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  1. The White Knight

    62 Years+ Club

    First Meeting 1964 at Sunderland (Saints). So not far behind you CHR.
  2. The White Knight

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    Shocking news regarding Nigel Pearson. He will be very much missed by the Speedway Community as a whole. My sincere condolences to his family and his many friends. R.I.P. + Nigel.
  3. The White Knight

    Song Title Game

    Freight Train - Elizabeth Cotten.
  4. The White Knight

    Alistair Brady.

    Very sad news. I can remember Alistair riding for Berwick at Sunderland. R.I.P. + Alistair.
  5. Have Sayfutdinov or Laguta indicated that they are going to change their citizenship? Very good post OveFundin. I agree 100%. If he wanted a photograph with this guy - that says it all for me. If there is a ban on poor disabled athletes in the Winter Olympics, and in most other Sports - Sayfutdinov and Laguta MUST be banned. Speedway is an Interrnational Sport and MUST join the sporting community in it's decisions, anything else would be unconsionable.
  6. You forgot Sunderland. Thank you your Holiness. Let's hope so. Fingers crossed.
  7. The White Knight

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Very true VB - how right you are.
  8. Simple answer to the question posed in this topic title is - YES!!!
  9. The White Knight

    Wimbledon Memories

    I see the bullying and nastiness continues on the BSF. Certainly some folk should be ashamed of themselves. Picking on an elderly gentleman - how clever, how brave.
  10. Apparently the F.A. have stated that they will not play against Russia in any competition for the foreseeable future. Good for them.
  11. The White Knight


    I have been watching him carefully on tthe TV, and I believe he may have a mental problem. If I am right -- heaven help us all. President Volodymyr Zelensky is a true hero - may he succeed in any peace negotiations. This is a man who understands Leadership and shows it. May God help Ukraine.
  12. The White Knight

    Bernard Slade details please

    Perhaps John didn't know about the relationship. As usual, all the usual suspects jump in with both feet.
  13. The White Knight

    European Union - In Or Out?

    No, we are not thank goodness.
  14. The White Knight

    Five tracks you never got to but wish you had

    The Boldon Stadium is still there, in great condition, but only for dogs. Sad really. A reasonable distance from housing - it could be ideal. Closed twice, once (1964) by in order to strengthen the Wolverhampton/Newcastle Teams. Second time by rank bad management of the early part of the 1974 Season. Towards the end of that season Mrs. Liz Taylor (Berwick Promoter) attempted to take over. By then it was too late - the crowds had dwindled and did not return in numbers. I will always be grateful to Mrs. Taylor for trying. Always easier to lose supporters than gain them.
  15. The White Knight

    Five tracks you never got to but wish you had

    You never mentioned Sunderland HT.

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