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  1. eastern wolf

    The Long Eaton Project

    If I remember right noise tests were done at Nottingham Greyhound Stadium several years ago. I have an idea that Tony Mole and Graham Drury were involved with it. Obviously nothing came of it so maybe there were problems. But with the new silencers.....? There's quite a bit of industry and parkland (and the racecourse) around the stadium but quite a lot of housing within earshot along Colwick Road.
  2. eastern wolf

    The Long Eaton Project

    I was there (lucky me!) the night of the walk-out and if I remember right it was against Mildenhall in the days when Dave Jessup rode for them. Can't specifically remember the Ove Fundin night but it's odds-on I would have been at that one too. It was the sort of thing that could happen at Long Eaton!
  3. Yes I remember both stadiums well. Groveway was like Wembley compared to Elfield. Actually had concrete to park on and stand on. I think the last match at Elfield was against Long Eaton but was called off just before start time - another one of my "interesting" visits to Milton Keynes if I remember correctly.
  4. I'm pretty sure it was him and that it was at Groveway. Although the old memory isn't as hot as it used to be so I guess it could have been at Elfield. Maybe another poster will know if he was around in the Groveway days.
  5. No, not Roger Jones. I can picture him but just not think of the name. It'll come back to me....eventually! Edit: It was Terry Cheney.
  6. Only went to Groveway 3 times. The 1st time my car was broken into in the car park, the 2nd time I went without my wallet and had no money (the promoter - shamefully I can't think of his name although I know he always took a lot of stick - kindly let me in and gave me a programme and I sent him the money by post). The 3rd time it was rained off. Happy times!
  7. eastern wolf

    Sky Tv

    The easy answer would be just to watch it once a fortnight. I think most of us would prefer as much speedway as possible for our Sky Sports subscriptions.
  8. eastern wolf

    What's Your Prefered View Point?

    An ex-Leicester fan who finds it possible to support Coventry suggesting there may be weird people at Monmore? Get a grip, Gem
  9. July 1963 Long Eaton v Middlesbrough. Think the Archers won 41-36 and Charlie Monk became my first speedway superhero.
  10. eastern wolf

    Coventry And Peterborough

    The same at Long Eaton. The house builders are prepared to play the long game.
  11. eastern wolf

    Once A Jolly Swagman

    Just seen the DVD advertised in Speedway Star for £13.99 (inc postage). I got mine from Amazon for £9.48 (inc postage) and it arrived within 2 days. Nice piece of speedway memorabilia although the acting's the typical wooden stuff of the period. Sid James is about the only one in it who couldn't do with a coat of Ronseal!
  12. eastern wolf

    The Bspa Announcment On Monday

    Praise from ImpartialOne doesn't do a lot for my street cred!
  13. eastern wolf

    The Bspa Announcment On Monday

    As I'm allegedly the Steve Shovlar of Wolverhampton I think that's unlikely, don't you?
  14. eastern wolf

    The Bspa Announcment On Monday

    See you still haven't found out how to use spellcheck then Oh Silver One
  15. eastern wolf

    "celebration Of Speedway 2011"

    Is it true that in an effort to reduce rain-affected meetings the BSPA have banned you from all tracks as everywhere you go a grey cloud follows?

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