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  1. What sort of income does Speedway generate during winter, that it requires a government loan to see them over the winter? I assume the government looked at what sort of "loss of income" the sport would suffer as a result of there being no sport during winter and decided there would be none.
  2. pvm

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    It depends on what you use the transponders for, in an Ideal world, I would like the transponders to be used as part of the start process. The process should be:- Start Marshall calls riders to tapes. When ready the Start Marshall indicates to referee, who presses a button to turn on the green light. The rest of the process is controlled by a computer. The computer releases the tapes between 1 & 4 seconds of the green light coming on, or whatever the current rules are. The computer has reaction time parameters set, and if a rider reacts quicker than those parameters, it's a false start, if none of rider do, the races continues, irrespective of a rider missing the start or reacting slower than everyone else. The transponders could also detect riders who are not still once the green light comes on. You could theoretically allow one or more rider(s) to jump the start and add a time penalty at the end of the race, and reduce the number of restarts, not sure if that would be popular, but you could do it.
  3. pvm

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    I think you'll find the reason the first lap of a F1 race is not recorded is because not all cars travel the same distance on the first lap, there are sensors installed under each grid slot, to detect jump starts and the main timing loop is installed on the Finish line, notice I didn't say Start/Finish line, some F1 circuits have the Finish line behind the grid, so in effect at some circuits, the front of the grid do not cross the Finish line and do not complete a full lap. The first lap timings are simply the time it takes from the Lights going out to the time the car crosses the Finish line on completion of the first lap, irrespective of whether the Cars cross the finish line on there way to the first bend or not. There are some circuits were the start line is in a different location to the Finish line.
  4. Most international test matches were 18 heat matches, 8 rider sides, 6 who rode & 2 reserves. The 1-6 rode 6 times unless replaced by a reserve. The copy of the race card confirms this. I can remember the first meeting I ever went to, Young England v Young Sweden at Cleveland Park in 1971, One of the Swedes just missed out on a 18 pt max, Louis or Knapkin who beat him in one ride. And years later I saw somebody else have a 18pt max at Cleveland Park in an international test match, might have been Michael Lee or Kenny Carter (or both). Edit, Just discovered the International tournament was run under the conventional 13 heat format, as opposed to a Test match over 18 hts, something I didn't know, I only ever saw International test matches at Cleveland Park.
  5. I fall into the camp of thinking the sport governing body has failed the sport over the years. Back in 1968 when the sport was re-invented, somebody should have looked to the future and thought, right the sport relies on the goodwill of stadium landlords, we need to build up an asset base of stadiums of our own. If a small levy had been included with-in the entry admission fee and administered by an independent body, over the years as stadiums became available to purchase the sport could have been in a position to snap some up. You wouldn't have been able to buy all stadiums, you probably wouldn't want to anyway, but you could have built up a core asset base over the years. We are now 50+ years later, and in the main, the sport is still reliant on the goodwill of stadium landlords to survive, and with a relatively small number of standalone tracks. The sport has had many millions of pounds pass through it's hands over the years, most of which has been wasted.
  6. I would think Newcastle would fall into this category. It closed and reopened a few times, over the years, all at Brough Park
  7. pvm

    Redcar 2020

    It was shown on Redcar Bears Speedway facebook page & YouTube channel. I personally watch it on the YouTube channel (Virgin Media channel198). I suspect It will still be there to watch at your convenience.
  8. pvm

    Poole Greyhounds

    Oh, It was certainly vague, I'll give you that..
  9. pvm

    Poole Greyhounds

    Where have they gone, anywhere nice, or does that statement have some other significance. A few more details might help.
  10. I think, There are different levels of High risk, there's High Risk without a letter, and Very High risk with a letter (Shielded). As far as clarity between the two, i.e what puts a person in one group but not the other, and which rules apply and which don't I haven't got a clue.
  11. I think you'll find they are Video clips, it you play each one, the crowd difference becomes apparent.
  12. pvm

    Corona virus

    Just as a matter of interest, How will medical cover be affected, will medical cover be available to hold meetings? The way things are going it's going to be" all hands on Deck" to keep the NHS running.
  13. pvm

    Dougie Templeton.

