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  1. pinktuck

    Darcy - Credit Where It's Due

    Worth the entrance money alone to watch Darcy race, I consider myself fortunate to get the chance to see him every week, weather permitting!! Both him and Chris spend a lot of time after every meeting with the kids which is great to see in a family sport and I personally think he is a nice guy having spoken to him on numerous occasions, however you can't please all of the people all of the time and he's still a teenager with some growing up to do, but to think we could have another 20+ years of his racing makes every day worth getting up for!
  2. pinktuck

    Rip Lee Richardson #RICO

    Shocked, devastated and so so sad, RIP RICO, condolences to Emma, boys, family and friends, speedway world is heartbroken
  3. Mine keeps freezing trying to work out what sopcast is and how I get it to work! Currently downloading some software hope it works!!
  4. Happy to see Chris get up from that nasty one, his bike looks a bit sick though
  5. pinktuck

    Garry Havelock Now Also On The List

    Best wishes to Havvy for a speedy recovery x
  6. pinktuck

    Rhys Loram

    R.I.P Rhys, so tragic, condolences to Mark and his family at this terribly sad time.
  7. pinktuck


    Totally agree, thanks to all for their hard work in keeping us informed when we can't be trackside, we'd be lost without you.
  8. [quote name=tas' timestamp=' 1318971455' post='2030724] Well Sandie i stood next to Pink Pirate and it wasn't me shouting for Rory i was the one screaming for Hans but could only really get lively in his last race. Roll on next year when he makes his comeback. And I'm sure it'll be a great comeback too, so rest your lungs over the winter, cause you're gonna need them in 2012
  9. I must have been cheering to loudly to hear at that time then! After all I had to out cheer the opposition standing next to me
  10. Well after a blagging a free journey decided to bite the bullet and put our hands in our pockets and go. Glad we did, it was a good meeting with some tough racing, Freddie on Hans, Rory on Darcy and Bomber on Scottie to name a few, but it was great to see how much they wanted to win, well most of them! As for the booing at the mention of Poole I have to say we couldn't hear it on the forth bend so it couldn't have been that loud!! It was great to finally meet Tas and some of the other girls and nice that we could all stand together in harmony as a Poole/Coventry/Peterborough mix!!
  11. Got to agree with you there, £75 for a day out including programme and petrol, rather save for Cardiff next year
  12. pinktuck

    Polish Extraleague Play-offs

    Just got in myself, waiting for page to load!! Shame I missed that race!
  13. pinktuck

    Swedish Elite League Play-offs And Play-outs

    Anybody have a link please?

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