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  1. Hope Stars can keep this close. Never sure which away performance you'll get ..
  2. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    Hope forecast is right, been raining all morning 10 miles south east of Norwich KL is apparently dry...
  3. Thought it had been changed to Leicester v KL. Not sure of reasons. All will be confirmed during tonight's GP I suspect...
  4. Top 4 is looking like Poole, Somerset, Stars. Swindon look perilous with number of matches ridden, so Belle Vue need Wolves to get nothing from these matches so Bewley or Fricke would be best option. Cook is too unpredictable. R/r too risky for double header
  5. Why is it a a rip off? Half price for second meeting sounds reasonable. BUT if injuries and delays turn it into a fiasco, then it ain't reasonable!
  6. Not ideal, but guess options are limited this close to play offs. Just hope neither team start with r/r so we have a fighting chance of getting 2 reasonable meetings. Also notice it's a 7pm start makes it tight after work...
  7. Lynn reserves will do well to get more than a point between them, unless a different Newman turn up on Wednesday. Our top 5 might do enough to scrape a point. Be interesting to see the effect of riding order change for stars, at least we shouldn't keep losing heat 1....
  8. Clearly didn't come across well on TV. For those of us at the track it was a good match, close score, close racing, a few passes and the rebels went home pointless. Stars certainly need to look at reserve positions, not sure I'd persevere with Newman at reserve on Wednesday. Awful tonight. Managed to make Lambert (s) look good. Could do with MPT back at reserve, so if that means replacing garrity then so be it....
  9. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Would have to consider something like that. Depends on how fit garrity is, especially if his hand ain't gonna be healed for a few weeks. Getting MPT back at reserve would be a real bonus
  10. Thought had crossed my mind. Give him a couple of guest appearances to see how he goes. Smart move...
  11. Robert Lambert....wow!!!!! Stunning display. All round solid display from the rest of stars. According to twitter garrity has broken bone in his hand so Kyle Newman guesting on Monday and Wednesday. Hope he's not out long or it's back to drawing board for a replacement....
  12. Hope so, planning to use mine tonight. Could be another close one. Looks like two fairly evenly matched sides. I'd be happy with win, but not as close as Monday please. I was nervous just watching scores on twitter!
  13. Hope buster can give garrity a bit of track time ahead of this match. He'll need to be dialled in against the pirates reserves.
  14. kelvinht

    Blimey..speedway on BBC1!

    Was a great bit of advertising, not seen any post match report on main steam BBC sport though. :-(
  15. S/R (spectator replacement) for me on Monday. Should be back on the terraces on Wednesday. Will be keeping a close eye on this. A must win match for both teams to keep play off hopes alive. Everything will be crossed for a stars win. I'll take any sort of win as this could be close. Harris certainly makes Poole a bit stronger, but with the Stars back to a full side we should have enough in the tank for the win.

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