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  1. According to BBC Radio Suffolk, Bomber is having his scaphoid screwed back together but still hopes to ride on Thursday. Madness to perhaps contemplate this but who knows. Just remember ‘act in haste repent at leisure’
  2. Hawk127

    Guardian article today

    Why is it that a sport which has quite a few young riders cannot attract the younger fan base. Clearly this young rider base cannot connect with these fans and it is simply a sport that from a participation aspect is beyond the reach of the average youngster unlike it use to be when grass trackers progressed into speedway. It is costly to get into, not high profile enough and won’t make the newcomer a fortune or famous overnight. Perhaps low cost standard bikes etc and not the high performance machines that are used today might make it an option for a few more but in reality people will just have to accept that it simply does not work for a younger generation and never will given the choices that are available today. It is only a matter of time before it becomes a part time amateur status option for a few in the U.K. and those who are professional will have primarily Poland to race which continues to be a hot bed for talent and supporters something the U.K. will never replicate.
  3. Hawk127

    Swindon Stadium

    A genuine question. With all that housing around the stadia how long can it last? Knowing how some people can be, surely the residents will get together and petition the local authority and then further restrictions could be imposed in terms of start and finishing times etc. and the Robins then face an uphill struggle to continue. I really hope it works out for the Robins but I would not trust any of the non speedway parties involved.
  4. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2019

    That is the point, they no longer exist. Go back a few years and you had home grown local talent from the local grass track scene etc. and if you are old enough you should know them and no one needs to list them. If you are not of an age and attended in the golden years then read a few good books about the history of Ipswich speedway and all will be revealed. Suffice to say that today you have seven individuals most of whom could not team race to save their lives and it makes you wonder why anyone bothers with league racing and simply does not hold individual meetings and the those riders linked to a club who have accumulated the most number of points try to ride as a team at the end of a season and you then have the play offs. Avoids problems with rain offs, postponements etc. And you simply have a cut off date. Of course this is far too simple to work and the BSPA will continue to live in a dream world.
  5. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2019

    I think it is a bit much to refer to it as a team given that it is no more than a bunch of individuals with no loyalty or local knowledge or upbringing riding under the Ipswich Witches banner. Even Harris whinges that he had to start finding new sponsors having lined up a few around Peterborough and is possibly in transit. Most witches fans were able to support and follow local home grown talent and more recently rely on the Louis family to be the back bone of Ipswich speedway. That last remaining foundation has gone so expect criticism from here on in given that someone north of the border has got his hands on Suffolk’s number one team. Sad to say that the frequency of home meetings has not improved and the golden days of weekly speedway at the Heath are just history and will be no more as long as the farce of two leagues carries on.
  6. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2019

    Maybe all that has gone on is a trial run for team squads. East Anglian teams sharing the Chapman preferred riders with media and management centrally controlled by numero one. No one believes any press release let alone the cobblers involving the aging Mr Harris. CL probably did get fed up with the way things had worked out in the lower division and decided to drop out of being responsible for the Witches but sadly if the pre season shenanigans is a foretaste of what is to come, then that is it. Surely it is time for those promoters who really believe in the sport to make a stand and form a break away branch. While it may be too late for the East Anglian teams who knows what could come out of a rival authority with a vision to take the sport forward. Nothing on the team building front or the press releases are likely to entice new supporters or win back those who have drifted away having found other things to do on a Thursday evening. The golden era of the Ipswich speedway is long gone and possibly as a form of entertainment it is now past the sell by date.
  7. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2019

    I wonder whose choice that was. Confirms who is pulling the management strings. Sad that it has reached this state. A bit like politicians no one will believe what CL and co say ever again. They sold out and let down most witches fans.
  8. Hawk127

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    I think you are partly right but many loyal supporters who are not forum members will turn up. Sad that single handedly and in such a short space of time he has managed to be so devisive and brought the sport into such disrepute yet being in charge he really could not give a fig. Lies, misleading stories, no public denials and staff silenced would appear to sum up his style. Sadly he appears to be less than a professional businessman and he lacks man management skills and his public persona does not endear anyone to him or his cause, look back at his interviews on TV. Unfortunately it is his money and he is calling the tune and the only way to get back at people like this is hit them in the pocket. That means boycotting meetings. Who is really going to do that? Supporters have a choice and can make stand but will they do it. Add to the unhealthy situation of one company owning three teams in one league in one part of the country and that is bad news for the future of the sport in this region. Add to this the monopoly known as the BSPA which needs breaking up and/or given a bloody nose says it all about the sad state the sport is in and the dire situation that speedway in East Anglia faces. Fans of all three clubs must be wondering what they have done to deserve the current situation.
  9. Agree with this except that the sport has done away with individual meetings, open track licences etc. and therefore is a closed shop. Ride for a club and do as they say or your options are limited to non existent. The riders are not a special case it is those in charge who limit or restrict the options for young talent to be involved in competitive racing which is what they need to really test them and they do this by saying in the main, it is team racing or nothing. You could also blame the clubs who vote through decisions at the AGM and cannot see further then the next team meeting. Without the open meetings and/or a decent second half to the main match in which it is open to all comers of a reasonable standard where they can race against more experienced riders, the talent that is around will take much longer to come through the ranks and probably lose the will to live before they ever make a mark in the sport.
  10. The question is how many more have to go to the wall before Chapman and co realise they have little left to manage. He has patched up one league for his own benefit but seems to forget that if the paying punter does not like it they simply will not turn up. Nothing has changed and Ipswich nearly closed once before. History has a habit of repeating itself. Could it happen again at Ipswich? Possibly because like so many club supporters that have drifted away, all the majority wanted was a weekly fix with riders who would race for their team and not a ‘team select’ but this not going to happen. Rider costs are out of control and punters have a view re the value they are prepared to pay. The gap is too wide and cannot be made up by sponsors any longer. They could have one professional league and two amateur leagues with part time riders. To expect three leagues to be sustainable on a professional or semi professional basis is living in cloud cuckoo land. The BSPA need to get a grip and take a long hard look at what they have done to the sport, bite the bullet and deal with costs and look at whether the sport can survive the next five years and how many teams they are prepared to lose on the way. Alternatively relax the rules and let clubs operate open licences and try a stop the decline in track closures. Once lost rarely do they return within a reasonable time frame.
  11. Hawk127

    Rye House & Lydde

    People paid to watch eight riders compete in a 16 lap speedway race at Ipswich so what is the difference with eight riders doing the same in flat track. Perhaps you have not seen the 16 lap final.
  12. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2019

    Agree. This thread needs a bit of livening up and you can always ignore the flack knowing that at least a few of us are behind you. Maybe a long way but we are right with you.
  13. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2019

    Possibly. Evans has failed to invest and picks a manager who was out of his depth and not up to the job. Louis picks a partner who not up to the job and is unlikely to invest in an asset. Next we will see Delia cook the last supper for the tractor boys and the witches. Sad but the Norfolk brethren have the upper hand and it is not going to be Suffolk’s year. Still we have the Fen Tigers to keep the flag flying and Foxhall in the safe hands of Spedeworth.
  14. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2019

    Would Antonio Lindback or Vaclav Milik be options or even Kai Huckenbeck. Is Chris Holder able to ride in the U.K.? Whatever happens they really do need some fresh new faces to wear the Witches race jacket and not fall back on the ‘old guard’
  15. Hawk127

    Ipswich 2019

    For just a split second I thought Chris had pulled off the all time rabbit out of the hat when I read on page four of this week’s speedway star, ‘GP at Ipswich?’ . No wonder team building had taken a back seat I thought then the let down, bloody Aussie track. Oh well can but dream

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