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  1. Wow, he's not killed anyone. It was said the riders were in agreement with it, maybe some weren't but either way I wouldn't blame Ellis, even though I don't rate him that highly as rider, he won it last year though and, based on tonight's situation where it was impossible to call a winner, deserves the wildcard in my opinion.
  2. They are going to rerun it.
  3. If they were to hang on half an hour the rain will probably have stopped, I'm 15miles west and it's stopped now.
  4. Your fault for mentioning it
  5. Shame, it's been a belter of a meeting.
  6. Take a bow Tom, brilliant ride.
  7. Good shout, just needs polka dots and it's Chris Pusey. Was just thinking to myself after watching ht5, this is so much like I remember Hyde Rd, takes me back.
  8. I'm in Northwich and it's heavy drizzle at the moment, certainly not heavy rain, yet.
  9. Bewley Harris Brennan, got a feeling about bomber, hope I'm right because that would mean we are in for a vintage performance, not many better sights than Harris when he's hitting the right notes.
  10. Would be great to see him get the spot, good servant to the sport.
  11. According to BBC there's less than 40% chance of it at 21.00hrs, rising to 50% by 22.00, for me it doesn't exactly feel like it's going to pour down, so maybe they'll get lucky even if it starts with drizzle.
  12. You picked the worst possible example in Liverpool, their fans been booing our National Anthem at Leicester just over an hour ago.
  13. Would that be the time Tony Millard lost the plot while watching Havelock & Rempala fight it out? "They're dancing". That was a cracking meeting.

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