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  1. TigerAl

    Sheffield 2020

    Squall, Steady said at the last STAARS meeting that Kyle would partner Nicki at number 2.
  2. TigerAl

    Sheffield 2020

    I'm pretty sure that. at the last STAARS meeting Damien Bates said that the start time would be 7:30.
  3. It was announced at the Meeting yesterday that this fixture will be on Wednesday 11th September.
  4. Pienpeesman, I'm a season ticket holder at both Speedway and Hillsborough and my view is that the majority of Wednesday fans were absolutely gutted that Steve Bruce has left us in the lurch just before the start of the season. He has completely mugged off the club that showed him great compassion following his personal losses last year and was then welcomed and defended against personal abuse from Villa fans only to turn around and become Mike Ashley's bitch. I wouldn't want to be coming back to Hillsborough any time soon if I was him, he will get slaughtered. We now refer to him as the snake.
  5. The new look Bears head into Town on Sunday 7th July. I can't see anything other than another comfortable home win, even with ex-Tiger Kasper Andersen in their newly declared ranks. The Tigers will be boosted by the return of skipper Kyle Howarth who will have a point to prove. Should be something in the order of 55-35 in my opinion.
  6. Two of the races had times of 59.50 and 59.54 only 0.4 from the track record. Speaks for itself really, must have been really dangerous. Anyone else notice that just before heat 13 and Schlein being due back on track they played 'it's a man's world' by James Brown. Made me laugh anyway.
  7. The omens are good for a bright, sunny warm day and this could potentially be a cracker. We have got used to close home meetings of late and this should be exactly that as well. Not sure on the situation regarding Zaine being fit to take part or not. I'm sure someone will have an update. A word of warning across the road in Hillsborough Park on Sunday there is the annual Owls in the park, which I shall be attending earlier in the day, so parking may be at a premium at Owlerton, though it should be on the wind down by the time the speedway is due to start.
  8. Second meeting at EWR for the Scorpions and the Tigers. Can the patched up Scorps win for the second time this season against the not quite firing Tigers? A lot will depend on who guests for Scunny or who is fit to return. Obviously, I hope for a Tigers win.
  9. This could be another very close meeting, as we seem to be specialising in at Sheffield this season. Let's see how Chunk goes on his home debut.
  10. Honestly, neither do I, but plenty do prefer to be inside, as you will see if you are there on Sunday.
  11. Carvery costs either £8.99 or £9.99 and if you intend staying in the restaurant for the meeting it is better to book a table (ask for one next to the windows).
  12. First home league meeting of the season for the Tigers. Slightly later start time for this meeting due to Wednesday playing the final game of the football season also on Sunday. I wouldn't advise getting there too early as the car park charge £5 for the football compared to £2 for the speedway. On the track, we should see a comprehensive win for the Tigers. I suggest 55-35ish.
  13. Will Sheffield have an upturn in fortune today in what should be a bumper Bank Holiday crowd. Thread started before away meetings at Scunny and Leicester so hopefully decent results have returned already.
  14. Can only see a sizeable home win here unless something miraculous happens to the Tigers form.
  15. The first championship action of the season. This could be a close one. Not one of Sheffield favourite tracks, in fact one of the Tigers bogey tracks if anything.

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