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  1. Ramsbottom

    Speedway Promoter Game?

    My Speedway Promoter game is loaded on an old lap top that I kept with Windows XP on it. Got old Football Manager games loaded on it as well. It has been invaluable during this lock down.
  2. Ramsbottom

    Birmingham 2018

    Because one is a dedicated speedway rider and the other has yet to make his mind up.
  3. Ramsbottom

    Cradley V Eastbourne Tpnl 11 Sept 2017

    Speedway can't carry on like this. I am an out and out Cradley supporter and have been there since my father took me in the early sixties but how can I justify it to my non speedway friends when they question me about supporting a team when none of the signed riders are representing it.
  4. Ramsbottom

    Brummies V Kent Wed 6th Sep

    If the Brummies do close after this season, which I sincerely hope they do not, where will they squat next season to complete their 2018 season. I doubt anywhere unlike Cradley which has just survived 8 seasons without a home.
  5. Ramsbottom

    Mildenhall V Cradley?

    For once in my life I hope a meeting is called off due to weather. If the meeting runs Cradley could ride with only one of their declared riders taking part after Dwyer called of at Belle Vue on Friday night due to illness. If it runs Lawlor may be the only Cradley rider taking part. I have not got a clue who could ride for us with relation to guests/ RR.
  6. Ramsbottom

    Top Five Channel Islanders

    Dave Patten is a great lad and is still riding. He still lives in the Channel Isles and comes over for quite a few amatuer meetings with his bike in the back of a Renault Clio, that is actually in the back of the car and not on an outside rack attached to the back. That is a feat in itself which takes quite some doing. Was with him a few weeks ago doing a Dragons Amtuer meeting at Leicester when he was competing on an upright although he still also has a laydown that he sometimes races on.
  7. Ramsbottom

    Coventry 2017

    I have nevered supported Coventry but the parties who have allowed this to happen, and I do not know who is to be blamed, should be ashamed of themselves if they trully support British speedway.
  8. It was also good to see you again. Young Luke looked to be going well before his couple of falls, hope it does not knock his confidence too much.
  9. Ramsbottom

    Future Of Scunthorpe Scorpions

    They probably make more money from amatuer meetings. There are regularly 60 to 70 riders attending paying £40 each.
  10. Ramsbottom

    Nl Fours At Coventry 14th June 2015

    Well I am a Cradley fan and I can assure you I have seen them and their riders at a higher standard than PL racing.
  11. Ramsbottom


    Sittingbourne (Iwade) also has a finishing line past the starting gate.
  12. Ramsbottom

    Best Gater And Best Racer?

    Best Gater: Tony Lomas Best Racer: Peter Collins
  13. Ramsbottom

    Confirmed Signings For 2015

    You mention Cradley (yawn) yet where are the has beens in their declared riders yet. They have a 17 year old number one and captain backed up by a 16 year old number 2 rider in the averages and the rest are young 3 pointers.
  14. Just seen NL 4's results and is there a most improved rider year to date at NL level than Paul Starke. Last year averaging 5.70 and now with Dudley averaging 10.56 and hitting respectable scores with Berwick at PL level.
  15. Ramsbottom

    Str At Isle Of Wight - 16/07/13

    Thanks for the info Bryn.

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