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  1. cheggie

    REDCAR 2019

    Best wishes to Ben. Based on new averages and increase in pts limit from June - does this mean Bears have up to 8.28 to replace him with?
  2. cheggie

    Glasgow v Berwick April 12th

    My best guess of Tigers 1-7 would be - 1. Cook, 2. Sarjeant, 3. Jensen, 4. Starke, 5. Vissing, 6. Cheswell, 7. Bickley
  3. cheggie

    Workington 2019

    I really like this suggestion :) But it will probably be to easy and simple for the BSPA to adopt unfortunately.
  4. cheggie

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    With the full team now announced, I am guessing that riding order will be something like this.... 1. Cook 2. Sarjeant 3. Jensen 4. Starke 5. Vissing 6. Chessell 7. Lawlor Got some scope to change around the middle three, depending on track and who is on form. And is it still a case of being able to interchange the reserves, again, depending who hits the ground running the quickest? Hopefully James can kick on again riding with Craig at no.2 as well :)
  5. cheggie

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I am sure we have just over 7pts left for the final rider, so from a numbers point of view - Bjerre or Barker would be a better option? As Jensen would mean we'd have 0.5pts left? Could have swapped any of our signed two pointers to have Jack back?
  6. cheggie

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I do like the balance as well, and if Starke can kick on a again at no.4 - I was thinking that he could push up toward the 7pt mark as well. And yeah, the big question is will Cookie be back next year - as I totally agree on your point about 13/15 and mentoring the younger guys. Hopefully we'll find out soon and until then, I will continue to 'play' fantasy 2019 team building on a spreadsheet.
  7. cheggie

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    First guestimate of next year's team.. 1 Wright 7.68 (2.5% red) 2 Sargeant 4.09 (2.5% red) 3 Kerr 7 (2.5% red) 4 Starke 5.73 (2.5% red) 5 Summers 7.18 6 Greaves 3.99 (2.5% red) 7 Thomas 2.24 (2.5% red) 37.91 0.09
  8. cheggie

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Thank you! Just trying to do some digging, and work at the same time.
  9. cheggie

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Would this be correct? Craig Cook y (Buxton) Chris Harris ? Claus Vissing n/a Paul Starke y (Buxton) James Sargeant y (dudley) Nathan Greaves y (dudley) Jack Thomas y (kent)
  10. cheggie

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Thanks for the replies. I thought it was the later, as the AGM statement said - To support the progression of riders who have progressed through the National Development League, all riders will receive a 2.5% reduction in their average But I am just not sure who this would be applicable to.....
  11. cheggie

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Is it possible for anyone to confirm from the side that finished the season, who would be eligible for the 2.5% reduction? Would Kerr get a reduction on his 7.18? Thanks in advance :)
  12. As per Glasgow's fb page - Richard Lawson guests at no.1 and Carl Wilkinson at no.6
  13. cheggie

    Glasgow 2018

    This is only my best and very rough guestimate of the team with averages, based on the proposed change. Cook 10.4 ( 8pt PL ave x 1.3) Greaves 4.77 (taken from GS dated 04.07) Vissing 7.45 Starke 5.64 Harris 8.13 Sargeant 3.88 Thomas 2.31 Total is 42.58? Unless someone, or a few, could point out where I have went wrong!?
  14. cheggie

    Glasgow 2018

    No official update on Lewis Kerr and his unfortunate injury - as it sounds pretty serious and a season ender? And as mentioned on another thread, we have up to 7.52 for a replacement - if required?!

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