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  1. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2020

    If NP rides a full season, he is one of the few who will put bums on seats at every stadia Sheffield visit in the U.K.. A great signing for the club and someone who you can really look forward to visiting Foxhall which is something that has been sadly missing from the UK scene. If only Ipswich could sign Jarek or similar and take it up to another level to the success of last year.
  2. Hawk127

    Speedway's future IMO

    I think you are doing these trades a huge disservice. I would say it is more likely to be run by investment bankers, foreign exchange/money market dealers and that wholesome group of con merchants, the Estate Agents. All three have broadly the same ethics and could not give a fig about anyone else.
  3. Hawk127

    TV new deal?

    That may well be the case but if you look at the sponsors and partners who are behind British Superbike, speedway could only dream of that sort of support. Speedway needs a main sponsor and some serious partners but as long as it carries on being so insular ranging from engines through to parts it is never going to happen. Speedway is not a mainstream sport and most followers of other two wheeled sport certainly show no interest or have not even heard of speedway. Until they have a serious change of direction then it will be an obscure sport on the edge where only ‘anoraks’ follow it. Eurosport cannot change that.
  4. Hawk127

    Poole 2020

    Whilst they have ‘exclusive’ rights to both leagues that does not necessarily mean they will show matches from both leagues. Didn’t BT have exclusive rights to both? If not I wonder why some matches were not streamed by a third party. Anyway, as has been said the devil will be in the detail and probably it will all depend on the make up of the leagues etc. Is it only BSPA that tries to con you into thinking that it will reinvent the sport each year and everything in the garden is rosey only to regularly fail miserably and the shambles rolls on. I hope Eurosport have done their homework on the workings of the BSPA and U.K. speedway.
  5. Hawk127

    Poole 2020

    If you take the play offs away from the 18 mentioned that leaves 12 live meetings. Can someone confirm if that is either more or less than BT broadcast over the last season? Didn’t BT say how great it was to add speedway to their two wheeled offering? I guess it is a case of wait and see but hopefully they are able to match the live scheduling that BT and Sky gave to the sport as no one wants to see the last five or six heats of a live meeting because another sport has overrun. At least those with BT can cancel the subscription and watch the GPS on YouTube.
  6. It is what they did not say and only referred to the GP for next year. It sounded like a farewell but hopefully not.
  7. Agree and on the night they did well but when it really matters having achieved this they could not step up to the real challenge. A team on form crying out for a real match but alas it was not to be. It did not make a great spectacle from a TV perspective but alas it was what it was. Not the best of play offs and one that historically will be recorded for the wrong reasons as far as the Witches are concerned. Time to re-Group and see where the sport takes itself.
  8. Were the closing words on this broadcast confirmation that domestic speedway will not be on BT next year?
  9. They may have kept it interesting.
  10. No but a realistic observer. Ipswich have managed to create history for the wrong reason. I do not hate Ipswich but dispise inept riders who do this for a living but fail miserably and frankly you look at Iversen who rode in Germany at the weekend on a poor track a scored double figures and yet is crap. Danny King talks a good talk but really cannot be any better than a second string in this league. Jake is the only rider who has anything to be proud of. Ipswich have done better in prior years but this has to be down as a piss poor performance and not something to be proud of.
  11. What a disgrace Ipswich. I suppose they have next year to look forward to but this really is an unmitigated failure by six of the seven riders.
  12. Hopefully the last ride for Harris in Witches colours. Thanks but move on
  13. Worrying that Scott thinks bonuses would have been paid to witches riders. Speedway cannot afford to buy a winning team. Ipswich paying generously is a joke. Not sure anyone apart from one deserve anything other then points money.
  14. Have the Ipswich riders no personal pride. Iversen is a lost cause. You would think that some rides would want to prove a point but alas this is not the case. Perhaps Chris Louis should make a comeback. Can only improve on this shambles.
  15. Robins not giving up. Says it all.

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