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  1. June01

    Wild Cards 2019

    I must admit I was expecting far more posts about Nicki's non inclusion, but I do appreciate that some restraint in revelling in the decision has been exercised. I think it would be a poor show to do so. I appreciate Nicki's decision to turn down the reserve berth. I'm sure everyone remembers Tomasz Gollob refusing a wildcard in 2014, and I guess they both had similar thought processes. For me, I want to see the best riders in the world in the GPs. As someone who has averaged in the top 4 in all 3 leagues he competes in, a GP winner this year, and a 3 times World Champion I believe Nicki falls into this category. I find it a shame that geographical politics plays such a part in the decision, but it is what it is. I appreciate Nicki has has more wildcards than perhaps any one rider is entitled to (although no more than Chris Harris who, much as I like, is clearly a rider of lesser calibre than Nicki). I agree with the previous poster who said Nicki seemed really disappointed with this decision in his comments, and that he does seem to be hinting this will be the end of his GP career. My personal opinion from his body language and things he's said over the last two years is that he had considered retiring from the sport altogether on a couple of occasions, but the win in Malilla seemed to bring about a new found motivation to get back to winning. People knock him for his "tantrums" in the pits, but it's clear to see he cares. I will miss Nicki in the GPs (and I think even those who don't like him will miss having something to talk about) and I really hope I'm wrong, and that we will see him back on the circuit in 2020, but if not, it's been an absolute pleasure to watch such an exciting and passionate rider.
  2. Then I apologise for my snappiness. I didn't get home from work until late last night and hadn't realised it was televised. Thank you for your response.
  3. If I don't ask specifically for someone who was there I will inevitably get someone try to help by posting "updates says", or a link to the official scorecard (which you have done yourself). I just wanted visual confirmation. There is no need to be quite so rude to a simple question. Edit: thank you, Fromafar, for your reply.
  4. Can someone who was at this meeting confirm the result of heat 15 please? Official scorecard says Ellis rode off a handicap but Poole's site says Simon replaced him.
  5. June01

    Wild Cards 2019

    Dudek and Pedersen. The other two I'm not overly fussed about. Edit: unless it's Holder. Holder I draw the line at.
  6. June01

    Poole 2019

    I can't help but wonder if this is pre-empting the rumoured breakaway league.
  7. Could someone who was at this meeting confirm that Sarjeant went off 15 metres in heat 8 please (not from updates - I need first person visual confirmation!)
  8. I still read that as Son of Norbold.
  9. Somehow the current threads don't do justice to the "end of an era" stance some of us are feeling. Great result tonight, lads, and the season marches on...at Hoddesdon. So hoping to put together a collection of memories or thoughts about another track that we are about to lose. For me, I came to Arena Essex, as it was then, after Hackney's closure, unsure about the lower league status, but soon the track became home...everything from the trek down to the pits, to the burgers on the 1st bend, to the lack of fence, to the bags of sweets at the track shop. Friends I made... My favourite rider was always Andy Galvin, but I remember the "double" days, which made me realise the lower league team wasn't as bad as I thought! Chalky White, Bo Petersen, Brian Karger to name a few. We had some great riders though... I shall miss the old place.
  10. We don't want it to end. :(
  11. Is that within the rules? I always thought reserves could take 2 R/R - one as a reserve replacement and one as a R/R?
  12. I see Berge took 3 R/R rides. Were these all as R/R or was one as a reserve replacement for another rider?
  13. Morris explained the reason for the exclusion - that Woffinden wasn't ready at the tapes when the 2 minutes were up. Woffinden shrugged it off, pretty much, although he did mention something about karma.
  14. Haven't replied to this up til now, but to say I'm gutted is an understatement. Lost Canterbury, Hackney, and now Arena Essex. Taking the team to Rye? Not sure how I feel about that. Whilst I'm glad the team will still survive in some format, if the Rockets couldn't make it viable at Hoddesdon, how are Lakeside expected to? And how many more teams are on the brink of closure?
  15. Sayfutdinov and Kildemand both 50 less please

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