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  1. brianbuck


    I see in the press that Football League Clubs have now dispensed with the rule that all of them MUST produce match-day programmes and Exeter City have already announced that they will no longer have programmes on sale at their home matches. Other clubs are expected to follow suit, so I wonder whether Speedway Clubs might eventually take the same step. In these times when so many supporters print their own score charts, is a programme really necessary these days?
  2. brianbuck

    Brummies v Bee's Wed 30th May NT

    Last night's meeting was the most entertaining and competitive I have seen this season, and both sets of riders should be congratulated on their efforts. Birmingham deserved to win in the end, but it was never plain sailing, and the final scoreline does not fairly reflect the Coventry riders contribution to a cracking speedway match. It's a great pity that for so-called "political" reasons, so many Coventry supporters refuse to support this Bees team. I do understand the reasons, but I think Bees fans should set aside these and give their team their backing. They really don't appreciate what they are missing by staying away.
  3. brianbuck

    Brummies v Bee's Wed 30th May NT

    Armstrong always seem to have problems with his engines when he rides at Perry Barr, so I don't think we have seen the best of him in previous visits. Am optimistic about another Brummies win - but am not counting my chickens! Coventry do have quite a solid combination which is quite capable to springing a surprise - as witness their win against Cradley at Monmore which not many would have expected.
  4. Well done the "Save Coventry Speedway" group. It will be a major achievement to turn over "Big Business" and there is still a long way to go, but if anyone can do it, then this group can. I wish them every success - and I really hope that Coventry supporters who have vowed not to support their team at Leicester, will think again.
  5. brianbuck

    Good Luck to Lee Kilby !

    Fantastic gesture by Craig Cook and by Josh Gudgeon. I can't come near to offering anything quite like that, but I do have four Stenners Annuals (1946, 1949, 1950 and 1952) that I can offer - with the cash going to the fund. I know that they are not massively valuable, and unfortunately, the 1946 and 1949 books both have the covers missing which will obviously devalue them for a collector, but if anyone is interested or knows of anyone who is, perhaps they would contact me via this forum. Anyone who is interested would obviously have the chance to inspect them first and change their minds if necessary.
  6. brianbuck


    Grateful thanks to the supporters at Berwick from all at Birmingham for their generosity in holding a collection to help Mitchell Davey even though he is not one of their riders. Delighted to report that the overall amount raised is now touching £7,000 -twice the original target. Thanks again to everyone at Berwick. Wonderfully caring people.
  7. brianbuck

    Buxton v Brummies Sun 29th Ap NT

    Most of the track seemed to be ok but there was a very soggy patch about 6' square on the exit from the second bend and a similar patch on the exit from the fourth bend. The riders expressed concerns about these after walking the track and the referee asked for some work to be done to try and harden these and agreed to delay the start to give Buxton the chance of doing this. The next 45 minutes or so were spent with a transit van being driven round the track to try to tyre-pack the soggy patches, but this did not seem to have been sufficient time to do this (if this had been an evening meeting, then this could probably have been remedied.) One of the riders I spoke to, pointed out that a rider starting from grid one would need to veer to the right in order to avoid the soggy patch, and that this would force any rider behind him to either shut off, or risk riding through the suspect part of the track. It was then suggested that one rider from each team should ride round the track for four laps to test conditions, Tom Woolley being nominated by Buxton and Leon Flint volunteering to represent Birmingham. Tom took the first lap at a fair speed but carefully avoided the two soggy patches. On his second lap, he tried to drive through the second bend patch only to have his bike lurch to the right and almost cause him to lose control. On his third lap, he tried to ride through the fourth bend patch with the same result. He then returned to the pits without taking his fourth lap, shaking his head as he did so. Before Leon Flint was able to go out for his test, the referee ruled that the track was unfit, and called off the meeting. This decision enraged the Buxton promoter who suggested to the referee that he had only postponed the meeting "because "they" (meaning Birmingham) had kicked-off." The referee replied that he had delayed the start time and felt that he had allowed every opportunity for Buxton to get the match on, but having watched Tom Woolley try out the track, he "did not like what he had seen" and had made his decision on the strength of this. The above is my take on the situation. The comments I have quoted were made either to me or within my hearing. They are not hearsay. I was aware of numerous other reported comments which I did not hear, so I have not included them. I appreciate that many of these were made in the heat of the moment and are probably now regretted. I think it is unfair to suggest that the problems were cause by poor track preparation by Buxton. The track had suffered from the atrocious weather we have all had to endure, and if the report I heard that a flat track meeting had taken place on the track the previous day, then that obviously wouldn't have helped, but I think Buxton did the best that they could in the time available to them. I never at any time heard any rider infer that he would refuse to ride, and when it looked for a time as though the meeting would go on, they all changed into their kevlars. I think most of them were relieved when the match was called off, but had the referee decided that the track was fit enough, then they would have accepted it. As far as the statement from another poster that the track was in better shape that Perry Barr was for our match against Coventry on March 20th, this is debatable, but on that occasion, the riders of both teams and the two team managers all thought that the meeting should have been postponed, but the referee decided otherwise, and all of them accepted this and got on with it. This is my own view of the situation and the developments of the afternoon. I realise that some may disagree, which of course they are fully entitled to do, but I don't think anyone can be blamed for what happened - the bad weather was the root cause of the problems and I think it needed more than just one fine day to get things shipshape.
  8. brianbuck

