STC)
  2. Fixer2

    Poole 2019

    The Poole promoter doesn’t like British riders, except of course when the Aussie ones let him down and he needs helping out of the “Duang”. Very true... but that's assuming MF is still actively promoting, or if he is indeed going to distance himself (with his overseas venture)...maybe his new Co-promoter will be more "hands on"?
  3. Fixer2

    Poole 2019

    It's up for £1.3M... is that enough??
  4. Fixer2

    Poole 2019

    I see Chris Holder has his house on the market... guess he's also moving on!....
  5. Off to hospital for head x rays, but initial diagnosis is no broken bones - fingers crossed he ok
  6. Iverson down following a first bend crash at Gollob's big do, hope he is ok Sorry for the echo Steve beat me to it
  7. Hopefully the £££ increase will enable Matt to have 2 ambulances on site this week, sitting on hard wooden benches for 75 minutes listening to 80's records and bloody Nigel speak gibberish is not the way to win the crowds back. BT would not have been amused with 75 minutes of dead air time, thankfully the double header came to the rescue... Just us the mug punters who took the fall!
  8. Might as well just open your wallet and let Matt help himself!
  9. Thanks Daz, much appreciated... fingers crossed the A31 is clear.....
  10. Can anyone tell me please what time the gates open tomorrow?
  11. Looks like it's going down to the wire, don't forget highlights of this meeting will be on N+ tomorrow evening at 9pm also on the Ekstraliga Magazyn tonight immediately after the live meeting for those who have N+
  12. Is that the same Drabik we watched clean up in the recent U-21's?
  13. Yes I guess you are right... but this season... it's probably as good as it's going to get!
  14. Don't forget... FREE parking at the stadium tonight if you paid to park for the last rain off.
  15. Better than last nights pairs!

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