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  1. ford

    Rye House 2020

    Looking over the fence it is not looking good, all the banking from the bends has been removed to centre green level and is now a 15 foot pile of shale just before the entrance of the 3rd bend.
  2. ford

    Mcn Festival Of Speed

    They should race a speedway bike against a flattracker to show the superior speed of a speedway bike
  3. I'll look at the general lee from the dukes of hazard in different light now!
  4. ford

    Risk...acceptable Or Unacceptable?

    The 70's 2 valve Jawa handbook claims 48 bhp @ 8000 rpm, current GM's are making around 80 bhp.......
  5. ford

    Risk...acceptable Or Unacceptable?

    If they are the same make as ours with a red stripe then they are the softer type.
  6. ford

    Risk...acceptable Or Unacceptable?

    The tyres supplied this year are a softer rubber compound, hence more grip.
  7. ford

    Just Imagine…….

    Would be good if charging a tenner, it increased that crowd of 500 up to 1000. I have spoken to a few people lately who say they used to go and enjoyed going but found it became to expensive and haven't been since. I also appreciate you know the costs of running speedway.
  8. ford


    Can't see why Nicki was excluded because Kildermand turned early and tried to block him.
  9. So all things being equal which engine would last the longest one engine limited to 10,000 rpm, the other allowed to rev to 15,000 rpm and beyond.
  10. ford

    Gerhard Engine

    Well as I have said before have a rule that says the winning engine can be bought for at least full retail price at the end of the meeting. That should stop anyone spending £50,000 on 10 engines to make a good one.
  11. I see Rye house were missing Kasper on Monday because he crashed and injured himself in Poland.
  12. ford

    New Silencer Design

    I've heard 1 passed, 1 was to noisy and 1 broke being tested
  13. ford

    New Silencer Design

    Polish silencer passes noise test but fails homologation because the weld has cracks at noise test. click on link, then right click to translate http://www.sportowefakty.pl/zuzel/479302/rewelacyjne-wyniki-tlumika-demskiego-urzadzenie-jednak-do-poprawki #Polish quality
  14. ford

    Bspa Meeting...

    Don't worry there will always be speedway, but riders will have to pay to race just like in go karts and moto x. Did the poster's around town pay off for long eaton, is it still going strong.
  15. ford

    Cost Cutting - How

    Then have a clause that any one can buy the winning engine from the rider for retail price plus a bit more to cover the cost of an engine rebuild the rider might have incurred.

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