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  1. BuxtonTiger


    So who can afford to run speedwa y at odsal assuming 3 or 4 hundred turn up and pay?
  2. BuxtonTiger

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Not bad, three Development League riders.
  3. BuxtonTiger

    Swindon Stadium

    Has anyone got a link to the newspaper article. Please.
  4. BuxtonTiger

    Berwick Bullets 2021

    With the fixtures now out, Berwick appear to be going for double headers. Is their curfew still in place?
  5. BuxtonTiger

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    So if you look at age then no Bowen.
  6. BuxtonTiger


    Tax dodging reasons!!!
  7. BuxtonTiger


    Have a look on Startrax website.
  8. BuxtonTiger

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    I find it a little confusing, the problem fitting fixtures in. Season begins 17th May, unless things have changed season finishes 31st October. Current fixtures 10 league, 2 play off, 1 FIM u21 total 13. Days available 167, so that leaves just 154 days to fit in the 7 National League fixtures. I await a full explanation from the management of the problem or what the smoke screen is all about.
  9. BuxtonTiger


    Their Pi££ up is now officially organised, how smug they must all be. The successful removal of the only Promotion that actually promotes must give them all such a feeling of satisfaction. RIP Isle of Wight.
  10. BuxtonTiger

    Whats actually going on?

    Now that Eastbourne have listed their fixture dates and indeed the matches v Newcastle home and away (although provisional). Is it not time for the authorities to let the riders, the public and Barry Bishop what's going on.
  11. BuxtonTiger

    Who are the Rising Stars?

    So, who issued the list without checking it? (See Birmingham thread)
  12. BuxtonTiger

    Whats actually going on?

    Out of order.
  13. BuxtonTiger


    I am a little confused and possibly naive but what is passed by the british authorities at Cardiff that allows them to run a GP?
  14. BuxtonTiger

    ICE 2021

    Has Luca Bauer returned to race under a German licence?
  15. BuxtonTiger

    ICE 2021

    Scrap the final as well, then we could have a proper result. (Remember the good old days!!)

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