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  1. The GB manager adds nothing and BT sport are doing the paying punter (those now having to pay more to watch the BT sports channel) a disservice by having him sit in on a GP. Past his sell by date and an irritant to all genuine speedway supporters. Anyone with current riding experience and a personality would be better. Perhaps this is a sign that next year we will not have the BT coverage.
  2. Hawk127

    Ipswich - Swindon 15 08 19

    The wheels have started to fall off. Shame really but it is what you have come to expect following the witches, all guns blazing at certain points but when it matters things start to go down hill. Hope they can recover but until the sport sorts itself out and stops the nonsense of doubling up (one league needed) and all teams having regular weekly meetings so as to build momentum and not feast and famine then no team can build consistency throughout its ranks. One reason why so many drift away. Bring in a level playing field with machinery and matched ability in races and it might work, until that happens it is going to continue to go south.
  3. Hawk127

    TV new deal?

    I agree. If you could have a weekly programme either live or a highlights meeting and this can pull in events from around the globe particular in the winter months and include meetings from Australia, Argentina, USA and Canada as well as Ice speedway meetings so that it really is a weekly fix then I would happily pay a reasonable monthly subscription per month and save on BT. The GP meetings are on YouTube and even if they are highlights, what more could the fan ask for. Throw in the lower leagues in each country and perhaps the odd Long track and grass track and it could be heaven. Just need a channel or medium to deliver.
  4. Hawk127

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    If a punishment has to be dealt out, make the guilty ride in the next x number of matches so as not to deprive the paying punter but the riders do not receive payment. The money they would have earned using an average is paid into the Ben Fund. If they decide that a way around this not to turn up then fine them a sum that is equal to the maximum they would earn if they had won all five rides and that money goes again into the Ben Fund.
  5. Hawk127

    Speedway Promotion or Lack of it.

    Promotion is difficult given the options available and what works for some locally may not work for others. What it needs is a national advertising campaign which simply says which tracks are running a meeting on which night. For example a national radio station says “speedway coming to a track near you and tonight you have live racing at xxxxxx” Say no more and less than 20 seconds. Cost vary depending on the station but if the sport as in the BSPA rather than a club promoted, the cost could be split across all clubs. It does not take much to send out the message but as it stands no one is working as a ‘whole,’ it is a case of each looking after number one. Speedway is number one and promoters need to take this on board and start working together. All the promoters need to do is consider the options.
  6. Is that not part of the problem. Few British riders make the grade and will rarely get the track time in overseas leagues because they are not good enough. Until U.K. speedway bites the bullet and starts inviting overseas teams to race in the U.K. in test matches on a regular basis and at all levels to test every standard of rider from 125 c c upwards including NL level then the best most average riders can hope is to possibly be a large fish in a very small pond. Forget top GP riders appearing in a U.K. league match week in week out, it will never happen, those days have long gone. Speedway in this country needs to re-group and start looking inward before thinking about competing at international level with the Poles and the Russians. Five years at least before team England is ready to compete so the BSPA should get off the pot and stop pissing on al and sundry including the supporters. Rebuild or fold, simple as that.
  7. Hawk127

    TV new deal?

    Totally agree. Supporters need to recognise that team GB, England or whatever you want to call the motley crew of riders racing under the banner are with one exception no real match for those who race at GP, Euro or Polish league speedway. Why do people bang on about the overseas contingent not riding in in the UK when in fact they could not give a fig about British speedway. The current state of the sport offers up the ideal opportunity to regroup and foresake all that has gone before. Time to look after number one and re-build from the bottom up. Those riders who cannot commit to weekly racing in the U.K. between April and September, go ply your trade elsewhere. Build with what we have, invite overseas teams for test matches and forget Poland, ask Germany, Italy, France, Norway, Czech, etc. and get to watch riders who will only grace these shores is these type of matches. Bring back the interest in seeing overseas riders at test matches only. Work on a U K open individual championship, and look at a league format that has riders competing with equal ability rather than machines and stop the nonsense of throwing money at bikes and instead give riders machines that are standard so that all competitors really have to look at their track craft and hone their skills rather then rely on the gate and go aspect of the sport. The sport may once have been part time and a hobby for some riders but it was much more of a level playing field when it came to machinery. Oh for the days when it was announced that a rider was using the track spare. A reality check is needed before it reaches the point of no return. To those in charge, be dynamic, be forceful and stop living in a dream world.
  8. Hawk127

    TV new deal?

