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  1. Berwick have the advantage at R/R, with all the team eligible to take one of NBJ Rides. For the Scorpions only Nielsen & reserves can cover for Danny Ayres. Would expect Barker, Allen & Auty to be in amongst the points. If we get the same performance, from Leon & Coty at reserve as we did on Saturday Bandits 53 Scorpions 37.
  2. Normski

    Redcar V Berwick 23/8

    Proctor, Covatti, or Garrity would fit if they went down the guest route.
  3. Yes a bank account will be getting organised this week to allow fans to pay by direct debit. We had a meeting with Jamie and Flinty on Friday night, and Jamie came up with the 5-1 theme. First draw will be made on August 31st against Newcastle on centre green.
  4. Normski

    berwick bandits 2019

    Yip Tigers and Monarchs on the same night finish the season with a bang. Just imagine if it had been Eastbourne and Glasgow double header lol. SAS officers in the pits , Helicopter hovering over stadium, Tyson Fury in the pits with Cookie lol. Little Billy and his red flag surrounded by armed guards lol.
  5. Normski

    berwick bandits 2019

    To be honest the last few home meetings have been done and dusted by 8-15pm - 8-30pm. Maybe a word with the council, for a bit leeway with the curfew would solve the problem.
  6. Think it was the meeting when Gjedde returned to Berwick as a Rye House rider
  7. Do riders have to have ridden in so many meetings to be eligible.
  8. They used to have an online shop a few seasons ago. They did have some decent stuff when A J SCOTT were team sponsors.
  9. Berwick has a weather forecast of its own. Often what we are supposed to get, and what we do actually get can be mile apart.
  10. That's a shame was a heleful crash, pleased he was able to walk away from it
  11. Another tough match for the Bandits, as Glasgow come to town. Bandits will be hoping to bounce back from last weeks defeat against Redcar, whilst the Tigers will be hoping for a less eventful meeting than last Saturday. Both teams should be at full strength with Tigers Connor Bailey & Sam Jensen making their first appearances at Berwick. Berwick to win it 50-40.
  12. Gone are the days of a Friday night meeting against Newport last week of October
  13. aye changed days from when I was a lad lol. Used to be pushers, and an army of track rakers, doesn't seem to happen much now
  14. 16.3.3 No Team changes will be allowed after 28th August with the effective date being 31st August, except for riders returning to the Team after injury who must re-take their position, dictated by their MA with their replacement being released. 16

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