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  1. CrystalCastles

    Football 2023-24

    Two good wins for Newport over Stockport and then Morecombe. Stockport seem to have built a little bit of a buffer, which may be an indication that they are going to be able to sustain form, whilst 2nd-6th could be a 5 way battle for 2 spots. Incredible goal from Garnacho at Goodison. United once again play well away in Europe but mess it up. Onana had improved in the last 4/5 games but was once again shocking in the CL.
  2. Certainly around Lynn, there is just as much chance that he will be come back and improve on last season especially without that pressure. He didn't have the speed in his bike, spent most of his time in a struggling team and wasn't at his best. He seemed to have found a lot more from his bikes in the last 6 weeks of the season. Also think that this is an exciting team that Kings Lynn have put together, with riders who will be fully committed.
  3. CrystalCastles

    BSF Admins

    Indeed it is, thanks for replying. It is really interesting that you have no issue. I don't know whether location makes any difference. Using a different browser is a potential interim solution if people want to be able to like posts. People could also try clearing there Browsing Data/Cookies/Cache and check there advert settings as they can be common causes of issues. My inability to like a post on Chrome could potentially be to do with the connection not being fully secure i know from experience in work that chrome uses security certificates for websites that are updated on a regular basis (90 days) and sometimes they fail to properly update and on Chrome then you can't do things, but on Edge you still can. I think the way Chrome operates is different to other browsers but that's when it all starts to get a bit to Technical for me.
  4. CrystalCastles

    BSF Admins

    There can be limits imposed on Forum sites, reading the help guides about Forums online. Typically i use Google Chrome as a browser (Android Phone & Chromebook) I've seen comments on a few threads, from a number of people who use the Forum regularly. Initially, i had an intermittent problem for a couple of days. However for the last week i haven't been able to like a post, just get an error message. If i log in/out of the Forum on Chrome it advises that it is submitting information that is not secure. I also use Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge in work. Chrome as a browser has regular updates and has recently had a large update This typically causes a lot of problems for people who use Chrome as their default browser. As a result I have just tried downloading Microsoft Edge on my phone & Chromebook. Using Edge i am able to like a post, so seemingly it may be Browser related. Should someone read this with more Technical IT knowledge then they may be able to elaborate further.
  5. CrystalCastles

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    Really hope Australia beat India, but i can't see it. The hype about the world cup, being spectacular and the nonsense about having good wickets with something in it for the batters, quicks and spinners has been unsurprising This world cup has been pretty rubbish, apart from some absolutely incredible individual batting performances.
  6. CrystalCastles

    Football 2023-24

    Whilst i think this has been coming for Everton, the punishment seems extremely harsh and is simply the PL wanting to make an example of a club to show that they can do something about it. However it shouldn't have been influenced by 2 clubs with an Agenda. Seemingly Leeds, Burnley, Leicester and Southampton will now sue Everton. The PL never wanted to investigate Chelsea, and now suddenly, because of what has happened in Ukraine, they have fairly conclusive evidence. The PL don't want to take on Manchester City, reinterpreting their own FFP rules every year to accommodate Man City's owners endless creative ways of sponsoring themselves, and allowing them to tie it all up in litigation.
  7. CrystalCastles

    Oxford Spires 2024

    I think it's a very bold decision given the number of fixtures that need to be run. However it is an idea that nobody has the guts to try but could work. British Speedway's inability to ensure that all teams end up completing the same number of fixtures before the cut off is poor, the number of rain off and number of fixtures that end up being crammed into the end of the year or becoming meaningless is poor. However i also think that it's achievable for Oxford to run that number of fixtures, if they are run professionally and they have an approach of getting meetings on rather than calling meetings off. It is understandable to see comments saying that it is going to be hard to see fans spending that amount of money to support 2 teams on a week to week basis because of the cost of admission prices. However every year you see a significant proportion of Speedway fans saying that they want a regular weekly meeting because speedway should be every week and that a Stadium should be in use. I think it's a reality that fans don't travel as much as they used to, following a Team Home and Away in really large numbers is a reality for Speedway Fans anymore. However watching attendances at Newport dwindle and subsequently becoming an irregular fan at Swindon and Somerset also gave me a much more realistic perspective around attendances. When an attendance figure is mentioned regarding a Break Even point i do wonder what that point would realistically be, if clubs didn't have other income streams Attendance wise a lot of tracks struggle when the weather is poor and other events are on, do well during the summer months and school holidays, and there is a benefit to successfully hosting major meetings are on e.g. Pairs/Fours/Rider Championships. And it's always noticeable during Playoffs that attendances are up However, I think Speedway's viability is entirely contingent on other income sources whether that be Sponsorship, TV Revenue, revenue generated from other businesses or owners who bankroll the sport. That being said, regarding Oxford. They have had good crowds by all accounts, they have been run professionally. Oxford has a sizeable population & people support successful teams. Most tracks have also seen the benefit of Emil joining Ipswich, which did have an impact in increased attendances. It's helped show that more Premiership clubs from a Club/Rider perspective are being run more professionally, and i think that has played a large part in other riders wanting to return to racing in Britain. The other thing with attracting more top level riders back. It has the potential to appeal to more casual fans, TV fans, Fans of defunct Tracks. I applaud Oxford for having the guts to try something different.
  8. CrystalCastles

    Football 2023-24

    New manager bounce, Right amount of changes, play going through Maddison and Son. They have had a decent start to the season in all fairness, but I think the fixture list and being able to focus on the League has massively helped.
  9. CrystalCastles

    Football 2023-24

    Same. The way City are set up to play you have to pose them problems, they'll probably have 70% of the ball and stroll to a 3-1 win.
  10. CrystalCastles

    Football 2023-24

    Yes, i would have gone all out for Kane even if it meant less squad movement but that isn't what the majority of fans wanted. He would definitely have scored a lot but in all likelihood we would still be playing badly and mediocre.
  11. CrystalCastles

    Football 2023-24

    Apart from United being rubbish?
  12. CrystalCastles

    Football 2023-24

    That rare occasion when all 4 Welsh Teams win in English League Football win. League Two is fascinating. Newport got a much needed win. Harry Kane & Bellingham ripping it up in the Bundesliga and La Liga.
  13. CrystalCastles


    Intense final. New Zealand couldn't have played better with 14 in the 2nd half. South Africa got the job done though. World Cup genuinely showed so much potential this year, but still ended up being rather predictable which is a shame. Golden opportunity missed for the Northern Hemisphere Teams. I do think the gap has narrowed measurably, but to win a world cup, you have to be able to play badly and still find a way to win.
  14. CrystalCastles

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    At the top of the order i agree that they have changed style in the power play quite drastically by selecting Malan & Root. However i'd say the rest of the batters, lower order are all very aggressive one day cricketers best known for playing big shots. Our approach to batting remains go out,back yourselves and play shots and post big totals. I think most of the pitches England have played on have actually required a lower par score and more thought.
  15. CrystalCastles

    The Crisp Crack Of Leather On Willow

    England have been woeful However this is the problem with the gung ho one size fits all approach to batting it's either going to work or go wrong and be dreadful. The other big issue is the bowling selections, and then the actual use of the seamers For me they have made bad decisions with the Toss and we have seen most teams struggle, but it's fairly evident that we aren't as good as most teams in Indian conditions Looks like one tournament too far for a number of players. Buttler's captaincy is also going to be under pressure.

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