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  1. brianbuck

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    Can't see how at least a certain amount of juggling with team strengths can be avoided myself. Some overseas riders probably won't return and Brexit is certain to have some effect on rider availability as well. In theory, things should stay as they are, but in practice, this seems unlikely.
  2. brianbuck

    workington ..

    A bit strange that a Workington site has been sidetracked a bit to a discussion about Norwich! I agree with 25 year fan that Norwich could easily support a speedway without detriment to King's Lynn,Ipswich or Mildenhall. In my opinion, Norwich is a City crying out for speedway. I visited the old track at the Firs numerous times and was always impressed with the size of the crowds and with the quality of the racing. Not only that, the stadium used to have a fullsized ballroom underneath the main stand, and after meetings would host dances with a full sized orchestra which were always well supported. I was there one Saturday night with ex Norwich rider Sandor Levai who was a very old friend of mine, and was highly amused to watch Ken McKinlay insist on dancing with Mrs Levai. Ken was about 5' 2" and Ilse Levai was 6' 6"" so it was a comical sight! Perhaps, we could lanch a site dedicated to the return of Norwich - if ever a City deserves a Speedway it is Norwich!
  3. brianbuck

    workington ..

    Responding to 25 Year Fan's query about Bordesley Green, the venue has recently been taken over lock stock and barrel by a new owner who happens to be the original stock car promoter from when the site opened in 1984 - Phil Bond. Apparently, Mr Bond has made it known that he would be more than interested in staging other motor sports as well as stock cars. The old speedway track has been tarmaced over for the cars for many years, but there is plenty of additional unused room available on the site, so it might be possible at some future date to perhaps put down a training track like Northside. Very much a long shot at the moment I agree - but this is an option that hasn't been available to us in the past, so who knows? I'd certainly second the opinions that several people have made regarding the merits of third division racing. It was Birmingham's salvation in 2015 after the Alan Phillips shambles, and fortunately, Birmingham folk didn't turn their noses up at the entertaining fare on offer -and hopefully, Workington supporters won't either.
  4. brianbuck

    Swindon 1957

    That Swindon team of 1957 of Mike Broadbanks, (always think it sounds better with the "s"), Ernie Lessiter, Ken Middleditch, Bob Roger, Neil Street, George White and Ian Williams, didn't always look to be the strongest in the National League but it gelled together admirably and that remarkable record of winning the Second and First Divisions in successive seasons, was thoroughly deserved. I have an unhappy memory of my team (Birmingham) visiting Blunsdon that season and not only being massacred to the tune of 77-19 but being forced to ride the first 10 heats without body colours due to the team manager having them in the boot of his car, and rolling up excessively late. After the meeting, the referee Cecil Telling, submitted a report recommending that Birmingham be thrown out of the league - a report which somehow found it's way on to the back page of the "Daily Express!" What an embarrassing day! Perhaps the only consolation came when the Brummies inflicted the Robins first league defeat of the 1957 season on July 31st - the infamous night when Birmingham DID pull out of the league!
  5. brianbuck

    workington ..

    I've always wondered why the people trying to set up a "new" Norwich Speedway at Hevingham in (I think 1967), didn't persevere? I know they fell foul of authority by running a trial meeting without a licence, but although the place was pretty basic, the crowd was quite decent (the meeting WAS staged in December) and the half-built venue did look to have promise. I'm not local to the area, but I do believe that the site is still there and the outline of the track is still visible. Perhaps our Norwich friend can enlighten me? Very best wishes by the way, to the people trying to get Workington up and running again. I hope Workington people will back them regardless of which league the club joins.
  6. brianbuck


    They called him the "Black Prince" because of those immaculately polished black leathers. I have always wondered what became of them after he retired. I did ask Jack Hughes who is his brother-in-law and who was the grandfather of former Birmingham rider Ben Taylor, but he couldn't tell me.
  7. brianbuck

    Local boy who never rode for local team

    Jeff Lloyd was born in Birmingham but to my knowledge never rode for the Brummies. He had two brothers Wally, and John (Jack) though, and both rode for the two Birmingham teams, Hall Green and Perry Barr, in the pre-war days - they were the first pair of brothers to ride in the same Southern League team - beating Jack and Norman Parker (Coventry) by just a week or so.
  8. brianbuck

    Season Cancelled

    Sad to read in this thread that so many people seem so delighted to forecast a glut of track closures. I haven't seen any indication that any club is contemplating closure. Will season ticket holders will be refunded or allowed to carry these over to next season? That is perhaps not a decision that can be made instantly since as yet, we do not know how the Leagues will be constituted in 2021. We may have one big league, two divisions of equal numbers - perhaps Coventry and/or Oxford will be back (we can but hope!) Let's just not be so negative.
  9. brianbuck

    Hugh Watkinson

    Christine, My apologies - I have only just picked up your message, but thank you so much for the photograph. I will try and get it enhanced and if I can, I will fix a copy to the wall of the stadium landing next to the plaque and the brief account of his life. I am so grateful for your help with this. Brian
  10. brianbuck

    Whatever happened to the Old Frying Pan?

    Wonder what became of Swindon's "Esso" shaped track. The track manager there Alf Elliott, had a theory that a speedway track should be the shape of a riders' natural line and in 1958 I believe, he was given his head and allowed to reshape Swindon to this. There were complaints from the riders about the new track being bumpy and difficult to ride, but none that I remember about the shape, but the experiment was quietly forgotten and the track restored to its original shape after a very short time. Just wondering if any Swindon supporters remember this and can throw some more light on it?
  11. brianbuck

    Defunct Tracks Tamworth

    The track at Fazeley did linger on until about 1961, as a greyhound circuit which also staged stock car racing. I believe it was looked at as a potential Provincial League track but I think it was already doomed to demolition by then. That's a pity, as Tamworth is a much larger town these days than it was in the 1940/50's.
  12. brianbuck

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Unfortunately, we can't relate that to speedway. Running the dogs on Monday and Thursday mornings and Wednesday afternoons will be for closed-television viewing and will be in a closed stadium with no spectators apart from the necessary track staff.
  13. brianbuck

    Speedway Star Collection?

    I used to have a huge collection of Speedway magazines dating back to 1932. I got married in 1969 and when I came back from honeymoon my Mother said to me "I've had a good clearout and have thrown all those old papers in your old bedroom away." Thanks Mum!!!!!
  14. brianbuck


    Thanks for that info. In the light of the current situation, I'll stick with the printed version for the duration of my present subscription, and switch to the digital version next time round! Many thanks for the prompt response.
  15. brianbuck


    I've taken the Speedway Star ever since I first "discovered" speedway in 1953, and have had a subscription for several years now. I renewed this subscription a fortnight ago, but I rather like the sound of the digital version and just wonder whether it is possible to switch to this? Well done to all concerned for producing a consistently interesting and informative magazine.

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