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  1. brianbuck

    One Big League - Problem Solved

    One big league is not going to happen at least in the immediate future. The BSPA made a terrible blunder when they allowed riders to race for more than one team, and the riders will now never give up what they regard as the divine right to sign for two teams, unless they are paid substantially more in prize money - which the promoters cannot afford! Doubling-up has become a monster out of control - and a five year old child could have forseen that this would happen. More likely I think, is the probability of Premiership clubs looking to drop down a division - and if this happens, then the top league would quickly become unviable.
  2. brianbuck

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    Could have been even more ridiculous if Cradley had chosen to use rider-replacement for Kemp! Had Danny Ayres not been injured and Jordan Jenkins not been injured at Birmingham earlier in the season, there could well have been three riders riding for both teams!!!!
  3. brianbuck

    Thoughts on 2018 Season

    The problem with 3 point newcomers who are actually worth double or more, just highlights the fact that a better grading system is needed. We can all see that whichever club gets Dan Gilkes and another 3 pointer who is going to make a mockery of his average, is virtually being handed the league championship (as was the case with my team Birmingham, when we took on Jack Smith and Jack Parkinson-Blackburn as 3 pointers, and as has been the case with Mildenhall this season.) It surely wouldn't be too difficult to have a couple of independent assessors who could monitor the progress of up and coming under 15's and then give them an assessed average based on their obvious ability. This average could stay in place for say, the first month of the season, and then be re-assessed upwards or downwards as their performances merit?
  4. brianbuck

    Celebrity fans

    George Formby and his wife Beryl used to own the land on which the Tamworth track at Fazeley was built, and I believe that Formby was the guest of honour at the opening of the track in 1947 and rode round for a lap. Honor Blackman also attended a meeting at West Ham and she also had a couple of laps. Peter York persuaded Suzie Quatro to come to a meeting at Perry Barr in the late 1970's. She was so impressed that she told the crowd that she would give £100 "to the winner of the next race" - which happened to be the Junior Jaunt! Whether the winner ever got his £100 I wouldn't know!
  5. brianbuck

    Birmingham v Peterborough ICL

    In my opinion, the 6-man format seems to have possibilities - but with all of the riders having five rides, it would be very difficult to work out a fair method of applying rider-replacement if it was needed. Not that I would be sorry to see the rider-replacement rule scrapped!
  6. brianbuck

    Hugh Watkinson

    Sorry to report that Mrs Cera Bulpit has not responded to the message I left for her, so I obviously cannot try to pressure her into doing so.
  7. brianbuck

    Ronnie Moore

    Ronnie Moore was the finest and most skillful rider I ever saw. In an era when there were so many outstanding riders competing in British Speedway, he was head and shoulders above all of them. I am saddened to hear of his passing and send my sincere condolences to his family.
  8. brianbuck

    Brummies v Buxton Wed 15th Aug NL

    This proved to be a much more entertaining meeting than had been expected and considering their obvious weaknesses, I thought Buxton put up a decent fight. Danny Ayres was a great choice as guest and although he was beaten in four of his six rides (and had a stroke of good fortune when he won the last heat after Tom Bacon had shed a chain) he was excellent value for entertainment, and Tom Woolley and Connor Coles both worked hard for their points. Their reserve, Corban Pavitt looked fast and confident in winning heat two, but strangely, didn't manage another point after that! Tom Bacon was in awesome form, looked unbeatable and was unlucky to shed a chain when he had the last heat sewn up. James Shanes was his usual spectacular self and both Leon Flint and Danyon Hume picked up from where they left off - Danyon having problems with his bike and having to borrow Callum Walker's for one race. Walker made a steady return, and both Birmingham reserves battled well from the back. Overall, a very enjoyable night's racing and a quite decent crowd.
  9. brianbuck

    Hugh Watkinson

    Many thanks for this useful information. I have messaged Mrs Bulpitt and asked if she would contact me. I will let you know the outcome.
  10. brianbuck

