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  1. Hope Harris brings his league form rather than his GP qualifier form, or it could be a close meeting...either way Lynn should have enough in the tank to win by more than 6. Last time Kennett rode at the NA he spent more time looking back and not forward - not expecting him to trouble the scorers too much.
  2. Stars by 4 with that new cookie chap in our team. He looked quite handy on Monday...
  3. Good chance for the stars to get something out of this
  4. kelvinht

    King’s Lynn v Wolves 3/6/19

    Said exactly the same thing to my mate! And why did we need an interval after all the other delays, restarts, grading, two on trot. 2 hours is ridiculous
  5. kelvinht

    King’s Lynn v Wolves 3/6/19

    Hopefully having Cook in the team will generate friendly rivalry with Ruthless for the no 1 spot and see him start to show his 2018 league form which has been hit and miss thus far
  6. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Why would NKI miss 8 matches? Thought the reason for moving to Monday and Thursday stopped international clashes?
  7. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Spot on. Runaway victories every week. Don't know how we got away with the concrete wall just behind the boards.
  8. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Riss named in GP qualifier on 8th June, wonder if he'll be fit by then and if so back in the team....and replacing who.....
  9. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I hope that's the plan. Love watching Riss, no way would we not want him back in the team once fit. You have to wonder if Riss not injured in first place that it would have been a different change to get Cook in
  10. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If Erik is out for a short while, any replacement for him should be short term injury replacement until he is fit. He is one of the better riders in the team who we can't afford to lose. Permanent replacements need to be for those under performing....
  11. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    S Lambert and Kasper at reserve....we'd be cannon fodder. Don't know what the answer is, but we need a tweak somewhere or we ain't gonna make top 4.
  12. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I've yet to see Kerr produce his pre injury form. With the Lambo not hitting last season's highs yet and the rest of the team hit and miss we will struggle even more carrying Kerr when he drops to reserve. Have our averages dropped enough to get NKI back or Cook in the team somewhere?
  13. My money would be on r/r but no doubt announced on the parade
  14. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    yep and same between bends 1/2. Kev is always loud and clear but the interviewee, the interesting bit, forget it... Two microphones with different volumes set maybe?
  15. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    That was my co conclusion. No disrespect to Simon, but he's reached his level in the sport and is hardly the sort of signing we need in 2019. We needed him to keep scoring at end of last season when MPT was injured and his performances went the other way

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