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  1. Does anyone know if the meetings are filmed this season.
  2. Bash

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Thing is our team is built around strong reserves and we need to make changes before Cam & Jake move into the top 5 otherwise we could struggle as we lose our scoring potential from reserve. Just because a riders goes to reserve doesn't mean he will suddenly start winning races.
  3. Bash

    Ipswich 2019

    That will please the Panthers fans.
  4. Bash

    Ipswich v Wolves 20th May

    Bellego needs to go, totally out of his depth. He made the gate in heat 14 and was leading into bend 1 and rolled it off and entered the bend last where he remained. I thought I would check out the tv replay when I got home and it looked even worst. Have to agree that Lawson is doing his job, would've had more last night as he was leading heat 8 when Bates fell off and got blocked in the rerun. I said after the Peterborough match that Hawkins hasn't got a clue and last night proved it again. Harris in heat 15 what a joke, should've been Heeps or KP. As for Harris he is so hit & miss, he should be riding the lines Heeps uses, but just seems to ride in no mans land in the middle of the turns, just doesn't seem to have the pace. Knew it would be a tight meeting and said I would take any victory as missing Jake was always going to affect our scoring. Good luck to Peterborough with Bates, doesn't look like the same rider who started the season on fire.
  5. Bash

    Ipswich 2019

    I said at the start of the season that this team will shock a few teams. Last night proved one thing that Bellego & Pieszczek can't ride together. Big loss Jake missing Monday as he is number 1 in the averages this year.
  6. Have they changed the rules as I thought guests couldn't ride at the same track twice in the same week unless it was for a number 1. Should Scott have ridden last night or does this mean Thorssell is back for Monday's meeting. Onto last nights meeting, didn't expect any different result. Scott scored probably more than Kurtz and Josh was their top rider, I'm sure a couple of his passes were down to his Ipswich Kevlars fooling the home riders into letting him pass. Holder has never had a good meeting at Ipswich.
  7. A lot of rival fans wrote us off at the start of the season as wooden spoon winners, but Ipswich have a solid team and will surprise a few more teams yet this season. Undefeated at home, travelling away from home we should have won a couple more and definitely the best reserves in the league, shame Ritchie doesn’t know how to utilise them better. The four points should’ve been wrapped up long before heat 15 but he hasn’t a clue. Feel for the Peterborough fans as the track is now a one line follow the leader. Yes it’s fast but no outside line, a bit like Kings Lynn.
  8. No, more like a red nose
  9. I'll be there Baldy, look forward to meeting up with you.
  10. You would know as you attend every witches meeting. Afternoon meetings are always hard to get the track right and it levels it out for the away team. At least we don't have 12 laps of tractor racing to produce little difference to the track like at the AFA.
  11. The trouble is Heeps & Allen won’t be at reserve for long with their scoring, so Bellego and another will be which will weaken us if they don’t pull their fingers out. Is Bellego sulking again after losing his fourth ride again on Thursday, because if he is get shot of straight away.
  12. Will you two just get a room and let us get back to the thread about tonights meeting. Bellego needs to put in a good performance against his parent club tonight after his non showing at Swindon. I think the management replaced him last week in his last outing as they thought Belle Vue would put in a TS in that race, but strangely they left it until the last race they could use it in.
  13. Couldn't believe when Danny was announced for heat 15 as he wasn't nominated as one of the four for heat 14. Should've been Krystian & Jake in 15. Hawkins was joking before heat 14 that the supporters had a good record in picking heat 14 riders, score 9-3 before last night, maybe he should let them pick heat 15 as well.
  14. Haven’t been to Swindon for quite a few years but I think when the tracks settles and a few patches sorted it will be a decent track. Some good races tonight, not many passes on first two bends but that is the new part of the track. Onto Ipswich they got better as the meeting went on, well some did. I’m glad we have decent reserves as they were the only ones scoring early in the meeting. Bomber was superb after falling asleep at the gate in heat one. David Bellego said he wanted to move to a smaller track, maybe he should’ve stayed at Swindon as it is a small track now and he was absolute pants. Danny still seems to be lacking speed. Kristian after hitting the tapes in his first race improved and did his job. Lawson not at the races. Don't know how Batchelor got man of the meeting, should’ve been Lampart. Now to wait for Thursday for the return fixture to see how Swindon cope with our little track.
  15. At least they don’t have 12 laps of tractor racing at swindon

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