    Hugh Watkinson

    That's very decent of you. I will be affixing the plaque to the wall this Wednesday.It is just a small plate of about 9" x 2" so what we would really like is a photograph to go with it. If you can trace a relative who can supply one, that would be very useful. We know that he was born in West Ham in 1920, that he lived in Essex at the time of his death, that he is buried in Newham Cemetery and that the grave also contains the remains of his parents. The plaque is a small brass plate and is inscribed: "In memory of Hugh Watkinson of Essex, sadly killed training at Birmingham Speedway 16th November 1946" You can contact me at 07526 213031 if need be. Very many thanks.
  11. brianbuck

    Hugh Watkinson

    Hugh Stanley Watkinson was born in West Ham London in 1920. After being demobbed from the Army after the end of the war, he invested his army severance pay in a speedway machine and enrolled in the Training School being run by Harold "Tiger" Stevenson at Perry Barr Stadium, Birmingham in 1946. The opening day of the school was spent in the classroom discussing engine maintenance etc, and Watkinson was one of the first of the trainees (he could possibly have been the first) to take to the track on the second day. Stevenson's assistant was the then Birmingham captain Stan Dell, and Dell instructed all the trainees to ride slowly round the track for a few laps and to then gradually increase speed on receiving the signal from himself.Dell positioned himself on the track in the middle of the first bend in order to signal to the trainees, but Watkinson ignored the instruction to ride round slowly, and opened the throttle to its fullest extent, causing Dell to jump over the fence to avoid being struck by Watkinson's out of control machine. Watkinson then ran full tilt into the wooden safety fence and was taken to Birmingham General Hospital where he died from a fractured skull, in the early hours of November 16th 1946. Birmingham Speedway Supporters' Club have made numerous attempts to trace any of his family but without success, but a small plaque is shortly to be affixed to the wall on the landing at the stadium to commemorate the memory of the only rider to have lost his life at Perry Barr. The plaque reads: "In memory of Hugh Watkinson sadly killed training at Birmingham Speedway on 16th November 1946."
  12. I sincerely wish Lakeside every success in their efforts to find an alternative venue. We certainly do not want to lose any more tracks to the developers, and when things looked so bleak at Birmingham, we were showered with good wishes from Lakeside supporters in particular and one did send us an anonymous donation of £100 with the message "from a Lakeside Supporter" - and these gestures are remembered.
  13. brianbuck

    Unsatisfactory starts

    Can see no point in issuing "warnings" for any reason. These serve only as an encouragement to riders to "try it on." A rider has either committed a foul or he hasn't - so if he has then he should be excluded with no reserve replacement and no handicap. Rigid application of the rules is the only way to ram this home.
  14. brianbuck

    What is going on at Eastbourne.

    This seems to have been the same problem that has prevented Chris Holder from riding for Poole all season. Reality is that the Home Office has no sense of urgency and doesn't regard Birmingham and Poole Speedways problems as of any importance. As far as the Home Office is concerned, we just have to await their pleasure!!!
  15. brianbuck

    Unsatisfactory starts

    The entire starting procedure needs to be re-examined and the rules applied rigidly. If the referee stops a race, then the rider who caused him to stop it should be excluded. The rider concerned has either committed a foul or he hasn't - and if he is excluded there should be no reserve replacement or 15 metre handicap. These two alternatives only give an incentive to riders to try it on - and to team managers' to encourage them to try it on! There is a need too, to quantify exactly what "2 minutes" actually means. This should be two minutes to reach a rest line 2 metres behind the tapes and remaining there until directed by the starting marshal to move up to the start line (ie no turning round and doing half a lap in the wrong direction.) Riders who mess about spinning their rear wheels or fiddling with their goggles, should be excluded for delaying the start. Yes, there would be chaos for a couple of weeks but once the message got through, then meetings would run at a much better rate.

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