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  1. nw42

    Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2019

    Thanks very much to Racers & Royals for keeping us all updated with this thread, been a brilliant source for checking out the coming week's tv and internet coverage, most of which I would not have been able to find if it weren't for the links provided in other threads (international section), invaluable! Thanks again Tim, very much appreciated.
  2. Nice touch having Eddie Kidd present the trophy.
  3. You make that many nonsensical posts that they all blend into one load of absolute tripe. For the first time I'm actually quite happy to see the end of this season, the domestic tv coverage has been garbage this time around.
  4. Not like at Poole eh. TBH I think the music tonight has been decent, plenty of recent stuff earlier but it has gone a bit retro now.
  5. Now there's a rider, nice on Mark.
  6. Probably because, like the rest of us, they know an Ipswich lead is imperative in terms of ensuring something to ride for on Thursday, no?
  7. Well done Heeps, another 2 of those and no last places would make a match of Thursday, fingers crossed.
  8. Well without mirrors a rider can't be obliged to know whaat's happening behind him, so he has the right of way.
  9. Give it up fella, Harris was always in front, as you said Ellis was going round him but Harris didn't necessarily know that and, being in front, he had right of way.
  10. But Bomber was in front. Possibly but he wasn't through, hard luck but he had to go.
  11. Bomber, they shall not pass, love it.
  12. Seems like we are blessed with the same tv director as we had last week, so frustrating to be told there's a battle at the back while we are shown the race leader out on his own, even if NP is romancing most of the time.
  13. Really? That would be very impressive, I hope it is a big crowd, although it's not the best venue to showcase a decent crowd on tv, bit too open. Anyway, here's hoping for a good meeting and a decent, defendable lead for Ipswich, then Thursday will not be a dead rubber as a few have predicted.
  14. Not sure if posted elsewhere but I just spotted this article on the BBC News website, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-49975499 Got to admire the lad's spirit and determination, hopefully he fulfills his ambitions, although I bet his Mum's not looking forward to him riding again, she must have been through the mill with worry.

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