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  1. brianbuck

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    Then again, there were riders who came to this country on the backs of reports suggesting that they would go on to great things but faded away without ever making any kind of impact. Remember Arthur Malm at Edinburgh, Otto Holoubek at Ipswich, Mark Cherry at Birmingham, or from further back, Bill Jemison also at Birmingham. Pretty sure that there were plenty more like these.
  2. brianbuck

    Rev Limiters

    Have just noticed that the SCB have issued a notice to the effect that Rev Limiters will be mandatory on all speedway bikes from the start of the 2020 season. As a supporter with no mechanical knowledge whatsoever, I'd be grateful if someone who has, would explain what these are, and what effect they will have on the bikes. Thanks in anticipation!
  3. brianbuck

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    The reduction in the points limit seems to be freezing more than a few of the top riders out of the National League (which was probably at least partly the objective!) But this will mean that many riders who were perhaps 6/7 point men last season, will become 8/9 point men after the first month of the new season, due to having had comparatively easier rides. If this happens, clubs will then be able to drop one of these riders and replace him with a 2018 8/9 pointer who will then in reality be a 10/11 point man. Difficult to put into words, but this could create problems and ill-feeling from clubs who aren't in a position to make such a change, so I hope that the BSPA have taken this possibility into account!
  4. brianbuck

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    My belief is that the Mildenhall case is unique in that the objection was persued by an extremist who evidently had the financial means to go to the lengths he did (although it is true that the stock car activities did sometimes go on until the small hours, so there would certainly have been at least a degree of justification for complaining.) Whether anyone living in Perry Barr would want or have the means to go to these extremes is debatable, but no doubt there will be some who sense that by complaining they could get a council tax reduction. I would imagine that if the redevelopment plans include nicking some of the car parking area, then there will be a consultation with the stadium owners - who are not the GRA but are the City Council who lease the site to the GRA. The speedway promotion do have regular meetings with the GRA and have a very good relationship with them, so the matter of this redevelopment plan is certain to be raised.
  5. brianbuck

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Yes, the grandstand (or part of it), is a grade 2 listed building, and there is also a covenant stating that the land must be used for sport. There are of course though, ways and means of getting round these "obstacles" where there is a will to do so, so we can't totally rely on this for our future salvation. As things stand though, there is little or nothing that we can do but wait and see. As UK Martin lives pretty close to the stadium, perhaps he can give an indication of how the very close "locals" feel about the development?
  6. brianbuck

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I don't imagine that the developers are unaware of the presence of the speedway and will be prepared to undertake noise testing if the City Council believe that it is necessary. However, the speedway club have full planning permission subject to conditions which have all been complied with, has established a very good rapport with the Perry Barr Councillors, and there have been no complaints about noise made to either the Council, the local councillors or to the speedway promotion for the last five or six years. The stadium is sited on two of Birmingham's busiest roads, the A34 Walsall Road, and Aldridge Road which both have very high levels of traffic throughout the day. During the planning application process, extensive noise testing was conducted by the council (at the speedway promotion's expense!) and which they (the Council) were satisfied with (albeit after the introduction of the new silencers) the Environmental Services officer stating that it "met all three of their criteria." (We were never told what these criteria were). The University declined to send an observer to these tests preferring to conduct their own testing, and were caught red-handed doing this with their microphone sited on the pavement outside the stadium! As an experiment, we then conducted another test whilst a speedway match was in progress, with our microphones placed outside the closest entrance door of the University (as they wouldn't allow us inside!). We then repeated the test from the same spot at 2pm on the following afternoon and found that the latter test produced a noise level almost 10db higher than that of the previous evening. We made known this result to the Council and although it was never acknowledged by them, we think it was probably a major factor in us eventually getting a full planning consent. I agree though, that it is quite likely that sooner or later, the issue of noise will be raised but I am personally reasonably confident that this will not become a major problem especially since the City Council have gone on record as expressing a preference that Perry Barr should be retained as a Greyhound Racing venue at the expense of Hall Green "because it also stages speedway and other sporting events." This comment was made during the debate on whether or not a planning consent should be granted for demolishing Hall Green Stadium two years ago, and is shown in writing on the planning committee records.
  7. brianbuck

