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  1. The White Knight


    I think the simple answer is probably - COST!!!
  2. The White Knight


    R.I.P. + Big Al.
  3. The White Knight

    RIP Colin Pratt

    R.I.P. + Colin Pratt. A Speedway legend. My condolences go to his family and friends.
  4. The White Knight

    What the fans say

    Most of this reminds me of what Speedway used to be like, I wouldn't change a thing. Nowadays though, no real smell of Castrol 'R' any more. 4 Valve Engines that are too powerful for the Tracks they are expected to race on, in the chase for extra speed. Speedway then was slower in those days, but crucially, but a damned sight more exciting. Speed does not mean better or more exciting, it means more dangerous for the riders. I have been a big fan of Speedway for over fifty years (1964). Those days are gone now, and will sadly never return. Speedway is not what it was, and that is a tragedy.
  5. The White Knight

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Sadly, I doubt it. Rental there would be very steep, I suspect. That is if they would allow it in the first place. My hopes for that died years ago. I would though. like to say, that I hope a way can be found to rescue Newcastle Speedway. I am keeping my fingers crossed that a Promoter will step forward. Good luck to all Newcastle Supporters at this desperate time. I have been through this twice so I know exactly how you feel. Even after fifty years I still feel the loss of 'my Team'. Very best wishes to all Supporters of Newcastle 'Diamonds'. My thoughts and hopes are with you.
  6. The White Knight

    RIP Taffy Owen

    My late wife and I shared a taxi with 'Taffy' and Peter Kelly many years ago returning from a Crewe Reunion to the Hotel where we were staying. I never laughed so much in all my life. What a character he was. We were both privileged to be in the company of such a friendly and entertaining couple of people. Fond memories indeed. My condolences to all 'Taffy's Family and friends. I, for one, will never forget him. R.I.P. + 'Taffy'.
  7. The White Knight

    Name your 5 favourite tracks

    In no particular order. Belle Vue (Hyde Road) Belle Vue (New Stadium) Sunderland Coventry Redcar
  8. The White Knight

    Name your favourite five riders.

    Never were truer words spoken Sidney.
  9. The White Knight

    Name your favourite five riders.

    My favourite riders, not the best in the world but here goes: Jim Airey Gordon Guasco Jack Millen Graeme Smith and finally, the one and only 'Briggo'. You did ask. You may notice a little Sunderland bias here.
  10. The White Knight

    British Speedway Official Website

    I am very disappointed by the obituary on the BSPA Website. They should have done a proper job on the obituary, not just the few words published. They have let down their Sport by their understated reaction to someone who, so obviously, loved his Speedway, and did as much as he could for it in his lifetime. Sadly, he is due far more respect than this.
  11. The White Knight

    Philip Rising R.I.P

    Very sorry to hear of the loss of a truly great friend of Speedway. I will miss his erudite postings on this Forum, they were always well worth reading. I would like to offer my condolences to his family and friends at this very sad time. I never met Phil but he had my total respect. R.I.P. + Phil.
  12. The White Knight

    Fathers and Sons

    For a Speedway Club with such a short history, may I humbly submit the following: 1964 Sunderland 'Saints' - Ken Sharples (Father), Paul Sharples (Son). 1973 Sunderland 'Stars' - George Barclay (Father), Terry Barclay (Son). Our 1964 Team had 9 Home Meetings only, as we were closed down after that. Our 1971 to 1974 Team managed four years before the same thing happened to us. So in that short space of time, we tracked two Fathers and Sons in the same team. Must be some sort of record? Does anybody know of any others in so short a time?
  13. The White Knight

    European Union - In Or Out?

    HaHa!!!!! Nice one. I see that some things never change.
  14. The White Knight

    Speedway article in The Oldie Magazine

    Unfortunately, the title of the magazine says it all. The only people who will read this are 'old fogies' like me. I doubt if 'The Oldie' magazine has many young readers. Nice to get a mention though - all publicity is good publicity. An interesting piece though, for those unaware of Speedway's great history.
  15. The White Knight

    Extortionate Admission Prices

    Some hope. They are too busy playing games on their Computers or messing about with their mobile 'phones.

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