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  1. Bruiser McHuge

    Wolves 2018

    Sam Masters.." I feel very lucky to have broken my collarbone last year and was crap when I came back..without that stroke of luck I'd have been without a team place this year so thank god for that...next year if I'm doing well i must remember this and do something similar to retain a team place somewhere" What a sad state British speedway is in..
  2. Should be a points limit and it's up to the club how they reach that limit...one 8 point rider is frankly ridiculous in my opinion and another nail in speedways coffin.
  3. Bruiser McHuge

    Bt Sport Coverage

    Speedway needs TV..without it it just becomes more and more a virtually amateur sport that virtually nobody watches.. There is a bigger picture than saying matches cannot be televised when other tracks are running..the publicity generated by being on TV cannot be over emphasised and if promoters cannot capitalise on that in any way then they should not be promoters. There is a lot wrong with speedway but there will be even more wrong if they don't get TV.
  4. Bruiser McHuge

    Pay Rates Mystery

    Well i do know that when my brother in law rode in the late 80's and in the 90's I never asked him how much he was on !!..I do know he rode around Europe and did his own bikes in my garage..and said he treated riding as a business and a way to make money..and at the end of it he seemed to do well..and still is... Think it depends on the rider and their priorities but I'm certain riders can do well..although I have to admit I have no idea how much a GP rider would fork out from their own pocket now ..can't see the point in actually doing it if they were not doing well out of it though...but I've no idea..
  5. Bruiser McHuge

    Pay Rates Mystery

    Well my brother in law was a rider..and he's done well out of it...I think a lot of riders will always complain..and a lot of riders waste a fortune on fancy vans, fancy kit and ridiculous engine tuners...but the fact is if you do it sensibly and are decent as a rider there should be no way you shouldn't do ok out of it...
  6. Well...the track was well dodgy last night ...Tungate was very unlucky against Thorsell..thought Thorsell left him with no where to go really..not much he could do.. I groaned when Cook said after his first ride he was making changes to drop the speed..he's done that before after good rides and struggled....his big fault is too much tinkering..of course you need some ..but he does it too much I think.. All in all not a great meeting..think it will be close ..but I think Belle Vue might just win if Cook scores normally and Bewley, Fricke and Tungate can do what they are capable of.
  7. Bruiser McHuge

    Carter, Morton,simmons,louis,wilson What Order.?

    Agree Carter as number 1..and by some distance in my book....possibly the best visitor ever round Hyde Road..
  8. Bruiser McHuge

    Havvy's Golden Glory

    I wouldn't put Havelock as an all time great..but at the time he won his title I was watching him week in week out and he did deserve his title that year...and I do think he could have won a GP series that particular year...obviously his title record doesn't compare to Woffinden's but I do think at his short peak he was better than Tai has been..
  9. Bruiser McHuge

    Do We Still Need The Play-offs

    Having spent a lot of time in Australia and being a big AFL fan I am a big fan of play offs...the race for top 8 in AFL and the ultimate Grand Final is fantastic...and Western Bulldogs were champions last year from 7th in the league... Play offs are a great idea in my opinion..but I am not sure they work that we'll in speedway...great idea if teams stay injury free and it's 2 full teams...but not great if we get teams full of guests..often on dodgy end of year wet tracks making the rest of the season a bit of a farce.. So great in principle but not always in reality as far as speedway goes....but they do keep the season alive for a few clubs
  10. Bruiser McHuge

    Poole V Swindon Semi Final 1st Leg 11/9/17

    Just caught up with this on TV..my Sky plus cut off before heat 15 which wasn't great...it was an ok meeting..track a bit iffy but the odd decent race.. Never really complained about Pearson and Tatum but they did bug me ..especially Pearson..with their quite obvious and not very well disguised Poole bias...Pearson seemed almost in tears as Swindon built their lead and then couldn't use the joker...does he have shares in Poole or something ?..
  11. Bruiser McHuge

    Speedway World Cup 2017

    Well that was great..but the fact there were 4 ultra competitive teams was the key...yes the track was great which helps ..but if you've got 2 competitive teams and 2 also rans then you'll never get a good meeting..it was great tonight though .
  12. Bruiser McHuge

    Horsens June 24th 2017

    Well ..my 12 year old who normally won't watch speedway at all ..even when I'm watching it was quite enthralled by this meeting...amazing..I've now said I'll take him to Belle Vue..he's always flatly turned down the offer before...but after last night he now wants to go !...so it looks like I'm off to my first live meeting in years..and he's coming with me... So it shows the importance of TV and getting a product on TV that comes across as entertaining to the younger generation....last night did that...hope our live experience is just as entertaining for him and he enjoys it as much as I did when I first went at a similar age in the 70's..
  13. I thought it was Pearson who said it and not Tatum...and to be fair ro Tatum I don't think he realised Howarth had already had a warning..I think he does know that rule..but he thought it was for the tapes offence and not a second starting offence..
  14. I thought Nigel Pearson said he was barred because his averages were deemed too high..I thought Kelvin just sort of laughed..maybe I was wrong.
  15. I'm a big Lambert fan..but no way should he have been in the meeting last night.. Imagine if a rider doesn't fancy a certain track so decides he will " break down " on the way...save the hassle of actually riding ..I'll get a wildcard anyway because I'm dead good !...it would make a mockery of qualifiers..let alone be totally unfair on those who rode and we're next in line.. I would have made a better meeting if Lambert had been there for sure..but it was 100% correct that he wasn't in this instance. I'll put money on him not winning it next year !

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