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  1. Ray Stadia

    Swindon Stadium

    I would have thought, with the new houses so close to the stadium, the least speedway activity there is at the stadium, the less chance there will be of complaint from the residents.
  2. Ray Stadia

    2019 Press & Practice Dates

    'Press and Practice Day'....surely, a bit hollow these days, with the state of British speedway currently. I realise I sound negative, but Press and Practice Day sounds like a season launch, for a sport which is healthy and going places! When, as we know, it's in trouble, sadly.
  3. Ray Stadia

    Swindon Stadium

    In speedway, I'm not sure you can trust 'the actual speedway parties' involved!
  4. Ray Stadia

    Swindon Stadium

    If I lived in one of those houses, personally, I would rather have a stadium on my doorstep than have even more houses. I live opposite a church and yes, the congregation park their cars all over the shop on a Sunday, a funeral or a wedding. But I would rather the church than more flippin houses! The church is not that attractive either! But I do wonder whether the stadium will be swallowed?
  5. Ray Stadia

    Swindon Stadium

    Things look different 30,000 feet up!
  6. Ray Stadia

    Swindon Stadium

    I bet Workington fans wish they could watch some 'gate and go' racing this year!
  7. Ray Stadia

    Another Speedway Closes

    What a shame, just 500K short!
  8. Ray Stadia

    Another Speedway Closes

    I just carried out a company check search and it appears the name Avtar Sandhu is a very popular name for company directors. There seems to be well over 30!
  9. Ray Stadia

    Unforeseen circumstances

    It's like the phrase the politicians use 'let me be clear', when they are anything but clear!
  10. Ray Stadia

    Another Speedway Closes

    Buxton and Rye House are still being used for training, so that is a good thing. As for Coventry, Workington and Lakeside, more likely lost forever, I fear.
  11. Ray Stadia

    Another Speedway Closes

    Looking at an article it seems the track was underused for the big money making events.The article I read, said there are many industrial units on the site, many involved in motor sports and the track will probably still be used for testing, auctions and de-fleet car storage etc. The new owners have said the use will still be automotive. I imagine the area has never been thought of as a motorcycle speedway prospect or we would have heard rumours?
  12. Ray Stadia

    Speedway Related Co Finances

    I reckon many football clubs would show a similar situation, but for some reason, debts hit speedway harder than football.
  13. Ray Stadia


    I wonder whether we will see a poster in future episodes.......Grantchester versus Slough?
  14. Ray Stadia

    Gareth Rogers

    Has Gareth changed his surname as well?
  15. Ray Stadia

    Gareth Rogers

    So this is getting even muddier! Are you saying BB that the link to the recent indecent stuff is not the 'speedway' Gareth Rogers, but the 'speedway' Gareth Rogers has been 'done' in the past for sexual impropers?

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