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  1. It's not great but I've definitely seen worse GP's than this. Once the venue was announced it was obviously never going to be a classic.
  2. nw42

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    Brilliant effort from the 2 Peterborough lads there, especially Kemp, battled hard for 4 laps, great race.
  3. Wow, under 21 you say, these all look under 17, or am I just old.
  4. I was thinking chinstrap, either way a complete waste of time and effort, although they have never provided much of an interesting aspect when used before. Might be better employed on the back of a helmet to give a view of a chasing rider.
  5. Not at Monmore, too tight
  6. Terrible move from Worrall
  7. Great ride from Laguta, pressure on but he made it.
  8. Can't you go and join the Taliban or something, you're a prick, you're not clever enough to be annoying, just a prick.
  9. More than frustrating, I've loved speedway since 1967 and have rarely missed a GP on tv, almost had enough tbh, it's just sh1te.
  10. Why oh why do they not realise this? Virtually every GP we hear Peason and Tatum saying how the racing/track has improved in the latter stages of the meeting, the sport is run by a bunch of grade A Tossers.
  11. I take it this is one home and one away on the Monday? I've always thought of double headers as 2 meetings run successively at the same track, usually due to fixture backlog. Ah well, you live and learn.
  12. Have they brought the meeting forward, why are you saying this? Are you cuckoo too Ove?
  13. Same message for me again mate, appreciate your efforts and really would like a traditional racecard, willstaxi used to do them and before him Manchesterpaul was a good provider but they've both disappeared.
  14. Ah right, thought he was already in the GPs, senior moment, thanks for clarifying, I'll go back to my corner.

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