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  1. Lord Skid

    Jason Crump

    As the old Abba song said, Money,Money,Money, plain and simple, perhaps the oil business ain't to good in Oz. Nobody can beat the ageing process, especially sportsmen, and you sure as hell don't bounce as well when you get older, but good luck to him, will still be a big scalp for the crazy kids to get.
  2. Lord Skid

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Is that English or Fen talk?
  3. Lord Skid

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    All apologies accepted from those people who laughed at me when i told you Crumpy was going to ride in the UK, i didn't know you couldn't afford him though.
  4. Lord Skid

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    If you can get good odds on Crump riding again, worth a punt, perhaps the oil business in Oz isn,t great.
  5. Lord Skid

    Swindon Stadium

    I may be wrong, but when riders were forced into using the new quieter silencers, you know the ones where someone or some organisation had a nice little earner out of it, wasn't this to ensure that noise levels were legal for health and safety, and so doing away with noise problems with planners, councils etc.
  6. Lord Skid

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Must of had him quite a while then.
  7. Lord Skid

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    He certainly leads a charmed life, must have friends in high places.
  8. Lord Skid

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Says it all about the BSPA when Patchett is allowed to promote in the UK, Pearson is just a leach on Speedway., But with all credibility in the Sport just about gone, these type of people are becoming the norm.
  9. Lord Skid

    Rye House 2018

    The future Riders will soon become mercaneries, when they get shafted by Promoters, as they inevitably will.
  10. Hope Busters not in a Dreamlike with the Rolls Royce engines, as they are so bad they have to fly within a certain range of a landing strip, Buster and engines seem to have a bad relationship
  11. Lord Skid

    Somerset 2019

    More than he's getting from Workington
  12. Lord Skid

    Workington 2019

    Ahh, I see, pay a large sum up front, sell diddly squat, then loose your up front money, either way they lost a shed load if cash for a donkey
  13. Lord Skid

    Workington 2019

    Sell their stockpile of GTR ENGINES, that might help.
  14. Lord Skid

    Somerset 2019

    Not a very smart move, at least you know you will get paid at Somerset, looking at Comets financial situation, the alarm bells should have been ringing, at least there will be some Riders going cheap now, looking for a Team place.
  15. Lord Skid


    I thought the coloured insert was the size of the engine, green 500, black 580, red 600+

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