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  1. Ray Stadia

    Swindon Stadium

    I once got hit hit by a flying piece of shale, when watching speedway on the World of Sport! I didn't both to complain though and it was the 1st April!
  2. Ray Stadia

    Heathens Planning Application

    Even if Cradley hadn't been sold off all those years ago, would they be able to survive in today's speedway climate?
  3. Yes, I suppose truly amateur means no money and maybe paying to ride. If tracks aren't available at weekends then that is scuppered! Oh well, it just carries on limping.
  4. I probably didn't read your post properly, sorry. So, you too have concerns of speedway's future. The thread is really about survival, as the suggestion is, by going amateur, the costs for the promoters will be less and provide a chance for survival. But as 'Sings4Speedway' is suggesting, maybe team speedway shouldn't be part of a survival plan.
  5. Well, you have told us how things are at Belle Vue, but I can't see you have provided a 'blueprint' for the sport's survival as a whole, unless I have misinterpreted your post? Brave man buying 2 season tickets!
  6. If the sport is run on an amateur basis, it doesn't mean the riders can't earn, but they will earn according to their ability. And why does speedway need to run during the week? It can be run Friday night, anytime Saturday or anytime Sunday. Which would allow the riders to work or finish their education. Also, the country should be divided into regions, to reduce travelling costs. Another idea, if you could attract relatively local riders, why not all riders travel together or at least buddy up in groups.The bikes could be loaded into a large van or lorry and the riders travel by coach. What a great way to create team spirit!
  7. The trouble with what you say, is that Belle Vue's 'comfortable' position, is not felt by most other set-ups and let's be honest, it has been touch and go for even Belle Vue over the years. I think if you just think about your own speedway team, you run the risk of either being the 'last man standing' or you find what you thought was a safe and secure club, underneath is in serious problems. Not that I'm suggesting that is the case with Belle Vue. Where you are lucky though, is you have a great stadium and let's face it, it is dubbed a national speedway stadium, therefore, if speedway went amateur, your stadium would be great for different individual events and perhaps even a GP event! Which means you should still see plenty of quality action!
  8. In fairness to Vince, it is his son who used to ride speedway. It seems as though Vince may participate in another weekend type motor sport, maybe pre-65 scrambles, where you probably don't get prize money, but may get a cup/shield etc, as are many amateur motor sports. I think you could run speedway on an amateur basis and still have teams. Often amateur participants are more dedicated to their sport, so the argument that you wouldn't get the commitment from the team, I think is unfounded. In any case, if you had a team of amateurs, you could afford to have plenty of reserves, for the occasions when riders are unable to race.
  9. Writing in bold is good though, for those of us with dodgy minces! But 'squaring the circle' is what this thread is all about. Riders have financial needs, yes, but there are not enough punters or promoters with deep enough pockets to meet the costs. So speedway either limps along as it has done and hopes a miracle happens or in other words, speedway buries its head in the sand or someone or some thing, grasps the nettle and starts to think outside the box.
  10. A description of a team I remember from the past was a team being described as a 'Cinderella Team', I seem to remember the old Scunthorpe set-up being called that. My understanding of that expression was that they limped on, season to season operating on a wing and a prayer. It seems to me, all speedway teams can currently be described as Cinderella Teams. Maybe the description is still used, but I am sure I haven't heard it for years.
  11. IMO, the only way forward, is for all the remaining clubs to submit to a central point, such as a 'speedway finance officer', how their set up can break even, each season, based on people through the turnstiles, stadium costs, any other costs and riders costs. Then you look at the worst case scenario, in terms of the least number of fans who will turn up, over a given season. Once you have this information, the BSPA or whoever is the controlling body, then decides on how the speedway model should be going forward, for every club. The answer might turn out to be that the only way forward, is fully amateur and pay purely on results. It should allow speedway to rebuild from the bottom up. OK you will probably lose the big name riders, but we are more or less there now. If the costs for promoters mean they can break even each season, then we may see more tracks open.
  12. Surely, if the sport was run on a purely amateur basis, all tracks could be run over the weekend, I know that might clash with greyhounds and stock cars, but there are 3 days over a weekend Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. That way, the riders can still do their day jobs or attend college or whatever.
  13. So what would be your answer to the current crisis Philip?
  14. Ray Stadia

    Thank you to the BSPA

    Of course, you are assuming they can read!
  15. I think what adonis is suggesting, is by having 'standardised' engines, the costs for the riders, should be lower and could/should 'level the playing field'.

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