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  1. Lindgren would have sealed the silver medal with a top-three finish on the night, but he suffered a mechanical failure at the start line in the final, forcing him into a run-off with Woffinden, which the Brit won. The Orebro-born ace revealed a curburettor issue halted him at the cruellest of moments. But he takes heart from matching the bronze medal he achieved in 2018 and was pleased to mount a strong title challenge throughout 2020. From SGP website https://www.speedwaygp.com/news/article/8591/zmarzlik-standing-with-sgp-giants
  2. Hasbeen

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    ........and no air-conditioned studio
  3. Hasbeen

    Commentator of the Year

    Don't know whether anyone has noticed but Dave has won this award again this year and been congratulated by Peter Oakes in Speedway Star. As well as his DVD and TV work Dave can be heard most weekends, commentating on a variety of motorsport, at various circuits and other venues around the country. Well done Dave and keep up the good work!
  4. According to the SVEMO website September 17th is the semifinal reserve date. Final is 24th and 25th September.
  5. From his Facebook page it looks like he is riding for Poole.
  6. Hasbeen

    PLRC @ Poole - 09/05/2018

    From Craig Cook's Twitter "Unfortunately our van has broken down and we have tried everything to make the meeting without any success. I did inform a SGB representative about the situation and I most certainly did not withdraw myself without reason. I swear if didn’t have bad luck right now I’d have none"
  7. He came second in an individual meeting in Poland today and scored 15 points from 6 rides .https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/relacja/80870/friendship-speedway-trophy
  8. Meeting now postponed until Wednesday because of rain.
  9. Swedish playoffs are next Tuesday and next Wednesday!
  10. Hasbeen

    Ko Cup Draw

    Championship playoff semi final 2nd leg between Edinburgh and Ipswich takes place on Friday September 22nd potentially involving Mark Riss, Sam Masters, Rory Schlein and Nathan Greaves.
  11. Elit Vetlanda v Rospiggarna postponed until September 19th
  12. Translated from Masarna's guestbook Lejonen - Rospiggarna Nike Lunna injured. Waiting for Ambulance from Värnamo - a good distance from Gislaved - may take a while and from Svemo updates During the start of heat 9, Nicholas Morris was first injured and replaced by Nike Lunna, who was also injured during the 9th heat, has been taken away in the ambulance. We will take a 9th heat break to await a new ambulance.
  13. Sorry this is a bit late http://www.speedway-germany.com/live-updates/20110507_swc.htm

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