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  1. June01

    Sheffield 2020

    Really nice to see Simon Stead so enthusiastic about the season ahead, and it's great to see so much positivity and forward planning where there is normally so much doom and gloom. Great signing as far as I'm concerned. Sheffield are certainly coming to the table all guns blazing, and good luck to them!
  2. June01

    Poole v Swindon. Prem. 19/8/19

    Could someone who was at this meeting confirm who came last in heat 8 please? Poole and Updates sites (which seems to have come from a live feed) both say Perks replaced Newman but the official scorecard says he didn't?
  3. June01

    Canterbury Crusaders

    No, opposite. The old track is now a housing estate. Closed in 1987.
  4. Dudek and Laguta 100 more each please
  5. Thomsen 100 more please
  6. June01

    Danish league 2019

    Have they stopped sharing out the remaining points from any unraced heats when a meeting is abandoned due to rain now?
  7. Kolodziej 50 less please
  8. Can someone who was at this meeting confirm the result of heat 3 from a programme please (not from updates/websites)?
  9. Zagar 100 less please
  10. Was the "spraying" of Iversen by Pedersen really worthy of Niels' reaction in the news to it? I couldn't see the actual incident as it was just out of shot. Did see the shale flying, but it seemed a fair way away from Niels.
  11. Dudek £200 more with final spread stretcher please
  12. Can I add the spread stretcher to Dudek please?
  13. Iversen 50 less Dudek 100 more Please.
  14. This was the reason I was asking for further evidence. I'm led to believe the SCB do verify the results and will alter them if necessary. Hopefully it will be picked up and rectified. Thanks for all the replies.
  15. Could someone who was at this meeting confirm from their programme the result of heat 14 please?

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