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  1. Sorry about that, I completely misread things based on the poor graphics, and the reference to Scunthorpe. That’s what you get for posting about one subject when your mind is also thinking about another subject, apologies to all.
  2. Only 10 teams qualify, so based on information supplied, it looks like Scunthorpe are the team to miss out.
  3. pvm

    Killing the sport

    We keep coming back to the same question, Which teams would you sacrifice in order to prop-up the perceived “Top league “. Baring mind that the present promoters of the said “Top League “ are the very promoters who have brought about it’s demise. Would you increase the number of teams in the “Top League “ to <11, thereby keep the present “Top League” promoters the advantageous numbers in any vote regarding changes to the rules etc? If you were to create a system, where there was one league, it would have to include more than 12 teams (assuming the present 6 Top league teams are part of any new league).
  4. This is British Speedway. What I suspect has happened, the people running British Speedway will have been of the opinion that a streaming service would never work, not enough people would sign up/be interested to make it worthwhile etc. The people at BSN thought otherwise and were willing to put there “money were there mouth is” and test the waters by giving it ago. I signed up for a season pass, and in the beginning it was Ok, nothing fantastic, but enough to justify the cost of the season pass, but importantly, the people at BSN, listened to feed back from subscribers and improved content on a weekly basis, to the point more people were willing to sign up, be it monthly passes or individual matches. I suspect, Demand has outstripped the ability to supply a consistent signal. I have no doubt that the team in charge at BSN are working on a solution, and it will be fixed. At the end of the day, it is we as fans, who have caused the problem by being willing to watch a stream service in large enough numbers for it to become an issue. How many times in the past have promoters/naysayers used “fans won’t watch/pay/turnout etc” as an excuse not to try something new or reintroduce something that was once popular like the Fours qualifiers, and they are probably the same people who will have been sceptical of a streaming service. I hope BSN goes from strength to strength and keeps improving on the back of/and for the fans who are willing to watch and there by make it a success.
  5. Well in the absence of a raceday weather report from Coraldon, I will take this opportunity to inform any supporter’s travelling to the Ecco arena tonight, that Teesside is currently bathed in glorious sunshine, with the forecast being clear sky’s and a light breeze tonight.
  6. Well, after last nights match, Oxford bring a 4pt lead to the ECCO arena on Friday night in a match that will be shown on the streaming channel BSN. I expect the aggregate lead to ebb & flow in the early heats, As always, it should be an entertaining battle, before Redcar pull away in the later heats. Redcar 1.Charles Wright 2. Adam Roynan 3 Lewis. Kerr 4 Kasper Andersen 5 Erik Riss 6 Jason Edwards 7 Jordan Jenkins Oxford 1 Troy Batchelor 2 Kyle Newman 3 Jack Thomas 4 Cameron Heeps 5 Scott Nicholls 6 Dillon Ruml 7 Nathan Stoneman (guest)
  7. pvm

    Redcar v Leicester

    That might be to do with having more close races, rather than “gate and go”
  8. Just in case anybody is using this thread to keep up to date with the streaming service, please note this weeks fixture on BSN is now Redcar v Oxford, on Friday 29th April, Live from 7.00pm this is change from the original programming, which was supposed to be Leicester v Redcar, on Saturday 30th April.
  9. Expected teams Redcar “Agilia” Bears 1 Charles Wright 2 Adam Roynan 3 Lewis Kerr 4 Kasper Andersen 5 Erik Riss 6 Jason Edwards 7 Jordan Jenkins Birmingham Brummies 1 Claus Vissing 2 James Shane’s R/R 3 Josh Auty 4 Ashley Morris 5 Adam Ellis 6 Stefan Nielsen 7 James Pearson Seeing as a thread has not yet been started.
  10. Not too long, all fixtures done and dusted by August 7th
  11. pvm

    workington ..

    What will the car park arrangements be like? Will it be next to the track, or will it involve walk to the track.
  12. Conversely, Suppose for a minute, someone decides to subscribe to an away meeting…and invites a gang of his mates around to have a “watch the speedway party” …. Bring your own food and booze, etc.. a few of whom have never been to a track before… but after watching decide to join his mate at their local track. It can work both ways. You can either sit back and do nothing “out of fear” or try something new. The sit back and do nothing approach hasn’t worked so far, so I applaud this new venture and hope it provides a catalyst to grow the sport.
  13. pvm


    Am I right in thinking the light stanchions have been move? They look like they are on the outside of the greyhound track? Would it make a "possible" substitute venue to hold the Pairs on the night before the GP at Cardiff, now that Somerset has closed?
  14. pvm

    Redcar 2020

    Back in 1972, when I first started going to Cleveland Park, there was a Speedway shop/Office (not sure of it's correct title), on the back straight, you could buy rosette's, program boards, ticket's for coach trips, Wembley world final's etc, Julie was in charge of it at the time, it was just a serving hatch at the back of the stand. I remember when the pit's moved from the School end of the stadium, to just near the A19 flyover, they built a Speedway Office as part of the new pits complex, and she moved in there. So she had been involved with Cleveland Park 25+ years, to my knowledge, till it closed at the end of the 1996 season. Then when speedway returned at the STMP in 2006, she took up her old position.

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