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  1. Pretty certain I can back that up,If it's the same guy I know of he wasn't injured at his home track but up at one nearby but still...I find it terrible that he was told that... btw no names,not right to,just felt it needed confirming this happens
  2. Wow,glad they're both ok. Oh and Dudek obviously
  3. Gearhead

    Swc Final 2015

    If you have a decent Android tablet,or even a phone,you can watch this and pretty much anything,I even got the Man Vs Pac
  4. Gearhead

    Gerhard Engine

    Toby Kroner was the one racing with a BMW engine This has to be the future of regular speedway,personally I think it's the only was the sport will survive in the long run
  5. Gearhead

    Warsaw Gp Saturday 18th April

    We're declared "racists" when we fly our flag or favour our own,so as I say vote UKIP..
  6. I thought it was for PL ,anyhow there's some great riders though
  7. Some undeniable names mentioned there,to add a few more notables? Les Collins Jan Staechmann Michael Coles Andy Galvin Robert Nagy Paul Thorp Paul Bentley
  8. Gearhead

    Ipswich 2015

    Agreed,the guy nearly made the GP's ffs,he'll go straight up to heat leader and maybe even stay there IMO
  9. Gearhead

    Darcy Ward

    ^^^Why you shouldn't drink and post..
  10. Brian Burford's features are by far the best for me,always something that little bit diferrent
  11. Don't be ridiculous,it was a "freak" set of circumstances,the guy wasn't expected to do what he did,pull off an incredible ride like that.Fair play too him though!
  12. Some real first class keyboard jockeys in here tonight,slagging Kilderman's off,seriously,an idiot? A huge pressure cooker meeting,a GP place at stake,the guy rides like he does for the results he gets,that style goes a long.long way,just look where he is right now,look how far it got him last night too. Nobody moans when it pays off and the entertainment factor's high,but it bites sometimes and today was one of those days,lighten up Good for Harris too,well deserved and hopefully he can make a better go of the 2015 GPs
  13. Gearhead

    Hagon Shocks Sponsored Riders

    Yes i suppose the Hagon effort in the US has let to a new line of sponsored riders
  14. Gearhead

    Hagon Shocks Sponsored Riders

    Fork Rent are backing Ward and Holder now,a few others too,Hans Andersen, Scott Nichols is family too
  15. Gearhead

    Sky Sports New Deal

    Backtracking a few pages (see what I did there :-) ) Isn't Matt Ford part of GoSpeed?
  16. These kids are at the sharp end of the NL and as your theory,will be riding for more than £10 a point I assure you,they'll pull in a bit of help here and there too Equipment wise,you'll find these NL rides' 2 bikes sitting in the pits made up of incredibly similar set ups to the top boys,aside from some of what's inside engines-but not greatly as the area that the money all goes is in keeping things new or to as high standard as possible for as long as possible,clutch plates in machinery used in the NL/PL often have to last 2 or 3 times longer than EL when riders are on 1/3 of the money,and engines will simply have go another couple of meetings before a freshen up or rebuild If promotors decide they need to try this approach to the reserve area of 6 and 7 then the £120 should be after a figure to cover their costs as previous import riders usually cost promoters anything from vans,board,flights and usually some form of guarantee etc,that's if their claiming that it's for the good of these lads 4 riders at every EL meeting costing promotors peanuts is a pretty low even by their standards,labelling it as "bringing on British talent",give them more of an honest figure to help them and reward them for their commitment,if if has to come from somewhere then it should be the other end,I appreciate that the whole ins and outs aren't exactly known but surely it makes sense regardless?
  17. How about the promotors offering riders at the other end of the pay-scale what they can afford to,that's the area that's got them in more of a bad financial situation afterall,
  18. Gearhead

    Ipswich 2014

    Sadly I'm afraid there seem to be far too many stories along those lines that revolve around Foxhall,as you say,not all riders or management in Speedway are quite so shortsighted Colin mills,yes I though I recognised the name,Keith Roswell,that's a bit of a blast from the (although not too long) past.a sponsor of CL,wasn't he in charge of PR,meeting sponsors etc?
  19. Sad for Peterbro,makes you wonder how many more would've gone without change Good to see more emphasis on Brits,I just hope promoters will stand by them and give them a fair crack,
  20. Gearhead

    Speedway At The Crossroads

    Some excellent points,aside from the only real money club-Poole,who can really afford the top GP riders next year without the Sky cash? I'd rather do without them for the sake of the sport,some of the wage bills being talked of are mind boggling,back to basics and rebuild from there I say
  21. If they can stay as they are,that's ideal for them,they're the kind of riders that can get a ride in Poland etc.The Elite/Premier gap is always closing,who knows what will happen next year if SKY pull the plug,I could see the Elite league possibly getting diluted
  22. The only trouble will run offs is the venue,its arguably always going to please some riders more than others,at leeast they'd get a shot sat it though
  23. Gearhead

    Ipswich V Edinburgh 25/7/13

    I thought Tai would have known better than that,maybe he's still got a bit of growing up to do,I'll give him the benefit of the doubt,he's still young I guess

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