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  1. R Worrall - Edinburgh Kennett and Lawson - Eastbourne
  2. cheggie

    Glasgow 2020

    I am not too sure either to be honest. As I said, it was merely some spreadsheet speculation, pending the outcome of the AGM. And at least I have one team member right, so far...
  3. cheggie

    Glasgow 2020

    Only a bit of spreadsheet speculation fun, whilst waiting on the outcome of the AGM... Built to a 41pts limit, with 2.5% reductions for Cook, Starke and Bailey. As already mentioned within the thread, Sam and Connor would be a strong platform at reserve to build the team from + Cook as the driving force at no.1. Middle order I struggled with..... 1 Cook 9.93 2 3 Starke 6.33 4 Nicol 5.16 5 Wells 7.05 6 Jensen 4.34 7 Bailey 3.03 35.84 5.16
  4. cheggie

    Glasgow 2020

    I like this idea as well - a balanced side with both Sam and Connor at reserve. Question though, as Connor holds a British passport and has ridden in the NDL - would he eligible for a reduction (granted we won't know until AGM next week).
  5. Meeting tonight at Glasgow has been postponed due to a water logged track
  6. Teams for tonight (taken from Somerset website) Glasgow: Craig Cook (Capt), Mikkel B Andersen, Claus Vissing, Sam Jensen, Rasmus Jensen, Connor Bailey, Kyle Bickley, Somerset: Rory Schlein, Anders Rowe, Nick Morris, Nico Covatti, Chris Harris (Capt), Nathan Stoneman, Luke Harris C'mon the Tigers!
  7. cheggie

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Somerset in the Play-offs.....
  8. The rain has to get worse before it gets better, but should be more showery for tomorrow night! Fingers crossed it goes ahead.
  9. Thanks for the info, pity the meeting is cancelled but it's the right call as the forecast is not very pleasant at all for later today and tonight!
  10. Any idea of Noocastle's line up? I had a guess of... 1. Worrall 2. Ulrich 3. Bjerre 4. Matty 5. TJ 6. Clegg 7. Weakest Link
  11. TRNSMT is on Friday night as well, so in and around Glasgow might be a wee bit busier than normal! Can't see anything other than a Tigers win, and would be good to see Connor get a few more pts at home
  12. Great result for the Tigers away from home!!!
  13. Should be some great racing on show, the weather should be good tonight and I fancy the Tigers to win by around 10pts. Based on last night's performance, Connor should hit the track running - which means we'll have two solid reserves!
  14. cheggie

    Newcastle 2019

    This would be absolutely ideal! Maybe next year if we have the one big league....
  15. cheggie

    REDCAR 2019

    Best wishes to Ben. Based on new averages and increase in pts limit from June - does this mean Bears have up to 8.28 to replace him with?

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