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  1. jsteve1999

    Arnold Haley

    Hi tigerowl Got your info thank you very much I have been trying to trace Derek H as you said , I got as far as Penistone and he seems to have been magic with mags The info I got was from the forum in 2003 so Derek may have passed away I will let you know if I find any more info and thank you very much for your Help Kind regards Steve Exley
  2. jsteve1999

    Arnold Haley

    I used to go to Sheffield speedway and watched Arnie entertain he was a great rider it was sad to hear of his death and after being in such a dangerous sport I was very lucky as some years ago I bought an old grass track bike, did it up and the engine got a new big end fitted,on the con rod was A Haley in permanent Marker on the crank case was stamped the initials DH so if any body has any info I would be grateful I would also be pleased to give anybody any info I can . Regards Steve Exley
  3. jsteve1999

    rocker bush setup

    Hi guys I have just got a set of rocker bushes for my 890 jawa could somebody tell me the correct way of setting up the rockers to the bushes Hope someone can help Regards to all Steve
  4. Hi Everybody I am in the process of re building my 890 2 valve jawa but it will only be run a few times a year and never raced can anybody tell me if it is possible to change from methanol to unleaded to get rid of all the problems with alcohol fuel as far as I understand rejet carb lower compression retard spark are easy to do, but I need to do any drastic internal mods I am also thinking of changing the oil to mineral again to get rid of the problems of leaving castor based oil in the engine over prolonged periods Any help or suggestions would be a help Regards to all Steve
  5. jsteve1999

    Ivan Mauger

    Ivan was the greatest of the greats and always will be I saw him ride many times and he was as perfect as you can get It was a very sad day when we found out about his terrible illness he wiilalways be a hero to so many people Steve
  6. jsteve1999

    Scottish Speedway Museum

    It is called Cinders to Shale it is just outdide Edinburgh Run by a great guy called Ian Patterson I went a couple of years back it is like a speedway bike wonderland It is whithout a doubt the best in the world by miles I could have stayed talking to Ian about his machines all day but I had to go. If you are interested in speedway machines this is the place Ian says it is a collection not a museum I can't wait to get bacj to see Ian and his collection Regards to All Steve
  7. jsteve1999


    Hi I would not eveb turn the engine over as Iwould think there will be very little oil on the cams and it could be a very costly exercise just turning by hand as it could rip the hardening off the cam noses and even if you put oil in the tank the pumps will take some time to get it through the oilways Regards Steve
  8. jsteve1999

    2 Valve Jawa Compression Plates

    Hi Everybody I have a 2valve Jawa can anybody tell me the correct way to fit them IE plate ontop of copper head gasket or what Many thank sSteve

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