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  1. Hawk127


    Depends on what happens going forward re the pandemic but if the crowds are restricted then streaming may turn out to be the saviour of speedway. Clubs could offer local supporters within a certain distance of the club a lower rate and those beyond pay a slightly higher rate (use post codes). If it means clubs can run behind closed doors, why not give it a go. I have watched streamed meetings both U.K. and from Poland and for example last nights meeting between Russia and Poland was not bad at all and given the smart t v etc, you can watch just like normal television. I know it is not the same as watching live but things are not normal and unlikely to be in the short to medium term so I really do not see why anyone could be against streaming a meeting and paying to keep the sport going. I doubt that 2021 is going to see much change so new ways of watching the sport need to be adopted if it is to survive. Season ticket holders could be offered free streaming until live sport is possible. Nothing ventured nothing gained is my view.
  2. Not a bad meeting overall with the Russians putting the Poles to the sword.
  3. Nice to see the great Mr Gollob going round in the Merc and receiving a warm welcome. Good stream.
  4. Thanks for this. I am far from a techno person and simply want to watch a speedway meeting albeit I am not around on Saturday evening so just want to watch a recording of the event which I am happy to pay for. Why is something so simple so bloody difficult. Old age yes and if someone can come up with a simple solution that does not rely on downloading or registering another app or similar gets my vote. If speedway stuck to one platform life would be simple but I guess that is asking too much.
  5. Thanks. I too will be supporting the event but just wanted to check that it can be watched later rather than live.
  6. Does anyone know if the stream can be watched later rather than live or can it be recorded on a Sky box.
  7. You are entitled to your opinion and I respect what you are saying. However a business decision by a club many months back is just that and only time has proved them right. What you are seemingly referring to is a risk assessment and that is not a level playing field as it is a matter of personal judgement. Each rider determines the risks in normal circumstances but these are not normal and for example many riders compete in open meetings at the beginning of a season and blow engines, have crashes, damage frames etc. so the same risks apply. Wrecking a frame or blowing an engine is irrelevant, it is part and parcel of the sport. Those participating in speedway have ideas and goals above expectations. To all intense and purposes speedway in the U.K. is an amateur sport filled with riders who have expectations beyond those which can now be fulfilled and many riders think it owes them a living but in reality it cannot afford these people any longer as the money is not in the sport.
  8. Call it a Commonwealth Championship or whatever title fits those riders who are willing to underwrite the even by turning up, subject always to the BLM and any other group or movement not getting the hump because it falls foul of their agenda but for christ sake support it to promote British speedway. Who cares if they are Australian, European or British. Having a stream so that those who wish to tune in can do so given that the current owners of the rights to broadcast will not show it live means the stream is a plus and will make a difference. Why not see how it goes but do not knock it before those willing to gamble financially on the event and have invested in bringing it to a live screening have been given a chance so it could be just what the sport needs. If it works an a price point that can be agreed who knows where it could lead with lower league meetings being screened. As to those riders who do not want to ride, it is up to them. Just remember when the sport really needed you, as the opt out group, you decided it was not for you and you have turned your back on U.K. speedway which is fine but don’t expect many to welcome with open arms in 2021. The fact that this meeting is going ahead is an attempt by the sport authorities to comply at a professional level with government guidelines so it is not comparable with Plymouth or any other streamed event and I really do not get all the criticism given this is not a normal situation. Everyone has been starved of their weekly fix and this is an opportunity to get behind this one off meeting as you will never know what you have missed until it no longer exists. Riders and supporters need to be on the same wavelength for the sake of Speedway U K and those who can get behind this, think on.
  9. Whose fault is it that these so called stars continually chase sponsorship because financially they cannot make a living solely on their own skill so buying the latest equipment to outpace the opposition and become a gate and go throttle merchant enables them outpace those riders who cannot compete financially. Getting that little bit of extra bit of power at a price is the route cause of why the sport is where it is. Also sine when did it become obligatory to buy new equipment every season? Put the likes of Cook on standard workshop bikes and see how good they really are and whether they really have honed their rider skills. It is not a case of getting a grip but more a case of creating a level playing field in the sport so the argument about spend is not relevant as long as the likes of Cook chase the pound and not the sport or the supporter. Why also have one or two riders questioned those who have opted out or perhaps you know the answer as well. If these riders feel they are above all others and do not want to compete in a one off event when the sport is on its knees and needs all the help it can get, why should anyone pay to watch then in 2021?
  10. An admirable idea and CL is doing his best for speedway so no blame should be attached to him for the on off situation but with it being a one off and riders not willing to take any risks it is partly understandable that some do not want to participate but that in itself sums up why U.K. speedway should do its own thing with riders who want to compete. Some of those who have opted out need to think what they want to do in 2021. If I was a club owner I would think long and hard before choosing any who are sitting on the sidelines and do not want to compete. Just when the sport needs all the help at a difficult time, few of the ‘stars’ think of the bigger picture. Time to forget those at the top of their game, they do not want to know about UK so the sport needs to wake up and embrace those riders who are willing to commit to racing in this country. Start to rebuild with what is available and stop looking at the wider game plan, enough talent will emerge to make the U.K. scene an interesting option. To those new riders chasing a team place or career in the sport, now is your time given that many of the established community is less than committed
  11. A bit late in the day but I have just watched the youth championship held at Scunthorpe and those who bemoan the quality of racing at this level should take a look again. Heat 6 is just one example. Raw talent reminiscent of speedway in the late sixties and early seventies when grass track riders gave speedway a go. In those days it would throw up some riders who would excite and my most memorable was at Rayleigh when Ivan Miller beat Boston's Arthur Price. What a race for those who were in the stadium on that bank holiday Monday These young lads today deserve every speedway fans support. They get out on track and give it a go and the gutsy performances deserve so much more and not the criticism that seems to be par for the course. Speedway purists will understand, those who believe the current league set up is the be all and end all a requires the skills of Doyley or similar to make the sport entertaining are deluded. If only tracks like my local, Ipswich , would put on a few of these amateur meetings I am sure the ‘anoraks’ of the sport would support the meetings and many would be happy to pay £10 to watch these lads entertain. To those at grass roots level you are appreciated.
  12. Hawk127

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    It seems that all is not well on the Polish speedway front and after many years of hearing how good it is, with the exception of one or two races and riders, it is pretty bland and possibly a missed opportunity to showcase the sport and themselves to the world which thus far has be relatively deprived of good racing with so many countries unable to hold professional meetings. Maybe speedway UK should focus on its own product for next year, race on days that suit the tracks and build teams around riders who commit to British speedway first and foremost. If the standard falls so be it but it can be rebuilt if you give the riders a chance to race week in week out in the UK. It cannot be any worse than what is currently on offer.
  13. The final followed the above match. Programme was 15p and the guests of honour were Ed Stewart and Carol Hawkins. Prize money Winners Trophy and medals plus £100 to each rider Losers - Medals plus £40 each rider The rider scoring the highest number of points in the winning team got £50 The rider scoring the highest number of points from the losing team - £25 Bonus points counted For GB versus ROW Winners - Trophy plus £500 and a watch to each rider and team manager Losers - Nothing Special Award of £100 to the best rider of each team Life was so simple in those days!!
  14. And the results of the two matches First Match in the final was GB v ROW
  15. Yes, sorry about that and if I had been bothered to dig out the programme I would have seen that. For anyone interested below are the results which were summarised in the final programme

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