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  1. Nellie

    Poole 2019

    He was riding at three or four until the end of the season. There look to be one or two possible weak links, but I don’t think Worrall is one of them. His 2018 average was only a shade lower than Woryna, is British (so presumably has a discount), and wont cost as much. The same goes for Klindt, who averaged a pretty decent 7.38 last season.
  2. Nellie

    Poole 2019

    Mate, I’d go and have a lie down as I think you may be mixing your Jakobsens
  3. Nellie

    Poole 2019

    Covatti's average came from riding largely at three for Somerset and he's also pretty decent around Poole. I'm not sure there are too many who will be better on a sub five point average.
  4. Nellie

    Poole 2019

    Ah, you mean the half a season you were here, desperately trolling Poole fans, rather than the half season where Swindon were a laughing stock and you hid.
  5. Nellie

    Poole 2019

    The thought had crossed my mind too. Poole were interested two years ago when he signed for Coventry, and 7.02 is a pretty attractive average.
  6. Nellie

    Poole 2019

    Why? There’s no value in JG on 6.70; he proved last year he was only alright when riding at two with an ineffective number one. That’s too many points to waste on that position. Jakobsen at reserve, if available, is a must after his efforts last year.
  7. Nellie

    Poole 2019

    It doesn’t fit, and I’m pretty sure Kurtz is a shoo in anyway. I’m also not sure Poole, or anyone else for that matter, will find Harris too attractive on 7.78.
  8. Nellie

    2019 GSAs

    Wasn’t Swindon versus Belle Vue on the 27th September the only meeting that should have affected the penultimate set of greensheets? If so, why have so many averages changed outside of the Swindon and Belle Vue teams? Possibly because the Rye House results have been removed?
  9. The incomprehensible bit is that they got the rule in for the KO cup, but managed to leave it out for the play offs.
  10. Oh right. I didn't realise you wanted to ignore that reserves don't get an additional 5%, in order to be able to say that MPT to Bellego is closer than Kurtz to Morris. Sorry, crack on. Yeah, that wasn't really the point though.
  11. MPT is a reserve though, so doesn’t qualify for an extra 5%. I thought we discussed this earlier
  12. Palm Toft - 5.65 / Bellego - 6.07 = 0.42 (7.4%) Kurtz - 6.75 / Morris - 6.91 = 0.16(2.4%)
  13. It clearly should be though, or it wouldn’t have been included in the rules for the KO cup. The question is why such a sensible addition wasn’t included for the play-offs as well; something that would need taking up with the chairman.
  14. At the risk of someone pointing out rules can be changed, there is no additional 5% when booking a guest for a reserve, home or away.
  15. Kurtz scored those at number one though and Ellis at three so, as I explained to Gavan yesterday, averages and past scores don’t really give the whole picture. Has it been announced anywhere that Ellis is guessing twice anyway? For what it’s worth, I agree with you. At Poole I would rather have Kurtz, but at the NA there’s not much in it, possibly erring towards Ellis. Obviously, it’s impossible to know in any meeting what would happen if injured riders were riding, that’s why I find it odd when Gavan states it so categorically.

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