    Buxton v Brummies Sun 29th Ap NT

    I can understand Jayne's frustration at having to call off a meeting on what was a reasonably fine afternoon, but I think the suggestion that it was because the Birmingham team refused to ride is an exaggeration! The Birmingham riders I spoke to were not happy with the condition of the track and did not think that there was sufficient time to put it right, but they would have been prepared to give it a go if the referee had decided to go ahead with the meeting. The referee's comment that he "did not like what he had seen" after Tom Woolley had ridden a few laps and in my opinion, had looked increasingly uncomfortable on both bends, was made in my presence, and the bottom line is that it was he who called the meeting off - not Birmingham nor Buxton. This was my first visit to Buxton. I enjoyed the trip and the scenery and although I was naturally disappointed not to see some racing, the events of the day have not put me off the thought of future visits there. I feel that Buxton were the unlucky victims of unfortunate circumstances. My opinion is that the postponement was the correct decision, but I look forward to my next Buxton visit and wish the club well for the future. I'm sorry that the events of the day have created so much ill-feeling and hope that on reflection, both sides will calm down a little when the dust settles.
  9. brianbuck

    British Under 21

    Tony Mole made an application to vary the condition relating to the race nights, several years ago and under the Planning Officer's Discretionary Powers, obtained a consent to run on any alternative race night conditional on there not being more than one meeting staged in any one week. On various past occasions, Birmingham have run meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Tony always did things by the book - he was never a chancer!
  10. Co-incidence - the first Post-War match at Brandon was against Stoke.
  11. brianbuck

    Birmingham v Kent

    Birmingham v Kent match scheduled for tomorrow night (Wednesday) has already been called off thanks to another poor weather forecast and an already waterlogged track.
  12. brianbuck

    Birmingham 2018

    This is true. Most of the people who attended the meeting were pleased with the information supplied and with the way that the meeting was presented, and went home very optimistic about the forthcoming season.
  13. brianbuck

    Birmingham 2018

    I don't think it is wholly fair to compare Belle Vue's £10 admission price for National League matches with the prices that other tracks charge. With two teams to support, Belle Vue have to take into account that their supporters have to fork out £17-£18 for the Aces meetings so the prices for the Colts meetings have to be kept low and I would think it unlikely that there are many people in Manchester who support only the Colts. This isn't intended as a criticism of Belle Vue. Their new management have done a great job in restoring the club from the brink of extinction and they have to pitch their admission prices at a level that their fans can afford.
  14. brianbuck

    Birmingham 2018

    Although I'm a bit of a traditionalist, I do like the new design and think this is a very professional move. I've always been a strong advocate of the big red B and don't want to see it reduced in size. My one gripe in the last few seasons (and this doesn't only apply to Birmingham) is that the numbers on the reverse of the colours is far too small and is much too difficult to see from the terraces.
  15. Inevitably electric bikes will eventually become normal with the probability that speedway will at some time in the future have to be raced on silent bikes. This may seem horrendous to us, but it would always be possible to play the sound of the bikes over the tannoy whilst the races are in progress. With the proper electrical equipment this should allow the level of the sound to be monitored and adjusted to suit the proximity of residential houses to each track. At many tracks, (such as Birmingham) a high percentage of the spectators watch from inside the bar, so the sound level in the bar could be set at a higher level than outside if need be. This could be a good way of overcoming the so-called noise problem and allow speedway to be staged in venues where houses are very close, so would electric bikes be such a bad thing?

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