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  1. CrystalCastles

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Use of Social Media has drastically changed in the last 15 years. I can remember a time pre Facebook, and pre it being a dominant media platform (MySpace and Bebo) but times change. Facebook is used by a lot of people and obviously with a fairly active and popular Facebook page is a good thing, however it could be argued that it points to interaction and use by a certain age of people. I've seen the use from Bebo/Myspace to Facebook to Twitter, to Instagram & Snapchat etc You could argue that Facebook's use as an effective media platform could die out. As for Club Websites some feel very dated, given how often OS & platforms are updated. Social media content is consumed is actually changing. I still read a lot of news articles mainly sport but a hell of a lot of it is through Social Media, rather than newspapers, magazines or even websites. But i have to say Glasgow's signing videos are miles ahead of a lot of other clubs and far more professional. Every video they have done to introduce a new signing i've watched without fail and i think for a modern consumer it is probably better. There may will be a point in time when people are more interested in seeing who has been signed by video rather than a full blown article, and Social Media content needs to change with that I'd imagine word of mouth isn't really as relevant to my generation and certainly not to future ones. Personally if somebody said to me through word of mouth these days go and check anything out (and i had no idea what it was) the first thing i'd probably check is some form of Social Media platform & that would be more influential than somebody saying something. I have to say i have been to Ice Hockey because of the influence of Social Media. Younger Generations than mine, are far more influenced by Social Media than me. Only need to see how bloggers, and youtubers are becoming millionaires and massive Social Influencers.
  2. CrystalCastles

    Sheffield 2020

    Todd's been fantastic at home wherever he has ridden at Championship level (Newport, Plymouth, Somerset & Sheffield) When he first came over and entered Newport's team - i never would have thought he'd have gone on to ride the OTA and Owlerton anywhere near as well - as he rode Newport & Plymouth. I think he's shown a lot of application and determination to do that & certain other tracks (Peterborough) springs to mind - where he's been fantastic in the last few seasons. Lack of racing and predominantly riding at number 2 for most of his career in 2nd division hasn't helped. As everyone knows he's likely to struggle away, simply because that is what his weakness has always been since riding over here and for that reason probably not going to achieve his converted average. But at home, i think he is certainly capable of beating a number of riders on his home track in the Premiership. I think it's great that (whatever the reasons behind it) Simon has decided to have a bit of continuity & that Sheffield have given him a chance at this level.
  3. CrystalCastles

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Think it's obviously a team built to a budget.It has positives, riders who have history with Lynn, continuity, Iversen coming back at number 1 is what most Lynn fans want which looks very likely now. As a neutral the signing 4 riders of similar ability makes the mid order look really weak. Individually none of them are bad signings, but collectively it doesn't look great on paper compared to other teams. Should have a strong reserve though, and also i think will be solid at home and after last year that is going to be important. However away from home will be tough again, as it's hard to see improvement from any of the main body. Overall though given some of the riders that Lynn have had or been linked with in the last 5-6 years, the statements made by the promotion, i think i'd be disappointed with the team, i don't really think it looks to be an exciting line up. It's important to give the team a chance and they could surprise most people.
  4. CrystalCastles

    Plymouth 2016

    Plymouth look solid, potential improvement in a few riders, got a bit of continuity in the team and retained all of the riders that they needed to keep. Think Gjedde could surprise a few people. Can't see fitness or equipment being an issue for him. The biggest factor will be confidence. Whilst it's a long time out and a few things have changed and he's got a bit older. You can say that the Plymouth track at home will suit him & once he gets dialled in I am sure he will be dominant at home Additionally he's in a team with a few familiar faces and both Holder and Newman both have the ability to be a number one next season, so that could take the pressure of him. Think it could be a very good year for Plymouth.
  5. CrystalCastles

    Cardiff Gp

    Not sure it it has been mentioned but it is also Tafwyl Fair (Festival starts on 12th) is on in the Castle grounds on Saturday. http://www.tafwyl.org/en/
  6. CrystalCastles

    Somerset Vs Ipswich Lc 2nd May

    Wasn't overly impressed with the crowd, looked down on my visits in recent years. Brady was as good as i expected him to be. Pulled of some brilliant moves that demonstrated that he was really thinking about when and where to pass. Paul Starke's performance was superb, he's progressed so much since i last saw him. Both Brady & Paul's performances ensured that it was an entertaining meeting despite the scoreline. If everybody fires Somerset have a strong team.
  7. CrystalCastles

    Lack Of Speedway Promotion?

