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  1. think It is 9 days depending on your age
  2. Cost shouldn't come into the well being of an injured rider. We have 2 at Berwick and they have proved their worth.
  3. Reason for presentations in Black & Gold are we are not allowed to do them in stadium. Our last few which included Aaron getting Rider of the Month, 8 Academy riders, Last nights Junior Meeting which I don't think was even mentioned over the tannoy & Jye have all been done in Black & Gold for that reason.
  4. Good win last night for the KLS Bandits Academy. Last night's junior meeting was sponsored by the Berwick Bandits Supporters Club.
  5. Speaking to a few Monarchs fans they reckon could be a much changed team by the time the cup matches come around
  6. Normski


    Not just that but who would be available if they were to make changes. No away meeting springs to mind where we might get something as there are a lot of strong looking teams we still have to visit. Still to visit Peterborough, Ipswich, Scunthorpe, Glasgow, Edinburgh, & Workington
  7. just enough rain to keep the dust under control
  8. I'm a Berwick fan but chuffed to bits for Tom Bacon tonight
  9. Just happy that unlike start of last season we're winning home meetings
  10. Will Theo be available sure I read he had a long track meeting this weekend.
  11. This time last season us bonny Bandits couldn't win a home meeting lol
  12. Normski

    Workington 2018 .

    Aye took a big knock at Berwick on Saturday night
  13. Speaking to Redcar fans on Saturday night looks like there is going to be facilities available for fans to view from the back straight.
  14. Normski


    Website still shows John Lindman no doubt will be updated soon

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