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  1. We appear to agree about the contact taking place in gates 1& 2, where we differ is in regard to Howarth's involvement in the incident. The way I saw it, and it's only my opinion, the contact between Starke & Garrity unsettled both rider and caused them to both move out from the Kerb at the same time as Howarth was coming across from gate 4. Without the benefit of a replay (preferably from different angles) it's all down to opinion based on each persons view of the incident. I saw the incident from one angle, you saw it from a different angle, the referee saw it from another angle. None of us had the benefit of seeing a replay and having the full picture on which to make a fully informed decision. We may have different opinions, but that is all they are, opinions. Although the referee has the benefit of his opinion(decision) is always right and final (even when it's wrong ).
  2. The way I saw it, Garrity lifted out of the gate, when his front wheel came back down he wobbled to the left into Starke, this contact unsettled Starke and made Garrity move over to the right into Nielsen & Howarth resulting in everybody heading into the Air fence. The picture of the moments just before the crash looks as though it was take just after Garrity's contact with Starke and just before Garrity collected Nielsen &Howarth. Personally I was expecting "all 4 Back" or at a push an exclusion for Garrity. Others may have seen it differently.
  3. Meeting OFF, Just been posted on Redcar Facebook page.
  4. Meeting Off Redcar Bears 1. Ben Barker 2. Nike Lunna 3. Dimitri Berge 4. Mark Riss (guest) 5. Ty Proctor (guest) 6. Coty Garcia (guest) 7. Jordan Stewart Sheffield Tigers 1. Charles Wright 2. Todd Kurtz 3. Lasse Bjerre ??? 4. Broc Nicol 5. Kyle Howarth 6. James Shanes 7. Joe Lawlor It's been a mixed day weather wise, torrential thunder storm around mid-day, followed by brilliant sunshine, so should make for excellent track conditions (if there no more further heavy rain). Lots of speculation surrounding Lasse Bjerre's position in the Sheffield. I was hoping we might run Sheffield close and possibly a win, but after the event of the past week, I'm more optimistic of a Redcar victory. But this is Speedway and as we all know nothing is certain when it comes to Speedway.
  5. Well there is a passing reference to housing in the article :- "There will also be an "enabling" housing development which will help offset costs, although the clubs announcement does not say where this would be" I'm sure it will only be a small development, just enough houses to create the funds to build the Stadium, Hotel and Events Arena, it can only be a win, win situation for the people of Torquay
  6. pvm

    Redcar handed fours

    Sorry, I missed Parsy29's post when I was replying to one of your earlier posts, so wasn't aware of things already being put in place, thanks for pointing out the extra information I'd missed...
  7. pvm

    Redcar handed fours

    According to the Teesside Aerodrome's own website, no events are scheduled to take place on the weekend of the Fours. I'm sure Kevin & Ben will hold (or have held) discussions with operators of the Motorsports park to iron out any problems. I believe they have a good working relationship.
  8. pvm

    Redcar handed fours

    Towards the end of last season, A Friday night match against Sheffield, Half the Car park was in use for an event at the race track, so arrangements were put in place to use a newly constructed (It wasn't quite finished but was relatively flat and Clear) Car parking area behind the Back Straight next to the Moto Cross Circuit. Looking at Bing Maps (the most up to date Aerial Photos)the area is much bigger than the present Car park. I'm sure permission will be sought to use this area again.
  9. pvm