    Leicester NL 2019

    Danyon Hume is a great capture for Leicester. Not only is he a real racer and spectacular crowd pleaser, but he is a very loyal clubman and a genuinely nice bloke. I'm sorry to have lost him at Birmingham and wish him all the very best for the future.
  8. This is all the direct result of the BSPA's nonsensical ruling that riders be allowed to miss matches "for whatever reason." Why oh why do they not think these things out before adding such rules to the book? A child of five could have worked it out that a rule like this would be blatantly abused - and so it has been - and in this particular instance in a shameless and disgusting way. A swingeing penalty is clearly needed - but won't be forthcoming since it is the BSPA's rule that riders can miss meetings as and when they wish, so no rule has been broken or even bent!
  9. This wasn't a meeting which supporters of any of the three teams would have been desperate to win! The general wish of Birmingham supporters was for another meeting if, as it turned out, we missed out on the play-off's, and the 3-team match was a popular suggestion. The teams needed to be reasonably well matched, bearing in mind the fact that a number of riders from all three were either out of action through injury, or for various reasons, not available on this particular night. All three teams tracked a 3-pointer as their fourth rider, and understandably, Birmingham would have wanted to use all of their rider who were available, and couldn't be expected to put all three 3-pointers in the same team. The Wolverhampton teams was the least representative since Nathan Greaves was out injured and none of their other men could be considered of National League standard (apart from perhaps Ashley Morris). Cradley had two more than decent top NL men in Kemp and Morley plus Joe Lawlor who had previous Cradley connections. Obviously there would have been more Heathens supporters at the meeting if their team had been stronger, but even so, there looked a fair number from both Cradley and Wolverhampton among what looked a quite good crowd for an end of season fixture filler. The 18-heat six-rides each meant that team managers' were not needed since all of the riders could only take their programmed rides. The fact that Wolves and Cradley teams did not wear their club colours was a pity, but if their clubs did not supply them, then the Birmingham promotion couldn't be expected to conjure them up out of mid-air. The meeting itself wasn't the best I have seen, but it was far from being the worst, and there was some pretty decent races, and after a bit of a slow start caused by a couple of early crashes, and a bit of leniency from the referee at the starts, the meeting ran through pretty well. After Joe Lawlor withdrew, Birmingham always looked comfortable winners, but things would have been a good deal closer if Lawlor had taken all his rides.
  10. brianbuck

    One Big League - Problem Solved

    One big league is not going to happen at least in the immediate future. The BSPA made a terrible blunder when they allowed riders to race for more than one team, and the riders will now never give up what they regard as the divine right to sign for two teams, unless they are paid substantially more in prize money - which the promoters cannot afford! Doubling-up has become a monster out of control - and a five year old child could have forseen that this would happen. More likely I think, is the probability of Premiership clubs looking to drop down a division - and if this happens, then the top league would quickly become unviable.
  11. brianbuck

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    Could have been even more ridiculous if Cradley had chosen to use rider-replacement for Kemp! Had Danny Ayres not been injured and Jordan Jenkins not been injured at Birmingham earlier in the season, there could well have been three riders riding for both teams!!!!
  12. brianbuck

    Thoughts on 2018 Season

    The problem with 3 point newcomers who are actually worth double or more, just highlights the fact that a better grading system is needed. We can all see that whichever club gets Dan Gilkes and another 3 pointer who is going to make a mockery of his average, is virtually being handed the league championship (as was the case with my team Birmingham, when we took on Jack Smith and Jack Parkinson-Blackburn as 3 pointers, and as has been the case with Mildenhall this season.) It surely wouldn't be too difficult to have a couple of independent assessors who could monitor the progress of up and coming under 15's and then give them an assessed average based on their obvious ability. This average could stay in place for say, the first month of the season, and then be re-assessed upwards or downwards as their performances merit?
  13. brianbuck

    Celebrity fans

    George Formby and his wife Beryl used to own the land on which the Tamworth track at Fazeley was built, and I believe that Formby was the guest of honour at the opening of the track in 1947 and rode round for a lap. Honor Blackman also attended a meeting at West Ham and she also had a couple of laps. Peter York persuaded Suzie Quatro to come to a meeting at Perry Barr in the late 1970's. She was so impressed that she told the crowd that she would give £100 "to the winner of the next race" - which happened to be the Junior Jaunt! Whether the winner ever got his £100 I wouldn't know!
  14. brianbuck

    Birmingham v Peterborough ICL

    In my opinion, the 6-man format seems to have possibilities - but with all of the riders having five rides, it would be very difficult to work out a fair method of applying rider-replacement if it was needed. Not that I would be sorry to see the rider-replacement rule scrapped!
  15. brianbuck

    Hugh Watkinson

    Sorry to report that Mrs Cera Bulpit has not responded to the message I left for her, so I obviously cannot try to pressure her into doing so.

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