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  1. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2020

    I prefer dalbers if im being honest hes a lot smoother on the mic , Roy is funny at times but can talk c..p other times
  2. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2020

    A hope George and rob can pull a rabbit out of the hat and get a bums on seats rider/s in as there getting signed up fast
  3. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2020

    what average do the question marks come in on ruffers
  4. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2020

    Excellent news and statement bring on the team and good luck Rob Grant and this Team
  5. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2020

    who's ya 7 then ruffers ?
  6. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2020

    howay ruffers man
  7. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2020

    It won't take any ambition with what's possibly going to be left
  8. diamonds7

    Fours qualifiers

    That the king size double Duvan thingy
  9. Mine too we stood little chance and now no chance , il stay at home i think
  10. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2020

    ostergarrd wethers clegg
  11. hhmmm could do better tho steve it is a derby after all
  12. just had a better one on Look North Good old jeff brown must of said something
  13. yes we had a 3 second mention on tyne tees

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