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  1. Not a very satisfactory situation I agree - but the BSPA can't allow a situation where certain riders can opt out of their club's fixtures at will. If they do this, then their club has to suffer, and it was unfortunate that in this instance, the Brummies had two more riders out of action through injury - producing a wholly uncompetitive team. Redcar were in the same situation with Erik Riss opting to ride elsewhere and having to be similarly replaced by a National League reserve, and with Jordan Stewart also missing, the Bears paid the price - losing their home match against Scunthorpe.
  2. Thought that was the case. We had a five minute chat on the first bend terracing before the start. Well done to your team on a deserved win. I don't think our team is strong enough to seriously challenge you when we come up to Glasgow this weekend, but I just hope that we can give you a decent match. Best wishes.
  3. Were you the lady leaving the minibus with the red+white check flag?
  4. 2nd turn used to be quite a good viewing spot, but the view there is now obstructed by the air fence, so there is little point in trying to do anything about it. One of the planning conditions is that there must be an unobstructed passage for driving an ambulance to all parts of the stadium, so that precludes constructing terracing there. The GRA have always been very co-operative, but they won't allow any structure that might interfere with the greyhound racing programme. That's why there is no roof on part of the first bend terracing - if we restore the roof, part of the dog track cannot be seen from one of the executive boxes. The flat area along the home straight doesn't make for good viewing but it has to stay like this for the bookies, but the view from inside the grandstand/bar is superb and it can accomodate more than 800 all with a first class view. I'm not complaining about the restrictions though - just pointing out the reasons for those who wonder why!
  5. Many thanks for the kind words Dorothy. Glasgow deserved their win and their supporters were a credit to the club. I saw a group of them coming out of their mini-bus and boy were they sweltering! They will always be welcome visitors to Perry Barr. Good Luck for the rest of the season.
  6. As Workington fans, despite all their frustrations, still seem to have a good sense of humour, perhaps they will enjoy this little tale which was related to me by Tony Mole himself: When Tony obtained a planning consent to bring speedway back to Workington, it was granted much against the wishes of the Council's Head of Environmental Services who had strongly recommended refusal. The Council man was so miffed by the decision to ignore his recommendation that he took to walking round knocking on doors to encourage people to complain. On knocking at one door, it was answered by an elderly lady. "Can you hear the speedway from here" asked the Council man - "Oh yes, I can hear it from here" came the answer. "Well that is disgraceful, you shouldn't have to put up with this at your time of life" said the Council man - "Would you like to send a letter of complaint to the Council?" "Oh well, I'm not very good at writing letters" says the old lady. "Well don't you worry about that my dear" replies the Council man - "I will send a lady from my office round to see you on Saturday and she'll be able to help you write one." "All right" says the old lady - "only tell her not to come on Saturday as I'll be at the speedway - I go there every week!"
  7. brianbuck

    Poole vs BV. Premiership. 27/06/19

    At some tracks the curfew is a voluntary one, and at others it is compulsory. Wolverhampton have a voluntary curfew which they will occasionally extend if there is just the odd race left to run, but at Birmingham, the 10pm curfew is a condition of the planning permission, as also is the ban on the use of air horns.
  8. brianbuck

    Tracks around football pitches

    In general, tracks constructed around football or rugby pitches tend to be squarish and on the narrow side, so really it depends on the amount of room available between the edges of the football pitch and the spectator area. Birmingham's track at Perry Barr (the original 402 yarder) was an athletics track and the infield was used for a while in the 1930's by Aston Villa's reserve team for their home matches, but the track was big and wide with sweeping bends and produced some terrific racing. The current track which was constructed inside the greyhound circuit (greyhound racing having been introduced at the stadium in 1987) is of similar shape although with shorter straights. This was possible because all of the terracing on the back straight had been removed, enabling a much wider centre green, and the modern track also produces excellent racing (although I have to admit that outside viewing in most of the stadium is very poor due to the original home straight terracing having been replaced by a flat area for the bookmakers). Generalising though, I have always found that tracks with no greyhound circuit usually provide better racing.
  9. brianbuck

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Don't see why this situation should be described as a "joke." If a club has only two fit/available riders then it can't track a four-man team - and mercifully, guest riders aren't allowed in this competition.
  10. brianbuck

    Get well soon Shane Parker

    Very sorry to hear this news. Shane was a fine rider, a great character and a genuine speedway lover. I send him and his family my best regards and wish him well with his recovery.
  11. brianbuck

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Telephone number for Perry Barr Travelodge is 0333 014 6269. Cost for a twin bedroom is £69 but there are often deals available. I think this is a different hotel to the one mentioned earlier as the address is given as Aldridge Road, Perry Barr - which is the same road that the stadium is in. This place is about 400 yards from the speedway. Hope this is useful.
  12. brianbuck

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    There is also a small hotel only a matter of about 200 yards from the stadium, the Park Hotel. There is a car park at the stadium run by the GRA who make a charge of £2.50, but free parking is available at the One Stop shopping centre opposite the stadium. Parking there is normally limited to 3 hours, but this restriction is waived on speedway nights from 7pm onwards. Hope you enjoy your visit.
  13. "Imperial Echoes" wasn't the original March-on music at Coventry. I made my first ever visit to Brandon in 1956 for the Final of the Midland Riders' Championship, and music played then was called "The King's Guard" which was a very stirring march. After Birmingham closed down in July 1957, I became a regular at Brandon and the "King's Guard" continued to be the introductory march for about a another season when so I was told, there was a break-in at the stadium, the record was broken and a replacement couldn't be obtained, so "Imperial Echoes" took its place. In those days, all tracks had a distinctive introductory march - there was "Entry of the Gladiators" at Wembley (which a lot of other tracks tried to copy), and "Marching Along Together" at New Cross, and my all-time favourite "We're on our Way" at Perry Barr. Birmingham's march-on was magnificent - all of the staff wore pristine white coats and marched in step with arms swinging, and at the end of the meetings the staff lined up and marched off just as smartly - a far cry from the way the staff come shambling out from the pits these days. Too many people seem to think that it doesn't matter these days, which is a great pity I think.
  14. Very entertaining meeting last night, and full credit to both teams for making it so. As a lifelong Birmingham man, I have to admit to a degree of sympathy for the Sheffield supporters - this was a match which neither team deserved to lose, and I certainly found the Sheffield supporters to be fair-minded and gracious in their defeat - I admit too, that for most of the meeting I thought the Tigers had it in the bag! I was quite impressed with Sheffield's new Australian. The heat two crash knocked him back a bit, but he had plenty of speed and I reckon he will do well as the season progresses. No doubt at all who was Birmingham's match winner. Ashley Morris rode out of his skin and deserved every one of his points. Well done both teams! More matches like this will bring the crowds back.
  15. brianbuck

    Olching UK Tour 1973

    Have looked up the programme for the Birmingham v Olching meeting. The result was 51-27 to the Brummies and points scorers were: Birmingham: Mike Gardner 10+1, Terry Shearer 10+1, Pete Bailey 8+2, Malcolm Corradine 7+1, George Major 6+2, Cliff Emms 6, Mick Hines 4+3. Olching: Josef Angermuller 11, Otto Barth 7, Hubert Kullmann 6, Dieter Dauderer 1+1, Georg Gilgenreiner 1, Otto Weiss 1, Alois Muller 0. Birmingham produced a souvenir programme for the match - upping the price from 6p to 10p! Arthur Browning was missing from the Birmingham team having been booked to ride in the Scottish Six Day Trial at Fort William in Scotland, and Archie Wilkinson was also absent through injury - but - (present day promoters please note!) used their own second halfers rather than bring in a guest!

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