    He lived near Kings Lynn and use to race bangers. Any relation to the esteemed leader of the sport in this country. It is unfortunate but the halcyon days have gone. Speedway is no longer viable as a professional sport and to add to the dire situation the weekend’s debacle only puts another nail in the coffin on this once great sport. If it is not too late I cannot i believe it is time to re-trench and look inwardly at all that does not work and consider regrouping and start again. To be brutal It has no appeal to younger audiences, the diehards are drifting away in droves and the riders live in cloud cuckoo land when it comes to thinking it is a viable option to making a living. If BT sport walk who can blame them. Having followed speedway since 1969 it is sad to see that the sport has lost its way and that the light at the end of a tunnel may well be another train coming. It has to take on board all that is wrong and stop burying one’s head in the sand. BSPA/ Clubs, wake up you do not have a viable business proposition and must work together to find a solution for the benefit of all. Carry on in your silos and speedway is dead.
  9. Another outpost for the sport, not an exciting meeting, empty seats and you have to say how much longer can this continue. No creditably and you cannot big up something that aspires to be taken seriously when this is the best that can be served up. Sad really but let’s hope tomorrow offers something better.
  10. Totally agree. Hope all the UK riders can regain some confidence going in to tomorrow. In general it was not the most exciting event and the empty seats is a shame but the reality is, few take speedway seriously enough as a sport other than amongst the ‘anoraks’ Where does one go if this is suppose to be the highest level of racing. To sum it up ‘it fails to excite, need to try harder to entertain’
  11. Totally agree. Perhaps we should all lobby ITV 4 to make a bid for speedway. They had darts from Germany on tonight so right country wrong sport. Well done to Laguta. Be interesting to see what Eurosport do with future rounds. If they cannot be bothered, allow someone else to live stream it but stop treating speedway supporters with such contempt
  12. Hawk127

    Speedway Pairs 2019

    Your opinion Is respected. I was responding mainly to the comment about the Europeans pairs qualifiers and suggested options that were available and offered one possible option for bringing together a range of meetings. Did it require a reply that you proffered is doubtful but that is your choice. On that note I leave you to think on.
  13. Hawk127

    Speedway Pairs 2019

    You would have thought that if the FIM or others can put Ice speedway on a live link on YouTube or similar in the middle of winter , meetings like this in the main European speedway season could be streamed on the net. Given the amount of meetings going on across Europe, a fee based internet based transmission showing a range of live and highlight meetings should not be beyond the realms of possibility for those in the know. I would happily pay a monthly subscription to watch a variety of live, recorded and highlights and if this could extend to the winter months and feature speedway from South America, Australia and New Zealand then I would not be surprised if this could pay its way. I guess it is a case of dream on.
  14. Hawk127

    Should we scrap Team Speedway?

    Is that because promoters have lost the skill of promoting the product to would be sponsors. Years back many tracks staged individual meetings with local companies putting up prize money. However I think it is impossible to get it right, some fans want to watch a format of league racing only which is almost unsustainable from a financial perspective with allegedly insufficient riders to fill team places. To fill the teams you need a cross section of skills because of rider shortage but many moan about the NL quality riders and all they want to watch is fully fledged riders in their team but do not have the patience to support those riders who need to hone their skills and learn track craft. I believe you either have a mix of meetings or go back to the 13 lap format and a second half open to reserves and second strings. What I don’t understand is that most will watch a GP or European championship meeting but not an individual meeting at your local track, they may not be GP riders but the quality of racing is just as good.
  15. Your are not doing like for like comparisons. Each has its own level and frankly you are making quotes which have no relevance to U.K. speedway. U K speedway neither has the public interest , significant sponsors or is markets itself as an attractive investment proposition particularly when compared to Poland or the GP’s or even the European championship. U K speedway is on its knees because of the head in the sand attitude of the governing body. All in all U.K. speedway cannot afford top riders, cannot afford to run on on anything other than weekends and cannot run with the finicky supporters who currently grace in fewer and fewer numbers the terraces because it is league racing or nothing. Without supporters attending meetings because of the sport as opposed to the team, how on earth are up and coming riders going to get the training and competitive racing they need. Ask yourself why so many have deserted their local tracks. Rest assured few if any of the top riders will make any difference to the numbers attending and in the U K that local hero and team has been shafted in an attempt to chase the holy grail. RIP U.K. speedway if that attitude continues.

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