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  1. It probably has a simple answer but why are Mildenhall not racing the final on Sunday or failing that Friday or Saturday. Thursday seems an odd day and will deprive them of some extra footfall that may have been willing to turn out when no work the following day. Whatever happens Mildenhall have had a cracking season and the trophy really does belong to them and not decided in a lottery meeting.
  2. Just been looking through those few clubs still racing and struggling to rearrange meetings because of the weather. Here we are on October and despite having had a very good summer their have been plenty of teams who failed miserably to get fixtures on when the weather was fine. Excuses will be many but the reality is that no one who is running this so called sport is in control or can manage it. What is wrong with those who own teams that allow this regular annual event to take place? Rules need changing and must be robust. Race by a specific date or forfeit the match. Neither the owners or administrators seem up to the job and they wonder why those who follow the sport are leaving in droves . Has anyone in a position of authority at BSPA level or running a club the balls to come on this forum and explain why come October the fixtures are still a shambles. Clubs at a least two levels have unfinished business and are rapidly running out of dates but I suspect that the usual excuses will be trundled out. Most fans are fed up to the back teeth with the clap trap that comes from the authorities. You have no respect for those who put hard earned cash into your coffers If you are one of those owners of a club and have the balls (and I doubt that no one with voting rights at BSPA level will stand up and be counted) it would be interesting to hear, (and please don’t try and tow the party line,), why you individually or collectively as a member of an exclusive club, have allowed the sport to have almost reach its nadir. Why you cannot be honest and tell the most important contributor, the fans the truth and convince every one of us why we should turn up in 2019 is something I doubt has even been considered. Furthermore what do you intend to do to win back the support of those who have long since drifted off into the sunset. You owe every supporter past, present and future an answer. I would put money on it that none you at club or BSPA level will come on here and tell the truth but I am happy to be proved wrong.
  3. Hawk127

    Blimey..speedway on BBC1!

    Tai came across very well this morning. Good exposure for the sport. Cannot be bad that the BBC gave the sport this time.
  4. That is a bit harsh. Cheating maybe, champions of a home and away meeting yes but not top of the league that accolade belongs to the Stars. This is just a circus and the clowns are!!!
  5. The Stars finished top of the league with 53 points six ahead of the next team which l believe was Somerset. That makes them top of th3 league and on a full compliment of league meetings they are top of the pile.
  6. Kings Lynn won the league by finishing top but not the championship as per the play off. Hard work was done throughout the year and makes them the true winners and not some lottery meetings.
  7. I suspect that the Stars have run out of options and with Ellis being a poor substitute (is he really the best that was available) sad that history is unlikely to be made tonight. Oh well always next year.
  8. Hawk127

    Panthers up for sale.

    It is really a question of what the leagues look like in 2019 and then deciding that if availability is an issue could the track host NL racing as an interim measure simply to keep it open. If that was an option could it be taken over by the supporters? Hopefully a buyer will be found but perhaps now is the time to think about plan b and c to keep the venue going. Once it is lost that may be it forever. If a buyer is found hopefully it is not at the expense of losing a track in another part of the country. Whatever happens, fingers crossed for the team and the supporters
  9. You reap what you sow. Yes the whole country hates Poole and the bitterness you refer to is of your own making. It is only a poxy speedway meeting and in the overall scheme of things it is irrelevant a bit like Poole. Win or lose only Poole have had the rub of things this evening and what goes around comes around.
  10. No but to capitulate without doing anything means that the refs are god and only one may never made a mistake and he got crucified for it. Challenges should be allowed rather than simply rolling over.
  11. Why didn’t Allitt get on the phone to the ref. What is the point if refs have carte blanche.
  12. A spectacular failure for viewers and KL supporters.
  13. It seems that KL are simply not up to it. This is boring and it makes it worse that it is a Poole team that are running away with it, anyone else and it might not be such a downer in terms of entertainment. Make it one leg and give Poole the title tonight, let them gloat and rerun the GP on Wednesday or a any repeat GP/SON.
  14. Hawk127

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Does it really matter what formula was is right be it that of the 60’s 70’s or 80’s. Riders and machines cannot be compared across the decades and should we all not be grateful that we have a UK or English world champion and the fact that he has won three titles puts him as the best this country has had. The Poles for once are not number one. Tai is young enough to chase those six titles and he has ambition. The sport has a bit more coverage on TV news and in the papers thanks to him winning the title. The other problems in the sport and attracting a new audience is down to the powers that be who run the sport. The guys on the track generally do their job and the rest is out of their control. You do not get much to cheer about in British speedway but this is one bright spot when the domestic scene has been a disaster and without some serious changes by the BSPA, not even Tai can save the sport and they should not ride on his coat tails. They did nothing to actively promote a British rider but they are happy to try and reap the benefit of his success. Well done Tai, you have come a long way in a short space of time.

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