    Redcar handed fours

    Great News.. Based on what happened when we staged the Re-arranged Fours a few seasons ago it should be a cracker of a meeting with great racing, and with it being a Sunday Afternoon in July instead of a Thursday Night in October, it should be an even bigger crowd. A win, win for both Redcar & the BSPA. Well Done to Kevin & Ben..
  10. In all fairness 1999 is a long time ago, man and machine have moved on a lot since then. Modern bikes can reach quite a speed on the Newcastle straights which creates a problem getting round the corners, or if your not so brave it means shutting off halfway down the straight.
  11. I've just been looking a Google Earth, and they have updated the maps of the area around the National Stadium, and it's interesting to see the difference in track shape between the old Belle Vue Track and the new National Stadium. One thing I was surprised to see was how the track measurements, in terms of length from the apex of one bend to the opposite bend are very similar between the old and the New tracks. The old Belle Vue measures approx. 118 meters, compared to the National Stadium which measures approx. 128 meters. The big difference is the measurements between the home straights and the back straights. The old Belle Vue measures approx. 40 meters between the two, where as, the National Stadium measures 70 meters. Based on these figures the Old Belle Vue stadium has an approximate 3 to 1 ratio between Length and width, where as the New stadium has an approximate 1.9 to 1 ratio. It got me thinking, is there an optimal ratio that produces excellent racing. I know there are some small tracks that produce good racing, and there are some big'ish tracks , in terms of track length,that produce poor racing. Is Shape the main factor in producing great racing circuits, irrespective of track length. (Disclaimer:- All Measurements are approximate using the Google measurement tool, so may not be 100% accurate, but are close enough in accuracy for purposes of this discussion)
  12. In the lead up to the event, Brian made a big point of highlighting the change of format to a "16 rider event". I would think most people associated a "16 rider event" with the traditional 20 heat format, I did, and many fans near me also did. But like all things that Brian is involved in, the devil is in the detail, and once again, the detail didn't match the perceived outcome.
  13. Winner Thomas Jorgensen (Berwick) Second Ricky Wells (Workington) Third David Bellego (Redcar) 1. Nike Lunna 3,2,0 X.....5 2. Dawid Strachyra 1,2,2,2,....7 3. David Wallinger 0,0,0,1....1 4. Kev Doolan 2,0,3,2....7 5. Hugh Skidmore 1,0,0,3.....4 6. Fritz Wallner 2,1,1,dns..4 7. Tobias Thomsen 0,2,2,1....5 8. Ulrich Ostagaard 3,2,1,1.....7 9. David Bellago 3,3,3,3.....12 10. Lee Payne 0,0,0,0,.....0 11. Aaron Summers 2,3,3,3.....11 12. Thomas Jorgensen 1,3,3,3...10 13. Jye Etheridge 1,1,1,0....3 14. Ricky Wells 3,3,2,2,...10 15. Ben Basford 0,1,1,1...3 16. Theo Pijper 2,1,2,2.....7 Ht 1 Lunna, Doolan, Strachyra, Wallinger 55.3 Ht 2 Ostergaard, Wallner, Skidmore, Thomsen 53.4 Ht 3 Bellego, Summers, Jorgensen, Payne 54.6 Ht 4 Wells, Pijper, Etheridge, Basford 55.1 Ht 5 Bellego, Lunna, Etheridge, Skidmore 54.9 Ht 6 Wells, Strachyra, Wallner, Payne 55.1 Ht 7 Summers, Thomsen, Basford, Wallinger 55.9 Ht 8 Jorgensen, Ostergaard, Pijper, Doolan 56.3 Ht 9 Summers, Pijper, Wallner, Lunna 55.2 Ht10 Jorgensen, Strachyra, Basford, Skidmore(fell) 56.6 Ht11 Bellego, Wells, Ostergaard, Wallinger 56.4 Ht12 Doolan, Thomsen, Etheridge, Payne 56.4 Ht13 Jorgensen, Wells, Thomsen, Lunna (fell ex) 56.2 Ht14 Summers, Stachyra, Ostergaard, Etheridge 56.1 Ht15 Skidmore, Pijper, Wallinger, Payne 56.9 Ht16 Bellego, Doolan, Basford, Wallner(dns) 56.9 (Semi-Final) Wells, Jorgensen, Ostergaard, Doolan 56.5 (Final) Jorgensen, Wells, Bellego, Summers 56.7 Disclaimer Just for Information, as per my programme, and in no way official.
  14. Couldn't agree more. With a transponder there would be no doubts as to whether it was a jump start or good start. You could also set a system up that randomises the time between the Green light coming on, and the tapes being released all with-in a set time period. Eg Start Marshall gives a signal that he's Happy, Ref Presses button, System then puts Green light on, with-in set time frame (1-2 secs), then then tapes are released with-in randomised set time frame. minimum1sec Maximum-2 secs (A trial would sort out the minor details). From the time the Ref get's the nod from the Start Marshall to the tapes being released is controlled by the electronics. It's something that should be trailed at least..
  15. That was what we thought had happened, but nobody near us seamed to know what Ludvig's ave was, so they were unsure, which opened the possibility of having Kus's 2pts removed at a later date...

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