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  1. Hammer

    St Austell

    While that is an amusing story, it's exactly that type of promotion that has led to Speedway becoming some scruffy amateur sideshow that the national media (and therefore everyone else) now ignores
  2. A great thread, full of reasoned well written opinions, some with which I agree and some not. I am absolutely against doubling up, points limits and guests BUT............................. Speedway depends on racing being exciting and that means close. So that means the four riders in each race have to be of a similar ability. As a few have mentioned, other sports like football have sporting purity in that the teams can only build within their means and are not penalised for success however you could have two mismatched teams and possibly still get an exciting game, even a giant killing, whereas in Speedway, every single heat will be a procession with 20 yards between each rider. Therefore, a wider pool of riders needs to be available with a closer level of ability Conference league teams should never be run at tracks on their own because it is an inferior product and will only attract die-hards ( who I agree, are disappearing) and anyone new to the sport will be left with a bad impression. The team element is a very exciting and marketable idea if done well (Speedway promoters have never done it well) - Do team managers tell their riders to team ride and berate them if they get away from the tapes and clear off to leave their team mate at the back for a 3-3?? These days, so many people identify with football teams and even American football and basketball teams, the team identity is an attractive thing and should be seized upon by promotions
  3. What was wrong with a fenceless track?
  4. Arena-Essex is due north of the Lakeside shopping centre
  5. Hammer

    Lakeside 2018

    From the Club official website "The Arena-Essex Raceway club are back in senior action at Championship level after securing promotion" Am I missing something, didn't Lakeside finish fourth?
  6. Hammer

    Lakeside 2018

    One of the best team riders I've ever seen, a great captain
  7. Hammer

    Farewell Brandon - A Video Fly By

    Went a couple of years ago to Brandon, depressing place, very empty, racing was awful, staff were unprofessional and unfriendly (typical speedway) I was even told that one of the snack bars didn't sell chips becasue "they were too popular" League Speedway in the UK will become a hobby (if that) because of the very low intellect, insular dimwits who have owned the clubs for the past 40 years
  8. Isn't he saying that She is off to Oz soon so not to worry?...."Don't worry Aussie soon for you"
  9. Hammer

    Promotion And Relegation

    Team Speedway is a sideshow and always has been. It could be developed into a sport but that would need consensus at the top and it's never happened. It's one of a number of pseudo sports where rules are about increasing a very superficial entertainment value rather than introducing a pure sporting integrity. I am not expressing an opinion on this either way because in my opinion the most important improvement would be to improve the closeness of the racing and presentation of stadiums and meetings, so to a certain extent, I enjoy the sideshow aspect of it. When promotion and relegation is introduced, it is always a cosmetic exercise to entice serious sports fans in but cannot possibly work becasue Speedway does not have enough integrity.
  10. I think this is a legitimate and interesting topic for discussion and so it would seem, quite a few others. Posting this remark is fantastically ironic!
  11. Hammer

    Women Riders In Speedway

    Maybe it was just that meeting Dave?....why so angry, can't we discuss like adults?
  12. Gosh, another nail in the coffin. This sort of thing is why I havent attended a Speedway meeting for approx 3yrs now. Team Speedway is an entertainment spectacle a bit like the wall of death - it isn't a sport and that's why it will continue to die off and leave individual Speedway as the sport. Even the World cup is a series of individual races!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hammer

    Ss Special ... Your Views

    I was Speedway crazy since being a 7yr old watching the Hackney Hawks but have now not been to a meeting for 2 yrs. There's an overall atmosphere of Speedway not being a real sport. Yes it always had a 'sideshow' feel about it but now I have absolutely no interest in teams as they seem to be a bland collection of guests (whether for the night or the season) who simply ride around the track to get paid. It seems as though the riders don't know whether they're in Wolverhampton or Wroclaw. I used to love the Speedway Star but the quality of 'journalism' on offer is poor. The Star is now merely a journal of printed quotes from a track promoter who let's be honest is generally self serving and han't got anything insightful or eloquent to say about the sport/meeting/rider etc etc So: Bring back the spectacle (parades, laps of honour, strong team identity, music etc etc) Make meetings shorter Introduce squads (stop guests and r/r) Standardise machinery in league matches Treat the sport with more respect (if you respect yourself, others will respect you) stop People buying track licences then changing the team name for one season before bailing out having not promoted at all. ADVERTISE IT in a modern media savvy way that appeals to the modern consumer yet references the romance and gravity of the history of the sport I could go on...............................
  14. Hammer

    Kings Lynn Brand

    Yes I noticed this whole Speedway stealing other countries sport logo's a few years ago. Just another example of lazy, ignorant UK 'promoters' trying a cheap rebrand when there was usually nothing wrong with the club logo in the first place. There are so many examples of short-sighted and idiotic promoting that i can't be bothered to list them!!

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