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  1. Hawk127

    Should we scrap Team Speedway?

    Is that because promoters have lost the skill of promoting the product to would be sponsors. Years back many tracks staged individual meetings with local companies putting up prize money. However I think it is impossible to get it right, some fans want to watch a format of league racing only which is almost unsustainable from a financial perspective with allegedly insufficient riders to fill team places. To fill the teams you need a cross section of skills because of rider shortage but many moan about the NL quality riders and all they want to watch is fully fledged riders in their team but do not have the patience to support those riders who need to hone their skills and learn track craft. I believe you either have a mix of meetings or go back to the 13 lap format and a second half open to reserves and second strings. What I don’t understand is that most will watch a GP or European championship meeting but not an individual meeting at your local track, they may not be GP riders but the quality of racing is just as good.
  2. Your are not doing like for like comparisons. Each has its own level and frankly you are making quotes which have no relevance to U.K. speedway. U K speedway neither has the public interest , significant sponsors or is markets itself as an attractive investment proposition particularly when compared to Poland or the GP’s or even the European championship. U K speedway is on its knees because of the head in the sand attitude of the governing body. All in all U.K. speedway cannot afford top riders, cannot afford to run on on anything other than weekends and cannot run with the finicky supporters who currently grace in fewer and fewer numbers the terraces because it is league racing or nothing. Without supporters attending meetings because of the sport as opposed to the team, how on earth are up and coming riders going to get the training and competitive racing they need. Ask yourself why so many have deserted their local tracks. Rest assured few if any of the top riders will make any difference to the numbers attending and in the U K that local hero and team has been shafted in an attempt to chase the holy grail. RIP U.K. speedway if that attitude continues.
  3. I did not say juniors. The sport as a whole does not revolve around GP riders and over rated gate and go merchants. It is not going back to basics either but frankly Doyle and his ilk have no place in U K speedway. In any other business model they would have priced themselves out of the market and U K speedway simply cannot afford them but not here. They add nothing to the credibility of the sport or numbers through the gate and as long as promoters kid themselves that these guys are the answer to the renaissance of UK speedway then it has no chance of a revival. People also have short memories, you deride juniors but all your so called super rider heroes/star attractions were once juniors plying their trades and had to start somewhere. They were not instant stars or a success. No wonder the sport is on its knees if that is all you want you see. Why be an up and coming rider trying your best if you are to criticised at every step until you make it as a heat leader or GP participant.
  4. Once upon a time maybe but even decent names do not put bums on seats. In the past you would look at teams and certain riders (Mark Loram, Tony Rickardsson, Tomas Gollob, etc.) and possibly make the effort to go along to a meeting but nowadays no one on the circuit can make a significant difference to the attendance in this country. Time to go back to basics and re-build and stop kidding anyone that the top names will want to flock back to U K speedway. They are not interested unless you are paying over the odds which only serves to top up the lucrative income from the European circuit. When will the powers that be realise U.K. speedway cannot compete at league level and it needs to reinvent itself and turn its back on Europe
  5. Hawk127

    Chapman Trinity

    Totally agree. It needs a level playing field with fixed points money which then drives costs and if all riders participated using standard equipment and were then forced to hone their riding skills instead of being gate and go merchants on bikes that many if not most fail to control across a wide range of track conditions then the sport might get back to close racing, team riding and entertaining the punter. Until they bite the bullet and do what is right for speedway and not their own insular but contrived business arrangement where they operate on outdated business models with no idea of what the punter is crying out for, speedway will not even register on the sports radar of any potential new follower. SGP and many of the other televised European meetings as well as the overseas leagues have been given carte blanche to crap on U.K. speedway from a great height and this has been condoned by the BSPA headed by two cronies who the sport would be better off without. Sacrifice is needed for the greater good and the sooner that some of those running clubs realise this the better.
  6. Hawk127

    Staggered starts. An idea for reruns.

