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  1. The White Knight

    Ted Hubbard RIP

    R.I.P. Ted +
  2. The White Knight

    Into Premiership in 2020?

    He also said that Poole could be considering stepping down to the Championship.
  3. The White Knight

    Split Waterman RIP

    R.I.P. 'Split'. + One of the most famous names in Speedway.
  4. Indeed they were. Frank was not very nice about Jack at a Sunderland Reunion a few years back, Very sad.
  5. The White Knight

    Grand Prix numbers

    Root - '66'.
  6. Jim Airey - Sunderland 'Saints' 1964. Graem Smith - Sunderland 'Stars' 1972/73. Jack Millen. Sunderland 'Stars' 1972/73. Just my favourite Riders for my Club - Sunderland of bless├ęd memory.
  7. The White Knight

    Not Forgotten.

    R.I.P. + Svein Harald Kaasa
  8. The White Knight

    Now I need help from Speedway Historians!!

    I totally agree - but sadly they won't.
  9. The White Knight

    1949 Queries

    I think it is great the way folk help out Dave and others with details. It is also very impressive.
  10. The White Knight

    Airhorn Thoughts

    Not a fan of Air Horns. Why do folk have to make a noise that upsets others who have no choice in the matter? Sorry - but I would ban them.
  11. The White Knight

    Clive Featherby RIP

    Very sad. R.I.P. Clive. +
  12. The White Knight

    AJ retires

    Aye - it comes to us all. Great Rider. Good luck in your retirement AJ.
  13. The White Knight

    Favourite Rider of All Time

  14. The White Knight

    Speedway Star idea

    Excellent idea.
  15. The White Knight

    Fans Survey---( at Redcar) what do you think?

    Good luck with this Survey. At least the Promotion at Redcar are trying something. I wish them every success.

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