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  1. It might be good for the sport providing the punters turn up. Too many promoters looking after number one and the lack of cooperation is evident. Also give a thought to those fans who have lost money on hotels and booked holidays around fixtures only to find them changed at the last minute (not because of weather) without a second thought by the promoters. All have had adequate time to get their house in order and most have failed miserably. If it down to overseas commitments, that is another issue that needs to dealt with, if it is the double up then that confirms FRN etc. Is not working. No extension is the fairest way. What happens if they did and it peed down that week. Another extension?
  2. Hawk127

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    I do not think you are alone. I long gave up on six man teams made up of guests, strays and anyone who could ride a bike and the fact that the powers that be felt I only needed to watch speedway every two or three weeks has been the final straw and my response is well screw you lot. I will save the cash and find something more interesting to follow. Too many of the people running clubs are so far removed from reality that they really need to get out and do everyone a favour and take up knitting because they are of no value to the well being of speedway
  3. Hawk127

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    I don’t think it is just a case that the standard of rider that has dropped. You do not have to have Gregg, Tai and others to make a good race, but you do want to see riders with track craft, throttle control and the ability to adapt to the track as presented and put on a show. Fans are fed up with seeing those that work at it to hone their skills versus those who ride in so many leagues and countries that Speedway U.K. is just pin money. The paying public deserve better. Aim for a level playing field and that does not mean clubs wasting money they do not have on the top stars because the UK version of speedway cannot afford them any longer. Speedway is a spent sport that will struggle for years to come so it is time to wise up and run at a level that can be reasonably funded out of the very little revenue that each team can generate. Those that cannot make ends meet should close. It needs to be a part time income for those riding over here not the sole source of pay for the participants. Why supporters want to watch six riders plus R/R every other week really makes no sense. Being weekly is probably more a case of if you are lucky (more like,ly every three to four weeks) and with no real allegiance to the team because of guests and double ups supporters no longer recognise or have a local team. You have a bunch of riders who are mercenaries and take what they can get from any source. They are not interested in the punter just the pound in their pocket from the nights racing be this a fixed fee and/or points money.
  4. Hawk127


    Just thought that local charities might create more publicity and bring in that local support which is there or thereabouts and raise the profile in the local community. National publicity has not worked and the lazy promoters do not sell the sport relying on press and radio coverage (mainly BBC) so this is partly doing the job for them. We know that promoters rarely promote (unlike stock cars and bangers) and to keep the sport alive, something needs doing as without some ideas that are thinking outside the box speedway is dead in the water. Poor stadia, poor tracks, poor presentation and taking the p.. with running 15 races over two hours says all that is wrong. If you want to run something that takes two hours plus then invoke some interest such as betting but stop taking the punters for fools. Promoters need to wise up and get real. If they cannot get a grip on what is wrong, close down the venue rather than hold others to ransom.
  5. Hawk127


    I agree and add to this the option of picking the finishing order and heat result. Betting stops as soon as the tapes rise. Alternatively run it like a lottery with a percentage of the wager going to to a local charity each week and for the play offs a percentage goes to the Ben Fund. Put betting on site might see the numbers through the gate increase. Some comparison with dog betting but less time to wait between races.
  6. Hawk127

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    It does seem that some of the debate revolves around the fans/supporters. Older fans were brought up on a diet of mixed racing, league, cup, individual meetings 4TT etc and enjoyed the weekly fix which also achieved the desired aim of riders in having more track time. Today many will not turn up / support anything other than league meetings. That is fine and a choice we all make However with fewer clubs not always having their preferred choice of racing night and having to fight over a dwindling pool of riders given the pull of European clubs, it does make it difficult to get a settled 1 to 7 in any BL club with regular weekly racing particular when the customer base only want one form of meeting and will not turn out in decent enough numbers to support/following speedway racing except a league meeting. Up and coming riders have little chance of breaking in when the track time is so scarce. Perhaps the decline is not just due to the product and all the associated issues, it may well be that the punter has played a major part in the decline with their choices. Other theories will do the rounds as to who or what is wrong and lots of ideas on here have merit but perhaps the supporters need to look inwardly and think would I run a speedway team with such a fickle client base.
  7. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2018

    Has Heeps had enough chances? Perhaps another change and possibly the witches could just make the play offs. I really hope that next season the teams can get back to weekly racing a build continuity so that the riders are getting regular track time and they can be slighter better in terms of race fitness then appears to be the case at present. Forget doubling up, build team to ride as a team and with that will come the confidence and camaraderie rather than individuals plying their trade around the country with little or no loyalty and no rider/club following
  8. Scott needs to come home. The witches is where he belongs.
  9. Thanks. Much appreciated
  10. I know it is madness to ask when we are only July but is Berlin confirmed. Hotels and flights are really cheap at this time hence the question.
  11. Hawk127

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    A bit of a long way to go for those of us south of Ipswich and a pity that more clubs do not take a leaf out of the Northern Junior league book and put on a show featuring different levels of skill so that we get a chance to see the future on a regular basis, not just an ‘ as and when someone feels like it’. What is your opinion of the mixed racing and is it recorded or on YouTube?
  12. Hawk127

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Agree Neil does appear to be working hard for the future but these youngsters deserve some support on the terraces. Take a look at the 85 cc Gold Trophy that was raced at Rybinsk today. A decent crowd, big screen and although some of the racing is a bit processional (bit like British league racing) the crowd get behind the next generation. Why not have teams with different classes of bikes racing in a meeting. Four man teams at 125, 250 & 500cc with the aggregate points scored then determining who wins the match and the league points. Something different but isn’t that what is badly needed to reignite the interest
  13. Hawk127

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Without Guy Nicholls and his Tru7 Group who sponsor the witches, the chances are Ipswich would find it difficult to run. Despite so many decent ideas being thrown into the pot, few on the forum will reach a consensus as to the way forward and with the ‘franchise’ mentality of those running their clubs and reasonable sums of money being put in by primarily local businesses sponsoring local clubs, is it any wonder the current business model is a failure with so much local self interest Perhaps it needs such a major change to fix speedway and that may drive away the dwindling fan base yet I suspect no one has deep enough pockets to take the gamble unless you give tracks an open licence to experiment but that would also mean no league racing. Radical changes such as dropping league racing should be considered by those clubs who cannot afford to run a team sport rather than expect the majority to fall into line with the minority. To owners and promoters perhaps you should cut your cloth accordingly and start thinking of the sport as a whole and not your own little silo.
  14. Hawk127


    If you have BT sport you should be able to access the BT site and watch it on your tablet/computer. I have just watched it on the BT website (I have it on Sky and not a BT tv subscriber) and it is a really good piece of work and congratulations to those who put it together. This really does put the sport into perspective and somehow needs to get out to a wider audience and perhaps be inspirational to those who want to try it like the twins in the film. Thought provoking and we can only salute those who have paid the ultimate price. A must see in my opinion.
  15. Hawk127

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Keep it up Craig I have you nailed on at 80/1 with an each way net. You can do it.

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