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  1. It's just a thought which I'm sure dozens of you will shoot down, but I wonder if we might take a leaf out of the show jumping world and the riders use only local bikes and engineers for the contest - thus avoiding the need to transport tons of equipment and people half-way round the world.
  2. Andrew666

    Sms Secure Mildenhall Speedway

    Good luck guys. The following may be of some help: http://www.cash-4-clubs.com/ http://www.cash-4-clubs.com/finding-other-funding/major-sports-funds/ http://www.cash-4-clubs.com/finding-other-funding/other-sports-funds.php http://www.sportengland.org/ http://www.fenland.gov.uk/ccm/navigation/leisure-services/sports-development/sports-grants/;jsessionid=a8dWk-vV_Oo8
  3. Andrew666

    Scandinavain Gp

    Great meeting after the first round which was a bit processional. Superb track = racing lines all over the place. Gollob was reckless but also daring at the same time. Although he was on balance correctly excluded, he must have anticipated that Emil would have gone for the outside line - but Emil's mindset is similar to Gollob's in that he's prepared to risk the eye of the needle. Quick rap for Jason Crump, who's narrowed the gap on Hampel - it's still a three-horse race.
  4. Andrew666

    Sky Sports Speedway Coverage

    First picture released of new Sky TV presenter: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2010/08/12/britains-ugliest-models-see-the-pictures-91466-27052451/6/
  5. Andrew666

    Scandinavain Gp

    A terrific preview there from ladyluck. When point she makes is how the points system tends to mean the championship is usually (though thankfully not this year) all over by about half-way. Perhaps the solution to this might be to divide the championship into three parts. There could be two parallel groups of sixteen in the first half of the season, opening up more tracks to the GP experience - then the top eight from each group would qualify for the second half of the season, starting from zero points once again. The winners of the two qualifying groups could be labelled World pennant holders or something so they have something to be remembered for.
  6. The title says it all. One of the problems of the Elite league is that you often get two races in one. The headliners in the heat battle it out in the front and a good ten metres behind the second strings have their own battle. In the Premier league, however, the four riders are usually much closer in ability and the racing seems more frenetic and competitive. Another problem with the Elite league is that the top riders are really just passing through, stars that shine, but in the Premier league, the riders are much more part of the club and closer to the fans.
  7. Andrew666

    Elite Leauge

    I quite like the idea of a British Grand Prix championship run along the same lines as the SGP - although of course I wouldn't restrict it to British riders alone. By the way, for those who say the lower leagues should only have British riders, this is not possible legally as all EU members have the right to work here if they wish.
  8. Andrew666

    Scandinavain Gp

    You can watch the Polish service for free on myp2p.eu The presenter is gorgeous :>>
  9. I think it would. The Somerset - Glasgow match last night was invigorating. Great action and some new faces as well. Sky introduced National League rugby league with a regular slot a few years ago and it's done wonders for the lower divisions. It also gives Sky the opportunity to try out new commentary teams to see how they get on. Would more people seeing their local teams on the telly be drawn to the sport? My wife watched the match with me last night because she comes from Somerset - though she's never shown any interest in the sport before.
  10. The Somerset Glasgow match last night was gripping entertainment. Just shows it's the intensity of the competition that's important - not necessarily the level of quality of the riding. I'd love to see more Premier League matches on Sky - what a boost for the teams involved!
  11. Andrew666


    With the convergence of computers and television, is Pay Per View the way forward for speedway clubs? Starting your own website and streaming videos of each match could surely generate some extra income for those clubs outside the Elite league covered by Sky - or even for those Elite league clubs not being shown on Sky in any particular week. It could also provide access to Polish and Danish league matches - and even events from the US, Oz, Argentina, Russis, wherever.......
  12. Andrew666

    Save Our Sport

    All of these are great suggestions. With regard to A - I remember the thrill of collecting Speedway riders autographs as a child. In those days, you could buy blank autograph books with coloured pages in newsagents. I definitely agree with E as well. The sport needs more glamour - cheerleaders would be great and the girls love getting involved with that - and they bring their boyfriends and parents with them to the meeting. I agree with F too - but would like it to be sudden death - one heat with the four best riders. Perhaps before this, there could also be a junior race for under-16s and a women's race.
  13. Andrew666

    China India

    Has anyone considered the growth potential for speedway in China and India. Motor sports have taken off in a big way in both countries recently.....
  14. Anyone know the venues and dates for next year's grand prix series? It would be nice if there was an Aussie stand-alone grand prix with riders not involved in the main series - it could be a showcase for Anzac, American and Argentinian riders. If only there was the money..... It would also be nice if the main series could stretch a little further next year - Qatar would be good, perhaps sponsored by cash-rich and sports-mad Qatar Petroleum. They already have MotoGP and they can be contacted here: www.qmmf.com I've worked on a project with QP and building a speedway track would pose no problem for them. They have a massive construction infrastructure based on the principle of sub-contracting projects to European companies employing south asian labour.
  15. Andrew666

    What A Joke

    I suppose if the military are sponsoring speedway then at least a very small part of the £4500 of my taxes every year that goes towards funding the military is not being spent on weapons of mass destruction or paying young northern lads to act as mercenaries for American oil policy.

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