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  1. He hasn’t done it all season so why is he going to change now. Like I’ve said before he hasn’t got a clue.
  2. I’m sure you and shovlar can come up with a few for him tho
  3. Yes cos riding Poole is exactly like riding at Ipswich
  4. Who did he ride against last week at Ipswich. More excuses.
  5. What you really think shovlar will give credit to an away team for getting any points.
  6. But it doesn’t really matter, bring on the playoffs. Nicholls the same as Harris you don’t have a clue.
  7. I know you wasn't taking about that meeting I was just asking your opinion after your reply to saying the score flattered Ipswich at Foxhall.
  8. So when Ipswich lost by 2 at WR in the supporters cup do you think the score flattered Poole as Ipswich had 3 crashes and Bomber broke down on the last bend while leading. Just asking. I'm glad you rate our team because some supporters still don't and the league table doesn't lie.
  9. You used RR at Ipswich for your no 1 and won, and Steve in his opinion doesn't rate our team anyway.
  10. You were there then? Yes, you were the better team but you only beat us by 6, a good win but not a thrashing in my book.
  11. Hopefully the track will be in better condition than last time as falls cost us the win.
  12. Making up excuses already in case you lose, you should be full of confidence after beating us away last week. I don't call 6 points a thrashing. Hopefully we will take a point out of this meeting and anything extra is a bonus.
  13. Looks like they are all obsessed with everything he does. His name must be the most used word on the forum
  14. If he has been dropped then they would've named a replacement, but nothing has been mentioned. If he is riding for Berwick he should be riding for Poole, if not then surely they shouldn't get a guest for him and only a national league rider. Is Wells a permanent replacement, who knows as they keep us supporters in the dark.

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