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  1. BuxtonTiger

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2020

    What is the crowd limit? The on line ticket system does not appear to be limiting sales, I just got to payment for 6902 which I would have thought may be a little over non covid capacity.
  2. BuxtonTiger

    berwick bandits 2021

    I am watching, nothing has happened.
  3. BuxtonTiger

    British Championship Series

    Cloud cuckoo land.
  4. As crowds are now being allowed are the riders pay rates being adjusted?
  5. How can they run on Monday, it's a UK night.
  6. That's nice, but remember 1) this is speedway. 2) this is speedway during a pandemic. 3)rules are there to be broken. 4) rules during a pandemic will be made up as we go along to suite whoever needs suiting at the time. But, congratulations for finding them.
  7. BuxtonTiger

    Cardiff 2020

    Great press release. So what about stadium is a hospital and can not be used for Speedway or Rugby. Why trust anyone running speedway at any level.
  8. BuxtonTiger

    Glasgow 2020

    At last some common sense, I for one will be having a weekend up North in 2021.
  9. BuxtonTiger

    Poole Greyhounds

    No, Gaming International.
  10. BuxtonTiger

    Poole Greyhounds

    If you go to "greyhound star" website there is a letter from the well known stadium owners to the greyhound trainers (sorry I can not post a link)
  11. BuxtonTiger

    SGB 2021 confirmed signings

    So after the 12 2020 fixtures a team is dock bottom.Where does this leave the boss as they attempt to "promote" the 2021 season of have gullable mugs been sold a "one and a half season ticket"?
  12. BuxtonTiger

    Main league sponsor

    Yes. But they need to be announced first. Perhaps the virus has caused them to rethink.
  13. BuxtonTiger

    Cardiff 2020

    Today's newspaper is saying Cardiff expected to remain a hospital until April next year. The Welsh Rugby Union are looking for alternative venues for this year's Autumn Internationals and next year's Six Nations.
  14. BuxtonTiger

    Brandon Update

    And how much will it cost to clear everything to make Brandon into a track in a field?
  15. BuxtonTiger

    Premiership Junior League

    A junior league run on Mondays and Thursdays will all fixtures be in school holidays?

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