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  1. A very popular rider, Neil Copestake has sadly passed away. I knew of him, rather than knew him, but I do know he was well known in the Grass Track scene. RIP
  2. Ray Stadia


    I suppose they could use a foamfence?
  3. Ray Stadia

    RIP Olle Nygren

    Wiki says he died in Ipswich, so maybe Ipswich hospital. However, the East Anglian Daily Times, has a picture of Olle walking along Felixstowe seafront (near Ipswich), so I don't know?
  4. Ray Stadia

    RIP Olle Nygren

    I live in Ipswich and am embarrassed to say, I didn't know he lived here. RIP Mr Nygren
  5. Ray Stadia


    I hope they will be using heavy heavy duty cable for the cars? If a car goes into a support, it could surely bring the lot down!
  6. Ray Stadia


    The Olympic Stadium or Wembley?
  7. Ray Stadia


    Looks dodgy for both cars and bikes!
  8. Ray Stadia


    It looks as though they have laid a tarmac track, so if speedway was to happen, surely it would have to be a temporary track, 'Cardiff style'?
  9. Ray Stadia

    Rye House 2020

    The Rayleigh Rockets moved to Rye House in 1974. At least (apart from a few years break), Rye House have had a speedway track for more years than Rayleigh had. An idea, to keep some kind of 'Castrol R' sport alive in the area, would be to run some Grasstracks in Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire is quite rural, so there must be a field available somewhere. There used to be a great track in Ware, but due to some Roman ruins under the field, was stopped. They have run, recently, events at Ugly, but the original great track they had there, can't be used anymore, due to land slip or something, so they use a field which is quite small. However, a few years back, I did see James Shanes blast round there and on the small track, he was brilliant! From a 'Grasstrack springboard', maybe a new track can be found, eventually.
  10. Ray Stadia

    Rye House 2020

    Maybe 'Steve' is the same guy, who was going to bring speedway back to Milton Keynes?
  11. Ray Stadia

    Rye House 2020

    I would imagine some tracks dream, to get 600 through the turnstiles!
  12. Ray Stadia

    Speedway On The Chase, Kinda

    However, the contestant may have a dilemma if the question was about Tai...'hmm, is he Australian or is he British?'.
  13. Ray Stadia

    Armando Castagna article in SS.

    I said year's ago, the survival of speedway in Britain, will be a 'track in a field' and maybe we aren't far away from that fact. You will still get people who want to support the sport, probably the same number of people who have been supporting it up until now. Also, league racing would need to go and have individual meetings instead. Perhaps, if it took off from that base, the sport could creep back into some decent stadiums.
  14. Ray Stadia

    What a difference in stadiums

    I think there is some kind of legal protection/tie-in for the stadium. I believe some of the locals would love to see the stadium go, but it is fairly well protected.
  15. Ray Stadia

    What a difference in stadiums

    Actually, Ipswich Town football stadium is owned by the council.

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