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  1. brianbuck

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Is there a supporter living in the Tamworth area who could help out an old supporter friend of mine who has avidly followed the Brummies since 1946 but who is now unable to drive? He is looking for a lift to and from Perry Barr for the 2020 season and would willingly pay half of the fuel cost. If there is anyone out there who could help, would they please send me a private message with a contact number. Many thanks
  2. brianbuck

    Bruce Semmens 1950s

    I can remember Bruce Semmens riding for Sheffield but unfortunately I can't provide much information about his career. I can though, relate a story told to me by his son Mike in 1985/86. Mike was riding for Exeter in a match against the Brummies at Bordesley Green and I was curious to see his name spelt as "Semmends" and asked him why this was the case, and he told me that his father had changed the family name by deed poll because he had had 11 brothers and four of them had the initial "B" and were pinching his speedway prize money cheques. Because the four were all "B.Semmens" he had no way of finding out which of them were the culprit, so this was the only way he could put a stop to it!
  3. brianbuck

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Personally, I wouldn't take it as gospel that Cradley won't be running next season. There are logistical difficulties I know, but attendances although down compared with recent seasons, are still better than most. I'm not a Cradley man myself, but I know there is still a great deal of love for the club locally, so even if the current promoters decide to withdraw, then I don't see any lack of interest from others in taking the club on. I'm a Brummie and always will be, but I've never been anti-Cradley and I wish the club and its supporters all the best for 2020 and beyond.
  4. brianbuck

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Ashley Morris was present at the Presentation Night and when asked about next season, replied that he had already contacted the Mason's to tell them that he would be fully fit, and wanted to be at Birmingham again.
  5. Can someone explain the point of these individual numbers that the riders now use in GRand Prix Meetings? I can't for the life of me see what purpose they serve - it can't be for any kind of identification as they are way too small to be seen from the terraces, so what was wrong with numbering the riders from 1-16 as used to be the case?
  6. brianbuck

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Nothing to be gained by supporters sniping at each other - we don't want to lose any more clubs especially in the Midlands - so let's all get down to Perry Barr for this match and show that when the chips are down, we back each other.
  7. brianbuck

    Birmingham v Berwick 11/9/19

    Don't see why anyone should be critical of Berwick's performance last Wednesday. Birmingham always looked more likely to win and several times the match seemed to be running away from Berwick, but they showed dogged resilience in battling back and had a real chance of snatching it at the finish. A single point wasn't enough for them to keep alive their play-off place in the end - but they certainly deserved the point they did get.
  8. Cradley bosses will have had their fingers crossed all season when considering weather conditions. With so few dates available to them at Monmore in the first place, a succession of rain-off's would have been a total disaster. The Cradley management have been blamed for all manner of things this season, but it's hardly fair to blame them for the weather!
  9. brianbuck

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    My all time favourite rider is Dan Forsberg who rode for Birmingham in 1952 and again in 1957. Dan was very much under-rated and was in my opinion, every bit as good a rider as were Ove Fundin and Olle Nygren - he was a pure racer and didn't have the ruthlessness of most of the other Swedes which is probably why he was so much overshadowed by them. Dan had a brilliant first season with the Brummies but was repeatedly obstructed by the Swedish authorities who resented him riding in England and put all kinds of obstacles in his way, which caused him to miss so many Birmingham matches and resulted in Les Marshall not retaining his services for the following season. When he returned to Birmingham in 1957 he looked as good as ever, only being beaten once by the opposition in the home fixtures in which he rode that year. It was my pleasure to meet him for the first time when he came over to watch the Brummies re-opening meeting in 2007.
  10. If Mr Bump does decide to come from Leicester on the M6, he should leave at Junction 7 and head towards Birmingham City Centre on the A34. The stadium is on the left just a couple of miles from the junction. Stay on the A34 until you reach the big flyover, and be sure to keep to the left of it, and the carpark entrance is half way round the curve on the left hand side. Don't go over the flyover - if you do you can't get off it until you are almost in Aston. Hope you enjoy your visit.
  11. What possible grounds for an appeal could there be? The riders concerned seem to me to have all got off lightly for their parts in a display of thuggishness which disgraced both of their clubs. If there is to be an appeal, it should surely be against the fact that no action seems to have been taken against others who interfered and involved themselves in fanning the flames.
  12. brianbuck

    Scorpions v Birmingham 09.08.19

    I'm not suggesting that Laurence or anyone else was wrong or right. A Team Manager has to make a decision about changes on the spur of the moment and under pressure, and is not able to wait 24 hours like we do. I've been a Team Manager for my Cycle Speedway club on occasions, and although things aren't so intense at that level, it is still a pressure job. On the one hand, you will have a rider who has just gone out and done his best, and thinks he is hard done by if he is being replaced, and he will be backed up by his parents or his mates, and there will also be times when the rider you want to bring in doesn't particularly want an extra ride and needs to be geed up to going out, plus the usual few people in the pits who want to chip in and tell you to do something different. You do try to be fair and reasonable to everyone, but inevitably there are times when you later wish you had done something else when it's too late. When you get it wrong you get pilloried, and when you get it right people will say "well anyone would have done that." It isn't the cushy job that some think it is.
  13. brianbuck

    Scorpions v Birmingham 09.08.19

    If Laurence had made the change that you think he should have, then we would not have been able to use Garrity as a tactical substitute in the following race in which we scored the first of the two successive 5-1's which put us into the lead!
  14. brianbuck

    One League

    I know people say that we only get 15 minutes of action for our admission money - but is this so very different from other sports. Take away all the tip-tapping and back passing and the hold-ups in a football match and we probably just about get 15 minutes of genuine action in a 90 minute football match.
  15. brianbuck

    One League - Matt Ford

    I'm all in favour of Topsoil's suggestion that ALL clubs should have a Junior Team - but this should be comprised of riders who are exclusive members of each club - not two or three different clubs all using the same riders! "Doubling-up" (in the main leagues) has become a monster totally out of control (a child of five could have seen this coming!!) - and it needs to be phased out as soon as possible whether the riders like it or not. Phasing it out though, seems to be and impossible dream - every season it is further extended. Whoever dreamed up this idea should be put up against a wall!!!!

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