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  1. Newcastle 2018

    Well I'm content that I can return to Speedway at Newcastle to be honest. It was looking dodgy for a time. I think the Promotion have done the best they could under very difficult circumstances. Hopefully, even with Lindgren at Number One, we might surprise a few people. I, for one, hope so. I wish the Promotion and the Riders all the very best for the coming Season. Roll on a week on Sunday.
  2. Alan Knapkin RIP

    Really sad to hear this News. Another Rider who I used to admire has left us. Rest in Peace + Alan.
  3. Newcastle 2018

    Personally, I am going to watch him ride not sing. Don't really care about his singing tbh.
  4. Newcastle 2018

    Hopefully that will, perhaps, ease a few minds a little. I am sure things will be sorted out in time. I am concerned but optimistic.
  5. Newcastle 2018

    If Danny Phillips has gone to Scunthorpe as has been pointed out on here, that leaves us as the only Team in our League with Riders short. I fervently hope that something can be sorted out soon.
  6. Redcar 2018

    Any News on the 'Bears'? No Posts on here since 27/01/18.
  7. Caption fun...

    Is this Fat Maud???......................................................
  8. Newcastle 2018

    Best of luck Carl. Looking forward to watching you in the new Season. Hope the bloody snow stops by then.
  9. Newcastle 2018

    I believe George has very probably been working under severe constraints in Team Building for the new Season. It doesn't matter what Plans you have, if you can't afford them they are useless. George is bringing Speedway back to Brough Park for this Season and I am very grateful to him for that. I am also prepared to wait and see what he comes up with to complete the Team. Remember we could - conceivably - have had no Speedway at all in the coming Season. You need to cut George, and the rest of the Promotion a little slack here.
  10. Newcastle 2018

  11. Celebration of Speedway 2018

    Is that Pete Seaton I see?
  12. Redcar handed fours

    I just wonder whether you have ever been to Redcar SP? The Track certainly isn't narrow, and I have seen some fantastic races there. I, for one, am very pleased that Redcar are staging the 4's. I am sure that they would not have been awarded them had assurances not been given regarding the size of the Crowd and viewing ability of said Crowd. Personally, I wish Redcar and the Promotion all the luck in the world with this endeavour. It is a feather in their cap to bring such a prominent Event to the North East.
  13. Newcastle 2018

    You deserve a medal Dave for all the work you, and your Team put in.
  14. Newcastle 2018

    The 'Lean, Green Racing Machine' that is - - - Andrew Tully?
  15. TV Coverage

    Thanks for that The Cheese.