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  1. BuxtonTiger

    Derwent Park

    Apart from the slight problem that the centre green pitch is not big enough for adult football or rugby!
  2. BuxtonTiger


    Why can "they" not even give the qualification rules. Is it that difficult to name each team's top rider and then a second with the highest average from the required amount of team's. I apologize for what seems sense, I had a short memory lapse and forgot we are talking speedway.
  3. BuxtonTiger

    Buxton V Coventry 18/8

    Thanks, Jayne.
  4. BuxtonTiger

    Buxton V Coventry 18/8

    Any weather news this morning?
  5. BuxtonTiger

    Buxton v Plymouth 29/7/18

    Thanks Jayne.
  6. BuxtonTiger

    more investment for NSS

    I assume the Speedway Academy will have to include a small track. Where is the space for it on NSS site?
  7. BuxtonTiger

    Buxton v Brummies NT Sun 8th July

    Would the Brummies run at home in front of their paying public with just 5 riders. Is it OK to rob other clubs supporters?
  8. BuxtonTiger

    Buxton v Brummies NT Sun 8th July

    Hopefully if they turn up with only 5 riders they will be fined and thrown out of the league.
  9. BuxtonTiger

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    So, what's the story over Coventry v Stoke being ppd? Coming after Coventry v Buxton ppd, should we be reading more into this?
  10. Full Line up Red - Germany - 1 Lukas Fienhage 2 Dominik Moser 3 Richard Geyer 4 Sandro Wasserman 5 -- Blue - Australia - 1 Jaimon Lidsey 2 Kye Thomson 3 Zaine Kennedy 4 Jordon Stewart 5 Cooper Riodan White - GB - 1 Dan Bewley 2 Ellis Perks 3 Zach Wajtknecht 4 Nathan Greaves 5 Connor Mountain Yellow - Czech - 1 Filip Hajek 2 Patrik Mikel 3 Petr Chlupac 4 Josef Novak 5 Jan Kvech
  11. The hands have now connected and it is 7pm.
  12. Looking on the Glasgow website the meeting is shown as 7.30pm start. If you look at the FIM regulations for the meeting it has parade 7pm, first race 7.10pm. Can anyone confirm if and when the right hand will connect with the left hand? Also interesting is the increase in admission from £17 for a Glasgow meeting to £20 for the under 21. I would have thought a price reduction might have been in order to pull a crowd in, not an increase.
  13. BuxtonTiger

    Kelvin Mullarkey R.I.P

    RIP Kelvin, a great entertainer.
  14. BuxtonTiger


    I am not a moderator, but this is the Buxton page. Mildenhall rent effects us HOW?

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