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  1. lukeellis

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Why do you keep posting negative weather reports? Where do you live? I live inMiddlesbrough and the weather is OK !
  2. lukeellis

    REDCAR 2019

    1.Jorgensen 2.M.BAndersen 3.Lunna 4.Berge 5.Barker 6.Stewart 7.Greaves.Think that fits under 38?
  3. lukeellis

    Panthers up for sale.

    I have no confidence that the situation will change,every individual promoter knows and and accepts there is massive problems but they are incapable of getting in a room together and sorting any proper long term plans or fixes. I am sick of hearing that the latest get together was the “best ever “only for it to go to pot a month into a season,one of my biggest gripes is why can’t they finish the early season cup competition by the middle of the season?
  4. lukeellis

    Worrying Times at Redcar

    The problem is not with the crowd size as such,probably better than most.The Owners are not capable of being Promoters so they need someone to do that job and all it entails for nothing as Kevin has done very well for 2 years.I can’t see anyone else doing that,so really they need to sell the club.

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