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  1. Does Vissing intend to ride for the Brummies again this season. He hasn't ridden since the home meeting against Poole on 25th May.
  2. mikebaker


    Wilson Dean is going to be remembered for his ridiculous actions after heat 1 on the 25th March at Redcar.
  3. mikebaker

    Championship Streaming Channel

    Please no more of Paul Bowen in Commentary.
  4. Is Paco a modern day Daz Sumner. At his prime was a sublime white liner.
  5. Diamonds official Website is not up to date. No mention of Starke missing. And no report on last night's meeting.
  6. mikebaker

    Redcar v Poole 13/5/22

    We needed all 3 heat leaders to score double figures. And for Roynon and Andersen to chip in with at least 5. Fair play to the Pirates, they deserved the win. Both the Cooks scored well, and Kemp got his customary double figures.Thought the Track was far to dry, and Riss did not use the outside at all.Will Andersen be going to miss our meetings at Poole and Birmingham. As they are Wednesday nights.
  7. Been to Beaumont Park 9 times since it opened in 2011. They had a blank canvas, and got it completely wrong. Several attempts at altering the track have failed in my opinion. After our 3 visits there in 2019. Vowed i would never return. The County Ground at Exeter used to get bad reviews. Racing there was far superior than the current Leicester venue. Sadly Beaumont Park is by far the current worst track in UK.
  8. Edwards has a prior engagement with his current Championship team.
  9. Do people think the same as i do. The most entertaining rider to come from middle tier, since Darcy Ward.
  10. mikebaker

    Plymouth v Poole KO Cup 1st leg 5/4/22

    Palm Toft struggled at Plymouth in 2013. Strange decision for him to return.
  11. You get the BSN with the new Championship Streaming Platform. Trying to give the sport some credibility. Then same old scenario's.
  12. Diamonds have not got a bona-fide number 1 in Wilson Dean. His last Greensheet average in middle tier of racing was 6.00, in 2018. For Workington and Peterborough. His average for Peterborough in 2019 in the top flight was 5.47. Cut short by injury.
  13. mikebaker

    Birmingham Brummies 2022

    Remember the 2008 Mildenhall Premier League team. Didn't Rogers team manage them.
  14. Take a look on Bears Talk. Away meeting at Kent thread. And I stand by view. Should of kept Rowe. A far better prospect than Sarjeant.

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