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  1. Berwick to win it 51-39 superior reserve strength a big bonus
  2. we won there in 2016 Sarah xx
  3. Hopefully Bandits can pick up a win tonight against the Monarchs, main thing is we see a good safe meeting. After the meeting the Berwick Bandits Supporters Club will be making a presentation to Theo Pijper to help towards some recent bike repairs. Presentation will take place in the Black and Gold.
  4. Based on our reserve strength Bandits to shade it 47-43
  5. Normski


    Monarchs Supporters Trust does a good job but they have 7 payment levels starting from £10 per month up to £100 per month. I know from involvement with Bandits 2012 Group how difficult it was just to get people to pay £10 per month.
  6. September 6th been mentioned up here for restaging
  7. Hopefully by Saturday morning us Bandits will be +6 after 2 away wins at Ipswich & Edinburgh. We have to be positive and no it is not heatstroke lol
  8. Normski

    Birmingham 2018

    Ah that is a shame been riding so well
  9. Normski

    Birmingham 2018

    What has happened to Leon ?
  10. Paul Starke plus reserves eligible for his rides.
  11. Bandits will be looking for a home win to keep any playoff place alive. Glasgow without the services of Craig Cook call on Rory Schlein as a more than capable guest. Glasgow top 4 all capable of scoring points around Shielfield but Bandits probably stronger at reserve. Bandits to sneak it 46-44.
  12. Normski

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Might be lucky unlike last year
  13. Normski

    Glasgow 2018

    And the winner is

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