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    BV 1962-2010
  1. frank.a

    Belle Vue National Stadium

    It will be c.342 m in length (measures 1m in from the inner kerb) and between 13m (on the straight) and 17m (on the bends) wide. Protective barriers will run around the outer edge of the track. Taken from MCC planning.
  2. frank.a

    Lee Smart & Stoke

    The last two times i saw him there he scored 9 0 4 and 14 0 5.
  3. frank.a

    Buxton Speedway

    No problem any time.
  4. frank.a

    Buxton Speedway

    Due to recent snow Press & Practice on 14/4 is cancelled. First match will be Sunday 21/4 v Stoke. Further updates as we have them. (Buxton Twitter)
  5. frank.a


    Tom Woolley http://www.buxtonhitmen.co/news.php?extend.207
  6. frank.a


    Charles Wright http://www.buxtonhitmen.co/news.php?extend.206
  7. frank.a

    Coventry Cycle Speedway

    derek garnett still riding for stockport2006 in his 70s i believe
  8. frank.a

    Buxton Hitmen 2011

    Who is the 6th rider ?
  9. frank.a

    Ian Thomas

    RIP Ian a true gent
  10. frank.a

    Belle Vue Colts Team

    Bspa website has derek Richardson on a 3 pt average !!! surely it should be scott richardson on a 5.16 ave ?
  11. frank.a

    Belle Vue Colts Team

    Adding up to 40.48 ! so they cant be right
  12. frank.a

    Buxton Hitmen Vs Dudley Heathens - Sunday 10th October

    it will be on the buxton website in about 2 weeks !
  13. frank.a

    Fan's Tonight

    yes bloody hilarious ! hi gem.
  14. keithm. i have just seen your name on a loaf of bread !!! .... oh no sorry it said THICK CUT

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