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  1. westlakejawa

    Somerset 2020

    So Henry Atkins returning next season,so is it all change??
  2. westlakejawa

    Somerset Vs Scunthorpe 29/5/19

    You may be wrong.
  3. westlakejawa

    Somerset 2019

    Yea,but will you be watching them.
  4. westlakejawa

    Somerset 2019

    No it was no surprise seeing it had already been announced he was back at Scunny.
  5. westlakejawa

    Somerset 2019

    With Jake's statement on him joining Ipswich it appears that apart from supporters wish list,there was no chance of him returning to Somerset anyway.
  6. westlakejawa

    Somerset 2019

    Friend of the guy whos e-mail appears in the letter column of the Speedway Star this week Ie no concessions.
  7. westlakejawa

    Somerset 2019

    So B .W .D at Workington will it be Rebel reunion ??.
  8. westlakejawa

    Somerset 2019

    So Jake at Scunthorpe the keyboard team builders will have to start again.
  9. westlakejawa

    Somerset 2019

    If all the suggestions raised in last weeks Star was taken up I don't think anyone could afford to go to speedway.
  10. westlakejawa

    Somerset 2019

    From you comments does this mean you will now be making regular appearances at The Oak Tree once again.?
  11. westlakejawa

    Somerset 2019

    Likewise Robert I presume ( Swindon about 120 miles less round trip )
  12. westlakejawa


    Can't be to many smiles in S -S offices at present with this lousy weather, must affect track sales/production ratio, with out the juggling of space filling due to lack of match reports ect . Doing a great job Good value for the cost compared to some specialist publications.
  13. westlakejawa

    Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    But fair play to Tim he was always there.

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