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  1. 1, Leicester 2, Poole 3, Eastbourne 4, Redcar 5, Edinburgh 6, Glasgow 7, Berwick 8, Plymouth 9, Scunthorpe 10, Kent 11, Birmingham 12, Newcastle
  2. Normski

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    Nothing yet
  3. Normski

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    Most people are there well before that time for a 7pm start i am there for 6pm myself as i like a couple of pints to calm the nerves
  4. Normski

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    Last double header we ran against Edinburgh / Glasgow end of 2019 season meeting started at 6-30pm. Fingers crossed we are allowed the same for 2021 Double Headers.
  5. Normski

    Championship Pairs.

    Have it at Cardiff on Friday night
  6. Doolan will be a big miss for the Bandits. If both Etheridge and especially Gappmaier can up there away performances you could be right in Berwick being dark horses
  7. Normski

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    With a 6-30pm start
  8. Normski

    Lewis Bridger Returns

    Steen Jensen after a 9 year break
  9. Normski

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Newcastle have completed their 1 - 7 so 6 man teams mustn't be happening
  10. Normski

    Somerset 2020

    Glasgow went from Sunday afternoons which suited us for organising buses, to Saturday night and now Friday night so they won't change now.
  11. So Dan Bewley replaces Cookie as track record holder
  12. 1976..Berwick..10..21..8..1..1.711977..Berwick..32..106..93..9..3.851978..Berwick..18..70..62..7..3.941979..Berwick..43..192..408..24..9.00..4F..3P This is former Berwick rider Wayne Brown stats he was 17 in 1976 and took him 3 seasons to reach Heat leader Standard so still time for Kyle.
  13. Narrow seems to be the word of the day. Track is not narrow as a lot of work was carried out on it, thanks to Berwick Rangers agreeing to the widening of it.
  14. With the track being widened could be quite a few £1 being stumped up.
  15. The measures have been brought in because covid-19 cases in some areas of the north east are now very high, especially in Sunderland and Newcastle. Although the rates in Northumberland are very much lower, they are rising fast so the decision has been taken to include our county in the measures in the hope that we can reverse that trend quickly. I will be reviewing figures on a ward level and making the case for wards or areas to be removed from the restricted area as soon as possible. I do not want to see these restrictions in place any longer than is necessary and I will be pushing for them to be lifted as soon as case numbers start to decline once more. Courtesy of our MP who today included Berwick as being in Northumberland
  16. Normski

    Plymouth speedway

    Good to see a club being so positive over their future.
  17. Normski

    berwick bandits 2021

    But Leon's dad Gary had a good day winning £500 on the 5-1 draw
  18. Normski

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Berwick's carried over till next season
  19. Normski

    Local boy who never rode for local team

    Ross Gilbertson was born in a place called Ayton about 8 miles from Berwick
  20. Normski

    One Club Servants

  21. Normski

    One Club Servants

    5 meetings for Boston
  22. Normski

    One Club Servants

    Rob Grant 1978-1991 Berwick Michael Makovsky 2001 - 2010 Berwick
  23. Normski

    One Club Servants

    Graham Jones 1972-1981 Berwick

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