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  1. Panthers99

    Ippo v Tigers 16/05/22

    Anders rode in Poland last night and scored 8+2 from 5 rides. Hope that illness doesn't reappear when he's next in or around Suffolk.....
  2. Panthers99

    Ippo v Tigers 16/05/22

    I'd have gone Danny in 15. He's as likely to find a start or pass a rider than Troy is. Bachelor couldn't have been any nicer to Bomber in 13.
  3. Panthers99

    Ippo v Tigers 16/05/22

    Nice one Richie.
  4. Panthers99

    Peterborough v Belle Vue - 9th May

    Shame the cameras missed the pass of the evening....
  5. Panthers99

    Peterborough v Belle Vue - 9th May

    Men vs Boys this. Total shambles.
  6. Panthers99

    Peterborough v Belle Vue - 9th May

    Awful start to the meeting track wise and also performance wise. Belle Vue far to strong for this team unfortunately
  7. Panthers99

    Sheffield vs Peterborough 5/5/22

    Can't make changes now for a month or so till we're 25% of the way through. Hans is having another shocker.
  8. Panthers99

    Sheffield vs Peterborough 5/5/22

    Harris and Basso to score the majority of our points, 55-35.
  9. Panthers99

    Wolves v Lynn 2/5

    Thought the whole presentation was pretty poor in comparison to the weekends GP. Could tell it was done on a budget that's for sure. Pretty average meeting sadly
  10. Panthers99

    Ipswich 2022

    Barker for Heeps. Certainly an improvement but the track needs to change to suit him mind
  11. Panthers99


    Wonder how long the Kiwi lads will be out for.... guests certainly will strengthen the expected duck eggs from BWD and George
  12. Heeps might have got a point.....BUT not the 18 required to sneak a point for Ippo tonight
  13. Panthers99

    Birmingham v Berwick

    If that's the case, fair enough, didn't realise that.
  14. Panthers99

    Birmingham v Berwick

    All well and good having the money for a second ambulance, but what if there isn't one available? A friend's father suffered a stroke, he lives alone, they were quoted 24 hours for an ambulance, they got one in the end which only took 14 hours but had to do 120 mile round trip. The issue is far bigger than Speedway.

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