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  1. Normski

    One Club Servants

    5 meetings for Boston
  2. Normski

    One Club Servants

    Rob Grant 1978-1991 Berwick Michael Makovsky 2001 - 2010 Berwick
  3. Normski

    One Club Servants

    Graham Jones 1972-1981 Berwick
  4. Normski

    bandits 2020

    It was actually mentioned during Polish speedway meeting, that there was going to be a practice session at Berwick
  5. Normski

    Newcastle 2020

    Doreen was living in the Berwick area have not seen her going about for a while. Always wearing her Chris Schramm jacket
  6. Normski

    Dakota North

    Taylor Poole another one
  7. Normski

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Theo came to Berwick in 2018 halfway through the season, and thanks to his performances Berwick ended up 5th just missing out on playoffs by 1 point. Replacing Danny was never going to be easy as Danny was a one-off great rider, character, showman. Hopefully, Theo will do a good job and Scunthorpe have a good season.
  8. Normski

    bandits 2020

    As has his Berwick teammate Kyle Bickley
  9. Normski

    bandits 2020

    started on back straight this morning
  10. Normski

    bandits 2020

    started today
  11. Normski

    Knockout Cup Draw

    10/05 Leicester v Berwick KOC 1st Round 23/05 Berwick v Leicester KOC 1st Round 2nd leg
  12. Same with Berwick bus we normally do Swindon, Somerset, Cardiff, and home on Sunday afternoon.
  13. Normski

    bandits 2020

    wonder what his average would be
  14. If Peterborough could not stage it, should have given Redcar the meeting.

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