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  1. In terms of the sport itself she's the most knowledgeable presenter we've had for years, if ever, man or woman.
  2. Good race ht13, Lawson's efforts worth more than a point, great speedway
  3. So you're the one on the back straight
  4. Yeah, I mean he's known as a dirty rider eh
  5. Fricke at fault but luckily both riders seem ok, could've been so much worse.
  6. Nice ride from Lidsey under pressure early on.
  7. Maybe disabled, elderly, possibly turned the engine on for a warm and not realised the lights were on, just sayin..
  8. At least it's looking like we've got a match, could go either way.
  9. Just about worth missing the first 30 mins of the football, only just though.
  10. nw42

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Not just the angles, too many single rider shots and changes.
  11. nw42

    Warsaw 2019

    I hope we are able to get rid of this pest, going to be a long season having to put up with it twice a month on Saturdays.
  12. nw42

    Warsaw 2019

    Not worth it fella.
  13. nw42

    Warsaw 2019

    I wonder whatever happened to that tr33mor character.
  14. nw42

    Warsaw 2019

    Jason Doyle looks even leaner than he did last year.
  15. bit late in the day but just came across this link to commentary of the meeting, although it's a bit quiet at the moment, interval maybe, https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/motorsport/48209356

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