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  1. NSS1 & Geoff has made it an even more enjoyable ending.
  2. Am waiting for NSS1s comments
  3. Dornier

    Song Title Game

    A Picture of You - Joe Brown & Bruvvers
  4. Kelvin Tatum said Adams wanted it on in the tv interview.
  5. Dornier

    Song Title Game

    When I grow too old to Dream - Linda Ronstadt
  6. Bewley was beaten four times in the British Final !
  7. Dornier

    Song Title Game

    Fields of Gold - Nadine Coyle
  8. Dornier

    Song Title Game

    Now is the Time - Jimmy James and the Vagabonds
  9. Dornier

    Song Title Game

    What am I going to Do - The Dovers
  10. Am not saying its raining at Owlerton because I dont know. Just saying where I am its raining.
  11. It started raining about 2.00 o clock and the roads are flooded where I am. half hour drive from track. it`ll be a miracle if its still on.
  12. Its not rained at all this morning in W. Yorks where I am, and in fact is brightening up a bit with the sun threatening to come out so fingers crossed.
  13. Just need the rain to hold off now.
  14. Dornier

    Song Title Game

    I love you for Sentimental Reasons - Linda Ronstadt
  15. Dornier

    Wolves vs pboro semi final 1

    Wolves / Sheffield in the Final

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