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  1. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2020

    And what a heat 15. If most of the meetings contained a few heats like that then people would start to take an interest again. Unfortunately not many of today’s rider are of the calibre of Mark and CL or have the confidence to ride against an opposing rider in the knowledge that your competitor will give you racing room. Gate, go and hang on for dear life. Throttle merchants will little craft on bikes that are over engineered for the tracks.
  2. I am sure many feel exactly the same as you, I do. Until you get four riders albeit with various levels of skill on standard bikes rather than riders having to compete with those who have faster bikes because they have deeper pockets than a team mate it will never change. If they all start on a level playing field as far as equipment is concerned the product may be less processional. (Years back riders on track spare could win races). You have too many variants from machines through to the weight of riders and if that is to continue then without some sort of handicap so riders with different skills/equipment start at different points on the track again you will invariably be left with the gate and go merchants and the rest simply following the leader. Every track will be the same for each rider on the night so it is a case of getting on with it, that is not an excuse yet you regularly hear from riders who blame a track but it is probably more a case of the bikes simply not set up for the conditions. Speedway is well past its sell by date as it stands and needs freshening as a competitive sport if it is to flourish going forward. A fickle fan base or followers do nothing for those who run the sport and would like to make changes but dare not which alas is another reason why Speedway is stuck with an old outdated format and no new people coming through the gates. As a team sport, it has no credibility given you can get a rider participate in three different leagues in the U.K. and then ride for an opposing team the following night. The only way is go back to individual racing and re-build the league structure in a few years time. If any racing is to take place this year, then this is the time to experiment. With the way other countries are going to operate and cross border movements restricted the U.K. has no choice and at the same time no better opportunity than to try something different
  3. Agree and given the limitations on cross border movements which are likely to be around for a very long time, perhaps it is time to look at what speedway has got in terms of riders and then have one or possibly two leagues with teams running Wednesday to Sunday on days that suit the local track and possibly look at ways of introducing the formula 2 bike to cut rider costs and let’s see where it takes the sport. It can forget about international racing for a year or two so why not experiment. I am sure that many fans would like to see some form of regular speedway on popular nights whenever that may be and hopefully find those local heroes of the track once again.
  4. Hawk127

    Corona virus

    Unfortunately those who have spent the weekend ignoring the advice have irrevocably change everyone’s way of life. No point in jumping down everyone’s throat on here as most if not all are responsible and reasonable people. Sadly we will all probably experience casualties but better to educate than berate. We all know that in society some ignore, think they are better and stick two fingers up to what is happening but this is different and to those who think they are above the advice, god help you. To all you recognise the issues thank you.
  5. Hawk127

    Sky and Bt sports

    I read somewhere that when it comes to football for example, the matches are postponed and not cancelled so Sky claim no refund is due. Not sure where subscribers stand but it might be worth trying to cancel and look to renew in a few months when the position might be clearer. Who knows anymore. In unchartered territory now and no end in sight. I blame the Chinese but who is going to sue the Chinese Government. Oh well always 2021 to look forward to watching speedway.
  6. Partly by agreeing a pay structure so that the cost are shared. Why is it on this forum you always have some one who cannot see the bigger picture and it is probably why Speedway today is in the mire which was not the case in the sixties and seventies when real supporters went to meetings to follow the sport and not like today where it is league racing or nothing and people wonder why the sport is in the state it is in. Supporters are not what they used to be. You like speedway racing or you like team sport. Years back some of the best meetings which were well supported were individual events but today who knows what works. Lucky all U K supporters are not in Australia they would have so much to moan about the set up but it works and yet U.K. followers benefit from these riders who ply their trade in individual meetings and turn up on these shores for farcical league meetings where double up and down makes it a joke. Why cannot speedway supporters look at the positive options rather than the negative side of everything. Who would want to run a team and be a promoter with negative people like many on this forum. Think outside the box for the sake of speedway not just the team/league racing.
  7. Perhaps league meetings are scrapped and each track runs a British Championship individual event with every rider left over here in the U.K. drawn to compete in x number of meetings. A weekly draw of eligible riders for those tracks that are still able to run. In effect you could see a Jason Crump quality of ride drawn to ride at the Isle if Wight. Spread the riders around to ensure as many tracks as possible can put on a good meeting and see some decent revenue. It really does not matter which track operates in which league, time for all to pull together for the good of the sport. I am sure something could be worked out if league meetings are a no go and better people than me can come up with a formula.
  8. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2020

