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  1. Guy ropes & pegs will be essential for keeping the folding chairs in place then.
  2. nw42

    Where is SCB

    I know it's only folks having a chat about him but I will be happy when this thread has disappeared into obscurity, the fella is vermin and will probably be revelling in the fact that he's being discussed here. I know I know, by posting in the thread I'm keeping it prominent but if it discourages one or two from continuing then it's worth the effort.
  3. Valid point but Piccadilly Gardens (as was) these days is mostly populated by spice users, they wouldn't even know their own names.
  4. I'm sure you mustn't realise you're doing it but that's at least 3 times in the last couple of days that I've noticed you make unsolicited comments about Starman's health, yet you claim never to do so, have think, just by mentioning it you are bringing it into a public forum, whether you ridicule or pi$$take is irrelevant really. What's wrong with merely saying you don't get on and leaving it there?
  5. nw42


    Sod the H&S, just D on it's own will do for me, we're lucky that Freesports even exists and decided to put speedway on at all.
  6. Of course you wouldn't, you'd probably just leave a little 'cryptic' reference here and there.
  7. Jack Holder for sure, big disappointment so far.
  8. Yes and they are rattling on with the meeting too, be done for 9pm at this rate. Cue a half hour interval now...
  9. Doesn't seem right hearing Natalie say 'dirtometer', she's not that kind of girl.
  10. nw42

    Newcastle 2018

    Some nice comments here mate, in case you'd not noticed. http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/87065-good-luck-robbo/
  11. nw42

    Celebrity fans

    Well I've no offspring, so if you need someone to make up the numbers give me a shout when you're going and I'll try to get along there so we can show your boys the quickest way round Buxton.
  12. nw42

    Celebrity fans

    Off topic but I really fancy a go at this, in fact I'm definitely going to sort it out before I hit 60, so sometime in the next 16 months. Have always felt I could've been a contender, time to put it to the test.
  13. Meanwhile we all have to trawl through your's and their posts. Yes I know we have the ignore function but it shouldn't be needed, I can easily skim over the odd post from someone like them but you are just clogging the place up by responding. Like I said, give it a go.
  14. If you can mange to stop feeding it you might lessen it's impact, it relies on your responses. Not easy I know but give it a go.

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