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  1. easy away win just hope its entertaining
  3. i will 2nd that josh pickering came and attacked the track and got on with his job as did ricky wells and entertained me and others around me thats what i pay my money for. well done the 7 diamonds
  4. fantastic night of speedway and a deserved winner in robert lambert well done young man , also credit to young mr bewley i shall follow his career with great hope . sure I read somewhere speedway was scheduled on btsports 3 but was switched to btsports 1 if that clears anything up for sky viewers/bt sports
  5. My first visit yesterday and it was very impressive from start to finish well done to everyone concerned yesterday, i shall be returning in the not too distant future. Eric riss star off the show and what a talent and hopefully a bright future mr bewley has .
  6. Very entertaining tonight ipswich were worth the points had we not had a couple of heats in our favour near the end . Also very impressed with pickering he came rode the track and entertained reminded me of a young rene bach .
  7. Put ya foot down bruv like me but only when our lass aint in the house ha ha ha
  8. Nobodg likes you steve a think ha ha ha
  9. I thought it was announced on sunday that it was jason garrity for lasse bjerre has that now changed ?
  10. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2018

    So can anyone from uk there are numerous airports within the uk to fly to newcastle
  11. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2018

    Carl wilkinson and tero aarnio our next 2 confirmed signings as per bspa twitter feed
  12. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2018

    Surely cannot be any of last years 7 with whats happened with they announcement yesterday ?
  13. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2018

  14. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2018

    You could be right 3 - 7 maybe tero at 2 and a new face at 1 if it all fits of course
  15. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2018

    Whats to say the xmas party will reveal all and a septet for next season ?
  16. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2018

    my favourite diamonds team and year too i remember it well although i was only nine at the time me and my brother had our photos taken with tom and joe on track . Tom later signed it when he came to visit brough a few year back .our herors still to this day .
  17. Well done jason doyle a deserved winner caps off a good season for you.
  18. And heres me thinking you were made of money a mean a wish a could have 7 holidays a year , where you off to next and when 😂😂😂😂😂
  19. Just heard from a friend who has phoned the track and theyve said there having a meeting in under an hour and will make a decision
  20. Great was looking forward to my 1st visit to the oak tree arena and to watch the pairs hope weather forecast improves for friday
  21. Close one today for me good luck both teams
  22. Away win for me a think our home record will be tested tonight
  23. diamonds7

    Newcastle 2017

    Dan greenwood replaces connor coles
  24. diamonds7

    Peterborough Panthers 2017

    Smells like lemon I thought

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