    It would at least add some interest and anything that would have half a chance of dismissing gate and go complaints has to be worth a try. Why not trial it in non league so that the purists do not get too upset. Something needs to be done to revitalise the racing given the difference in skill sets of heat leaders versus the others. If the likes of Doyle (using name as an example not having a go before anyone leaps to his defence) are so good prove it in a handicap racing. They would have to work their way to the front while the lesser riders have to learn to ride defensively. It is a shame that so many interesting a different ideas are put forward on here but no one is listening and yet the basic concept is OK it just needs some added spice to make it attractive if only to give the ‘underdog’ half a chance.
  7. While you continue to have a good deal of talent coming through the ranks from a wide range of European nations who can travel to the likes of Poland with relative ease, the Polish authorities will not give a fig what the rest of the speedway world thinks. Britain has no chance of ever getting back the status it once had as the place for riders to hone their skills in one of the best league sets ups that use to exist. That may have happened by default and largely due to the relative ease of access that riders had to the U.K. compared to Eastern Bloc countries many many years back. The FIM don’t seem to be the controlling force they once were and all in all the sport has become fragmented with different factions seeking to take care of ‘number one’ As for the U.K. they should start to plough their own furrow. Afterall Poland says it is their way or no way so why not bite the bullet in the U.K. and start from scratch. Build leagues with what you can afford with riders who will commit to ride here and also improve the ‘employment terms’ so that riders are not dumped at the drop of a hat. Build some loyalty to the team and work with them rather than treat them as commodities and most of all the clubs in the U.K. should unite to promote the sport as a whole and not occasionally at local level. When it gets to a position of strength it might then be able to stick two fingers up at the Poles and the FIM. Until then it remains a lap dog.
  8. Hawk127

    Another Saturday night

    Sadly the days of attending Saturday night speedway and hearing at your chosen meeting the results from the likes of Canterbury, Rayleigh, Berwick, Workington, Coventry, Bradford etc. is be a distant but pleasant part of the history of speedway. In the current climate it will not ever happen particularly as the obsession with league racing to the detriment of individual meetings and challenge matches means that the choice of race meetings is limited and the new talent will not get the opportunity that riders had previously with the second half of a meeting. Sad to say but today supporters do not want anything less than league racing and that is one of the reasons why the up and coming riders are taking so long to come through the ranks. You cannot turn back time but some lessons could be learnt from the past if the sport is to go forward.
  9. Hawk127

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Agree. They could not play cricket either. So guess that sums up the situation they cannot run and are also rans. Who cares anyway, I lost the will to live and decided to count the number of nails in a local B&Q as it seemed much more interesting.
  10. Hawk127

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Do Ipswich need to replace Harris, Bellego and Lawson? If they have any aspirations I think they do but it depends who really runs the club and calls the tune. Carry on as they are and they will be also runs.
  11. Hawk127

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    It looks dire crowd wise. For the sake of a discount they have sacrificed the atmosphere, riders will look and feel disappointed based on attendances recently and the blame lies fairly with the management/owners who have not got a clue. Sad indictment of those in charge and reflects where the sport is in this country. Ipswich management are fools as they have let down the club and the sport. Feel sorry for those who got the tickets through BBC Radio Suffolk. Ipswich speedway should be ashamed.
  12. I think the problem is that Essex is a large county and the south of the county will not lend itself to a development of motor sports arena given the demand for housing etc. and for any marginal success of finding a suitable location you have to look north of Witham and probably in the North or North East of the county. Plenty of rural areas exist where a track may be viable but it would need to be a multi use stadia and not just speedway. Len Silver spent much time looking after the closure of Rayleigh and this included Southend and Rawreth but to no avail. I would like to see the sport established in the county but it is not going to happen within 30 to 40 miles of London.
  13. I cannot see what the problem is. It adds another dimension and those who are forced to ride in Poland is tough luck. Why not give it a chance. It is a learning curve for everyone and for those who are not purist it adds something that can only improve the status of the GP. Yes it becomes technical re starting positions but it now seems to take on, not just the bikes or the track but tactics. My view and it is personal but it is a welcome change. Well done all involved and if it is done properly how many polish league tied riders will want to miss out on practice. Well done Polish speedway, you are spoilers for the most important competition and your self righteous view may eventually come back to bite you on you Polish arse.
  14. According to BBC Radio Suffolk, Bomber is having his scaphoid screwed back together but still hopes to ride on Thursday. Madness to perhaps contemplate this but who knows. Just remember ‘act in haste repent at leisure’
  15. Hawk127

    Guardian article today

    Why is it that a sport which has quite a few young riders cannot attract the younger fan base. Clearly this young rider base cannot connect with these fans and it is simply a sport that from a participation aspect is beyond the reach of the average youngster unlike it use to be when grass trackers progressed into speedway. It is costly to get into, not high profile enough and won’t make the newcomer a fortune or famous overnight. Perhaps low cost standard bikes etc and not the high performance machines that are used today might make it an option for a few more but in reality people will just have to accept that it simply does not work for a younger generation and never will given the choices that are available today. It is only a matter of time before it becomes a part time amateur status option for a few in the U.K. and those who are professional will have primarily Poland to race which continues to be a hot bed for talent and supporters something the U.K. will never replicate.

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