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  1. Ray Stadia

    Garry slone

    Maybe, when Workington re-open next year, there could be a 'Garry Slone Memorial Cup'? RIP
  2. Ray Stadia

    Dogs Allowed?

    I agree, we don't know what goes on in kitchens and suspect we would be horrified if we knew. However, for me personally, I would prefer to avoid a restaurant that allows dogs. A restaurant is for the social experience not just to eat food. I did go to a restaurant recently with some people and I was being treated. One of the party brought their dog along, which I wasn't expecting. The dog didn't settle and was a pain in the proverbial!
  3. Ray Stadia

    Dogs Allowed?

    Ok. Here's the scenario, the waiter/waitress takes plates of food to a table who have a dog or dogs, the waiter or waitress strokes and pets the dog (after all, he or she is after a tip!). The waiter or waitress then goes to the kitchen, picks up more plates to take to other customers, without washing their hands! Now I accept, we don't know whether the waiter or waitress hasn't just brought us our food, just before he or she has been to the loo, without washing their hands, but how far can you go with health and hygene?
  4. Ray Stadia

    Dogs Allowed?

    I admit I'm not a dog owner, but I have respect for all animals. But it seems to me, we have moved dog ownership up a cog, whereby, owners seem to think it's a good idea to take the dog everywhere, including a noisy environment like speedway. We now have many dog friendly restaurants, which I feel is not condusive with health and hygene. A dog, is a dog, is a dog, not a human being! Don't get me wrong, we have many, so called, human beings, who behave worse than animals!
  5. Ray Stadia

    Double barrelled names

    I have always liked the reggae record 'Double Barrel', by Dave & Ansel Collins! www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_7Kx2FlFQY
  6. Ray Stadia

    Brandon Update

    And Cradley was owned by a speedway family, which was a kick in the teeth for speedway.
  7. Ray Stadia


    I was born in 1958 John, sorry, but my dad may have known, but he has been 6 ft under since 2002!
  8. Ray Stadia

    Double barrelled names

    Kenny Carter?
  9. Ray Stadia

    Engine Cases - Back in Black

    I remember an engine tuner, possibly Trevor Hedge, used to grind off the 'W' from a Weslake rocker cover and spray the cover black!
  10. I would like to see speedway back in London, even if only, big one off events.
  11. Ray Stadia

    Sunderland Speedway Website.

    I do remember the Sunderland speedway team visiting Rayleigh, back in the day! I seem to recall Hughie Saunders riding for them?
  12. Ray Stadia

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    You are missing the point, in my opinion There were many on here who slated his commentary and Kelvin's. Those very same people might be saying 'RIP etc etc'. Diamondboy pointed out that there have been negative comments in the past and was berated for saying so. Therefore, when someone is alive you can slate them, but when they pass away and especially at a youngish age, they suddenly deserve respect. Sorry, but I find that weird! Nigel is not going to hear/read those positive testimonies, but he might have read the negative comments about himself, when he was alive!
  13. Ray Stadia

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    There are some postings which have said something like 'I didn't like his style of commentary, but I'm sorry to hear of his passing', which is fair enough. And by the way, I had only witnessed his commentary a handful of times with Kelvin and I loved it. I have, in the past, seen more than a handful of criticism for Nigel's and Kelvin's commentary on here.
  14. Ray Stadia

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    But the point is, many have berated 'Diamondboy' for his posting. However, death seems to bring out hypocracy.

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