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  1. You get off home if you want, I mean if you've a long journey there's no point in waiting around.
  2. The tangent only came about following the mudslinging and subsequent apologies, you managed to find it ok. Larger readership will just lead to another spat once the usual suspects get stuck in.
  3. That one is disgusting, however angry someone makes him he should know better than to post anything like that, hang your head in shame fella.
  4. Can't argue with the Woffy comment but somehow I just couldn't get into it and was glad when the final was over so I could catch up with the football. Speedway is my first choice every time but it was tough going, thought it was due to just landing home after 2 chilled out weeks on Rhodes, reassured to know it wasn't just me. Roll on Saturday and another fix. Woffinden was supreme last night, I didn't think he was going to go after Lindgren once he passed Laguta, at one point Iwas even thinking he would let Laguta go to ensure Lindgren didn't progress but he reeled him in with relative ease, hope he can add another World crown and cement himself as Britain's best ever, he's knocking on that door right now.
  5. Yep, could've broken his army.
  6. Not the best of meetings but it's nice to see Natalie finding her way with the sultry look.
  7. Correct on all counts, it's just unfortunate we were better at not team riding than the Russians.
  8. Just spotted this article in the local rag, they are looking for any clarification on the location of the picture, ie home or away. Thought I stick it on here and see if anyone is the wiser, apparently it only ran as a speedway track for 2 years, 1929 to 1930 and then ran into financial trouble, their star rider appears to have been Squib Burton, I've certainly seen mention of him on here before. Anyway, hope some find it interesting, http://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/news/16284445.When_Warrington_was_home_to_a_speedway_and_greyhound_track/?ref=mrb&lp=10 edit, on 2nd glance I think that Number 2 could be Greg Hancock, fits the profile
  9. Worthy winner, well done Rob Lambert, big shout for Dan Bewley, great night of British Speedway.
  10. Well obviously compared with the Coventry finals the crowd doesn't compare but considering the turnout last Tuesday I think it's not a bad crowd. I remember full houses at Brandon on wet Wednesday nights, never mind Sunday afternoons.
  11. The final is a mouthwatering prospect, here's hoping it delivers, either way a fantastic night of speedway, British Speedway..
  12. Great ride from Cook there in ht19, pressure on but he reeled Nicholls in and mugged him, leave the bloody bike alone now Craig.
  13. Yes but they aren't really obvious, anyway I'm just being a traditionalist, no big deal I suppose.
  14. Disappointed not to see the clubs represented in the rider graphics or racing bibs, although I suppose it would prove difficult when they are riding for 2 or 3 clubs. Nigel Pearson doing plenty to ensure clubs are being mentioned.
  15. Good crowd in. Not surprised to hear Rob Lambert say how much he learnt from being around and riding with Tai, that's probably the biggest plus of all from the SON. As for tonight, could be anyone, really hard to call, will settle for some excellent racing, no injuries and hope it's an Ace who wins it.

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