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  1. The White Knight

    Speedway Star idea

    Excellent idea.
  2. The White Knight

    Fans Survey---( at Redcar) what do you think?

    Good luck with this Survey. At least the Promotion at Redcar are trying something. I wish them every success.
  3. The White Knight

    TV new deal?

    Perhaps if a terrestrial Channel would take Speedway, it would get more exposure. I won't hold my breath. #Just saying......................................
  4. The White Knight

    Henry Long, R.I.P.

    R.I.P. + Henry.
  5. The White Knight

    Speedway on the BBC

    I don't know why, and, I would be interested to know?
  6. The White Knight


    You reckon?
  7. The White Knight

    Brandon Update

    You have my best wishes for the return of Coventry 'Bees' to it's ancestral home. I sincerely hope that this can come to fruition.
  8. The White Knight

    Unpopular Opinions - Speedway Edition

    You would be surprised.
  9. The White Knight

    Unpopular Opinions - Speedway Edition

    In the pantheon of ignorant a##eholes on this Forum - you must be top.
  10. The White Knight

    The greatest "nearly men" 1948-2018

    I think I would have to agree with you CHR.
  11. The White Knight

    It's friday night but,

    He certainly was - along with Graeme Smith and Russ Dent. Was that the year we won the Four Team Tournament Competition against Teesside, Workington and Berwick? 1972 or 1973 My memory fails me these days....
  12. The White Knight

    It's friday night but,

    You have my sympathy - as do all the Supporters of the Tracks mentioned by Reliant Robin..... My Track closed 45 years ago - Sunderland 'Stars'.
  13. The White Knight

    John Chaplin

    Very sad news.. My sincere condolences to his family and his friends. R.I.P. +
  14. The White Knight

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    NO!!! Three World Championships say it all for me.
  15. The White Knight

    Ricky Ashworth on BBC breakfast this morning.

    Well done Ricky. For courage and determination you are the TOPS!!! Very best and sincere wishes for your future. I loved your riding and I hope your dream of a solo ride is fulfilled.

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