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  1. The incomprehensible bit is that they got the rule in for the KO cup, but managed to leave it out for the play offs.
  2. Oh right. I didn't realise you wanted to ignore that reserves don't get an additional 5%, in order to be able to say that MPT to Bellego is closer than Kurtz to Morris. Sorry, crack on. Yeah, that wasn't really the point though.
  3. MPT is a reserve though, so doesn’t qualify for an extra 5%. I thought we discussed this earlier
  4. Palm Toft - 5.65 / Bellego - 6.07 = 0.42 (7.4%) Kurtz - 6.75 / Morris - 6.91 = 0.16(2.4%)
  5. It clearly should be though, or it wouldn’t have been included in the rules for the KO cup. The question is why such a sensible addition wasn’t included for the play-offs as well; something that would need taking up with the chairman.
  6. At the risk of someone pointing out rules can be changed, there is no additional 5% when booking a guest for a reserve, home or away.
  7. Kurtz scored those at number one though and Ellis at three so, as I explained to Gavan yesterday, averages and past scores don’t really give the whole picture. Has it been announced anywhere that Ellis is guessing twice anyway? For what it’s worth, I agree with you. At Poole I would rather have Kurtz, but at the NA there’s not much in it, possibly erring towards Ellis. Obviously, it’s impossible to know in any meeting what would happen if injured riders were riding, that’s why I find it odd when Gavan states it so categorically.
  8. Why use Ellis’ previous score to explain how Poole are stronger, but not Brady’s 12 from 4 the last Kings Lynn visited, when he beat Lambert and Iversen twice each? It’s almost like you’re twisting things to suit your own agenda.
  9. Oh, ok, I’m sorry, you obviously do need it explaining. Kurtz has achieved his average entirely as a number one, although he isn’t currently the number one. Woryna, Klindt and JG have achieved their averages from riding at positions two, three and four; all easier positions to score points in. Therefore, it’s really rather difficult to make a fair comparison. Unless I’m mistaken, Proctor also hasn’t appeared at number one this year so, again, it’s a bit silly to compare averages directly. As I know how much you like facts, Brady was untouchable on his way to a twelve point maximum the last time Kings Lynn were at Poole I can’t imagine it’s relevant though, as R/R will presumably only be a last resort, if no suitable guest can be found.
  10. Surely you don’t really need it explaining to you why the average of a number one can’t be directly compared with those of the two, three and four? Poole would be mad to go with with R/R in a final, for the very reason everybody has just seen. Nick Morris would probably score similarly, although you can never tell with Kurtz, or Morris for that matter. If Musielak is available to guest at the NA, I agree that Poole would be no worse off, however if he isn’t...
  11. Nick Morris would fit for the first leg if available, but there aren't many choices for the NA if Musielak can't guest.
  12. No, it wouldn't and it would have been completed had this been on Monday with BT there. It drizzled for a few minutes, rained fairly gently for five minutes then petered out. The tractor came out, went around bend three/four and hey presto, the water was gone. Unfortunately half way through that two minute job, it was announced that the meeting was abandoned. Nobody went to look at the track. Everyone around me was surprised and pretty grumpy at such a poor decision. The track was far wetter before the meeting and also why bother with the interval when all in the grandstand could see the shower coming? I don't know who drove the decision, although handy financially that it came after the cut off, but with four heats remaining.
  13. Yeah, absolutely. Kurtz possibly had mechanical issues though, as he went through the tapes, didn’t he? Sundstrom’s let himself down a bit though, he’s been here for eight meetings, so to make such a rookie mistake is silly.
  14. Nellie

    Poole 2018

    So you did, although he certainly didn’t hang around long. I thought his brother showed more promise here, but I suspect both are about 5 point riders in this country.
  15. Nellie

    Poole 2018

    He is a completely different rider. Literally. Michał Szczepaniak was at Coventry, his brother Mateusz was at Poole and Kings Lynn and is now back at Poole.
  16. You’ve got the wrong end of the stick; DC2 is a Swindon fan. He’s trying to have a dig at Poole (again, yawn), but in doing so has given Somerset one too.
  17. Nellie

    Poole 2018

    Not really a sensible comparison though as Zmarzlik only had an assessed average, whereas Woryna has an established one. Its entirely correct to reassess a rider who hasnt got an established average, for example Piotr Pawlicki when he went to Wolves. Don't the (last years) rules only allow a reassessment if a rider is out injured for a year, or missing from Britain for three years?
  18. Nellie

    Poole 2018

    Also http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/7424/poole-eastbourne-ela-19th-2010 against one of the strongest Poole line ups of recent years.
  19. Nellie

    Poole 2018

    Kurtz was signed as a third heat leader though and, despite spending the majority of the season riding at number one, still managed to increase his average. I'd say he was a spectacular success, let down largely by Kasprzak's lack of effort.
  20. Good grief, how often do you need this explaining
  21. Nellie

    Your 2017 Prem Winners.

    "Alternative facts"
  22. Nellie

    Poole 2017

    Speak for yourself SB, personally I'm quite fond of flange.
  23. Nellie

    King's Lynn Stars 2017

    You've claimed this a few times Sidney, but it's just not true. Holder had some horrible blips away from home last year, hence why: Kasprzak 2016 away average -7.71 Holder 2016 away average -7.54 Still, a great signing for KL and a very decent side. Excluding the play offs at Monmore, Holder was outstanding for the last few months of the season.
  24. Nellie

    Poole 2017

    Which of course has no impact at all on Kurtz, as he holds a dual nationality passport and so doesn't need a visa. Just because Swindon stuffed up, doesn't mean anyone else has.

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