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  1. nw42

    Talk Speedway Podcast

    Really enjoyed listening to the Stoney one and was looking forward to the one with Sean Wilson but unfortunately Sean's phone was crap and I could hardly tell a word he was saying, gave up after about 10 minutes. Will definitely look in again though, Hoping the line was better with Garry.
  2. 100%, great ride from him to work his way through the field but he just pushed too far.
  3. Thanks for the link Rusky, enjoyed that, although Suzi could've been better prepared with her questions it's good to get an insight into the sport and it's stars.
  4. Indeed, the crowds, 5,000 at Arlington for a match I watched earlier, 2000 I think. Great to see characters like Dave Norris, Stoney, Sean Wilson, Screeny et al, some of their interviews were priceless. Thanks also from for taking the time to upload them, many of them also edited down nicely too.
  5. Gollob getting Gollobed, a rarity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNnTwkXWRPQ
  6. nw42

    Name the rider

    I know these gustix threads are ridiculous but I find they are becoming one of my early ports of call each morning when I have my first brew, just to see what depths he has plunged to and how he has been found out again.
  7. nw42

    Five riders that you felt were underrated.

    Your memory is much better than mine Sid, I think a general rule was that the Scandinavians didn't fare well at Belle Vue, obviously Ole was the exception but even he had bad nights there, Hans just came across as another who excelled on smaller tracks but struggled on the wide open spaces of Hyde Rd. I supposed once he learned that you just had to let the bike go and keep the revs on there was no stopping him, I'm sure Erik took to it quicker, such an electric starter though, I can't think of anyone who gated like Gundersen could.
  8. nw42

    Five riders that you felt were underrated.

    Southern softiness Sid Seriously though you are right, he could be so good at Hyde Rd but you just never knew which Michael was going to turn up, I was always excited when he was coming to town though, just lived in hope that he would be in the mood. Michael was probably the most exciting visitor to Hyde Rd when on song, could generate so much speed off the bends. Although as you said, Gundersen was a sight to behold on that track.
  9. nw42

    Five riders that you felt were underrated.

    Yes Sid, probably saw them all, he just seemed to have a hold over that title, won it in both wet and dry conditions. Can't recall specifics but I'm sure I saw him have stinkers in league matches there, although they were probably in the twilight of his career. BLRC was such an occasion, all the coaches from every single track, even 2nd division clubs were represented, I think the capacity was 25,000 and you couldn't move in the place, we always had seats on the entrance to the pit bend but one year my dad forgot to get seats and we stood on the steps in same area, I didn't get to see as much of that meeting but the atmosphere was enthralling.
  10. nw42

    Five riders that you felt were underrated.

    I suppose we form these views and they stick with us, Kennett I always saw as a dirty rider, couldn't pin it down to a particular incident, just became the way I viewed him. If I think about Jessup I think of engine failure, Davis was a nancy boy, Carter, although he was the enemy I was always pleased if he was representing the national team, a bit like I viewed Bryan Robson when he played for England (I'm a Mancunian blue). Gundersen was always good value, Nielsen less so, although as you say he did master it eventually. John Louis could get round Hyde Rd well, can't remember Wiggy ever doing much. Arnie Haley was a regular guest rider for the Aces, so he must have enjoyed racing there.
  11. nw42

    Five riders that you felt were underrated.

    Davis was never very popular up north, certainly not at Hyde Rd anyway, southern softy was how my dad referred to him. Someone mentioned he was good on big fast tracks abroad but I can't remember him ever doing anything at the Zoo.
  12. Also managed Manchester City and was very well thought of at Maine Road.
  13. nw42

    Five riders that you felt were underrated.

    Jim Airey, Soren Sjosten, Terry Betts, Dag Lovaas, whether or not underrated they are ones that don't often get recognition in these type of discussions. Peter Ravn could be unbeatable on his night but often gets overlooked, no surprise when you consider the list of Danes around in his time.
  14. Glen Hornby is another, I think he rode for Middlesborough but I'm sure he was a product of the BV training school. Early 70's Paul Callaghan was a Colts/Rochdale rider, his mum had a pub in Stockport, The Touchstone. The Meredith brothers, Duncan was one, can't remember the other's first name, they lived in Bredbury, Stockport, Duncan rode for Ellesmere Port and was a regular 2nd halfer at Hyde Road, I think he may have rode for the Aces an odd time or two.

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