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  1. nw42

    Belle Vue 2019

    True, wouldn't do you any harm to proof read before hitting send either
  2. nw42

    RIP Bernie Leigh

    I don't remember any specific races involving Bernie but can recall him riding, as others have said a dependable team man. It was Bernie's bike that featured in the best race I have ever witnessed, Anders Michanek and PC fought out a run off for the Speedway Star Cup in 73 after the teams had tied over 2 legs. That race has been well documented over the years but I've never forgotten Bernie's role in ensuring we got such an exciting finale, Mich was having mechanical troubles and would not have got near PC but for the bike switch. Thanks for the memories Bernie. RIP
  3. nw42

    2nd leg play off final

    Me too, frustrating innit, better than nowt though.
  4. nw42

    2nd leg play off final

    No worries, you may as well stay now, pull up a chair and follow the meeting here, https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/motorsport/45993727 , link courtesy of racers & royals.
  5. nw42

    2nd leg play off final

    Seems like we're in business with the commentary, sounds like they are trackside even though nobody has told them they are now 'live'. edit, spoke too soon, it's gone off now.
  6. nw42

    2nd leg play off final

    Nice one, I watched him come through the ranks from Rochdale through to the main body of the Aces team, proper team man I always thought, slotted in well with Pusey, Wilkinson et al. Can't remember if it was just a transfer or whether rider control meant he had to go. He wore green leathers with red, white and possibly black stripes down the arms & legs.
  7. nw42

    2nd leg play off final

    I've just checked all 4 pages of this thread and there isn't one mention of Danny Phillips, until you arrived. So what's your point?
  8. nw42

    2nd leg play off final

    Agreed Jenga but I'm unsure. Oh well, 3 more minutes of Rackmananof (sp) and the moment of truth will be upon us, broadcast due to begin at 18.45 according to the link r&r provided, I've a niggling doubt that it will be available online but we'll see.
  9. nw42

    2nd leg play off final

    Cheers Scott, should be online then, happy days. Who is that rider in your avatar mate, I keep thinking Eric Broadbelt, although not synonymous with Poole I recall he did ride there for a spell. Or is it Odd Fossengen?
  10. nw42

    2nd leg play off final

    Thanks yeah I'm on there anyway but no mention of it, will just wait and see what comes on after 19.00, currently playing classical music, quite relaxing as it happens, nice backdrop to 606, just need a smoking jacket and a glass of brandy, sorted.
  11. nw42

    2nd leg play off final

    Someone mentioned on another thread that BBC Radio Cumbria will be covering tonight's meeting, I'd love to follow it, especially since Stoney will be part of the broadcast, but I live outside their coverage area and am unsure if the will broadcast it online, often live commentaries in my area (Manchester) are restricted to fm/DABanyone know? If not I guess I'll just have to wait and find out. Hope you all get to see a great meeting.
  12. nw42

    Play off final

    Hope that will be available online, sometimes live commentaries are only broadcast on conventional radio. Will be good to hear Stockport's finest giving his insight, without swearing
  13. Well done Poole, also big well done to Craig Ackroyd, without his help on Monday the story could/would have been so different.
  14. In the words of Kevin Keegan, I would love it if....
  15. It's a pity the stars can't slip S Lambert into this rerun and get his rides out the way.

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