    Leigh would be a chip off the old block, a ‘rock’ performer who could ‘skate’ around the opposition and his line up in the ‘roe’ would add ‘sole’ to the team plus he could ‘crab’ the opportunity to ‘tuna’ in to the new ‘line’ up and would no doubt ‘net’ a whole load points on his way to being a ‘dab’ hand at landing a good haul of points. He would have a ‘whale’ of time but could end up ‘shelling’ out so many ‘pilchards’ and possibly could end up as a damp squid. ‘Fingers’ in so many pies and not too many ‘ wrasses’ to rely on an wining catch.
  9. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2020

    Time will tell for both sides whether this is right or wrong but let’s enjoy the moment. I am old enough to remember another 44 year old Aussie who joined Rayleigh in 1973. Black leathers, old fashioned handlebars but boy could Peter Moore gate and with a style that looked so laid back and he managed an average of 8.30. His equipment was nowhere near the standard of today’s machines but he knew how to ride and was a fine example of someone who had honed his craft as a rider. Crump knows what he is doing. History says we should not write the older rider off, just yet.
  10. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2020

    If you take out the doubling up/down you probably couldn’t fill seven teams. Yes the fall from grace is dramatic hence the powers that be should start to re-build the sport from the bottom and forget Poland etc. Those days when British speedway was a force to be reckoned with are for now, long gone. They should be encouraging riders at all levels and let teams without home tracks compete in the NDL. What is the harm if it is unearthing new talent. Get as many teams as possible named and race matches on a 4TT basis but with one rider from each team in each race over 20 heats. Make it interesting by starting on green light, no tapes and no exclusions for offences. Just handicap the offending rider by the starting position with 10, 20 or 30 mtrs handicap depending on the offence. Just do something different and stop the same old same old routine.
  11. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2020

    What on earth has happened? Really cannot believe this. No words can express how all supporters feel and for his family, our thoughts are with you. Words cannot express the support for his family but the speedway world is with you. Our heartfelt thanks for a great entertainer.
  12. Hawk127

    Rye House 2020

    When the Rockets moved from Rayleigh to Rye House they ran on Sunday afternoons with I think a 4.30 start albeit it might have been earlier. I travelled regular on the coach from the weir to Rye House and latterly by car when I was learning to drive. Those were the days with some real characters as riders. Fingers crossed that they can re-establish the sport at Rye and introduce what I think was the Hearts Trophy. Memory not as good as it used to be but I certainly enjoyed the early transitional days with the transfer from Rayleigh to Rye House. Not quite as good as Saturday at 8 but better then losing the name altogether. A shame they never got permission for the track at Rawreth Lane.
  13. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2020

    It could be Jason Crump. Now that would be interesting against Nicki Pedersen but then again it could be Jarek. Who knows but at least they have a six man team that most would be happy with and support, so whoever the number seven announcement is it will be a bonus. My money is on JL or JD or possibly Tony coming out of retirement. Is it not time to have a touring side made up of former GP riders to whoop these so called whipper snappers. Oh well dream on with fond memories of how good weekly racing use to be.
  14. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2020

    Perhaps them old farmers north of the border relied on the old Suffolk Punch to get them fields ploughed. Latterly those Suffolk folk showed them Norfolk yokels how to drive them tractors cause they could not ride them four legged friends. Mechanics hit Suffolk first but the ripple effect eventually went north of Diss. Can’t see how else the reputation arose. A bit of a debate over the sugar beet but in reality all is even. Norfolk farms grow sh... and Suffolk boys dish it out. A draw as far as one can see.
  15. Hawk127

    Newcastle 2020

    The new ownership is good news for speedway but great news for Newcastle. So pleased that this great name with such an illustrious history continues. May they grace their own and many an away track for years to come.

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