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  1. Farewell Brandon - A Video Fly By

    Excellent feature on the situation on Central Television last evening (Friday). I have been a strong critic of Steve Clamp and Central for some years but on this occasion his presentation was extremely good, and having exchanged E-Mails with him since, he is clearly sympathetic towards the fight to save the stadium. The one thing which did strike me whilst watching the programme however, was the sheer size of the land on which the present stadium is sited. Surely there would be room for a housing estate AND a smaller replacement stadium (as has been promised, although still not delivered), at Swindon? I am just wondering whether this idea could be floated as a possible way of breaking the impasse with Brandon Estates?
  2. Birmingham 2018

    No one likes being on the receiving end of these kind of comments Laurence, but best to ignore them and just crack on with the job in hand. Best wishes for a successful association with the Brummies. You did a good job under difficult circumstances at Bordesley Green all those years ago so it's good to have you back on the right side of the pits again!
  3. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Coventry's acceptance in the National League is now confirmed. From the posts that have appeared on this site, it seems clear that a high percentage of Coventry supporters are distinctly unhappy about the present situation. They do not trust the motives of the promoter and many believe that patronising the Bees at Leicester is tantamount to supporting Brandon Estates' attempts to get a planning consent to build on Brandon. This is wholly understandable, but we need to appreciate that if the report that Mr Horton will pick up £50,000 in sponsorship from Brandon Estates by running at Leicester, then we can't blame him for not wanting accept this. Which of us would refuse it? Brandon Estates can, and probably will, sit tight for perhaps 20 years, in respect of the Brandon site, and will lose nothing as it will only appreciate in value. Eventually, even if it takes 20 years or more, they will eventually get the planning consent that they are after. My take on the position is that Coventry fans should support their team at Leicester. If they do, then at least this will show a potential buyer that there is a future for Coventry Speedway - if they don't, Mr Horton will cash in on his rider assets (and he has plenty of these) and then walk away. If I were a Coventry fan this would stick in the craw, but I would do it as the only real option. Withholding support never achieves anything - it just hastens the end.
  4. Norwich Stars Remembered

    Norwich was a wonderful place to visit in the 1950/1960 era. The track was a real racers' circuit with no surrounding greyhound track to lessen the impression of speed. There was an excellent fish and chip stall in the middle of the last bend, and a first class ballroom where a free-admission dance was held after every Saturday night meeting. By "dance" I mean proper ballroom dancing with a resident band - not a screaming disco! A very sad day for speedway when to the eternal shame of the directors, the stadium was sold to the property developers at the end of 1964.
  5. Presenters And Announcers

    ke I just don't see the point of it anyway - Porky at Wolverhampton does it during every race but because of the excessively loud PA and the noise of the bikes, it is impossible to make out what he is shouting - and why should he think that people in the crowd can't see for themselves what is happening?
  6. Nl Bronze Helmet

    I think that Match Races are a relic from the past and have very little appeal to present day supporters.
  7. Speedway Music

    When I first started going to Perry Barr in the early 1950's, the pre-match parade was well worth turning up early to watch. This did not include the riders - just the track staff who were all dressed in spotless white boiler suits and maroon berets,and marched in step to their positions (Les Marshall the then promoter, would only accept ex-servicemen as track staff members). The stirring march that was played was called "We're on Our Way" and was played by the RAF band. (It is out of production now, but I have been able to get hold of a copy to be played at my funeral!!!) At the interval, and at the end of every meeting, the track staff regrouped and marched back into the pits. Very much different to the way the track staff shamble out to their places these days.
  8. Track Records

    Could anyone ever match the achievements of the great Birmingham rider Graham Warren who broke the Perry Barr track record eleven times and also simultaneously held the track records at six other tracks?
  9. Nl Agm 14th December.

    Don't think this would be the case as the numbers 8+9 would be competing in their club's home fixtures so would more than likely both be locally based lads. If this idea did take root (and I'd be as surprised as anyone if it did!) then there would have to be a ruling that each club's 8+9 must be unique to that club (ie Birmingham and Cradley couldn't use the same 2 riders for example).
  10. Nl Agm 14th December.

    I doubt whether it is feasible to have more teams AND a higher points limit. It would have to be one or the other - the greater the number of teams in the league, the lower the point limit would have to be. Apart from this, I think the wishes are pretty universal. Personally, I would like to see all clubs compelled to name nine riders with the numbers 6-9 being inter-changeable at a team manager's discretion, with at least one second half race following the main match to be comprised of these 4 riders. This would provide real competition for the last two team places and would also give a rider who has lost his place in the team,a fair chance of winning it back.
  11. Asset Base

    The asset system is a total nonsense. Every club wishing to join the Premiership League is obliged to have a fixed value of rider "assets" before they can be considered for membership. I once had a sight of Birmingham's asset list and it included names like Charlie Venegas, Charles Ermolenko, Steve Mann etc. Clearly all of these riders have a nominal value even though none are ever likely to ride in Britain again in the future, so in reality, the whole thing is meaningless.
  12. Cradley 2018?

    I would be very sorry if the report about Tom Perry retiring turns out to be true. Tom has been a great servant to both the Brummies and Cradley Heath and has always been one of the most approachable and entertaining riders in speedway.
  13. Nl Bronze Helmet

    Match Races seem to have become and anachronism, and have very little appeal to spectators these days, so I can't see any mileage myself, in trying to bring them back.
  14. Riders Missing Out Nl 2018

    Trying to find my copy of the rule book to check it out. I thought riders with a Championship average of over 4 (or it might be 5!) couldn't ride in the National League unless they were under a certain age or had signed on for a NL club before joining a Championship club. (Something like that anyway - but who can fathom out speedway's infamous rule book?) Danny Ayres fulfills that criteria as to my knowledge he hasn't yet signed for a Championship club, and in the case of Adam Roynon last season, no Championship club apparently wanted him, so he would have been free to join Plymouth. No doubt someone with a mind-boggling knowledge of the rule book will correct me on this.
  15. Tactical Substitutes Question?

    When I first began following speedway in the early 1950's, matches were over 14 heats with teams of 8 riders. Two of the riders were reserves, and the top six each took 4 rides and the reserves 2 each. The two reserves could each take an additional two rides as replacements for the top 6, but the crucial point was that a team manager could name any two of his riders who had scored less than 50% of possible points over the previous six matches, as his reserves. This gave a Team Manager genuine scope to select his team tactically without being hidebound by averages or being forced to name his team in a particular sequence like they do today. Restricting the reserves to having no more than four rides (the same as their "upper" colleagues) meant that there was no way that an in-form reserve could unfairly influence a meeting like sometimes happens these days, and no nominated heat meant that top-heavy teams would get the advantage of a "free" 5-1 in the last race. Time perhaps to look at bringing back something similar?