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  1. Hawk127

    Whats actually going on?

    Sad that the current cronies of this once good sport have stifled one of the few bright hopes when it comes to running meetings as an entertainment. IOW have lead the way in how an evening of speedway should be presented engaging with fans etc just as it used to be in days gone by and probably this goes back in the late 60’s and 70’s and the days of leaping Len, dearly departed Dave Lanning at Eastbourne and the great JH at Canterbury. What is it the BSPL are thinking when they have/are driving clubs. out of business. Those in authority are probably taking a leaf out of dictator Boris Johnson’s book and do as I say. For those who run the sport they still expect the paying punter to turn up week in week out without question. If ever an independent enquiry was needed to investigate as to how speedway is run in this country, now is that time. I doubt that anyone of those who voted on these measures or sit on the board or are part of the committee, have the balls to be answerable for the issues by coming on this forum and deal with the questioning from those who really care about speedway in this country. The BSPL has no balls when it comes to being accountable.
  2. Interesting situation in the Netherlands where a judge has overruled the Dutch government’s curfew rule. I wonder who else in mainland will jump on this bandwagon and challenge decisions made by authorities in relation to covid restrictions.
  3. Hawk127

    Captain Tom RIP

    When the chips are down you need an inspirational character to come out of the covers and inspire as many as possible. This gentleman achieved in bucket loads what many of us could only dream of, modest, a stalwart and a man who made a simple solution mean so much to so many. When they write the history books for Covid this Sir Tom will have a prominent place. Tonight we bow our heads in respect. Sir, RIP.
  4. What is your problem? As a vet this is the situation. They are declared non essential and having to be furloughed. Animals do not get treated and I started this off as my personal experience of an animal that would not be treated. Without vets at various levels commercial animals may not get treated (farmers) and what would you expect if your daughters cat gets run over? Let it die? You really miss the bigger picture. Having had enough of corresponding with ignorant people like you who are so insular and fail to see the bigger picture I call it a day. You not qualified to comment on veterinary practices and should stick to what you know from experience or those who are involved in the industry. On that note I bid you farewell and hope you do not need vet
  5. She is one of the senior vets at her practice so you are talking xxxx She is a qualified as a vet the RVC and unlike many who qualify elsewhere who cannot practice globally, she can and given that you appear to know so little about the veterinary practices we can all treat you with the derision you deserve. No point in talking to people like you as your knowledge is limited and your experience is zero. When you are qualified let us all know. Seven years should do it.
  6. That is as maybe but we are talking about the situation as it is today which clearly you are not aware of so don’t preach about something you are not up to date with.When you are up to date comment but until then wait until you know the full facts and I really hope that your daughters cat fully recovers. Few of us can understand the work that vets do let alone diagnose across a range of animals when your patient cannot talk to you. The vets really are different and train much longer then many other fields and all pet owners know what it feels like when you are given that ultimate diagnosis and you have that decision. We did it with a GS that CDRM. Let’s call it done and move on.
  7. What do you know about veterinary surgeons? Are you qualified? Did you go to the RVC? Tell all us as we would like to know how qualified you are. No insults just getting to the bottom of you argument? When you start blaming individual practices you cross the line.
  8. Yes and today is the 13th if you are a vet let us all know.if you are not in the industry shut the f up
  9. This is also out of date. We are talking about today not history.
  10. Sorry you are wrong. I have it from a veterinary surgeon that they are not allowed to look after what is essentially domestic animals. So get you facts right.
  11. As an aside, now vets would seemingly be declared non essential. All forum members with pets are in a predicament. My step daughter is a vet and is being furloughed. Thanks Boris and conservative m p’s who are real tossers. I just had my dog go through a MRI etc as a result of a simple injury and had it not been for the vets he would not be with us. If I meet any M P from this government I will happily put them out of their misery.
  12. Would definitely qualify with pickles and beetroot just as a sandwich with the same (if you take the court case on the subject)
  13. Hawk127

    No Government Support?

    The real question is in normal circumstances is speedway viable and profitable? Are those who run clubs astute business people or fools and their money who are soon parted? I might be wrong but these are loans and the ability to debt service has to questionable with the majority of clubs. As an organisation, I would not lend the BSPA a penny, it shows no financial acumen or sustainability, has no real apparent financial business planning but can demonstrate a wanton waste of money having misused the Sky funding in terms of allocation including chasing the dream of top riders to fund a flawed business operation. It is an amateur sport in this country and needs to revisit its objectives to make it appealing to a wider audience. Until you have serious business people running the sport, you will be left with what you have today. If the current custodians were serious business operators why are they throwing good money into a loss making cause assuming you believe what is said in the public domain. Speedway is not a financially sound business opportunity with a number of risk factors that would make any would be lender run for the hills. Promoters or club owners come on here with numbers including audited accounts and prove otherwise.
  14. He cannot even do a press conference on time so what hope does anyone have of him coming up with a solution. This guy really has to go and a new leader appointed as he is clearly not up to the job and dealing with the issues. Let’s have a total lockdown, curfew and the army on the streets to help the police and see what the younger yobs in the likes of Nottingham have to say about that. Something needs to give.
  15. Why are the Chinese seemingly good at controlling the spread? Is it true that their desire to influence the West is to be feared more than the virus? Why has every European government forsaken the safety of its citizens to pursue a financial programme throughout the summer which in reality only underwrote the situation on a short term basis but in reality as it stands, without a vaccine means that periodic and frequent lockdowns will be the norm and for those naive politicians who have no more idea than the scientists, what is the average person on the street expected to follow. Joe public no longer has faith in our parliamentarians with divisions evident between local and national politicians added to which you have the scientists who currently seem to have only one message, gloom and doom. No wonder many are ignoring the advice. In the UK no one is leading from the front at any level be it managing pthe effects of the pandemic, financial setback or the social and medical issues or any variation thereof. They cannot agree as to a way forward. Time for the people on the street make it known That the elected politicians seem to be falling short.

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