    I don't disagree however how do you got about promoting it to raise awareness to those people? I personally don't think advertising a sport as a fantastic family sport and exciting really does enough to do that, if I didn't know what speedway was an advert like that would quite frankly mean nothing to me, I wouldn't even bother to read it.
  8. CrystalCastles

    Lack Of Speedway Promotion?

    The reason it is a hard job is because nobody is interested in the sport or more importantly aware of it anymore. Especially in Wales with no tracks. I have plenty of friends from Cardiff who have lived in Cardiff all there life, and know the SGP is in the Millennium Stadium, even a couple have worked in the Stadium but when asked if any of them would be interested in going or more importantly spending £29 on going to something they are vaguely aware of? The answer is no. They simply have far better things to spend their money on. Promotion of the SGP in Wales particularly or interest in it has no massive impact on attendance. Why is a Welsh Newspaper that doesn't cover speedway going to want to spend a significant amount of money spending time on writing articles that nobody will read. Compared to spending it on writing about the Lions (this year which everybody in Wales) will have an interest in. Increased promotion is only good if people become interested in it in significant enough numbers to make it worthwhile, too many speedway fans assume that everybody that doesn't go is a potential customer, which is fine if the awareness is there but quite simply It isn't. I went to work in Bristol for 4 months in amongst a team of 200 people approximately. I wore speedway clothing and spoke to I'd say about 120 people out of that total that worked in my department. About 10 people had heard of Speedway and about 3 of those 10 had ever watched it on sky, none of them had ever been. I asked them what the people who had watched thought about the sport and they said it was quite enjoyable to watch if nothing else was on, then they asked me about the cost of admission and there reaction was no way. I agree trending on twitter and things within social media particularly have to move forward now the sport has been stuck 10,20 years behind where it needs to be in marketing for to long. But the reality is they aren't going to. Trending on Twitter would be great but what benefit is to be gained from it, Speedway fans will know what it is, but who else will?
  9. CrystalCastles

    Bryn Williams

    Best wishes to Bryn. Valued member of the BSF,particularly enjoy his contributions to the annual Six Nations Threads .
  10. Glad to hear he is doing well and has made such a leap forward this year. Hopefully he continues progressing to the end of the season.
  11. How good is he looking now Vog? His scores have been really impressive this year so far.
  12. CrystalCastles

    Rip Lee Richardson #RICO

    A British Hero. My Thoughts & condolences got to his family & friends. RIP Lee Richardson.
  13. CrystalCastles

    Scunthorpe Saints 2012,

    Thanks for the reply . I can imagine it will be very strange for you all, it will probably be even stranger when they are racing each other being on opposite sides of the pits. I think both Tom & JWW have made the right moves for them and hopefully 2012 will be a great year for both of them.
  14. CrystalCastles

    Scunthorpe Saints 2012,

    Indeed i shall be keeping a keen eye on how Tom does & JWW at Dudley this year. Think its a good move for Tom he has shown a liking for the EWR and quite possibly might be better around it than he is around QM. Hopefully he can learn a lot this year, and im sure he will gets a lot of support this year from the Scunny fans who support your NL team. He didn't have the best of years last year, but he's comeback this winter shown a willingness to travel a long way to ride and earn a teamspot in the process. Seemingly he has managed to forget 2011 and has got back to where he was in 2010. I hope this year he has a year of progression/development, with his average moving in the right direction and think that he can achieve that.

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