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  1. How did Lambert get all those rides, he never looked like scoring after Garrity unintentionally but the wotsits up him in his first ride. Kerr should have taken two of them. Simon is the only rider who can rlead into turn one but be last by turn two! Couldn't work out Harris either, in his first ride he appeared to be all over Tungate with out making the pass, looked like he didn't want too, then in his second ride seemed to be inviting Nicholls through. Any why no MPT in heat 15, surely he deserved it over at least Harris... Just as well we weren't against a better team. Belle Vue may not be quite so easy on Thursday, particularly if Frike rides
  2. Always a possibility, they were certainly punching above their weight early season and are looking very fragile now
  3. Stars need to win all their remaining matches, home and away, to stand any sort of chance. Unfortunately Swidon and BV both have an away match at Peterborough, do on current form both will pick up away wins there which will make it doubly difficult for us
  4. I thought that too, but forecast is better tomorrow. But with the micro climate at saddlebow road, might as well call it now and rearrange.... lol
  5. kelvinht

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Regularly happens at many meetings by many riders and not just Eastbourne and looks thoroughly unprofessional.....
  6. Peterborough will need guests as well I presume, Stars Select v Panthers Select. On paper, with 3 potentially injured riders, we one our 'easier' matches, hope it doesn't turn out to be a banana skin.
  7. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    True, but we are so hit and miss this season, so getting them all firing on the same night would take a minor miracle. That said, you'd like to think the Stars could all click away from home on same night at least once this season!
  8. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Not sure where this will end up. Didn't realise until I looked at the fixtures, we only have 3 away matches left. Short of a minor miracle can't see us picking up much at Belle Vue, Poole or Wolves. Not convinced our home form will get us into playoffs. If we sneak it on home form then anything could be possible I guess
  9. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I assume no news means we'll soldier on with Simon until Broc fit?
  10. If Robert Lambert and Cookie can get a similar number of points to Doyle and Batchelor, then the stars will win. By my reckoning rest of the team should equal or out score their opposite numbers. 48-42 to Stars
  11. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Visa I suspect
  12. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    just seen that :-( fingers crossed its not too serious
  13. kelvinht

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Plan b will probably be Simon Lambert to continue in the short term.....it's what we always do!
  14. Thought it was a decent meeting. BV perhaps deserved a bit more, but were never going to win. Wish all meetings were run with that speed. Flowed much better!
  15. One of those horrible days on whether I risk the weather and travel over from other side of Norwich. Guess it will depend on how much rain in the day as well. A rain off would allow us to make changes, before riding another meeting, so half expecting an early call by Buster....

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