    According to this Speedway History site, he doesn't appear to have ridden for Newcastle. http://wwosbackup.proboards.com/thread/2855/doug-templeton (disclaimer:- I don't know who runs the site, so I can't verify the accuracy of the information contained with-in the website, but it does seam to be a good reference source.)
  14. pvm


    As an aside, Chiltern Railways ran a test train, a couple of years ago, full of local dignitaries along the rail line that runs behind the stadium. The idea being to build a passenger station to run services to from London Marylebone. Oxford station has limited capacity for terminating services and a new station would give the flexibility to run trains through Oxford station without occupying platform space. I haven't heard any further plans being put in the public domain, but if it was to transpire it would put the stadium with-in reach of public transport from as far afield as London.
  15. In order to solve a problem, first you need to understand what the problems are. Judging by the comments on here. Comments like “too few fixture”, “not enough variety”, “poor standard in the top league” “doubling up/down” “excessive use of guests” etc. When you look at some of the problems, the main cause is too few riders to go around, to fill the number of teams wishing to complete in the current league structures, so how do you solve the problem, well unless you find 50-100 new rider of the required level, the problems will never be solved. This year the Premiership was made up of 7 teams, meeting each other twice at home and twice away, 24 matches (12 home/12 away). The Championship was made up of 11 teams, meeting each other once at home, once away, 20 matches. Plus, the National development League. All these fixtures take place between March & October To solve these problems the sport, needs to get radical, why does each leagues fixture’s need to be over 6 months. To expand on an idea put forward in this thread, why not have a 12-week season for each of the two main leagues. Championship League: - 12 teams, 22 matches (11 Home/11 Away) at the same level as now. But here's the radical bit, it runs from March 28th till June 12th (11+ weeks), teams involved can run any night they chose including Monday & Thursdays, but all fixtures must be completed by June 12th. On the weekend of June 20th-21st you hold the Championship Play-off finals at a neutral venue (National stadium? assuming Bell Vue are not in the League), this could be 2 semis on the Saturday and Final on Sunday, or 2 semis and Final on the same day. Teams based on Averages, with Total team average limits. Premiership League: - Made up of 10-12 teams, 18-22 matches (9-11 Home/9-11 Away) raced Mondays/ Thursdays from July 1st- Mid September (7th/14th) with Plays-Offs run as they currently are. Each Premiership Team can sign up to two riders who did not take part in the Championship League e.g Doyle, Batchelor, Iverson, Lambert, Fricke, Musielak etc. The remainder of each team will be made up by way of a draft system based on riders' averages in Championship league fixture. Not based on total team averages. The draft The top 10-12* in the averages are grade 1, the next 10-12* grade 2 and so on. The first year would need a bit of fine tuning, but the second year the Draft would work on the principle of the team finishing bottom would have first choice in round 1, Promoters could do a bit of horse trading with other promoters around positions in each round of the draft. *Numbers dependent on numbers of teams in Premiership. National Development league: - would run as it currently does from April to September at the level it currently runs at but split into two competitions, National trophy Apri-June, National League July-September. Some Championship teams could run a team in the National League once the Championship is Finished. Theoretical Leagues: - Championship : Birmingham, Berwick, Eastbourne, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leicester, Newcastle, Poole, Redcar, Scunthorpe, Sheffield, Somerset. (NB I would be tempted to replace a team with Peterborough due to their problems running fixtures in August). Premiership: Belle Vue, Ipswich, King’s Lynn, Swindon, Wolverhampton plus up to 7 teams who could race on Mondays & Thursdays between July 1st and October. Rider & Stadium availability would determine how many teams would make up the Premiership. Championship teams not in the Premiership would have the option of running Open meetings or a junior team in the National League between July & Oct, Riders not picked up in the Draft could race in the National league subject to National league pay rates (if you're not good enough to get a team spot, don’t expect a big pay-packet from a national league team spot). Again, Rider availability would be a determining factor. From a rider point of view, the big boys can ride abroad and have 18-22 meeting in Britain between July-October, Riders willing to commit to British Speedway or only ride in Britain will find a team place in the Championship (March- June), and subject to how well they perform, a team in the Premiership (July-Oct). From a fan’s point view, you have a season that still runs from March to October, with meetings every week, the team you support may not run every week from March to October, but when they do it will mean something. And theirs's nothing to stop fans of Premiership teams attending Championship matches between March & June and vice-versa. Premiership: 3 months of Meetings, with a home Meeting every week, with teams made up of riders of a better quality than the Championship, two top riders + 5 of the best championship riders on current form. All trying to reach the play-offs. Championship: 3 Months of Meetings, with a Home Meeting every week, a Meaningful League with the target of getting to the play-off finals, and with riders who are trying to get their average as high as possible to get a better pay-rate in the Premiership.

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