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  1. Rewarding failure sums it up. Last year they knew what the outcome would be. It is all about doing the right thing and clearly you are one of those who goes along with the thoughts that some parents have who feel deprived on school sports day when despite the offspring coming last they deserve the same as the winner If you want to make the rules up on the hoof, at least have the decency to tell those who may score points what the rules are before they go chasing an impossible win. I wonder how many would have rode as hard and chased points if they had known this was a possible outcome. Have the decency to state that in the event of the meeting not be completed it does not matter what you score last year’s winner will go through to the GP in the event of riders having equal number of points on the board. Still that does not justify giving it to a rider who failed to make any impact on the night the wild card.Even if you take the rider averages he does not deserve it and if he was any sort of genuine sports competitor he would have declined. But no he did the dishonourable thing and as a result Chris, Dan Scott and others have been screwed. Why would any of the scorers bother competing now. Who knows what result would be if it was rained off again. No wonder speedway is not considered a credible sport in the U.K. I suspect if this had been in Poland, all riders would have been called back to complete or restart the meeting this evening. Those who could not make it would be replaced.
  2. Ellis is big enough to do the right thing. He did not and took advantage of the situation and for that reason he has no moral fibre. Others tonight deserve to go through. He does not and for that he is a scumbag.
  3. Ellis has no moral fibre in him. He was well beaten tonight and should have declined to accept the wild card when riders far better then him were more worthy of the nomination. He has no conscience and seemingly will screw anyone. I hope he can sleep at night.
  4. The only reasonable option is re-run the meeting. This decision is appalling.
  5. What a piss take. Ellis does not deserve it. No wonder this sport is considered a joke. Why bother holding this meeting if those in charge consider this a real option.
  6. Typical of this sport, treat the supporters with contempt, make the fans stand around, t v cannot get answers then film riders laughing and joking once some sort of decision has been made but hey let’s screw everyone. Says it all about the racers and those that run the sport. Two fingers up to the paying punters and the t v audience and while those who have very few skill sets to manage over powered bikes on tracks not suitable to what they are using as tools of their trade, everyone else has to put up with the piss poor attitude that most riders have towards the paying public. It might be difficult at Manchester this evening and because of their delay this holding up racing this is not an isolated incident.
  7. Why not re-run on Thursday or Friday before the GP. I am sure one or two tracks could accommodate the meeting. Just tell the riders to turn up or else.
  8. Shame that the weather has intervened but do the broadcasters understand the sport and the need to get on with the racing rather than take an ad break. It is a minority sport and no one is probably interested in the ads.
  9. P poor support on the terraces. Sad really that speedway and and event like this has fallen to such depths and you have to wonder how you drag it up from the nadir that it seems to have reached. What do those in charge need to do to reinvent this spectacle.
  10. Congratulations to Australia. Shame about the track support. If any new people tuned in and saw the p poor crowd you would wonder why it is given airtime. A decent nights speedway but no one can be proud of the on track support. Sums up speedway.
  11. No they are not consistent enough to be described as on the pace. They and Neil etc think they are but in reality they are NDL level in terms of the international platform. Look at how other nations have progressed and yet GB have gone backwards. Maybe in five to ten years from now they could be competitive but that might be wishful thinking. Until the idiots in charge in the U.K. recognise what a cock up they have made in terms of managing the sport and fully getting behind the riders, team GB will struggle.
  12. No just recognise where they stand and stop having the powers that be build up mediocre riders and start from scratch. GB riders can rise to the top but at this moment they not on the pace and those in charge are doing these lads no favours. The riders are OK but they have a long way to go to be good.
  13. Good final race and both pairs deserved to be in the line up for the last race. Not a bad evenings entertainment and hopefully team GB can take away some useful tips.
  14. Back to basics, team GB are not as good as they believe themselves to be and the powers that be need to stop pretending that GB are a force to be reckoned with. Let the youngsters mature over time, they need to grow into a force to be reckoned with, but at the moment they sit behind many of those on show tonight but can learn.
  15. Not as good as the GB team think they are and the management need to take a look at themselves. GB really do not deserve to qualify but will probably win the get out of jail card. About time the BSPL got a grip and stop chasing the crap they talk about. No rider worth it wants to race in the U.K., as a nation we need to re group and start from the bottom up. What you have now is all too fragile.

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