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  1. powderhall

    Blrc 1989

    all of them here http://edinburghspeedway.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/british-league-riders-championship-1965.html
  2. powderhall

    London Cup

    It will continue to build just now it's being revamped it looks a lot different but still loads to do. The London Cup page has more years added now. I cant remember ever seeing this forum before really good stuff on here. You guys are going to get fed up with me asking asking all the time lol.. Cheers Rob
  3. I hardy post on here but here are some facts for you all before you say Edinburgh cheated...Edinburgh informed the Ref that they would be using r/r for the Dutchman who was taking part in the World Longtrack. The Dutchman's federation were not happy that Theo may miss the event due to time constraints and said he must miss the Edinburgh home match. Edinburgh informed the Ref by email that they would be using r/r for him. The Ref indicated that he replied saying they would need special permission to do so. Edinburgh say they never received any such email...They have been told it is not practical to provide evidence of this said email. So ask yourselves if Edinburgh cheated or not. another thing to ponder is that you need to ask for permission that imply's that permission may not be granted. So why should any team release any rider for any event? Why take the chance of applying for something you may not get it is better to keep the rider and not allow him to compete in another event. Perhaps team GB should replace Craig Cook who is needed in the Edinburgh team.
  4. powderhall

    Scottish Open Oldest In World?

    No the event of the year in world speedway is when the Glasgow Kittens get hammered by Royalty. The Open can come second. Of all the places that held Speedway in 1928 there cant be many with direct links to a current club. Edinburgh, Glasgow, Wimbeldon and Belle Vue spring to mind.
  5. Looking forward to it i suspect a very close match but i think the Royalty might just edge this one over the Kittens... Inoculations and rabies shots all upto date so looking forward to my trip to weegie town.
  6. It could have been worse but for 2 exclusions from the monarchs it would have been in the 60's..nobody will beat the monarchs at the dale this year. They look very strong.
  7. powderhall

    Scottish Open Oldest In World?

    Is the Scottish Open the oldest Speedway competition in the world? If it is why don't the Edinburgh promotion make a big deal of this? It started in 1928 I cant think of any others from that year that are still going. London Riders never started until 1930.

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